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hmm thank you so much we smell r-rahmani r-rahim' listening to those responses we can immediately see that the answers are there no matter how we which route we take the rational intuitive or theological and it poses far more questions so it shows that there is the struggle within us to try and make sense and somehow it is making sense in an odd way but we are unable to articulate that response properly because it is not phrased accurately within a rational framework now as we begin this session and begin to offer some clarity on the questions themselves what we will do is we will raise more questions and by the end of tomorrow hopefully we will all be utterly confused and find some direction in that confusion yes so now our understanding of life determines our seriousness towards life it determines the caliber of life lives that we lead if the notion of God making us from nothing bringing us here so on and so forth if that is parked to one side and in place of that another idea begins to appeal to the mind that actually determines this life as being a huge gamble and a huge opportunity which huge stakes everything we are staking everything it's a perilous path if we make it we make it for eternity if we don't then there is a possible damnation for eternity and the meaning of reward and Punishment is understood accurately then every instance of this life would be led very differently to the way in which we lead it right now as we go into this part of the discussion I'm going to explain certain terms and then give an analogy and resort to theology to find some direction you see in the responses we found two things we found a struggle to justify our worldview we don't want to know that this life is meaningless we don't feel secure we need to have some meaning that is driving life in the last response the atheist also constructs a meaning a purpose to life but at the exclusion of God but we see the centrality of having a meaningful life you said it is something innate I would say let us question the meaning of innate but we will part that for one minute for a little while but there is something there so then there is a struggle do I now connect this sense of having a purpose in life with God or at the exclusion of God and that is what we were seeing in the responses that were being offered so I call this intuition intuitively we somehow know things but at a rational level we are unable to frame it phrase it and then articulate it or justify it and then speak about it failing that we take recourse to our religious texts and they give some meaning but at the core of it still there is this prodding thing it must make sense but how does it make sense I know there is some purpose I know there is some meaning but I just can't understand how I am led to believe the religious worldview to be accurate but upon analysis it doesn't seem to be very accurate he doesn't seem to make much sense because I'm constantly having to justify it and struggle with it that is where we are right now so what is intuition if we can just take notes on this intuition is that thing that appears prior to the process of thinking now people describe intuition differently I have a particular take on intuition that I want to explain now as we go into this part what is reason reason is where we can calculate things we have certain fundamentals that everybody needs to agree on through definitions or through observations so now if we were to accept the proposition that two opposites cannot unite in one place at the same time from the same angle then this constitutes an axiom a rational proposition that everybody has to agree upon so water cannot be hot and cold at the same time so this can be one way in which we construct rational arguments through primary axioms and then work through them and build them into more sophisticated propositions the other way we can discuss rationally is while we say look at this world I ask well why ought I to speak the truth your response is there is no other way why because otherwise we would have a community that would be integrate collapse state of anarchy there won't be survival of the human species so if I say I will show up here at nine o'clock yes and I mean to say that no I will not show up at nine o'clock I was here quarter to nine for your information it's because time is relative and I work one hour later than everybody else that's the only thing but I mean when I say 9:00 it means my 9:00 okay so if people can't trust each other the society would collapse in order to ensure the survival of the human community we need to trust and that's a rational argument or why what we to hold life sacred why can't we take life away the answer is will that ensure the survival of the species that's another form of rational argument so when you say but the Eskimos performed female infanticide they did not value the sacredness of life the rebuttal there is that because men were hunters it was a hostile environment and in order to ensure the survival of the whole species they had to sacrifice the females and therefore it is a question of holding human life sacred and the expense of the sacrifice of a few human individuals so reason will still say life is sacred I don't buy into this yes what I say is no rational arguments to me make no sense until they are rooted deeply within intuition reason will always justify what is intuitively available yes reasons job is only to create a framework in which we can justify intuition I ask a question think about this saying the truth is not necessarily good saying the truth has no value in itself can you see that if a madman is looking out with a axe let's say is asking after me you must lie that lie is good okay you can't say the truth okay so lie here is better than the truth why if life was sacred why have so much exceptions why is it that in the defense of the self family and the state we are able to take life legitimately and taking life is better than giving life in the case of those individuals in the case of criminals serial killers putting them to death taking a life away is of more value let us say than giving life you will see that there is no value in giving life in itself there is no value in speaking the truth in itself in that way when you discern