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hey hey good morning good afternoon good evening wherever you are this is another red pill religion on Newstalk this weekend atheists stupid for the week of 20 December 2018 before we get started there's a few updates I'm going to be you know my co-host curious scribe and we were waiting I'm waiting for him to you know get home right from from his actual work but you know we we do the this project as a you know we we do this project you know most we're mostly run by volunteers so your support is always appreciated down in the description is Oliver is we're all where things are barring any type of controversy that may or may not be coming with this this form of a payment to to to creators who knows how long it's going to it's going to last you know I but that's not really you know I as always go to our our web page wwl religion calm and you'll be able to see you know all the videos we post plus some pretty good some pretty cool and interesting short stories from various other people and and fairly you know there's some changes coming to read Phil religion so we will keep you updated on that once once we're a hundred percent sure on all that you know so I would like to talk a little bit before we get started about the Constitution the Constitution is something that that atheist activist agrees like like Freedom From Religion Foundation and and and what's called a Merrick an atheist if you know if you know any other activist groups that are acting kind of shady like saying that their education that they're primarily education yet they only deal with political and very and do very little education or creation of education materials on the topic that they supposedly are fighting for you know the whole whole reason why they're they're nonprofit is because of that the whole reason why they are nonprofit is because they're in education and not a political organization political activist organizations they're in a different class and 501 C which is the nonprofit nonprofit was created so you know basically religions churches mosques etc can't be taxed by the the government because and the idea the idea of separation of church and state people were more worried about you know the state imposing its will on the government like you know the English and you know the the English Empire most definitely did that the English and you know an English King declared himself to be you know be voice for God during the Protestant Reformation a lot of tumultuous activity happened during during you know that that King successor you know Queen Elizabeth yeah I think it's Queen Elizabeth being that and there there's there's a lot of history you know especially with you know American history and you know the church and state the state meddling into the affairs of the church basically which is something the English did you know it you know the middle the Middle Ages that's a that's a long topic that's a that's a huge topic that you know even historians don't really fully agree on but as far as the Constitution goes Constitution you know for the the most important part actually you know defines what Congress is Congress's is both the House of Representatives in the Senate you know Congress can can pass know the Bill of Rights you know that the First Amendment the the Establishment Clause you know expressly forbid forbids Congress you know the Senate in the house from making any law that makes a religion favored over others like for example the Senate and you know the the House of Representatives decided that you know the the national religion is atheism you know that's unconstitutional if it was Muslim it's unconstitutional feminism unconstitutional young Christian unconstitutional that's why we're technically not a Christian nation we are not a Christian nation in the sense that the government does not um does not claim us to be that doesn't mean that Christian he had nothing to do with their laws and that's that's a major thing with with these atheist activate of activist organizations is that they they attack the law they attack the definitions and the ending concepts in a court of law and without most people actually realizing what they're doing in the name of atheism you know with the voice of all atheists they represent all of you in that court that is what they claim they are your voice according to the courts and they have been you know collecting power you know for themselves and trying to you know make their non-theistic religion favored above you know everything else and atheism is is a non-theistic religion you have doctrines you have dogmas there there are certain things that you know an atheist will never do the atheism is in essence the in the most distilled you know version of the actual definition it is no to the question is there a god straight up that's what atheism is based on you know is not non belief but no to the answer to the question of God and you know that's all well and good you know it's this fine and you know the philosophical sphere but when you try to actually make laws to favor in the actual you know the this is where I I'm in control basically the process with the English throne you know what they did with the English stone it is essentially what I think that the atheists are trying to do with the federal government because technically if you want to eat if you want to be technical constitutionally the government is agnostic you know the government does not know you know when the government does know then it'll make a a decision but it's a it was created for the whole you know purpose that the government does not know that Gnosticism is the default position and it's also one of the reasons why Thomas Jefferson never actually claimed he was an atheist he never claimed to use creation Christian you know he he knew the heated debates going on between those two camps they've been going they were going on since the quote-unquote in light Age of Enlightenment you know with the with the different groups you know with like John Locke he was very you know adamant about his views against atheism atheism being a method of destruction not a method of creation therefore you cannot actually trust them in a liberal society that's not exactly what he said in the letters of toleration but you know that is the gist but and also in the letters of toleration the zealot or the fanatic you know the the radical you know the extremist into in modern parlance also was not to be trusted or or accept in a liberal society for the same reasons as the atheist you know and and you know there's a lot a lot of other aspects to that work that you know is a little bit further than really needs to be but all legislative article 1 section 1 in the Constitution you know right after the preamble we the people of the United States blah blah all legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives and the rest of Constitution you know is about the structure of the of everything essentially is the structure of the Constitution and whatnot and you know eight there is there's some interesting things about the Constitution you know I what the atheist activists claim you know it says it doesn't actually say the the Bill of the Establishment Clause and the in the Bill of Rights says that Congress shall make no law Congress being defined by the Constitution as the Senate and the House of Representatives Congress shall make no law favoring one one religion over another that's paraphrasing of the Bill of Rights don't you know placing that semantics with me please but um with with that whole area right that you know the whole Establishment Clause is you know basically the government cannot actually you know favor any one religion over another and there's there's very good political reasons for that you know you had the protestants who were you know still mistrustful of catholics Protestantism being you know mostly against from Catholicism in the first place the the original ideology was very anti-catholic and you know in my opinion as an Eastern Orthodox anti original Church essentially you know because it was the same you know but these northa Doc's really couldn't actually give their voice during that period of time because you know the Ottoman Empire was doing some you know some things and you know that that really hurt our ability to speak about our religion outside of our churches you know at least in the Eastern Eastern Europe now under the the the ones that were under controlled Ottoman Empire anyway so there's there's a lot of interesting things with with his European history and the history of Christianity and in particular you know that was going on during this during the time of over of our nation's founding you know I'm you know we we had her or you know basically our founding fathers was sick of it was sick of everything you know Catholic Protestant whatever a lot of them were deists Dias being you know a there is a God but it isn't a theistic God it isn't a personal but isn't God with personality it is a you know consciousness you know the stoic version of God the prime mover version of