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[music] The thought that other people
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lobby… and now let’s get ready for the
message. [Applause] Amen. Amen. Hi, you guys doing? Doing good? If we have not met, I am Greg
Hendricks, I am the pastor at East County. You are at the Rock Church and
so happy you are with us today. Why don’t we give the Lord a
shout of praise in this place this morning. [Applause] Would you mind all standing with
me as we pray. I want to welcome all tuning
in, City Heights, San Ysidro, San Marcos and microsites and military, give
them a round of applause as well. Glad you are with us. Let’s posture our hearts towards
the Lord today and give Him praise. I believe today you will have an
opportunity to see Him more clearly in the midst of your
season amen. Let’s pray. Lord we love You and thank You
that You are faithful. We come today wanting to see You
more clearly. God I pray for those in this
room that need a fresh word this morning. Encounter Your word like no
other and transform them God to more in Your image, in Jesus’
name, and all His family said, amen. Give the person next to you a
high-five, merry Christmas and welcome to church. So glad to be with you today. Again my name is Greg Hendricks,
I am the East County pastor, and I know that East County is going
crazy and excited and have friends and family in the
building. I came from a background, I was
born and raised in San Diego, and I came from background,
played basketball and in college division I, and asked to play
professionally. And during the midsts to become
a professional athlete. The most scary thing is to have
an injury that sets you back. And during the time, during the
height of my basketball career. I did have an injury. And it did set me back and it
threw me for a loop. Because at this time I didn’t
know the Lord or have a relationship with God. I believed in God but I didn’t
have a relationship with Jesus. And was very, very thrown for a
loop when this happened to me. I ended up tearing my knee. Tore my ACL. And for an athlete that is
almost like a death sentence to your career. But little did I know that in
the midst of my not only physical pain, my emotional pain
and my mental pain that God was doing something more bigger. And so the title of my sermon
today is I can see clearly now. How to see God more clearly in
the midst of your pain. A lot of us in this room deal
with pain. And the holiday is upon us and
we love the holiday because we celebrate with family and
friends. And that’s a beautiful,
beautiful expression. But for a lot of us not only for
all the sites or in this room but microsites and online. A lot of us, okay, experience
more pain during the holiday than we do joy. Or we know people around this
time they’re going through pain in their life. And so today I am going to bring
a word, for how for all of you to see God more clearly in the
midst of your pain. How to really call upon him and
see him clearly when the world dictates to see it through this
lens. When you see it through the
lenses of heaven, there is healing and redemption and
freedom and rejuvenation in the name of Jesus, come on. So turn with me Luke 24. Luke 24. Again title of this sermon, I
can see clearly now. And the heart behind it how to
see God clearly in the midst of your pain. If you have a pen, I would pull
it out, because the Holy Spirit is going to speak to you, I know
he is. There is anointed on this word
and I believe that anointing is for you. Some of you may not be going
through pain but connected to someone going through pain. Your job is to take that word is
deliver it to this person. Come on.