things you will see that the rational arguments do not make sense until they are steeped into something else I call this intuition what is intuition intuition I understand it to be going to use this term and then explain it and for those people who have been listening unfortunately to whatever I've been saying will know what it means who or who have been unfortunate enough to listen to whatever I mean saying intuition is rooted in what I call existence or existential properties existence has one salient property at the core of it at least the existence that we observe which is our yardstick of understanding and we are a part and parcel of it existence is always liberating itself and allowing itself to grow and to evolve so as soon as we plant the seed it begins its unidirectional journey towards a young plant towards a tree and towards a fruit bearing tree and then procreates if the black hole sorry the big bang theory is accurate whether a black hole is spewing matter into it or whether that humble beginning had everything within it as a scene as whatever the case I don't want to go before that from the Big Bang onwards the universe has done only one thing liberate itself and manifest itself evolve and grow that's the only thing the universe is doing it's not doing anything else that is what I call the fundamental property of existence and everything is abiding by it in this realm of existence the arrow of time is in one direction there might be other directions in other expressions of universes but in this one it is in one direction a conceived child grows into a fetus into a baby into a young child whatever into a man a moral person into a spiritual person it's a uni-directional journey that existence takes always always nothing is defying it nothing in the observational universe in the one that we live in defies this property intuition therefore is a product of our exist she'll state we know things before knowing if knowing is intellectualizing then we already know things before knowing and the second knowing is to give it a rational expression and he might we might struggle there but we know there is a purpose it has to there has to be a purpose there there is something going on but I don't know how to phrase it so here it is truth is only good because it's an extension of production of greater existence when we speak the truth and we can trust each other that ensures the flourishing of the human community and that is the reason why we associate truth with good rationally but it's only because it's steeped in intuition and intuition is a product of our existential state giving life is good because giving life propagates life increases productivity liberates ours unleashes the full potential of human species to come into existence and that is why life is sacred because is a feature of existence and that is why intuition says life is sacred but rational judgment and proposition in itself doesn't make sense unless it is rooted in intuition which is rooted within existence if that is understood then we will say that yes at the core of our beings we know that life is purposeful it has to make sense there is something profound going on at the level of us being believers we are now faced with the inability to construct this intuition into a rational argument and express it one thing second thing we are unable to reconcile this intuition with our theology the only option left and as I said it will create more questions but by the end of the two days we will be in a better position inshaallah to understand well what's the nature of God and what is God so far we'll have a little bit better idea more clarity in how we should be thinking and approaching the whole issue so theology that has given us a sense of purpose because intuitively we know there is a purpose a profound purpose to this life we don't know what it is so theology supplies us with the answer but when we begin to think we find that actually that the answers theology is giving are not convincing enough now is there a problem in the theology that the theology is not accurate or is there a problem in the way in which we have conceived our theology so we have the verses and we have our understanding of the verses for a faithful the easier option is question our understanding of the theological texts as opposed to questioning the validity of theology if it means what Allah has revealed but if theology means the deliberations of minds upon what God has revealed then that theology needs to be questioned if theology means what God has revealed then the question is have we understood it accurately so we are within safe parameters so the responses let us reexamine our understanding of what God is saying and examine what God is saying for its own self without any assumptions upon it Allah Spirit Allah in his revelation talks of his speech as signs yard signs he does not designate them as proofs he doesn't talk of them as proofs that could be deliberate the verses if they were termed as proofs then what did you mean is that rationally we can discern them yes rationally does this make sense ABC a lot of them are rational black and white XG o matic there you by and large they are not rational proofs why is he doing that because reason operates in its own parameters of the data that is available so if I were to say to you that can I see this table accurately and convey to you the nature of this table accurately then I am curtail to what is available by sense perception here yes however in a futuristic world if we have mechanisms that can somehow see the aura of this table then the perception of the order of the table can legitimately be included within the rational argument which cannot be today because I can't see it and you can't see it and there is no way of detecting it can you see that so the rational arguments are curtailed to the knowledge that is available for one and all what if certain knowledge is not apparently available but it is available in a different way that could be one of the reasons why a las manos Allah chooses to call the verses hot science because a sign is something that pertains to me to the level to which I interact with it so now if somebody smiles at me rationally can I conclude that that person is happy with me or is this a naive assumption because the smile