Religious Wars Without A Gun ! Part 1

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BAM I greet you in the words of assalamualaikum which means peace the bestest be upon you and I miss you both Jesus am turning this down Richard so I bear witness that there is no god but I log that Mohammed you should blessings be upon him is the last message acerbic of God well I'll make Mohammed successful make the followers of Mohammed successful I thought it was fair you know what because there is conflict going on between Islam and Christianity of Christianity and Islam in bottom line is you're gonna have to make a decision and it ain't no Scotland the damn fence about what your religion you're gonna take you don't have to take one up and we won't have a conversation of money okay so I must start out by introducing my guess I must start my love and I'm gonna thank mr. Rogers for accept the invitation to come on underground railroad television show we've been talking about it in the hallways for years but but please tell him something about yourself I'm minister Dennis Rogers off I've been studying the Word of God for 20 years I was called to preach back in 1996 and in my ministry I teach 1st century Christianity that's Christianity from ad for to 1896 I am NOT a denominational preacher I don't believe in no denominations at all for the Bible's don't teach denominations I studied the original text we study out of 1611 King James Bible but we go back to the original text original text there's the inner linen your Bible it's called the Textus Receptus a call to receive texts Old Testament written in Hebrew Old Testament Oh justice written in Hebrew New Testament written in Greek yes and that's what we studied we just study the Word of God we defined the word we take it out of this English language put it back in his original tongue so we can know what God is saying because God's Word has an exact meaning thank you for accepting imitation brother and brother Salim so I'm electing tell us something about you before we get down to work I'll make it real brief my name is brother Saleem Abdul Khaliq and I'm a member and founder of a group called the flaming Crescent Society which was founded in honor of the legacy of our great brother al Hajj militia bands known to us popularly as brother Malcolm X the purpose of the flaming crescent society is also correcting all of the misinformation about Islam that's been propounded by the news media by deceitful preachers and and other people who are non-muslims and also the government propaganda that's being exploited and manipulated through the Western media you know what I want to thank both y'all accepting invitation you know what the minister apostle Minister Minister Roxas yes know what I'd like to ask you is it is something that people who are wondering they're wondering can you give why do they say that we are made in God's image and that God Allah rested on the seventh day after creating earth can you well I must all my answers will be answered with Scripture I would not be an interpreter of God's burden I let God interpret his own word and speak for itself okay and Genesis chapter 1 in Genesis chapter 1 we know the book of Genesis was written by Moses the Old Testament the Old Testament structure was put together by Ezra the scribe recorded in Ezra chapter 7 but in Genesis chapter 1 verse Genesis chapter 2 and verse number Genesis chapter 2 and verse number 7 it says when Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 God makes the decision in Genesis chapter 126 and God said now lads I tell you before I define my words that word God is Elohim and Elohim said let us make man in our image after our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over the fowl of the air over the cattle of all the Earth's over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth so God created man in his own image in the image of God created in him female male and female created he them that ills the decision that gods make because most people believe that there's two creations recorded in a Bible there's not two creations there's only one creation in the Hebrew society what they would do was they will give you a synopsis of the story then they give you the detail in detail the creation of 1:26 we go to Genesis 2:7 and they said the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground breathes it to us nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul I've got you soon you know we're from Islamic perspective what we made in Allah God's image and did I want to ask you good – did Allah God rest on the seventh day I'll make me a nurse first of all I begin all things in the name of Allah most gracious most merciful mhm I bear witness openly that there's no God with one God and Prophet Muhammad to whom this book came to the Holy Quran is the seal of the prophets and the last messenger of Almighty God Allah the first thing I would like to say before I answer your question is that as Muslims we are not against Jesus as Muslims we stand against the lying deceitful preachers and ministers who take the words of our honorable prophet and messenger Jesus Christ and twist it to become something other than what it is we're also against these lying Christian preachers and ministers who manipulate the masses to ride around in Cadillacs wear mink coats and steal money from the people scuse me but okay with that said I'm gonna go ahead and I'll see you a quest ok ok number one our interpretation of the Bible when it said the god