the you know the Philosopher's God essentially you know the prime mover the thing that makes everything go so you know you have you have all these people with all these things going on politically with these different groups trying to you know you know keep the things that were happening in Europe at the time away from this new country that they're trying to build it was very much built on the pilgrims idea of church a separation of church and state that the state has no right to have anything to do with the with the church and the church the the organization's the actual churches you know they had no right and interfering with with the the actual the actual government but that doesn't keep the people from from saying it and strict separation of church and state which you know Thomas Jefferson never actually you know advocated for the type of church and state that they claim that he did that they use that we're about to watch you have to coming on right now you it's fine so have you already started or not yet Constitution now you know I think these atheist activists are abusing it because they do they do say they do claim that they are you know for the Constitution and multiple and multiple of these articles do you want me to send you a link to all these articles or do you want to just wing it I can wing it and you know you can send me a link while I'm talking or powered all righty let me send you the link to the first one and put it up on the screen and give to you now I'd like to know your your your thoughts on this goes before I actually you know being up to was that the Constitution you know the separation of church and state was never designed to you know impact education that would that was you know states and counties and cities jobs that wasn't the federal government's job as far as the founding fathers were concerned they and they made that very clear about what type of government they wanted and the Articles of Confederation which the Constitution kind of over Reds Road Selma but what it didn't overwrite is technically still valid legally okay so this is a topic of separation of church and state being relevant q-school right schools and and and not just schools but separation of church and state with with with government workers like there's a story about about a a about a group in Ohio a law enforcement precinct that hosts a a lighting of Nohr every year and they're trying to say it's unconstitutional for these law enforcement officials you know these these uniformed you know cops who protect these people's neighborhoods you know and and they're trying to do some community bonding on a holiday that isn't really widely celebrated during those days it's it's you know mentioned but it's not really celebrated there's not a lot of you know for children's Hanukkah so so so so this is the contrary she has to do with the fact it's almost celebrating Hanukkah and schoolwork now this controversy was coaches and staff members they prayer on the football field essentially I think that's I think complaining about is stupid given the fact that the NFL does all the like literally prayer circles like if you look at NFL players like prayer circles like almost in every team you yeah I just think it's personally ridiculous given the fact that this is the thing that happens to us all the time Gil the only thing they're giving it they're giving a stink about is the fact they're excuses that it's taking place in a high score right it's taking place in a high school too team normal oh I was just gonna say is yeah if it's in high school like yeah these kids are gonna be participating in prayer and these coaches if they go on to like the college and NFL level are also going to participating in a form of like you know prayer circle so their complaint is basically irrelevant given that this isn't really gonna have any sort of effect on how these people are going to act well I mean from from the looks of the picture the this this was after game after what he left nobody was watching anymore so you know they were still in uniform and they you know had they prayed both teams prayed together to to more be you know more bonding as a community as a county really because they're within the same County so they're they're they're bonding as community and that's what the picture is supposed to show they're they're just having a stink because you see you know you see staff members bowing their head heads in you know participating it with them and this isn't during school activities like like you know this is completely after everything it looks like everything is shut down by this uh by this picture yeah yeah basically these fools are basically trying to basically say that they can have the first minute right but be like yeah basically these coaches can it stop because apparently you know see this is one of the things where it's like this is why public schooling system is stupid because this is what you get and stuff this is why I personally believe the public school system should be shut down like the Parma education shall be shut down and we need to get out of public schooling and stuff because it basically cancer right now alright and you know you have people who spend a sizable amount amount of their wealth and and a lot of their time trying to make the public school system better and you know deal is people that do get demonized like Betsy DeVos for example I mean you know I don't know her exact her exact policies but you know it's she was mostly attacked because she you know is for voucher systems but Dodger systems also include private well prep schools too well let me let me put it this way like okay California is essentially in the bottom ten when it comes to education like their school system is in the is in like the garbage bin and stuff and yet the teachers are being paid like some of the highest I think they're like either number five I Cameron Diaz that it's like ridiculous how many teachers are getting paid in California despite the fact the system is basically in collapse and stuff this is how bad the public school system has gotten in this country right but there's also other other you know other states in other counties like Colorado for example who doesn't actually their education no longer needs federal funding and they they've they've their school system is fairly decent yeah that's what saying is that's why a lot of people are saying is that we to basically move more towards private schools or waldorf schools we just alternative schooling because this public school system is basically allowing a bunch of yeah secularists cultural Marxist and all these people to intimidate schools integral along with their insanity and stuff right and you know they get individuals who aren't always teachers on the clock they're not always you know staff members and you know they're during a time when school wasn't in session at all instructional time was not going on and you know it wasn't during an actual you know football event which there there still is prayer at football events when I was in high school we had the the you know the American anthem which I was in the band so you know we played the national anthem every every every varsity football game everybody everybody you know did their salute and then we we did a a you know student-led prayer before the game you know and stuff like that and I guess sir there would be controversy if you know people really cared but nobody really cared even did people who called themselves atheist and really care during that period in time Oh I mean people did care but this you know massive outrage culture which you know it these people are exist to make people angry to make money at their anger while supporting you know while allowing them to support you know laws that doesn't actually you know suit them and their needs you know once once there once they're all gone you know once they they capitulate you know the people and people actually are you know in favor of this type of stuff that Freedom From Religion Foundation does you know it just gets them it just emboldened embolden some more to – you know defraud the American people and they're defrauding us because they they have you know tax exemption which is you know which was originally created for religions anyway you know atheism is a non-theistic religion in my opinion you know freedom from the Freedom From Religion Foundation it is is proselytization in my opinion of you know for atheism not just frosted ization but trying to force it to be the only thing that that is you know this is the the normal thing this is this is the you know only what should be you know the public school should you know be a part of or anything within the government you know should should favor atheism and nothing else because the atheism is just non belief in any religion guys these organizations are that are the people who manipulated the definition from being an answer to a proposition to just non-belief for political reasons just so they can you know bully people into not yeah into not allowing kids to praise essentially you know and and if they do fray then you