Rock Church – The Prophet – Part 2, The Prophet’s Lifestyle

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Here and now. We seek purpose. We seek calling. We come today as we are. With hearts wide open. We come from all walks of life
surrendering. It says in your word that you
knew us before formed in the womb, we were sanctified before
born, you ordained us a prophet to the nations. Let us daily become the
expansion of your kingdom through the lifestyle of a
prophet. Hey church. [Applause] What’s up church, say Jesus. I want to welcome all of our
campuses and all the people watching online and all the
military. Give them a big hand. God bless y’all. God bless y’all. Can we have all of y’all stand
up. Everybody ready for church today? Come on. How many of y’all were here last
week, raise your hand, all campuses. Okay, you are ready. When we come to church, Lord
challenge me and say Lord get in my business. If you are new, my name is
Miles, the pastor and if you are new, we want God to challenge us
and challenge our thought process and reasoning and we
want to see the world His way and not our way, amen. We have to constantly, and if
you hear something that is like — check it with God. Check it with God. Okay. Lord, thank You so much pray
that You get in our business today. We want to live a prophetic
life. We want You to give us a word
that we can speak, that can become a thing that expands the
kingdom of God. We want to be that person in
Jesus’ name, amen. Before you move — before you
move. I will ask y’all to do one
thing, it has three steps. Look at someone next to you or
someone around you that you do not know. You ask them their name. They will ask your name. And then you will say, using
their name, two things. God sees you. Every say, God sees you. And God loves you. Say God loves you. Real simple. What is your name. Jimmy. God sees you.
God loves you. And then pause for a very
awkward moment. Go! How many of y’all got awkward? How many of y’all got blessed? Amen.
Amen. Amen. [Applause] How many of y’all in all
campuses were blessed saying it. Amen. Amen. How many of y’all were blessed
in receiving it? Amen.
It’s all good, it’s all good. See your Bibles on the count of
three say word. Word — One. Two. Three, say word. Very good, turn to Jeremiah
chapter 1. I will tell you a little story
and then read from Jeremiah chapter 1, on my Bible it is
page — I don’t have a page. Oh, here it is. 718. Don’t look for page 718, it will
not be in your Bible. How many by a show of hands and
let me ask the full question, and when you raise your hand, we
like to put our elbow above our ear. Not a little T-Rex thing right
here. How many by a show of hands hear
on a regular basis negativity. You are a failure. You are never going to be
anything. And God is not going to bless
you and church doesn’t apply to you. God is not going to speak to
you. Just quit. You’re ugly. You’re dumb. Anybody? Keep your hand really high. Look around the room and say, I
am not alone. Say oh, snap, I thought I was
the only one. Watch this, how many of y’all
wake up and before you can even open your eyes it descends that
garbage, can I get amen. You are not alone, I am with on
that. I was in Hawai’i a few years ago
walking on a cliff. And just looking at the scenery
and went straight down 500 feet to rocks. And no fence, in Hawai’i you
walk at your own risk. But that’s what makes it
beautiful. And walking this far away from
the cliff and like I don’t want an accident to be an accident,
right. And this presence came over me
and it said, jump. It was so real that even when I
think about it now years later my heart starts racing. It was so real that I literally
had to move away from the cliff because I felt like it was going
to push me over. It was so powerful. Just end it. Just end it. It’s the devil. The devil is constantly
discouraging you trying to destroy your relationship with
God. Trying to destroy your
relationship with who God made you be and beat you down and
tell you negativity all day long. And he will speak to you and by
the way will say the same thing all day long. He knows your pain. And don’t have to create new
stuff for all of us, he has variations of the same thing. If the devil can speak to you,
why can’t God? I have people say you say that
God only speaks through the written word. The Holy Spirit that lives in us
wants to speak to us just like the evil spirit wants to, even
more so. And God will never say anything
contradictory to his word, only say things that will build this
word, can I get amen. He’s not going to give you
something new, just apply this to your life. But if God doesn’t speak to you,
he can never say your name. Because your name is not in that
book. God calls my name, Miles, all
the time. It ain’t in there. So my point is if the devil can
speak to you for destruction, so much God wants to speak to you
for life. Last week we started the series