Luke 24. You guys with me? Say amen. Luke 24:13… The title of this passage is the
road to Emmaus. Let me read the RJV version,
what are you guys talking about when you walk in here? You are like RJV, that’s the
Rick James version. I got the Rick James, you may
have KJV, I have the RJV, keep it moving. You have a scenario here where
two guys are walking on a load. And they are walking and their
pain is not allowing them to even see that the Messiah is
walking with them. A lot of us in our lives when we
go through pain, sometimes can’t see that God is walking right
alongside you. God was walking with these dudes
and first of all, if I am walking with my boy and we are
walking and a guy walks up. I am immediately turning, who
are you. But their pain was masking them. And essentially what they were
doing, he said, where were you at? For some of you in here that
uses slanguage, it translates where was you at man. They were walking with God and
telling Jesus their pain is masking the fact that God is
walking with them. A lot of us in this room do the
same thing and we don’t seed God in the midst of it. I will give you three points to
allow you to see God in the midst your pain. Point 1, write this down. You want to draw near to him. Allowing yourself to draw near
to God helps adjust your sight and heart in the midst of your
drama. How many of you in here have
drama in your life. Okay, I will raise both of my
hands for some of you ain’t being honest in here. We have drama in our life. Here’s the thing, in order for
God to draw near. You need to allow that in your
life. You can say, God, here I am. I am dealing with some
confusion. I am really dealing with some
pain, I am dealing with the fact I can’t see you clearly right
now. These two guys were walking on a
road and went through a traumatic thing. Jesus, the Messiah, was killed
and crucified. It was the third day, the day he
was to rise from the grave and they didn’t see that. And they are walking on the road
in sorrow, he said this would happen, and they are letting
their circumstances dictate the lens they see resurrection
through. If you allow yourself to live in
the lens of the world, you will deafen yourself from the lens of
heaven. God wants to you listen and see
through the lens of heaven. Psalm 1:14, it says, that the
Lord is to all who call upon him in truth. You call upon him. Not call upon Instagram. Not call upon Facebook to make
you feel good. Not call upon this person to
pump you up. You call upon him in truth. These guys in the midst of their
pain, the Bible says they were walking in sadness. And then Jesus draws near. And they start pouring out their
heart to him. Now it’s funny that the guy that
answered guy in that passage, his name was Cleopas, and
translated means to see the glory of God. He couldn’t see the glory of God
obviously at that pain. Because his pain was projecting
him into a place that was not allowing the spirit to see
clearly that God was walking with them. Some of us in this room or
online or at the microsite campus, wherever it may be. Some of you may feel that same
way. And when you are walking and God
I can’t see you. And making assumptions. Like these two guys, didn’t you
hear what happened, supposed to rise on the third day. They were making assumptions
that God was not going to fulfill his promises. And some of us and in this
campus you are reading out of the I Assumptions 3:16, that’s
not a book in the Bible. AKA, you are making your own
assumption what God is doing in the midst of the situation. Funny thing, like I said I
played professional basketball, I tore my knee. And at that time I was working
out with the Seattle Sonics at that time. And before they moved to
Oklahoma City, and had a chance to work out with these guys and
around the NBA a lot. And I tore my knee and man, this
is a death sentence. And go down there and workout
and one coach said we can use help. Why don’t you come and become a
volunteer assistant in the NBA. What? I get to go in the NBA, and here
I think to get a chance to be a player. And to be a coach. And little did I see that God
was stirring something that would be greater down the line. So I got in there; right. And I met a guy. Will call him Mike. His name is Mike. Met a guy and first time I met a
man that was walking with God at that time at that level. I remember this clear as day,
playing Los Angeles Lakers, game day, and Kobe Bryant is killing
us. Bucket after bucket and basket
after basket. And sitting on the side line
next to my friend that is a Christian and walking with God
and seeing God clearly. And a man that was not walking
with God and did not see God clearly. So Kobe Bryant is killing us. And my boy is like, hey,
man you can do it. Very encouraging. Come on you can do it. We believe in you. And the other dude next to him,
man, how can you talk about this. This is terrible.