you can have nothing with it or they will sue your county and your or your state until you know your state needs to ask federal government for money because they spent you know you know their hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollar budget on you know paying lawyer fees and court costs you know because they they just lost the case yeah and if this was a private school then basically the like the school could toes like F sorry FF our our I'm sorry is yeah FFRF writes that there yeah that's the acronym that's the I don't know okay yeah they could tell them to go like you know go screw themselves right or you know and and they don't just but they don't just stop at you know public schools they also stop you know they also think that they have the ability to tell you know law enforcement what they can and cannot do you know I mentioned this earlier let me send you the link here but I mentioned this earlier you what the FFRF is calling calling to do its end ohio city sponsored Nora lighting ceremony essentially the the you know it's the Amberleigh village Ohio government they posted come to the menorah lighting the Eberly village police let – fire department will host a community menorah lighting on December 2nd at 4 p.m. open everybody join us in Council Chambers for this opportunity to take part in this tradition or learn for the first time meaning of the candle lighting ceremony during the health celebration of Hanukkah now I don't actually oppose this I do not oppose you know because this is this is in part you know a community building exercise not just what you know – to have you know just not just so the the Jewish community can have a faith in law enforcement and fire department you know and and not only because these people keep you know everybody's safe and they should technically participate and you know even if it's a minority group within a culture with them you know at least participate especially if they actually all of these beliefs but if their rabbis allow them to participate and you know this is very much a community building thing it is very much you know getting everybody together in the spirit of the holiday season which is multiple different holidays I don't see the I don't I do I just don't see the problem with this I don't see what the problem with uniformed officers who have to protect a Jewish event that had that you know you could very well say that you know the council chamber chambers and police officers in uniform is the safest event for the for the people you know the Hanukkah people because you know you have the whole white supremacy and white nationalist type of scared going on the mainstream media is pushing you know this narrative that makes it seem like white supremacists or or all over the place you know and and these these organizations are leftist organizations but it's just because they're you know just because they're their state employees not federal employees but state employees that you know that they should refrain from hosting religious events in the future to avoid entanglements with you know religion even though yeah yeah they they have this really stupid tendency to come bring up like the First Amendment stuff like they're trying to act like their free speech activists which certain and then it's a in and then it says the you know by co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor says the appearance or existence of religious endorsement by the department is divisive and exclusionary to the very citizens it serves and I disagree because not every citizen you know celebrates Hanukkah yes you know but there are citizens that do not every citizen you know celebrates you know Christmas but the citizens that do you celebrate Christmas you know they should have their own little you know Christmas tree lighting you know that they're the little merry vigils and stuff like that in public spaces you know that's part of that's also part of the First Amendment the the ability to assemble now that's usually what Natan nativity scenes and and you know big huge lighting um weddings are there events to get a community together like the whole purpose of you know multiple holidays during during the winter don't you know the whole this whole holiday season you'll Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa I'm assuming I don't know anything about it even though you know that word has been shouted since 90s still don't understand what it is nobody actually explains it it's a black nationalist holiday basically okay but you know and I'm assuming that Hanukkah is is is the festival of light so that is a festival where everybody comes together it's you know it is a community event you know the the Christmas is about the same thing you know you have a lot of you used to have a lot of community get together there used to be cities that used to do Christmas dinners you know in past before the 60s you know before people were using outrage to make money essentially before people were using out well outraged to actually change laws yeah basically now the F F F RF basically essentially are utilizing the system to sue people they don't like and stuff it's it's basically we can't vote on least on this stuff so we're going to basically use loopholes and this extremely abusive system of being able to sue people as a minority well it's not just that but it's it's also you know the Johnson amendment kind of kind of makes them have to lie because they can't actually be nonprofit of tax free nonprofit if if they're political that that's why they say that they are for education but they don't actually make any type of education materials American Atheists nice too but they don't anymore but it's not too local and however they still concern nonprofit after doing this like they literally the Articles literally prove that they're basically an activist group and therefore I think can't be not bra yes that is part of the reason why I do this show um take kind of contacted the government something so much a contact like the federal like I don't know the IRS or something to take action and unpaid they do all their paperwork correctly you know I don't I don't know exactly I guess not not as good I feel like there's a case against well not enough people are actually angry about this they're doing this stuff in the open but nobody cares what they're doing because it is a minority group that has you know gathered so much power since it was created and people don't actually understand it people don't understand that feminism is you know running the government because the activist groups are you know making sure that they run activism essentially you know what yeah what people just don't realize is that we're living in the age where the minority can most definitely oppress the majority like like if people think that you have to be a majority to oppress someone then they're just completely unaware and uneducated to how much the American system has changed especially with like the and you know with how easily a lobbyist can abuse like new polls in the system and allow all these different groups to basically be undemocratic and get the things that they want right I mean they should at least make law make legislation to be voted by the state sent legislation and if and if that doesn't go right then they can always push for a a majority vote situation like like the whole gay marriage thing was was done but the problem with the whole gay marriage thing was not enough people were voting YES you know fast enough so they decided to circumvent all that you know actual democratic process and you know it basically cried at the Supreme Court and present their evidence but you know nobody actually could present counter evidence to that like you know um there there there are gay people who do not agree with the Supreme Court's decision and do not agree with you know gay people being into the into marriage because the divorce system family law system is so broken that they're not protected you know there is a question is when it came to marriage like yo ha like like houses scrim nation gonna work because with mint with heterosexuals obviously the man is to screw me again so the question is will gays a sense of the same than the same sex how would discriminate um that that's that that would be an interesting that that's that's an interesting thing yeah I assume that we least with women the person the one who was the feminine one would be the one who gets all the benefits in the masculine someone gets fucked oh well you'd think the same thing for the man duh well I feel like men and jury act differently to each other so it depends on how at least maybe if it's a female judge it will depend on how they would react well with male judges it would be I think they wouldn't really care as much but he is kind of string especially since you look at the domestic abuse rate in lesbian relationships it'll be come and see how that will fall out when it comes to marriage well it that's something that feminists would refuse to do there is a actual domestic violence group that was any a feminist convention and