called prophet. And talked about what a prophet
is and reading through the book of Jeremiah and read part of the
first chapter. And look in your definition of
notes of prophet. And looking at similarity of Old
Testament prophets and today that the Holy Spirit wants to
speak. Someone that declares a word,
everyone say word. That becomes a thing. Say a thing. That expands the kingdom of God. What does that mean? A word is an image, an actual
word, an impression, vision insight. A feeling that God can
communicate to you. Next week we will talk about how
to get that word and how to communicate it to people. Next week. God gives you a word. But when God speaks a word, he
fulfills it and turns into a thing. What does that mean? He turns it into hope. He turns it into church in the
building, God told me that we would this church in this
property, that was a word and turns it into a thing that
expands the kingdom of God. God wants to speak to you that
turns into something else that he fulfills. He does the transforming, you
don’t do that. He speaks the word. When you said that I like the
word, what happened God turned those words into hope and
encouragement and affirmation. Wow, God sees me. God loves me. Maybe, I don’t know, some of you
haven’t heard that said to you in a long time. From an individual. Maybe that the devil has been
telling you day in and out, God don’t love you. And when you heard that today,
the Holy Spirit said, it’s true. He does love you. And that word that you spoke
became hope, a thing in someone’s life. And that thing will expand the
kingdom of God in their heart, in their life. How can we be that person. Today we will talk about the
seven characteristics of a prophetic lifestyle. And last week we did altar calls
and we had a thousand people come forward, almost a thousand
just in this building. And said, now what do you do
now? You can give the Lord a hand. Come on now. [Applause] Let’s keep going. Let’s keep going, okay. We don’t — hey, I want to lose
weight and get in shape but I ain’t going to the gym. Let’s keep going. Jeremiah 1, let’s read this,
we’re not going to put on the screen. Don’t get lazy, read it. NAA-NAA, you have to look to
someone next to you. Don’t get lazy. Chapter 1, 1… The words of Jeremiah son of
Hilkiah, one of the priests at Anathoth in the territory of
Benjamin. The word of the Lord came to him
in the thirteenth year of the reign of Josiah son of Amon king
of Judah, and through the reign of Jehoiakim son of Josiah king
of Judah, down to the fifth month of the eleventh year of
Zedekiah son of Josiah king of Judah, when the people of
Jerusalem went into exile. Basically the words of Jeremiah,
that means that he wrote it during the days of King Josiah. Jeremiah prophesied from
626 B.C. to 586 B.C. Very specific, God’s word is
very specific. Look at what it says, the word
of the Lord came to me saying, before I formed you in the womb,
I knew you. Before you were born I
sanctified you and ordained you to a prophet to the nations. We will talk about that, before
you were born. Everyone say, before I was born. Uh-huh, let’s keep reading. And then I said, our Lord, I
cannot speak, I am a youth, only a kid. And the Lord said shut your
mouth, do not say I am a youth, for you shall go to all that I
send you and where I command you to speak, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of their faces
for I am here to deliver you saith the Lord. And then the Lord put forth his
hand and touched my mouth. Say, touched my mouth. Say, Lord put your words in my
mouth. You see I have this day sent you
over the nations and over the kingdoms to root out and pull
down. To destroy and throw down. To build and to plant. Moreover the word of the Lord
came to me, Jeremiah what do you see. And he said, I see a branch of
an almond tree and the Lord said you have seen well, I am ready
to perform my word. Say perform my word. Write these down. Number 1, prophetic people are
from all walks of life. We will talk about that in a
moment. Prophetic people are from all
walks of behavior. Prophetic people are from all
walks of life. Number 2, prophetic people are a
fulfillment of prophetic utterance. Everyone say eww. You are the fulfillment of God
saying let there be you. We’ll get — Number 3. Let me get through these,
prophetic people are aware of the times. We will come back and talk about
these mean. Prophetic people are aware of
the times. 4, prophetic people communicate
what they hear. They communicate what they hear. Are y’all with me? Prophetic people represent God
to people, cities and nations. People, cities and nations. Prophetic people walk in the
favor of God. Say favor of God. Yes, God, give me favor. Say, God, give me favor. You don’t want man’s favor over
God’s favor, ever, ever. Prophetic people walk in the
favor of God. And Number 7, prophetic people
live a sacrificially obedient lifestyle. It ain’t about you.