We are getting killed out here. Back and forth. Back and forth. How many of you have that voice,
you a Christian. I can’t believe. God is not with you, you are
going through pain. How many of you got that voice
in your life? I know I do. So they arguing back and forth,
back and forth on the bench. This goes on for 15 minutes. I am sitting there not paying
attention to the game at this point. I am looking at them arguing. My man who is a Christian that
walks with God, in the midst of not playing one minute on the
court. Busting his butt in practice,
day in and out. He saw God more clearly in this
moment. This is what happened. They are arguing and I am
watching them. And for 15 minutes Kobe is
killing us and how can you talk about this stuff. My man said because I have Jesus
Christ in my life and no weapon can cross me, and you need Jesus
in your life. And he kept going and in the
game. I am like this. And the one dude that arguing
with him and turned around and looked at me, I ain’t
paying attention. I don’t know what is going on. The fact of the matter is my
brother who is a follower of Jesus, saw God clearly in the
midst of his pain. Even when someone else was
trying to drown out that pain. He knew who God was and he
didn’t let anyone compromise that in his heart. God wants the same thing for all
you in this room there. Is going to be voices. There will be situation and
trauma. The Bible states clearly that is
going on happen. But in order for us to see God
more clearly, we need to write him in. And second thing, point 2, is
that, invite him in. When you invite God in, you have
a greater ability to see and live again. When you invite God in, you have
a greater ability to see and live again. Matthew 5:8 says, blessed are
the pure in heart for they know shall see God — say shall see
God. Pure in heart doesn’t mean
perfect. When you look up the definition
it means honest, truthful, throughout, from core to
surface. Just be honest with God. God I’m having a hard time right
now but I’m inviting you in. I’m having a hard time believing
the fact that you are there with me, but I’m inviting you in. God, I don’t understand why
she’s wearing that hoochie momma dress but I invite you in
because I want to help her. When you invite God in, you
start to see and you live again. In order to see clearly, we need
to surrender fully. In order to see clearly, you
need to surrender fully to what God has for you. Pain is real.
But so is hope, family. Pain is real. But so is hope. Can I get an amen in this place. Don’t let your pain define your
situation. Let God refine your situation. When you allow God to refine
your situation, you start to see how pain ain’t got nuthin’ on
me, I got Christ in me. Pain has nothing on this
situation, and not dictate me sharing my faith and walk with
God. Allow me to be in the light and
not in the flesh. When I was doing this cruise
thing, this was a couple of years ago. I was down on this beach and we
were with this guy. And this guy was talking crazy
about our Lord and Savior. Crazy. I was getting in my flesh, I was
like Lord, I don’t know about this. I don’t know if I am Christian
anymore, but this guy is getting on my nerves. How many of you got that going. I am being real up here, and
100% honest. And this guy was going on about
our Lord and Savior, he was drunk. Oh, you Christians. Me and my boy were on the beach
talking about God and this guy was going on and on about our
Lord and Savior. And God I don’t know what to do
and God I wish you would do something. Two seconds later, no lie,
true story. Falls back on his back. Falls back on his back. Now on his back before he fell,
I noticed he had this huge tattoo on his back. And the top half of his back was
the angels. But the majority of his back was
from probably a little above all the way down to his waist was
demons. It was a thing like hell, it was
crazy. And was like man, God that is
kind of crazy looking. Falls on his back–boom. In the sand and he gets up and I
look and this is what I saw right here. Look at what God did. Now here’s the deal,
leave that up. Here’s the deal. What you don’t notice is that
the sand is blotted out all the demons. Left of the angels and had a
crossover the demons. Come on somebody. [Applause] That story to me blew me away. Because God was saying I got
grace for that person. But here’s the thing. If you are in your flesh, and
you’re not seeing God clearly, you won’t be able to see the
glory of God. And here’s the best part about
that story. After he got up and I saw that. And first of all took a picture. Lord I see you now, real clearly
obviously. I walk over there and I start
talking to him. I end up sharing the Lord with
him. He ended up giving his life to
Christ right there on the beach. [Applause] But if you are allowing your
pain to dictate how God speaks to you and how to see God
clearly. You miss opportunities to do
stuff like that. And you may miss the opportunity
to miss that entirely clearly. The beauty to the road of
Emmaus, God opens the scriptures to them and transitions to verse
28. Check this out. Where their eyes were opened. Everyone say, stay with us. Then their eyes were open,
everybody say their eyes were open. That’s holy heart burn right
there. That’s good heart burn. Hey, don’t walk any further. Come on in, man, sit with us. Sit with us. It’s getting dark. Sit with us. Jesus is like, okay I will come
in. God comes in. They start talking. They break bread. And they’re together in
community. I got news for you in here. Community is important to God. Being with other believers is
important to God. Why?