made man in his own image is this when you look at the world imagined image you it's also connected with the world imagination so when the Bible says in Genesis that God made man in his own image it's not talking about the flesh he's talking about the Spirit of God okay that that that God made are similar in man similar to himself so there's no such thing as God's coming down in the flesh or God being a flesh a fleshly material being the Bible itself says that those who worship God worship Him in spirit okay and the holy quran comes six hundred years behind Jesus and says that Almighty God created Adam and breathed in him of his spirit so it's a total misunderstanding on the product anyone christians included who believe that God is a fleshly being and came down and turned himself into a fleshly human being the Bible in in in numbers 23:19 said God is not a man that he should live neither the son of man so as Muslim we follow what the scripture says yes yes yes yes responded on that is what the misconception is is that many of us who call ourselves so-called Bible scholars and preachers don't know God God is Father Son and Holy Spirit so when the spirit when the scripture speaks of God you have to differentiate what part of God he is talking about are you talking about God the Father or God the Son and I want to share the scripture with you okay wait wait let me share this with you let me share the scripture with you and in Galatians chapter 4 the Apostle Paul the Apostle Paul who was transformed on the road to Damascus by Jesus the Christ the Son of God this is what he said he said now I say that the air as long as he is a child different nothing from a servant though though he be Lord of all verse number 2 but he is under tutors and governors until this is the this is the point I won in facade okay the time appointed of the Father even so we when we were children working bondage under the elements of the world but when the fullness of the time was come God sent forth his son made of a woman made under the law ask you something from Islamic point of view world's Jesus he saw the Son of God peace of blessings be upon him but imma go to some question brother cliff let me ask you the question from a Muslim perspective no we totally rejected the idea that Jesus is the literal son of God and you go back and study ancient Hebrew in the symbolic allegorical language that the ancient Hebrews and Israelites you son of God only meant a person who was or Messenger of God was close to the creator the idea that Jesus is the little bit gotten son of God let's understand what the word begun the word begat me when you go to Webster's dictionary and look up the word begotten the big the world begotten means to saya with the side of me saya means to father through sexual reproduction we need to go back to the original text where you will see the word be God means mono genders and this was this is the problem when I am religious do you know in King James yes I do know who King James what he think was the key I know he was a murderer do you know what I'm involved of murder do you know how to harm it you know who do you know talk about another Christian according to Americans I'm a Christian according to Acts chapter 11 verse 26 what do you want me to work Trinity in the Bible sir I saw show me anywhere in the Bible where Jesus said I sees God or worship Me oh can I show to show me anywhere we're running back big you is where Jesus said I am God and worship nation can I show it to okay yes did I got other quick okay I'm reading out a st. John you read not a book that was put together by homo-sex a but I mean homosexual anybody that does any research should know the history of King James and what kind of man even he was a man who believed in the Divine Right of Kings that believe he had the right to murder people he was a homosexual that publicly kissed me in the mouth and publisher you couldn't Shakespeare signature in the book of song I agree with everything said about King James I just I should listen now for the reefs crip sure so he can understand Paul says in second Timothy and second Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 all Scripture is given by inspiration of God not King James I'm going to read again we read again to see they don't know the word what the problem is the pull of the Quran can I answer that as soon as I said you interrupted me go ahead you interrupted me okay let's find out if all Scripture is inspired of God let's see let's see just enough in the book of Samuel Nathan scribe was described ish Sariah and cut to second son you 8:21 all right let me guess in second chronicles 1816 and said they were scribe was shot son that's a contradiction no it's not in gutting I'm not finished sir in in Genesis chapter 6 verse 5 through 8 and said God feels retains in in 1st Samuel 1529 said God doesn't feel repentance in let me give you some more a contradiction when it says beyond and it says that the firstborn a son who was joelle in first time you ate 2nd eight and two then in the fruit in first terminal first chronicles 628 he said the firstborn son he was a snake that's another contradiction I could go on and on all night long about all the contradictions and lies that has been put in that Christian Bible not only by King James but we can go back much further than that to the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD were under Emperor Constantine they put together they were the ones that determine which what would go into the Bible