Say it ain’t about me. Number 1, prophetic people come
from all walks of life. You may be saying can I be a
prophet because I’m a kid. You know what Jeremiah said,
Lord I can’t do this I’m only a youth. God said, shut your mouth. There is a young lady that gives
me words of knowledge, I will call her mom up because she’s
too young to have a phone. She’s six. She’s six. Her name is Charlie, I call her
Chuck. We have never met. But she gives me words. And I call and say, tell Charlie
I need a word and she will text me back, she says you are really
thirsty. She sees prophetically. I was dehydrated. I was pounding water. Prophetic people prophets in the
Bible are men and women, if the devil told you that you can’t do
something in the kingdom of God. Just say, but the Lord said. But the Lord said. Miriam, Deborah were
prophetesses. And they are rich and poor. Daniel worked in government. Isaiah was a relative of a king. Amos was a farmer, it don’t
matter. God wants you to be surrendered
so you are eligible. Say I am eligible and God has a
call on my life. Number 2, prophetic people are a
fulfillment of a prophetic utterance. This tripped me out when God
showed it to me, Jeremiah 1:5, it says, before I formed you in
the womb. I knew you. Before. Everyone say before. Before I formed you in the womb,
I knew you. And before you were born, I
sanctified you or set you apart. I ordained you a prophet to the
nations. Now what does it say? Before you were even in the
womb. What does that mean? You, all of us were eggs in our
mother, when our mother was in her mother’s womb. Okay, let me give you some
science. Some of y’all — that’s weird. Let me give you some science. Women have all of their eggs
before they are born. Did y’all know that? Fellas, did y’all know that? Yeah, okay I assume all the
ladies know that. [Laughter] Some of y’all are like, what is
an egg. When your mother was in your
mother’s womb, the egg that became you was already there. And before you were born, and in
your mother’s womb, before I formed you. We will get to that in a minute. I already knew who you were. And I already had a purpose for
you. Please don’t think you grew up
and had an idea to be what you are. Unless you jacked your life up,
that’s on you. But God’s purpose for your life,
is God’s purpose for your life. The reason I got drafted to the
Rams and got cut and played here because God had a plan for me to
do this. Now that’s way above my pay
grade. And here’s how cool that was. I went to this small school,
2500 people, it was like a high school, my college, university. Never had a winning season in
football, small-time Division III. And to make a story short, when
I wanted to play NFL and gave an agent and his office across the
street in San Diego, and I’m in Connecticut. And I’m in practice with the
Chargers and standing, going, how did that happen. And God said, before I formed
you in the womb. I ordained you to come here. To do what I called you to do. Every single one of you. Now watch this. He says, before I formed you. Psalm 139 says for you formed my
inward parts and covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you for fearlessly
made, my frame was not hidden from you when I was made in
secret. And skillfully wrought in the
lowest parts of the earth. You knit me together. If you ever see a body with no
skin on it and it’s a picture and we will show you and the
muscles is the red. And the fascia which is
connective tissue is the white. And it’s crocheted together. God said before did all of that,
and by the way you have tendons that connect your muscle to your
bones. And you have ligaments that
connect your bones to the muscles and your cells, DNA
twisted together. Before I did all of that, you
are not an accident. Now it may haven’t Wednesday
night and your parents sitting around and hey, it’s Wednesday. You know what I am saying, and
nothing happening and nuthin’ on TV and hey, girl — and all of a
sudden got pregnant. But it was the Lord God that set
up the circumstances and the Lord God — And you then saying we are
pregnant. And by the way, by the way maybe
you never met your dad. And maybe your mom can’t even
remember who he is. You’re not an accident. God has a purpose for your life. Because he knit you in the womb
and had a purpose before the foundation of the earth. The purpose, the purpose he has
for your life is ordained in heaven. The father, son and Holy Spirit,