they said well you know we're having you know lesbians are having domestic violence rates are increased we want to help reduce this and they're all looked at like Blair they were all glared at and they fit they claimed that they felt uncomfortable silly left well yeah because again the reality is that they don't care about domestic abuse this is all about power and the ability to control it's like a title night like title nine was suppose was they claim the title nine was supposed to like help with the quality and fight against sexual assault on campus but instead it literally turned into you're giving money to for people to falsely accuse people right um and that that seems to be very that seems to be something that were more and more encouraging less and discouraging it's very not encouraging yeah it's one of the things you can say thanks Obama because Obama basically is the guy is the one who basically really gave power to title nine to be abused oh yeah the Dear Colleague letter was was most definitely like there was Obama definitely felt pressure from the feminist activists he claimed to be one of them but I don't I did it's it's when you actually hat when you're actually in power I think it's different because everybody's asking you for something and you have this tremendous responsibility of keeping everything together this one of the reasons why even the youngest president when when they got out of office after eight years they looked old and Haggard like Bill Clinton you know Obama as well there there's tremendous amount of stress because you're dealing with multiple different countries may all you know one two being assholes and you know you're trying to deal with that and then you have the asshole lobbyists who you know do things openly but keep you know keep things from you keep the public from actually observing what they're doing so they can and that's what they did with Obama Obama was nothing more than a puppet yeah you see yeah I mean I also feel like you know that he also might have been influenced by his wife because he again like Michelle Obama she's like definitely at them oh yeah but she's not one of those buzz body-positive of feminists definitely not thought her whole anti fat campaign that was hilarious because you know what bother than that do she's basically a straight-up feminazi chief goes along the hall you know oh man need to be better and stuff many – it's just total guy no centrosome with her oh yeah most definitely all right so our next hold on can any theists uh and it's atheists the Trump administration this administration is undermining religious equality alright see they're there they're claiming atheism is is is not for any religions is against all religions essentially but you know unless they're actually considered a non-theistic religion which i think they should be just like feminism should be mainly because they're they're you know gaining power politically and they're they're impacting you know how children are being taught and things are getting worse and worse you know as things go on you know and not just that but society in general is getting worse yes for but the american atheists of led a coalition of atheist secular groups raising concern of how the trumpet administration has eroded religious equality undermining the civil rights of all Americans and you know the American human society Center for inquiry Freedom From Religion Foundation secular Coalition of America and secular Student Alliance American atheist submitted comments to the u.s. Commission on civil rights in regards the public briefing our rights a reality evaluating federal civil rights enforcement doctor number 2018 – two two nine six three I put all that in because all that and you know all that in because that's everybody that is in this thing but they denounced basically what the Trump administration is willfully weakening civil rights protections first but it's the deliberate disregard for legal precedent the administration is refusing to enforce civil rights laws second not only is it failing to guarantee these rights it is actively opposing them third the administration isn't writing particular religious viewpoints into the law through unconstitutional exemptions these are you know of course assertions and you know they don't they're not backed with evidence No you yeah everything that that undermines LGBTQ essentially undermines uh secularism what are your thoughts sorry are you responding something because it seemed like you were cutting in well with the the American Atheists with a group of other of other you know the secular community representing this a secular community atheists agnostics humanists and religiously unaffiliated they speak with all their voices but you know they I don't there's no evidence that all these people would gree with these people okay well question is what do you mean this is near the end of the article stuff so it says in the submitted comments Jill points out now that two now former attorney general Jeff Sessions 2017 memorandum which indicates that religious exemptions religious exemptions ability to deprive a third party of a benefit does not category render an exemption unavailable what does that mean because they're saying in other words or religious group can discriminate sees fit um pretty much the whole cake thing you know because it was against his religious beliefs to bake a cake for for a gay couple you know even though it was in Colorado a place where there is you know multiple pro-lgbt bakeries and they more than likely you know looked for this one case when there is you know multiple different people that would actually us service them this is what these activists do yeah because then they determine that the thing is is that you can't force someone to participate in something so technically he has a right to not bake it right and you know they're there they're saying that you know they're saying that it is religion it is Trump's religious beliefs that you know that has allowed the masterpiece cake chopped case which is the column masterpiece cake cake shop versus called Colorado Civil Rights Commission yeah but the thing is this is this this Ted this thing has been done in multiple places like they did a little bit of was it uh a little social test were they kind of went into like a Muslim bakery so I'm asking for that and they got the same response and stuff but there wasn't any Hyo national outrage over it so this isn't just a Christian thing that would do this I think lots of other religions we do well right but it's they're focused on Christianity because you know Christianity doesn't matter because they're the majority and they don't want them to be the majority anymore they want to be the majority well I hate to tell a theist if you're going to continue to import a massive number of people from more religious countries and stop you're basically going to end up with a similar problem but with a different religion or people who are not of Europeans well I mean their their claim more things are going on they're saying that you know of this Supreme Court should review a Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling regarding discrimination against transgender person the case that they cite is equal opportunity of commission versus our G&G our Harris Funeral Homes okay have no idea what that that that case is about it's the same article but within within that they have a document that actually puts gives more information than this news article actually did and it sent it directly to the Commission on civil rights in Washington DC that's what I'm reading from right now this is this is you know when they don't sue people they they send you know strongly worded letters essentially you know that that gives examples oh you know what they think is is wrong and you know it doesn't seem like it's wrong what they're trying to make it seem like you know we're about to do something legally here and here here are the the reasons why we think we can do something legally yeah well also like yeah this is all the reasons why I'm really grateful that we are having less activist judges on the Supreme Court because our Supreme Court would be so screwed if they continue to have acts of as judges oh they would be yeah that's what people need to realize is that when you have activist judge on a Supreme Court regardless of what their political leanings are that's gonna cause a lot of problems and it's gonna think that they can basically be like you know judge and jury on how the nation is going to right and not only are they judge and jury but they are they are the deciders of what is constitutional and what is not constitutional because they give a lot more power to the Establishment Clause than it actually was written and it actually should have it's almost as if these groups have taken our tenth Amendment right to determine the powers of the government what powers the federal government has and what powers it does not have yeah cuz then they also determine that the whole like marriage equality rule AmeriCorps was in fact unconstitutional I mean the it could