Because it’s beneficial to you. If you are not a dGroup or
rGroup or serving in Toys for Joy. It’s for community and all
throughout the scriptures. Five loafs and two fish embody
that community is important. Receiving blessing is important
in community, why? Because it multiplies faster. It multiplies faster. Come on somebody. Point 3, write this down. Breaking bread. Breaking bread with God and
others strengthens us to focus on truth during tribulation. Breaking bread with God,
everybody say God and others. Strengthens us to focus on truth
during tribulation. Acts 2:46 says… To be in community allows you to
be stronger and see God more clearly. These two guys who were walking
down this path. The first thing they did was
vent their frustrations. God, this was to happen on this
third day, but it didn’t happen. We are frustrated and sad and
lost hope. And Jesus started talking to
them. Then they invited him in and
break bread and in community. Again if you are not in
community, not serving. Not being plugged in. You are sitting target. The enemy wants to divide you
and keep you separate by yourself. That’s his game plan. I tell you if he can keep you
divided or give you another vision than God’s vision, that’s
what division is. When you have division, the
vision of God over your life essentially dies. Because you are by yourself. But when you have community. And you are in community here
and you are in community here. And you are in community right
here. God says I will let you see me
more clearly. I have that for you. I have that for all of you in
this room. The filters on your life can
drown out the faithfulness on your life. The filters in your life can
drown out his faithfulness in your life. He’s faithful to you. He’s walking with you. Some of us in here and online
and campuses. You will have an opportunity at
the end to say, I want to see clearly and walk with him. You will get that a little bit
later. No need — okay, there is no
need for you to be in your flesh when you can be in the spirit. There’s no need for that. The Bible says that the flesh is
weak — excuse me, yeah, when you are in your flesh, you are
weak. But when you are in the spirit,
you have power. Some of us in here we walking in
our flesh and see people and you start — I’m on my way to church
and a person cut me off and say something derogatory and you
come in and raise your hands and worshiping. But you know what? He cut me off pastor, I had to
say something, I read it in the book of II Fleshalonians. It’s not in the Bible. You are making up your own
assumptions and idea of what God has for your life. But when you’re in pain and in
the moment. The pain you are going through
today can be the thing that fuels you for your destiny
tomorrow. You have to believe that God has
a plan for your life. The pain that you are feeling
today can be the fuel that propels you to your destiny
tomorrow. And I understand it’s hard for
us at times to give God everything. God, here you go. I put it in your hands. But when we learn how to leave
everything in God’s hand, we will eventually see God’s hand
in everything. I’m going on say that again. I think that reads by it. When we learn how to leave
everything in God’s hand, we will eventually see God’s hand
in everything. Can I get an amen. [Applause] God wants to have his hand in
everything you are doing. These two guys are walking on
the road with Jesus. They don’t even recognize
because the pain is drowning out the vision. The clear vision of what God has
for your life. I talk about my boy playing for
the Lakers. This guy had a vision of what
God was in his life. The dude on the bench was not
dictating how he should feel. And him not playing dictate how
he should feel. And the integrity allowed to
have a job with that team. They said, hey, we want you to
have you around, there is something that makes our team
better. They are talking about Jesus. Come on somebody. They are talking about Jesus,
won’t say it only. But talking about Jesus. Me blowing my knee out, little
did I know that God was walking with me in the midst of that. If I didn’t blow my knee out I
would not have had chance to rehab with the sonics. I would not have the chance to
see that conversation. And I would not have the seed
planted in my heart that allowed me to bring the gospel to you
today. [Applause] Jesus is beautiful. He’s beautiful. And sometimes we cannot clearly
see that. Because our pain is masking and
our pain is dictating how we should see things. When God says, I’m giving you
eyes to see. I’m giving you ears to hear. Son, daughter, come closely. Come to me. I got better for your life. I don’t qualify, I don’t know
the Bible and I make mistakes. And God says, you are qualified,