according to the word of God preordained your life to be
something. The question is are you going to
fulfill it? Because you can walk against it,
but are you going to walk in it. And when you walk in it when you
have the most fulfillment in life. When you are faithful in little
things and God will give what you can’t imagine. And the favor of God is this is
what I wanted you to do. Ephesians 2:10 says that you
were created in Christ Jesus to do good works that I prepared
before the foundation of the earth. When you say Lord I want to walk
in that and fulfill my prophetic purpose. And in Genesis it said let there
be light and it was good. And let there be fish and it was
good. And let there be plants in the
sea and it was good. And then God said, let there be
Jimmy. Let there be Jane. Let there be Tanisha. Let there be Julio. And then let there be Mr. Wong,
which is for real, my great-grandfather from China. They call him Charles. And it’s 100% true. And Mr. Wong went from China and
had babies with three women. The first woman he had one child
and that one child is my grandma. And then she had a son and he
had a son. God can work stuff. And here’s what God said, let
there be Mr. Wong. And let there be you. And then he said, you are good. And then he said, I have a
purpose for you. And then the devil comes along
and says I have another purpose for you. But you never distinguish the
two voices and gravitated to the one that made you feel better. Like that girl in the grocery
store and walks around with the guy that tells her what she
wants to hear. And next you know she’s with a
knucklehead. Because she didn’t listen to God
about what he wanted to hear. God has a prophetic purpose on
your life and that purpose is to be a mouth piece or
representation of his voice on the earth. What he wants to say, not what
your friends or family want you to say. Number 3, prophetic people are
aware of the times. Hum. Jeremiah 1:3… What does this mean? The Bible tells us in the first
three verses if you read through the prophets you see in the very
beginning of each book it will tell you who the author is and
when it was written. What was going on? The context. And in that context where the
Israelites, the Jews were sinning against God. Jeremiah was sent to tell them
that God is going to judge with Babylon and take you in slavery
if you do not repent. That was his job and they didn’t
repent and taken to Babylon. Slaves. As a matter of fact Jeremiah was
taken as a slave to Egypt as well. But the point that context,
going on at the times. You live in a time where Donald
Trump is the president. You live in a time when it’s a
Me Too movement and in a time when immigrants coming over the
time. And racial division and you live
in a time when the Chargers left San Diego two years ago. I’m just telling you. You lived in a time when two
mass shootings last week. Why is this important? Because the devil doesn’t want
you to engage God’s prophetic words into the times. He wants the times, the culture,
the word of your friends and family to dictate what comes out
of your mouth. Last week I was talking about
this, and I said God has called us to be kingdom minded. And I mentioned something about
what was going on and someone on Instagram and disappointed that
you talked about kingdom minded and then man’s kingdom. No, God has called us in this
kingdom, in this sinful, fallen world globally to bring thy
kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. What you don’t want to do is say
that’s not related to the Bible. It is absolutely. We have to speak life. The problem is that we are so
caught up in the opinions of the world having to pick one side or
the other. That we can’t speak God’s word. For example, if someone said
hey, let’s pray for those little kids that got their parents
taken from them. Just forget your politics. Can you do that? And just have compassion for a
little girl and boy that got their parents taken. That’s the law. So — can you just put that
aside for a minute and speak compassion for a little child
that came out of school. Can it just be that simple? Can you say hey we need to pray
for our president to speak positively about everybody. Can you say that and without if
I say that I am against it. Can you just say, he can bring
so much and we need to pray for him. Can you say that without having
to feel like, people will think what they think but can you say