be um but I didn't I I did not see that anywhere but I'm not going to rule it out remember seeing it you but it's it's ridiculous you basically it's just like yeah the article is basically they've been getting mad that they can't basically go after the bakery and stuff we're not doing what they want them to do and stuff so and now there's a present that that they basically are innocent and you know they can't be sued over this it is pretty much what is going on all right so our next article is about you know American atheist pushing pushes for protecting vulnerable adults from conversion therapy in DC now conversion therapy if people don't know is it is a type of therapy it's also called reparative therapy it is type xxx therapy designed to to you know make people less homosexual than they are it is based on the idea that you know homosexuality isn't entirely you know genetic or biology based as there isn't a lot of evidence that you know there is a biological factor and not a psychological factor there hasn't been enough science done you know on that but you know conversion therapy also also try also it is something that people are using as an alternative to to actual medical doctors and in the case of tranch transgenderism well which most cases it seems like with that art with that a study that showed that if a group of kids you know favored the LGBTQ causes they would actively discriminate against everybody who wasn't and they would especially discriminate against you know white men until the white men become part of the LGBTQ basically that's an actual study so it's you know and they're trying to say that this type of therapy you know is you know it's it it it it does it is a form of identity you know it does not include counseling that provides acceptance support or understanding of LGBTQ identities mainly because you know that that identity you know those entities are seeing by these people that actually support conversion therapy as abnormal as you know psychological mental illness essentially that can be actually thing but they're there you know you know they're trying to say that these this type therapy that it also tries to you know keep transmitting gendered people from transitioning because gender transition does not actually fix anything as far as as far as suicide rates go and I'm not necessarily sure it's because of such society because it seems like society is you know becoming more and more you know accepting a you know the trans people you have on both sides left and right left more than right but you do have Blair white and you know who is who is you know looked favorably by by the right by the conservative by a conservative mainstream which is not you know actually on TV but I thought so basically is this that essentially they're basically conversion therapy right well yeah they're saying that you know they're saying that you know did anybody they they're trying to say that only only you know what they say is you know right but what their ideologies that they believe in because they you know a lot of these the main people who wrote the letter for you know to be against this as a is a LGBTQ lawyer you know somebody who knew goes to court for these types of things but it's they're they're trying to say that you know all conversion therapy it you know that the practices that seek to change an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity or expression is you know say totes widow treatments but even though we have an actual doctor in California that has been to a great degree successful in treating these types of people in treating transgender people you know so they don't transition you know because it is a dangerous thing you know it's before somebody transitions and you know goes on hormone blockers they should be put through a you know huge battery of tests you know just to make sure because this is a forever thing this is you know you're you're you're doing something that you can't change you know you and once you regret it because it is a fad to a lot of people once they regret it there's nothing they can do you know because there's no there's no avenue for people to try and there there are people who you know was gay and didn't want to be gay anymore the lifestyle and and the you know LGBTQ active political activist organizations Sikkim them it's a lot of stories that I'm hearing from the you know ex gay crowd which the ex gays are also demonized as as people who are lying about being gay you know type of thing the the type of people that this type of practice of conversion therapy and and and and what's called reparative therapy you know claims to to treat you know some there are some people who you know through this that through this type of therapy has had actual you know positive results from and it's it's not like the whole rumor about the shock therapy that doesn't actually happen it did happen in like one or two churches back in the 90s but it doesn't really happen it's more or less counseling but they're trying to say that a you know the these things are dangerous because it's telling people that they can change their sexuality or gender identity even though feminism claims that sexuality and gender identity are fluid the Q part of LGBTQ is a fluid section type of sexuality if I if I understand it correctly so it's it completely goes again you know the this we're against conversion therapy because you know it is not the right way it is not the right way to show that this thing that this is fluid suddenly it's rigid when you know it goes against their ideology yeah when it suits them basically that's the thing is so you basically it's funny first it's like ah it's like good old transgender or some they thought first they told us how old gender and sex were two different things although basically in a sense there's actually you know there there's no difference between sex and gender in fact gender is basically just a social science term with no basis in biological fact yeah it's all just basically a made-up word stuff and now they're trying to now say because they've been busted they're not trying to say that sex doesn't exist which is even more insane retarded right and the American atheist put on on too you know on their thing with in last article an example of that memo that that said that biological sex should be you know defined by biological and scientific terms basically that you know transgendered was not a biological sex and that's not in fine enough as they try to cut their well their biggest excuses is that they're trying they try to use the concept of the hematite to say that that's a third sex which it's not it's just someone with both sexual organ the stuff that doesn't make you a third sex well I'm and you know they're feminists that would argue for that at that assumption as well I mean you know I'm trying trans you know to actually be gendered of sport to actually you know be trans it is a it is a considered as dysphoria it is something very rare it's very few people have it yes it is it is very rare it is very rare naturally but however when you know there are certain things that are constructed by by you know that are social constructs and you know just like with the the gay the gay rights debate the whole is you know homosexuality and and you same-sex loving essentially is this a mental illness caused by something that happened you know as a kid or as an adult or is this something that that happened naturally well the activists came in and told you know science basically you cannot do a study it is what we say it is and it is a naturally occurring thing you know it is not because of mental illness this is dangerous and you know they pressured the APA and tell the APA said okay and they're doing the same thing with transgenderism there they started doing it with pedophilia to the dsm-5 registered pedophilia as a sexuality and but they it quick it was a quick retraction by the APA you know as soon as that was found out by the public we'll see ya it basically isn't feminist if done saying but basically the entire Marxist left has been doing the same we're basically if you're into biology or science and you're posting these and you perform these studies they actually show the differences between the sexes and disprove all of this like you know gender dysphoria and stuff and all that stuff then basically yeah you're not gonna get funding it's not that what people don't realize is that a lot of these scientific researches are funded by the government and if the government cows to all these activist groups they're gonna lose funding and stuff which means that our entire science body is essentially being held hostage due to political activism well it in but that's how it has been since you know science became science from natural that way to see people why people just don't realize just how how much like our science is being held back because of these political actives well they like to faith because of the religious people the religious people that Ian allows yes that do not allow stem-cell research because you know you have to use human fetuses and some people