Releasing Negative Beliefs Before You Sleep ~ Guided Meditation

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welcome to this guided meditation on releasing negative beliefs from the subconscious the subconscious mind is the part of the brain where we hold beliefs unconscious thoughts memories traumas and hidden behaviors we often store negative beliefs in our subconscious without realizing it as these are often formed as a result of a negative incident a destructive comment or a challenging event this guided meditation has been created to help you to first identify the negative beliefs which are thoughts chronically repeated and then release the negativity allowing you to adapt a positive belief in its place so make yourself comfortable you may do this meditation just before bed for best results or when you can find the time please do not listen while driving or doing any activity that requires your attention or focus now prepare to relax deeply so sitting or lying down where your body is fully supported and you feel most comfortable as I mentioned earlier we must first identify the negativity in order to release it by using mindful techniques in this meditation session you will easily locate and bring awareness to any negative beliefs and then have the ability to let them go so allow yourself to switch from the usual mode of doing to the mode of non doing to simply being and as you allow your body to become still bring your attention to the fact that you are breathing you you negativity can be an uncomfortable topic to explore so make sure you're comfortable and in a place where you feel safe and take a deep breath in allow the air to fill your lungs and release fully and slowly exhaling all the way out now just observe your breath and allow the in-and-out gentle flowing rhythm to help you to relax and release tensions from your body allowing you to take a journey inward with fewer distractions when any form of negativity comes up during this meditation return to your breathing and use the breath to help you to remain detached allowing the negativity and any related emotions urges or physical sensations to pass now simply bring your focus and attention to your regular breathing pattern and just observe how the breath slows down and deepens as you relax further and be aware of the movement of your breath as it enters your body through your nostrils and leaves your body not manipulating the breath in any way or trying to change it simply being aware of it and the feelings associated with breathing and bring your awareness to your body noticing how your presence expands with each breath as you enter into the moment now being totally here in each moment with each breath not trying to do anything not trying to get any place simply being with your breath with each breath in you're bringing in more relaxation to your body and with every breath out releasing tension and stress from your body and mind and as you focus on your breathing pattern for the next few moments notice how your presence and awareness of your body increases at the same time and as you focus on your breath notice how your body relaxes and your shoulders drop as you allow your breath to maintain its natural flow by first observing and allowing any negativity that you have to come forward you can let go and experience more positivity and uplifting thoughts feelings and emotions raising your energy and vibrations out of the realm of fear anger resentment and guilt or shame any negativity that operates in your life has developed over time and has been instilled by yourself maybe others in your life or external circumstance has contributed but you are the one who has held on stored and developed the negativity the good news is that because these are all temporary factors you have the ability to also let go of every negative belief and choose positive thoughts actions and beliefs instead now as you continue to observe your breathing you may find from time to time that you're noticing sensations in your body allowing yourself to remain present with whatever feelings and sensations come up in any moment without judgment without reacting to them just allowing yourself to be fully here and fully aware of whatever you're experiencing so take a moment and simply observe any negative beliefs that are coming up in your mind right now allowing any negative thoughts feelings and sensations to rise to the fore and simply observing them do not interact with them simply remain with your breath as you observe and notice what these thoughts feelings and sensations are you may find that from time to time your mind will wander off into thoughts fantasies anticipations of the future or the past worry memories whatever when you do notice that your attention is no longer present no longer with the task in hand without judging yourself gently guide your attention back to your breath and re-engage with your observations fully conscious of the duration of each breath from moment to moment and as you notice the negative thoughts feelings and emotions coming up just observe what they represent for you suspend all judgment and observe be patient with the process simply observing and allowing I'm going to give you a few moments now just stay with your breath as you observe what comes up for you in the next few moments notice any sensations or physical reactions in relation to what comes up pay close attention to your heartbeat you may notice sweaty palms or agitation even tightness or constriction in the lower abdomen use the breath to calm yourself and increase relaxation knowing that it is perfectly normal to have bouts of negativity and all we are doing here is working on releasing negativity from our lives in this moment so that we can enjoy a more positive experience through our meditation practice as you allow each negative thought or belief to pass without interaction without judgment without responding to any of your immediate urges you strengthen your ability to release and let go of negativity allowing these thoughts and beliefs to pass allowing the sensations to pass along with them create space within your body your heart and your mind for positive thoughts beliefs emotions and sensations to take the place of the negative ones and turning to your breath once again allowing your regular breathing pattern to lead you through the sensations and if it helps take a few deep breaths in exhaling all the way out to help you to remain calm and detached after a few moments of observation you may notice the releasing of any negative thoughts or negative energy this can appear in the form of strong emotions such as sadness or even feeling tearful you may feel a physical letting go in the form of tension releasing this is all perfectly normal you will feel all the better for it negative energy and negative thoughts are low-frequency vibrations that attract other low frequency behavior and situations by releasing these negative beliefs and this negative energy it allows us to develop some gratitude for the ability to just observe negativity letting it pass without interaction or follow-up and allowing ourselves to raise our energy and vibration to a more positive frequency there's no need for any judgment or opinion about the negativity and how it has manifested in your life for some of us it may be anger for others guilt many of us experience resentment all of these emotions are temporary if you allow them to pass remember you are human and you have human experiences everyday you don't have to take anything personal in fact most experiences are as a result of the complete opposite and by being mindful and practicing these mindful techniques you can release negative energy from your life a little at a time each and every day practice this meditation every day and you will soon see improvements in how you view things in life how much things affect you and in fact you will notice more positive thoughts more positive energy and behaviors manifesting in your life and using your breath once again allow the in-breath to relax your body and the out-breath to release any remaining tensions just allowing any related emotions or sensations to leave with them and re-establishing your awareness on the body as a whole and on the breath as it moves in and out of your body allow yourself to return to a sense of fullness with each in-breath and fullness with each out breath and as this meditation session comes to an end give yourself a word of gratitude for having spent this time releasing negative beliefs that you have held on to before the session began praise yourself for having the intention to work on releasing negativity and inviting positivity in and now if you've decided to move into peaceful restful sleep you may do so at this time and if you've decided that you would like to return to your day now is a good time to end this meditation session by taking several deep breaths in and returning to wakefulness when you're ready you

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