that freely. Can you say, hey we want to the
pray for the family of those shooters. And pray for the shooter. That God would visit that dude. Can you say that. As a matter of fact, next week I
will talk about how to speak a word. To somebody. How to be an encouraging word. And by the way when you speak a
word to somebody, you are always speaking and building into the
spirit. Never against the flesh. The week after that, I’m going
to interview a former white supremacist and talk about all
of that. In the context of what we are
talking about today. You need to know the times. So when you go to your job, and
you go to your house and people start talking about it and what
about this. Well, here’s what I believe God
is saying. We need to pray for those
people. We need to encourage those
people. We need to unite each other. Here’s what I believe God is
saying, we need to have compassion for each other. And when people start pulling
you to one side or the other, say, hey, I’m not trying to sell
the book. But it happens to be sitting
right here. There is a third option. And the third option is the
gospel, and the third option and you may think it sounds like
your side or my side, I am saying what God says. As a prophetic voice, do you
know the times and hearing God’s word and what he would say to
you and how he would want you to express his love today. Number 3 — Number 4, prophetic
people communicate what they hear. And by the way, not only what
you hear but how you hear it. Chapter 1, verse 6 he says… You know what God says? When you speak to someone and
say my word and you are nervous and people reject you and not
like you. He says, don’t worry about that. When I speak in places I will
see people sometimes like this — and the devil will say you
are not connecting. And I said, yeah, that’s messed
up you are not connecting. And the Holy Spirit says, no, he
hasn’t slept all night. He worked all night and tried to
come to church and couldn’t make it. Or he don’t like you but doesn’t
mean everyone else. Don’t worry about it. And Jeremiah says I want you to
say, and next week we will talk about encouraging people and God
will give you something that means nothing to you but means
everything to the person that you say it to. And you have to say in love and
here’s what God says. Number 5, prophetic people
represent God to people, cities and nations. In other words, some people God
wants to give you a word individual and family. But some people get words for
cities and nations. And again those are callings on
people’s life. Number 6, prophetic people walk
in the favor of God. How many of you want to walk in
the favor of God? What does that mean, when you
have knock on the door of opportunity, what happens, the
door — [opening door noise] How did that happen? God has been waiting for you to
knock on the door. And they will say, we have been
waiting for you. And some of you go to a job
interview and sit there and say, we decided to hire you before
you said a word. And you sat there and sweating
bullets and waiting for you to be quiet and hire you. Why? Because you walk in the favor of
God. Why? Because God wants you to be in
that job — listen, God wants you to be in that job. Listen, listen, God wants you in
that job. Listen, listen, look, listen. God wants you in that job
because he has a word for someone there. [Applause] Ew. God has you where you are now,
if he wants you to live a prophetic life, what does he
have you say to the people right now? I play football, I played for
the Chargers and signed autograph, dumb jock. And God is like whatever. Save that boy. Now I love Jesus. And now I will show you why you
are here. You thought it was that. No, no.
It’s this. The guy who discipled me was
with the team one year. He played like 10, mostly with
Seattle. But played one year and if you
ask him today he will say I went to San Diego for one reason, to
disciple me and two other guys. That was it.
And he left. He planted a seed. A big, deep seed and then he
left. That was his purpose. What is your purpose? What is your purpose? Remember God wants to give you a
word and turn into a thing that expands the kingdom of God. If all you do is do a thing to
expand your kingdom and buy stuff, that doesn’t expand the
kingdom of God you miss the point. Last one and then we’ll pray. Prophetic people live a
self-sacrificially obedient lifestyle. Say, it ain’t about me. Say, it ain’t about me.