consider fetuses as human beings and you know I think they they should you know that is the most that is the most vulnerable any of us have ever been in our life and weird the most vulnerable people on life form on this planet you know so you're gonna stem cell research I'm not necessarily yet again stem cell research I am against cloning research particularly not not necessarily stem cell research not not researching what the stem cells can actually do for us which they're there you know but that that's just one more thing that that the male foreskin can be used for since it's already used for skin grafts and beauty creams you know the the that's well the thing that it grows the the I've the material that it grows the whole reason why they're harvested and grown in a lab that helps that actually makes skin grass possible it also you know would help make stem cell research a little bit more easier too because it's those are really vital uh I don't know what they're getting chemicals compounds that that thing actually produces yeah just well you know it'd be nice that they can find alternative than using fetuses to do stem cell right I completely agree and there you know you can harvest adults themselves they're just not as potent you know of course the younger we you know the younger the human being is the the more potent their their growth hormones or and the more potent yeah the stem cells are growing its active yes and chippy affects all things yeah but it is pretty funny given that yeah these groups are basically changing their stances like every single year and stop will point where it's stinking few well they're also trying to say that this bill in in Washington DC you know protects the you know mentally non able right you know and and they're they're they're trying to say that you know these the this type of therapy can lead to depression decreased self-esteem substance abuse homelessness even suicidal behavior which is normal for you know even if they didn't go through conversion therapy a lot of same-sex attracted people go through this a lot of people with the the psychological para failure of genders or that that needs to be you know treated not with medication but with therapy yeah the problem is is that see they're they're all they're go to trump card is essentially to say that non acceptance is why all they have all these problems that's literally all that's how they're always going to respond to you if you bring up these but I don't think it is even even in today like in 90s early 2000 gay people were more more and more accepted like how it was for gay people in the 50s and the 60s completely different than how they are now they were completely different in the 80s and 90s as well I mean the 80s there was there is that little you know homosexuals or you know our child monsters because you know the the child monsters that that must little boys they would have to be homosexuals the wasps and little boys type of thing was going on and also there's that satanic hopes of satanic preschool hoaxes going on in 1980s but even even during even with that you know those issues going on you know and in politics and in society you gay people were still more accepted than they were in the 60s and then the 50s and even today they're even more accepted than there were in the 80s and 90s so it's I don't think it's because of non acceptance I think it's more because they're being told from their own side from their own friends these horrible things that that other people or you know don't like them because of who they are that is that is also the own insidious thing to social justice I think is that they they tell these these people they reinforce these these types of these depressions and stuff like that that world that we all experience as humans some some more than others you know that's why there are you know mental illnesses for depression like you know manic-depressive necessity you know much different depression that is completely not normal at all you know that's not something that that's something that if person has to control but um yeah what do you think about all that well yeah what I said was is that any sort of criticism that these actress groups are going to get they're just gonna blame it on the fact that because they aren't accepted they're just as all his problems even though they yes there was a there was a study done well at least with parents whose kids came out as who had children in high school I think who came out as transgender and stuff and it's like it showed that they actually got more popular when they came out compared to before they did so the whole non acceptance thing is basically being blown out of the water well it's not only being blown out of water it's showing that you know the feminist propaganda is is alive and well in our public schools yeah you know these people it's like basically if one person says something that they deem as like transphobic so they're going to basically spin it as and this is the entire culture basically this is how these people write and you know they to make the people that actually are actually dependent on them you know be more dependent on them there's an actual term for this like when when one person causes another person to be dependent on them there's an actual term for this I mean it's not a good thing because it is manipulation technique to a very high degree and that's what I see these you know the LGBTQ a political activist group doing they're they're reinforcing these negative things to try to make it seem like nobody will accept you only we will accept you and we will fight for you which is very good oh I was gonna say let me let me go this way see we're dealing we'll see we're dealing with a group that makes up less than 1% of the United States population and yet they already have so many like like activist groups laws and all these different lobbyists working for them to you know basically bring people to heal under them stop that that's what's terrifying about the modern-day political system we're living in oh yeah it is most definitely and you know our kids aren't gonna be able to see it you know public education you know makes these things you know I mean the only religion that can actually be the only two religions that can actually be preached in public schools today is atheism and feminism here jimsy is really I hear chinzy is really rebellious like they basically don't give a flying F anymore about these people and stuff so basically essentially how Jim Z's gonna work Jim Z is gonna be most of Gen Z apparently is going to be conservative but like the Jin Z or shoe are basically still like sjw stuff they're basically either gonna be ostracized or gonna be like closed off and rest generation because Gen Z basically doesn't care about like people's feelings and being a snowflake yeah because it is cause that type of thinking has caused so much damage already Millennials might be like the laugh bite might be like a one-hit wonder whereas Gen Z might actually be more yet right well if if the tik-tok I'm controversy is he you can go off of then it looks like it yeah the tick-tock thing is is is weird because it's like it's all white supremacist it's like no it's all kids being edgy it's all kids being kids yeah yeah it's basically millennial I think yeah but basically when Millennials if they they probably have already realized it which when they do realize that they're probably gonna become even more depressed after realizing it is that basically Malia's are waking up to are realizing that they basically became the establishment they're not cool and basically they're being rebelled against which is why these people are so mad and depressed I mean that that's part of it yeah I mean the maddened depression you know also is is caused by there our mainstream media outlets which you know for the you know which are all run by activists communication majors you know I'm sorry say yeah it's that and also the fact that Millennials never grew up really because you look out while males Malad alleles were basically coddled as kids you know basically told that they could do no wrong and they can never be and they could never be false when they claimed or support something like you know it's always be yourself everything's enough you get a trophy for participating in something I mean that Millennials are so screwed up as well and that that's partially why but you have a section of morning it's called The Forgotten generation in which people were trying to section them out off because it was just at the beginning of the of the propagate of you know forcing force-feeding propaganda to demonio generation but you know the the people that were born in 1980s you know between 1980 and 1989 is you know called the forgotten generation even though they're technically Millennials this first millennial general O'Neill generation you know and that was where this indoctrination type of stuff you know was really pushed in the 80s and 90s like really hard which also you know helped create the millennial generation as we said see them today you know hipsters and all