could have been generated through a thought that that person is having in which case it is nothing to do with me is that a strong enough basis for me to conclude that that person is happy with me on the other hand what if I am saying something that is so absurdly wrong in the mind of the listener that they smile at the absurdity of it in which case it means that not only they are not happy with me they feel they're wasting their time how much can I conclude on those things yet at a personal level if I see a smile it's reassuring it encourages me and it allows me to go on if we look now that the responses that we want to give we will see that we are looking at the verses once again but before that intuitively we will discuss intuitively it doesn't make sense that God brings us out of nothing in which me and you are nothing there is no one to pose pose the question to yes do you want to go to the world intuitively that doesn't make sense because in that case God is the most guilty of any entity conceivable that doesn't make sense intuitively because God cannot be like that why I don't know but I know God cannot be that can you see that that's intuition I know God cannot be like that so now rationally supply the answer so the answer is well I must have made some choices I must have made some choices otherwise the meaning of mr. wall doesn't make any sense in the exclusion at the exclusion of me making a choice or me making a demand it doesn't make sense that I should thank my parents but I intuitively know that I have to thank my parents for all the sacrifices that they have given I know I have to so now we have to construct something rational to make sense of it this is what we are doing right now intuitively such a God doesn't make sense who has created us who has brought us into this world who has made us full of need and then who supplies our need and then extracts us to thank him in fact that doesn't make sense rationally but intuitively I know I have to thank him I know this is the favor but rationally I can't put it out so then we have other assumptions well look at this is a favor if this is a favor then I must have made some choices I can't remember why can't I remember there's a further question I know I have to thank my parents why because I know I have had a part to play in there but I don't know how can i construct a rational argument here maybe maybe not but there is something I know there is something I can feel it inside me this is not in vain something is happening at least if we can open up to that but something profound is happening there is something more then at least the journey can begin so the worst of the Quran says alladhina yet Karuna la Paix Armando Cruden well I lied you knew be him wait a FAQ or universal peace Amma what you will art the people who remember him excessively standing sitting on their sides reflect upon the nature of the existence of heavens and the earth what happens at that point there is a point of an light meant they exclaim the verse carries it forward rabbana ma khalaqta hadha mortola Oh Lord you have not created any of this in vain there is a point of enlightenment they begin to understand yes so there is recourse that beginning to understand through a process of reflection through a process of remembrance is not available for God to construct a rational argument through all we can do here therefore is put further assumptions to make a case for something contrary in a in the hope that we all may arrive at a point where we can construct a convincing alternative and assent to it and verify it yes okay now look at the verses of the Quran and we want to go into it in the next two days Allah SWA note Allah says at the end of and father I believe and indeed we offered our trust to the heavens in the earth and the mountains in great fear and all they refused to bear it waha mala ha Allen sang man bore it Allah then responds in the limb son the lumina hoola in Sun is both oppressive and ignorant if you look at this verse and analyze it a lie saying look man is ignorant and oppressive so why did you not withhold the man from taking this trust it was as if God could not but because it doesn't have the ability but it's because something is happening which we need to work out what is happening and what is in Sun it begs the question a further question arises what is the nature of in Sun why was a predisposition to accept it why couldn't God despite knowing that his the loom and jehoon prevent him it was as if something is going on there that God at that point honors a particular thing that is happening and it is something that cannot be stopped God is saying man is ignorant and oppressive and he has taken on something that might be to his detriment but why isn't he stopping this brings in another question that if God was like a mother for say for father and a caring parent he would withhold it and say to the child you can't take this I forbid you or I use everything within my means to prevent you that's what a good parent is all about right if a child want to take a certain detrimental course without knowing what is at stake the parents duty is to restrain the child is it with it not if a two-year-old child yes wants to put their hand on to the burning stove because it appears glittering and red a good parent is supposed to withhold or like Moses when the Pharaoh had this suspicion that he was the Promised One they constructed a bit of a test and they put burning coal there that appeared bright red and rubies and said if he's a prophet he will go for the Ruby if he's an ordinary child will go for the burning coal Moses went for the Jade Gabriel or whatever or Moses in his state of being a child went to the coal put it in his mouth and as a result he was stuttering for the rest of his life yes but a good parent should withhold the child so now why did God not withhold us this then brings into the question the relationship that we have with God was it a parent-child relationship that we had or was it a relationship far more profound than that it was far far more profound than that of course God and creations relationship is one of parent and child one of friend one of Master and slave one of the superior and the subordinate all of these things are true for God but at this level at least it appears that