and what we're not going to the by constantly murdered his own mother and son you see and then even beyond that like I said King James backed it up the Bible in order to fit his a constable divine writer kid you know he map the pure and Holy Word of God there sir mmm you want to respond and your woman to go to the next question okay you got another question after that okay this book says there's almost no show all Scripture is given by inspiration of God that word inspiration is filled new stones which means God breathed it said and it is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good after that I'm not marijuana I'm not hey I let you head it got got through would you let me finish nothing want to be diplomatic this guy's very rude man just like you sir did I just listen to him we then you interrupted first didn't you then you cut me off first holy now you want to be diplomatic and peaceful hold on Christians was loving anyway you haven't demonstrated any of any Jesus love at all now Christians were supposed to love everybody let me get your number pushed my I don't finish a shit Mike let me go ahead and finish the Apostle Peter as it pertained to the scripture hmm as it pertained to the Scriptures which we know that the Scriptures we talking about the Old Testament Scriptures yeah and we talk about new testament scriptures were written before Mohammed seven almost to three thousand years thirty-nine years before Muhammad was even thought of okay we know that you know that he know that and I know that that before Mohammed before there was a Quran which the Quran is corrupt doctrine which is a mixture of the scriptures and Roman Catholicism we know that when you get that flow Network Islamic invasion which was written by a white man yeah the same place you got your information from the same place you got your definition for begotten from a white man named Noah Webster who wrote the dictionary I got my definition for begotten from a black man they wrote the Bible because though Paul was black Peter was black the Apostles was black the prophets was black was a black hell he was black he was there one of my agents that distorted everything that Jesus Mel was black he was a liar he was a liar anyway anyway he admitted that he was a lying you gonna use him as justification in anyway anyway anyway this is why I wanna do it because this guy's is very rude you asked for the debate sir you were the one that is beating up buzzer speed over the last we say marks we say Peter we say second Peter Peter say it I'm reading to you 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse number 17 gonna build with a crazy love fear Jim I'm gonna beat up second you know 1:17 I'm giving you scripture don't do it for I'm gonna get you scripture I'm starting on thank you I'm started verse number 15 second Peter chapter 1 verse 15 moreover I will endeavor that you may be able after my decease to help these things always in remembrance for we have not followed cunningly devised fables move thoughts we haven't felt no in no mints that has been invented Peter says when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but were out witnesses of his majesty now that's recorded in Matthew chapter 17 where Peter Neal was up on the mountain and Moses and Elijah appear with him I'm not finished let me finish for he receives he's from God fuck Lorna hey I'm not finished give me my same respect you gave him so he received from God the Father he received from God the Father not know Allah he received from God the Father honor and glory when there came a voice to him from the excellent glory this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased this voice which came from heaven we heard Peter said when we were with him in the holy mountain my femur we have also a more sure word of all problems man look if you don't keep doing that I'm not gonna go through this with this heretic cuz that's all healed he don't know nothing zero do you see her touched she was gonna do it with a prayer that is why you little arrogant cuz you thought who was the roll over some bad in the Quran can I take you to do the Quran can I ask you something you said the Quran is a corrupt yes he said the Bible is a pure pure okay let's say the original text I did not say to find it was a fruitful – you are lying I did not say the Bible water-repellent well okay you're like I said okay and I it's not a pure this is beer I'm your lady abide with the original text you can tell me Oh Tessa Madrid Murray you got this is the Pertex this is the protest but here with somebody internal into your body this is what got him in my room can I get him in here with some of the Bibles in if you in Isaiah chapter 45 verse 7 it said that God creates evil he dies in in 32 excuse me sir now you are we gonna you you want to you want to I said do you want to conduct this dip we can get conducted diplomatically or we both can to continue to be ignorant now so what do you want to do sir do you paint huh do you don't get well let me do it then do you think okay in Exodus chapter 32 verse 14 and said the god thought about doing wrong he did Hosea 13 verse 16 he God orders the killing of innocent baby he did in I agree since chapter 3 God didn't know where Adam was located here no hey Dad not hid from God and God came looking for him he was a god excuse me sir you're interrupting me again now if you're gonna interrupt me I'm going to rub you next time okay I'm not I'm not finished I got a couple more wheels you've got with the world