come on. Come on home. I got you. Some of us in here want a word
from God. Man, I want a prophetic word, I
don’t know what a prophetic word means I want to hear from God. Some want a prophetic word from
God without reading the word of God. You can’t get a prophetic word
from God without reading a word of God. I will give you five prophetic
words, Matthew, Mark, John and book of acts. That’s five words that you can
dive in and see destiny for your life. Some of us online and at
campuses and in this room, we don’t pray. We don’t get on our knees. Listen, the battle is won on
your knees before on your feet. The battle is won in the quiet
time, Lord I don’t understand but know you will do something
powerful. I receive it. Prayer transforms people, it
impacts the situation and transforms the person doing it. You want to is a transformed
life, get on your knees and say, God here I am, I’m praying. I need this. But here’s the deal, I am going
to close with this. Some of us don’t see it like
that, we don’t see God as clearly as we ought to. But God is saying I am giving
you fresh vision today. I will allow you to see me more
clearly today by doing three things. I will reiterate. Draw near to him. Invite him in. And break bread with him. You draw near to him. You invite him in, invite him in
here. Not just here, invite him in
here. You break bread with him in
private and you break bread with him in community. You break bread with him with
other people. You start to see God more
clearly in the midst of your pain. I want everybody to bow their
heads and close their eyes. Some of you in this room and
online and campuses and microsites. You are saying that man, I don’t
see him clearly but I understand I have to do these three things. And if I do these three things
that’s my starting point. Some of you need a fresh start
or don’t know the Lord. All of this today, the most
important time together is not the music or preaching. It’s your response to what the
Holy Spirit is speaking to you through both of those things. What is your response? Is your response, yes God here I
am. Or is it, I don’t know I will
try to do it my way. So I want you to pray this
prayer in the privacy of your heart. Say, dear God, I love You. And I thank You that today I got
to see three things that will help me see You more clearly. But God I’m a sinner. God, I want to see You more
clearly. So today God I’m surrendering
fully to You. And I’m responding to You. Jesus come into my heart. I make You my Lord and Savior. If you prayed that prayer in the
privacy of your heart, I’m going to ask you to stand up on the
count of three. And then we’re going to cheer
for you as you come forward. Because you are basically
stating that God, You are faithful and I believe You have
destiny for my life. So on the count of three, I ask
you to stand. If you prayed that prayer in the
privacy of your heart. One. Get your heart ready. Two. It’s time to respond to
the Holy Spirit. Three. Stand to your feet
in this place. God bless you. If God spoke to you during that sermon and you feel like you want to ask Christ to be your savior, It’s as simple as A-B-C. Admit and accept that you are a sinner. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died for your sin and rose from the dead. Then confess yourself a sinner and say, “Jesus, please forgive me of my sin.” If you would like to ask Jesus Christ to be your savior, just look at me right now and pray this prayer with me in the privacy of your heart knowing that God knows you and loves you very much. Say, “Dear God, I believe that I am a sinner. I know the penaltly of my sin is death. I don’t want to die and go to hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead for my sin. I confess myself a sinner and ask Him to forgive me of my sin. Jesus, please forgive me of my sin. Fill me with the spirit of God. In Jesus name’, amen. If you prayed that prayer, If you just asked Christ to be your savior, we want to know. We want to email you some resources. If you just prayed that prayer with me, to accept Jesus as your savior, Click on the link that just appeared. We want to send you some free resources. God bless you and we will see you in Heaven.

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  1. One of the reasons I left the Rock..
    This man is preaching an experiential gospel…i experience this, I did this, I was a pro Basketball this and that. I would be surprised is 1 person was saved after that speach. Truly saved…not just those that answered an alter call. Not those that attended a fake online church and said they raised their hand…this is not biblical church. Its fake…there is no fear of God in this nonsense!


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