the relationship is slightly different because God is not preventing God is saying that the heavens and the earth and the mountains realized what was at stake man or in son human realized what was at stake and still took it and as a result is the Loom is oppressive and jahil ignorant they really don't know what they're taking on board and yet it is their right to take it on board that's the first thing the worse with in the Quran that states Oh Lord we hear now we see now return us to the world Naaman Sally huh we will perform righteous deeds this is what people are saying after that Allah responds well the angels respond order is a response no it was a pact God's decree has already passed la mulana jahannum min al jinn native and nursing at marine that I will fill the hell with man and jinn all together so what is this we remember sorry what is this we see now we hear now we fully understand this then is in sync with that intuition that something profound is going on it cannot be as lame as how I have understood it there is something far greater but on that day the human is not blaming God he is not saying to God you sent me there I had no knowledge of what was happening you should have guided me why was it so difficult for you to guide me but beyond that why did you create me in the first place you didn't even ask me these questions are not being asked the response the human is giving is a very different one directly in line with the way intuition today I now understand I hear fully I see fully cause me to return so that I may do righteous deeds so everything is understood immediately I begin to hear now I begin to see now I'm not blaming you the blame is mine give me a second chance if it was exactly as we have understood the response that the human should be giving on the day of Tara is God I did not know anything about this really I did it now I understand it so it's not fair but that's not a response the human is giving the human is giving a very different response he's giving the response I truly see I truly here I realized the opportunity that I've wasted send me back let me avail myself of that opportunity and perform righteous needs that then intrigues the mind well what is happening my intuition says there is something profound and I am appearing to say on the last day that yes I've become mindful of it now send me back it boosts the onus upon us and the blame upon us as opposed to God so this now further clarifies that look there is something going on what's going on and that should be the real way in which life is to be led what is going on there's a further verse in which Allah says yo my Etobicoke Rawlinson 1 Allah hood the your pool later near padam to Lehi ah tea on the day I'm going to obviously strike a big analogy in a little while on the day man will say oh man will recollect and – what good shall be the recollection on that day he will cry out if only I had prepared and sent forth for my life why am I going to say this what is it that I'm not remembering now we're going to raise the question of what is the meaning of remembrance in by tomorrow yes so as I started to create further questions but bear these things are intriguing the mind that actually wait there is something very real going on here if life is not making sense to me then it's not at an intuitive level it gets at a rational level and a theological level it's not making sense the intuition is constantly biting away eating away at me that there is some meaning to life there has to be something greater to life than what I've understood we come to another verse and these verses are all sequential by the way and we'll explain them later on the one after another they're talking of different stages did I I took a pledge from each one of the sons of Adam sons and daughters we're going to question the nature of being a human by the way and what does it mean also a human soul but bear with me and ask them am I not your Lord qalu bala' they said yes you are our Lord now what is interesting is not that part only this is pre human world existent stage existent stage before why that's clarified by the talk that then ensues from God so God says least least you say to me afterwards I had no knowledge of this can you see that this is the question we are asking why don't I have any knowledge of it that it's a beast or least you revert to me and say to me I have no knowledge of this why then would you chastise me of something of which I had no knowledge so God is saying look I'm securing this pledge from you that you will not then afterwards tell me I had no knowledge of this so you take full ownership the full stake holding you don't know what is at stake you know what is going to happen yeah to least you come back with this response this is the second response that Lord I merely did what my forefathers did why do you punish me for what crimes others committed and the lifestyle and right and wrong that they instilled in my head from the cradle or from the candor of culture and religion see Allah Allah Allah is removing every excuse one is you can't say you don't know what two is you can't say you were conditioned by your forefathers by the cradle of culture and religion none of these things will hold in front of me none of these things are gonna hold in front of me and you are making that pledge I say yes I'm making that pledge this is what God informs me in the Quran Quran is full of these verses Allah Mara had alaykum ya Bani Adam a lot about the Shaitaan in know who lucuma doin Mubeen did we not make a covenant that you will not worship Shaitaan he's an open enemy for you where did I make that covenant Allah therefore is intriguing and teasing and prodding at the mind when we read these verses to be quite honest with you they are in line with intuition that there is something profound that is happening there is something at stake I can't make sense of it but I know there is so the question is the sense that I have made of it needs to be checked against intuition so the theological texts that appear to be so empty meaningless have not been understood accurately what the quran is saying is striking at the core of our intuition that there must be more to life than this that's what the quran is say can you see that

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