Almighty and I'm mission as we've been talking he should have known where how to believe was hide yes okay what else we got here in Leviticus chapter 26 verse 29 God encourages cannibalism this is in yo Christian by yes he does in a monkey was Judges chapter 14 the Spirit of God makes Samson murder 30 minutes till yes she does I believe Satan and I prayed the truth work well with God lies in Genesis chapter 2 verse 16 17 through 23 I believe it is in the in proverbs chapter 26 verse 10 it says that God rewards fools and transgressors chapter 1 verse 19 it says god help judah drive out the inhabitants from the selling but couldn't help them drive out and have inherited or the valley because they had bible scribed in fact so tell you in the book of jeremiah that the Bible has been chomping we can I ask you something okay I want to ask you something go to him you see that the Quran is the evil and corrupt yes it is now we want to get Charlie two more minutes now come yesterday one of you and I'm gonna yesterday else what do you say yes it is because Allah I lies not in the bike okay I'm not in the Bible in that text and the text that detects let me read you out of come on let me let me reach let me read you out of a crime this is called the Quran this is called the Quran is by Mohammed Marva do hit the Ray groans okay what Virginie I got the number one version right here he probably even got that write down the Quran he probably ain't even got this right here forty different translations of the Quran oh I know it translation so yeah six minutes left but is it even corrupt the Guru Quran yes it is because this is what it says yes it says the aim of this work is to present to English reader what Muslims in the world over hold to be the meaning of the words of the Quran and the nature of the book is not a worthy language and concisely with the root of the requirements of English Muslims that's what you and him are y'all English monster to the minutes okay how many translations are translations not virgin so how many tribes place you got all kind of virgins at the Bible every we only got five minutes it says no Quran cannot be translated what's your response did it the Quran is number one he says that he debunks the idea of the word a lot when the word according to the Scofield version of the Bible here's what I have right here this is a blow-up of original Scofield version of the Bible where they show the word Allah in the Scofield version of the Bible make sure you get that on camera brothers and also I have here I have here the George lambs a translation of the Bible he was an Aramaic scholar Aramaic is the original language that Jesus spoke and in the Aramaic language when I turn to one of the pages you can see that the Aramaic language is a language that looks almost exactly like Arabic which because it is the sister language of AB and when we talk to when we turn to the next page we see that the way you say God in Aramaic language the language of Jesus Christ you say aloha okay brother he is totally off baby shalini never seen a word Elijah false name for God even Jews and Christians in the Middle East relay the word a lot of rubbish on the I is the Quranic Eve one for burden because you say I could it be evil if the Quran in chapter four verse one Allah says to respect the wounds that bore you is that of Satan is that of Antichrist when prophet muhammad rose up in 570 ad he stopped stop the ancient era from Berrien influence a lot is that godly or a minute say chronic I mean in Prophet Muhammad let me finish this brother Muhammad told the Muslim to stay away from alcohol and intoxicants is that of the devil or is that of the love God love the God later and the angels and what not if it probably my top top – – – not for killing innocent people is that of the devil or is that of God how many more minutes we got enough okay I'm gonna give you one and a half minutes and I will get you one have minutes okay what we want to go first only thing I want to say that here's the one that I've advocated for this debate I want to say it's a shame and a disgrace in 2019 in Chicago Illinois with all the killings and the murders that's taking place between black people instead of this man coming and approaching Muslims in the spirit of true love that Jesus Christ expressed and said look what can't we as a religious group of people do in order to make our neighborhood sacred he wants to engage in a hostility toward Muslims when Muslims are shown over and over and over again by getting out on the street the love and the love and the unity that they are trying to spread in our community to stop you from killing each other and everything instead of him come on we in the spirit of peace he comes to with expressing hatred toward what we believe you got two minutes is a disgrace so I'm like everybody you're two minutes and nothing shall offend him nothing shall offend that person look at them at all the love that we the love that is displayed in this world is a love that ills predicated on mankind receiving and getting some Jesus right yes you don't spread love like Jesus Christ Jesus wins with windows long all his kids disciples telling them to love each other wasn't that the message of Jesus Christ sir you are a hypocrite one little hypocrite Christian ministers that's lying on or in the name of Jesus in order to make yourself famous and wealthy not demonstrating any love of Jesus yeah yeah the dump of the devil wrong you

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