Say it ain’t about me. Jeremiah 16:1-2… In other words, you are not
going to get married or have any kids in this place. Too evil. And Jeremiah said, okay. Can God control your life like
that? Here’s why, Jeremiah this place
is too evil and going to be too hard. I don’t want you, not saying if
prophetic you won’t get married. I don’t you to have that
distraction in this place and time in life, because I have a
purpose for you. There will be things that God
will say to you, I don’t want you to that anymore. Because it distracts you. Don’t worry about anyone else. God will have you change your
life based on what he knows about you. Not what he guesses about you. What he knows about you. Just like the devil knows you. The devil knows your
insecurities and knows how to press your buttons. And so does God, knows how to
press your buttons. And we will pray on all campuses
and a lot of you say I want to fulfill my prophetic utterance
purpose. God brought me into this earth
for a prophetic reason that I would be a voice. That I would represent his
message to the world. Not just do my thing. And I want to learn to walk more
and more in it amidst all of this drama around me. And by the way, there is drama. And in a minute we will pray and
I will challenge you to stand, we had altar calls last week and
almost 1,000 people just in this room here. But it took three altar calls. And I know on other campuses
doing multiple. Come on, if God speaks to you. Just go. If God tells you something and
you don’t do it, here’s what happens. God told you something and the
devil said don’t do it, and you went, I will listen to the
devil. That’s what that means. So are you prophetic for God or
the devil? I’m not trying to manipulate you
but trying to bring to clarity what obedience looks like. Because when you go to work
tomorrow and there is chatter, chatter, chatter and God says,
say this. And you go — that’s the point. It’s in those moments that you
say, you know what God, I feel led to tell you that God doesn’t
see you like that. He sees you so much better. That God loves you and I know
you had a rough this. But God can restore what the
locusts have eaten. Which is a verse in the Bible,
what the world has chewed up God can bring back to life. You can say that, or be that
voice to people. And what we experience in the
beginning, when we said that God sees you and God loves you. That you can be that to people. The fruit of that kind of
lifestyle, you don’t do it for this. But you talk about seeing the
favor of God on your life. Because God can now trust you
with his word. God can trust you to not back
down when everyone else is saying one thing and he wants
you to say something else to bring light to a dark situation. That’s what he needs, he doesn’t
need us to blend in. God made you one of a kind,
there is nobody like you. Fingerprint is yours. Vein print in your eye is only
you. DNA is only you. There is so many individual,
unique one of billions characteristics that set you
apart from all the individuals on the earth. Why? Because God made you to be an
individual and stand out for his glory. Because He’s so creative and He
didn’t want you to be like nobody else. Say, I’m like nobody else. That’s for sure. Bow our heads and pray. Lord thank You so much, Lord I
pray that you challenge us to want to hear You, want to walk
in Your truth. Want to represent Your word to
this world. Hope to this world. Holy Spirit, You have spoken to
so many people here today, I want to be that person and I
want to live and fulfill the prophetic purpose of my life. I want God to speak to me, I
want to be a source of life to people. Pray this prayer if that’s you,
pray, dear God, I surrender. I’m Yours. I want to live for You. I want You to use me. I want to fulfill my prophetic
purpose. I want You to give me words. I want You to give me visions. I will communicate them
faithfully. And watch what You do. I want to be Your voice in our
culture. At my job. And my family. As our eyes are closed and heads
bowed, if you prayed that prayer, I will ask you to stand
up. I only do one altar call, we
don’t have time for multiples. If God spoke to you, just do it. You have to get in the habit of
obeying God as fast as possible and completely as possible. If you prayed that prayer, in
all campuses on the count of three, I will ask you
to stand up. One.
Two. Three. Stand to your feet.
God bless you. If God spoke to during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, It’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then, confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penalty of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the Spirit of God. In Jesus name’, amen. If you prayed that prayer, If you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, Click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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