Ricky Braddy Has Gone from the Church to the Stage – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

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♪♪♪ ♪ All of these lines
across my face ♪ ♪ Tell you the story
of who I am ♪ ♪ So many stories
of where I’ve been ♪ ♪ And how I got
to where I am ♪ ♪ But these stories
don’t mean anything ♪ ♪ When you’ve got no one
to tell them to ♪ ♪ It’s true Ooh!
It’s about to get big!
♪ I was made for you I love this song.
[ Audience cheering ] ♪ I climbed
across the mountaintop ♪ ♪ I swam all across
the ocean blue ♪
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪ I crossed all the lines,
and I broke all the rules ♪ ♪ Baby, I broke them all
for you ♪
[ Cheering ] ♪ Because even when
I was flat broke ♪ ♪ You made me feel
like a million bucks ♪ ♪ Yes, you do ♪ And I was made for you ♪ Oh, yes, you do ♪ And I was made for you [ Cheers and applause ] [ Upbeat music plays ] [ Cheering ] -Hello!
-Wow. John:
Welcome to “The Voice.” What is your name, and where
are you from, my friend? I am Ricky Braddy. I’m 36 years old,
from North Carolina. I live in Nashville,
Tennessee, now.
Come on! I really enjoyed
that performance, my friend. Thank you.
Your range was just
so exciting. What kind of music
do you like to do? I was raised in the church,
so I did a lot of gospel, a lot of Christian —
-Me too! -I go to church every Sunday.
-There you go! You sound like a gospel singer,
especially in the higher notes. It was like I felt
the Spirit. I feel like there’s so many
places you can go vocally. The most exciting part
about coaching is how we’re gonna take
the audience from here to here from round to round
and get you into the finale. I would love to do that. Awesome.
[ Cheers and applause ] I’m pretty sure you were
singing “I was meant for you” right to my face. [ Laughter ] Um… [ Laughter ]
…I’m right here. Hi, Blake. I think your voice
is incredible. There’s like a bit of
a theatrical side to you, which I love the drama,
and when I turned around and got to see you up there,
it was like this glorious moment of just like, “Ah,
I’m finally doing it,
and it feels so right.” Yeah.
And I only have one more space
on Team Gwen. Okay.
So this is a big deal
that I turned, and I would love
to have you. Oh, wow. Thank you, thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] Do you have
theater background? Just mostly church. Man, you should do theater.
I was like — -I would love to.
-Christmas plays at the church? -You would slay, like, any role.
-Basically. Did all that. That’s an incredible
gift you have, and don’t let this
deter you. They all turned.
I’m being very picky.
Sure. Absolutely. But go ahead, Blake.
Thank you. Man, I moved to Nashville
in 1994, and I’m really plugged in
to the music scene. So plugged in that he lives
in Oklahoma, but, yes.
[ Laughter ] I got to say, man, when I heard
that Brandi Carlile song, it was like, “Please, Lord, help
this guy get through this song,” ’cause there
was no way. And then, of course,
when you got to the big stuff, it was like, “Wow.” And, having said that, I think
we should give Gwen the opportunity to keep looking
for more artists, you know? [ Laughter ]
‘Cause she’s only got
one spot left, you know, and — See, I’m very picky, too,
and I pick you for the last person on my team.
I don’t think she’s
that — that — She’s not that sold
on you. I mean, she’s just —
You can’t let —
I get it. So let’s just let her
keep shopping around. Please, Ricky! [ Cheers and applause ]
Ooh! Alright, Ricky, who are
you gonna pick as your coach? Alright, Ricky, who are you
gonna pick as your coach? I, uh…
[ Audience shouting ] [ Dramatic music plays ] Ricky! Come on! I’m going to have to go… ♪♪♪ …with my man Blake. Yes! Ricky!
[ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. One of my favorite songs ever. He killed it for a male besides the end where they usually hit a falsetto he ran out of breath and luckily didnt attempt it. I just wanted some rasp .

  2. Lol
    Like American Idol ——> The Voice but
    No ones gonna mention Season 8? He’s got
    A smooth smooth voice.

  3. That harmony definitely takes The Voice's 🍰 (cake). As WWE Superstar Seth Rollins quoted after a chilling performance, “Burn It Down!"

  4. Wow I remember Ricky from the Idol days, and he's still fine as hell. This audition got me thinking about other great semi finalists from his season. Mishavonna Henson MUST try out in the future, as well as Jess Langseth, Junot Joyner, and Jackie Tohn,.

  5. I like to make jokes in these comments sections and make people laugh…
    I just gotta say though, last nights videos and tonight is off to a good start A LOT of the performers selected so far…. WOW
    this could be one of the best, most competitive seasons…
    There will have to be some tough choices made by coaches! people will get stolen!!
    It's going to come down to song choices!!! clutch performances!!!! All these coaches have teams full of talent
    At least 5 or 6 times I've thought "this person could win…" from marybeth to cali and preston along with brooke as well as the you are my sunshine girl…. and there are more I know I'm forgetting….
    this is the first season I really like all four coaches and their chemistry….

  6. Guys of this season, you gotta change sth, for example the way you write the title. I prefer when you write the original singer, the name of the song and the one that covers, and maybe any small thing in it, but like this…idk. It doesn't attract me and people I think

  7. First Jessie Lawrence and now Ricky Braddy…….
    From American Idol to The Voice USA they have improved a lot…..👏

  8. I don't know, maybe because I have heard and love Brandi's version of this song so much that this didn't really do it for me.

  9. I think I made a mistake on the last video. I said that person was gonna win but idk anymore because this man is a BEAST! He can literally sing anything and his voice does it all. He could win this show and I am so excited for it

  10. I felt I was in church. He had a good voice. So glad he chose Blake I can't wait to see the songs Blake has him to sing. 🙂

  11. When he was singing all I could think about is he looks a lot like Benji and Joel Madden !!! Amazing rendition !! I’m glad he made it through ! RIP JANICE 🙏🏼

  12. John grew up in the church and yet he married Chrissy Teigen. 🤣 She literally has no filter. I guess opposites attract.

  13. Gwen is seriously starting to get on my last nerve and I’m an OG No Doubt fan. But seriously, she’s such a follower. And piping up saying “I go to church every Sunday”. I’m a Christian myself, but that was just annoying. Seriously, just on my nerves for some reason.

  14. I remember Ricky Braddy from season 8 of American Idol and he has a soulful voice, that audition proves what I meant! It was a brilliant audition and his voice is amazing!

  15. Janice is NOT shook, can they never try to outsing the queen on ANY of her songs? No one could ever… RIP THE QUEEN.

  16. If I was a country singer..of course I would want to be in Blake's team HOWEVER I wouldnt choose him as a mentor BECAUSE he'll have sooo many country singers anyway and it'll be so hard to standout..I would definitely choose John or Gwen..Kelly too as she always has different styles of singers on her team.

  17. He has such a great tone but it was a bit too theatrical for me but it was still great. He deserved those three chairs for sure and should go far. My only constructive criticism is to tone it down just a bit and he'll be all good. Though I have a feeling Blake is going to eliminate him in the battles. If he pairs Ricky up against Ricky Duran then no way he beats Duran.

  18. Ricky was on American Idol at some point and, unceremoniously dumped WAY too early. Pretty sure he went to Belmont University in Nashville.

  19. I am sick of looking at the judges in the same old clothes. On another note so to speak fabulous contestants this year!


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