that yeah Oracle to and it's atheists raise concern about religious funding and criminal justice reform now I this is interesting because we do say here at the red pill religion uh on the red pill religion channel we do point out that there the more you know religious people leave prisons then actually answer them and part that is partially because you know the the the prisons allow outside groups like outside religious groups come in and have their services and you don't have their classes and it breaks up monotony you know it breaks up you know watching TV you know it breaks up watching you know Lifetime movies and shit you know and in the in the cell block you know and and if you can't work then the only thing you can do is say I'm in here because I'm an active addict of some kind and go through you know AAA or any that that does happen within prisons where people who don't actually have problems will say they have problems just so they can get out of their cell block for a little bit you know and they also do that with religious services too and some of them come out you know being religious and you know the american atheists are against this because they're saying that you know the faith-based the you know faith-based groups shouldn't have like shouldn't be allowed in prisons and they're not in even though american atheists is a a education group they're not making any type of you know they're not making anything similar they're not making you know a group that tries to help prisoners reform themselves like the christian groups do you know that you have stories of you know prisoners of how you know these you know these priests coming in and believing them when nobody else would really help change changing lives it doesn't happen with all of them but it does happen with some of them and you know it's they're in there trying to they're trying to say with this first step back that you know provisions with faith one based programs and tax shouldn't be in you know you know and attacked and you know that there is that there you know there are laws in place that prevent the use of direct government funding for explicitly religious activities and it's it's ridiculous or like you you can't I don't know what do you think about this because you know as somebody who's done ministry and into you know the prison system you know I've seen how that type of ministry has has helped you know others yeah thanks Ari religious based programs of prisons have been around for a very long time and stuff and yeah these are easy it's basically thinking that that it's indoctrinating its prisoners into basically following a belief or some right and they're trying to say that coercing prisoners to participate in religious programs as a way of shortening their sentence is an unconstitutional attack on the rights of the people but you know be a big part of why prisons exist is there supposed to be rehabilitation centers and you know the the second the secular you know secular people they don't actually have any good ways of trying to reform prisoners but you know the religious people they seem to have good ways and they seem to be effective in some states less effective in states like California where they had to actually have a three-strike rule but there are there are states where repeat offenders you know have been you know slowing down and instead of instead of ramping out and I could there could also be other factors into why that is but you know they're not saying we're going to create our own program and we want this to have government funding as well they're saying no none of it you know prisoners should have to stay in their cells and you know watch crappy lifetime movies that push you know that push propaganda on people you know that's okay to you know let the TV and doctrine eight these these these prisoners who really shouldn't be what you know watching TV being in prison but you know that's really the only thing they can do diet and play cards essentially yeah in the reality is that we're also dealing with a group of people that basically essentially think that you know money and like all these resources are what's gonna make someone not commit a crime you know something that's very shallow and has no real meaning right and you know um the worst thing you can do for some poor people is to give them money because you have you know multiple different reasons for people being poor but it's you know most when when most people win the lottery they don't invest their winnings well they don't get enough of it to invest it in in a meaningful way but they don't invest their winnings to to make more money they spend it all I mean you know the the people that when you know lotteries aren't you know financially responsible well this is why California is what California's economy is in the tank right now because basically you're dealing with a bunch of people that believe that you can solve everyone's problems by basically spending more money that's literally how these people think we'll extols people's depression problem so just give people more money and they'll fix themselves inside and that's not how it works there's nothing meaningful about that stuff like you know money can't buy you happiness that's why that's a term asan but these people think that he can buy people happiness by giving them what they want and stuff which it doesn't it's like you know I like playing video games but playing video games isn't really anything meaningful and is it going to basically give your life meaning it's just a diversion right and you know that but you know religion isn't Billy a diversion though I'm just saying that relief I'm just playing out that stuff like money video game like all these stuff that these like yeah these like these secular store Marxist like want to implement isn't going to give people meaning you know they basically these people basically think that all these materialistic items basically give people mean which it does you're right and this is why people like Jordan Pederson and Dave Rubin as much criticisms as I have you know what they think you know I I think it's it's completely you know what they're doing is a good thing and you know I mean you know I'd like to have discussions with them about how about some of the things they think but you know that would ultimately just cause more thoughts to happen and and ultimately you know benefit everybody else yeah this one this is one of my theories behind why Millennials are so nihilistic and stuff is the fact is that they've been fly that basically you just need material items to find meaning and stuff which it doesn't which is why a lot of these people are either depressed or nihilistic and sometimes end up killing themselves right you know you have that and that also relates people to you know going into you know going into crime because you know the like organized crime for example gangs and in the Mafia it really they really target you know fatherless children both in the Mafia and in the and in the in the gangs too in and gives them a sense of family you know and what they focus on you know broken families broken broken people you know people that that can do what are you know whatever they need them to do essentially and you know you have all these factors in that but we're ignoring it we're ignoring you know why these these you know gangs exist why organized crime exists and ultimately it's it's people are looking for a strong masculine figure in their life they're looking for a father figure that they never had and yeah you know it most mostly gang members and most mafioso members you know unless they're really high up aren't actually part of you know big families like big families aren't a thing anymore it's the ant-man thing yeah thanks to feminism they basically deemed all this patriarchal and stuff and destroy right and you know any any type of community building is is is evil especially when your your you know community building with you know a religious group you know what they want basically a communist like Union stuff that that's basically what these people want they want a community that is basically run by all these different minority groups and stuff and it's like basically communists it's absolutely communism absolutely it's this is exactly what communists did it's it's you know they didn't they didn't bring you know they they force everybody to think a certain way it's a really big reason why Poland and Hungary are all very nationalistic you know um Poland is is very Roman Catholic because they their national identity and their national religion was suppressed by the USSR and by the Nazis you know of late like a lot of the Holocaust a lot of the non-jewish part of the Holocaust were Polish people killed in the streets just you know executed in the streets and most of those people were Roman Catholics yeah what what's funny is is that basically like people have been talking about how like Adolf Hitler was actually not a nationalist he's but he was basically an imperialist who used nationalism to get people to support him because when you look at the definition