Renewing Christian Imagination for a Transformed World

Posted By on January 7, 2020

At Duke Divinity School we’re really excited about the future. We’re focused on renewing Christian imagination for a transformed world. We at Duke Divinity School believe that a Christian imagination offers signs of hope, that enable communities to thrive through gifted pastors serving healthy congregations, and helping to renew a sense of confidence that God indeed can be trusted. We want to be about developing innovative opportunities to help cultivate those healthy congregations and gifted pastors to enable communities to thrive. We also want to develop creative and flexible pathways for people to learn and study at Duke Divinity School, broadening the constituencies who can access our education through hybrid opportunities in different kinds of vocations. We also want to cultivate cross-sector learning. We’re at the heart of a great university and the opportunities to help address the major questions and challenges we face by working across the university, to really focus on the issues and the challenges that will enable people to flourish going forward. At Duke, we’re excited to be at the center of that movement and a keystone institution in the broader culture. We want to thank you for the many ways in which you support and encourage people at Duke Divinity School and the broader institution. We depend on partnerships and strong relationships that enable us to do our work here, and to help to spread the Gospel in new and fresh ways. We’re excited about the future and we’re grateful for your partnership.

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