of nationalism what the Nazis did would be counter nationalistic because they basically wanted to expand and take over the world oh yes an imperialistic model so they were nationalists then you would want to establish a border and keep her nation sovereignty a certain way well that that also goes with the Volks books monk I can't pronounce German there's books warrant or something like a somebody in German just put you know somebody who knows German who knows what I'm talking about put it in the comments below but there's this ideology that basically said that Germany was you know the greatest and you know the whole area in the whole Aryan you know mindset and everything they were very much imperialistic they believed that the entire world should have been Germany they only they only they only like tolerated Japan because they hope that you know either Japan would defeat America for Germany or that America would just defeat Japan yeah it was like when you look at the term Third Reich the Third Reich me is like third empire or third like rain or something like that right it's like part of German nationalism though during that time during the 19th century was you know a a one nation under Germany but you know you also had multiple other countries that had the same mindset Napoleon had that mindset for France China had that mindset at one time and they still kind of do Japan had oh I was gonna say no one ever calls Napoleon in a nationalist he's called imperialist which is funny yeah because basically in a sense both Napoleon and Hitler are the same thing the only difference is Napoleon did you know didn't commit a genocide of course at least in something like the Holocaust and stuff but when you look at it both Napoleon Hitler had very similar ideas where they wanted to basically take over essentially take over all of Europe and remake it in their own image and stuff right and that that follows on with the Roman Empire because a lot of a lot of what you know drove Western culture for much of the ancient world was the Roman Empire was Rome anymore yeah oh yeah basically okay let me this way none of us would exist today if it wasn't for imperialism like literally the Romans were like oh the Greeks were arguably like the first of the Western civilization's to into like Jew imperialism and then the Romans were basically like the greatest of the ancient world and stop so without like without the nature and peer ilysm despite how evil or like despite all of the atrocious access cause we wouldn't actually exist today right I mean I wouldn't I don't actually agree with imperialism today I don't I'm just saying is that it's basically the reason why we exist basically your nation exists because of yeah well yeah and and our nation operates as it does like our nation is and is essentially an empire because of world works because of the Geneva Convention and the things that we signed you know because they were because we you know if if the US did not intervene in the war Europe would have been lost and you know the US would have been fighting a war against Germany anyway but you know the British did help did do a majority of the lifting before the the u.s. actually joined because the you know you had the African fronts going on print when France actually had a military their military was exhausted defending their their colony in Africa and you know you had the British also with colonies in Africa so that you know the African front was was you know kind of a stalemate until Patton came in on the scene like we don't actually know a lot of that history anymore we only know about the Eastern Western from Eastern Western European fronts that those are what is what are the majority of our entertainment the majority of our documents documentaries actually covered they don't cover the North African by Eastern you mean like the Russian theater right yeah the Russian needs from European theater that you know oh well that's because I'm sorry that's because you get to have well basically you know two things like one especially with the Western theater you get to have like the references to a holocaust and how evil the Nazis are it's tough in that sense and to when it comes to Eastern theater I feel like that might also be a way of trying to promote communism to show that oh you know Soviet like Russian communists were the good guys in World War two what they really weren't I mean they weren't they weren't any better than Nazis were even on their march towards Berlin there was things that the American government did not agree with that they did it's really a big reason why the Cold War happened was the Eastern Front yes but with how red Hollywood has always been basically for decades with how many communists are in Hollywood I personally wouldn't be surprised yeah if a lot of those films are basically them trying to basically make so be the Soviets look better than they actually were yeah I mean they they do try to do that what are our next our next and you you you you you know another another example of them coming through coming for what of what forf is is doing in attack school and then just to reiterate these this is an education organization they could make their own their own video to use in schools and use the same things that they used to get these videos out of schools to get these videos into schools the same argumentation they can use but they don't and essentially it's the the object to religious propagation in tech school where you know we're a a high school teacher showed a religious propaganda film to her principles of education class the video entitled America's godly heritage is a production of although there's an evangelical Christian organization led by David Barton now FFRF is seeking an investigation and corrective action from the district because you know and you know the teacher has had a one Pete page video observation type of thing and some of the questions have had in what year did the Supreme Court rule is unconstitutional to pray silently in schools you know the FFRF said the event that never happened that is that is technically true that never happened but you know um the what they're actually referencing does not allow teacher-led you know prayer in schools and and they have further you know the American atheist and Freedom From Religion Foundation have further expanded that and is challenging the students right to have student-led prayer within their schools there there's stories that we won't get into this week but we will eventually see on the show because it is a common thing that these groups do but essentially the there they're saying that uh the organization is twisting hint history in order to sell a false narrative based on Christian exceptionalism my um the United States of America was the first nation to adopt a secular and godless Constitution where the only references to religion are exclusionary that is not true such as prove the prohibition on religious tests for public office you know that that's that's not necessarily true of what do you have to say before that I'll just say is basically they're being triggered at the fact that a teacher showed a video in school that has like a evangelical Christian perspective in it when it's perfectly fine to show videos that talk about the gender pay gap which has been debunked by everyone with like that's like who is confident in the concept to be economics and money right and you know one of the another one of the questions on this video observation sheet was what have been the facts seen in our science religion has been taken out of our schools at least four with desired answers including more teen pregnancy more STDs lower SAT scores lower academic performance more violent crime and higher divorce rates even though well I don't think they're they're necessarily correlative these things are happening and they do seem to happen to have happened with the the pushing well exclusion of religion entirely it is it's hard to deny that with the acceptance of degeneracy and stuff that more and more kids are basically doing these types of things which is causing a lot more teen pregnancy right and you know I its atheists don't really is atheists or feminists don't really talk about um you know not abstaining from text like feminists say that it's dangerous for women to do but at the same time give them all the tools to you know tell in and tells them every man is a rapist you know so the famous one is a complete control of like sexuality that that's what they want they want men to basically essentially be loved Alston yeah I mean and and to you know another thing that another thing this article actually you know does what other religion however can be taught in our schools now question designed to confuse religious neutrality when no religion or and ideology is endorsed with the promotion of atheism that is not true it yet atheism is a religion or ideology it's both and the atheist activist organizations do endorse the ideology slash religion of feminism which are both you know because there there is an actual Church of secondly feminism that has you know gotten by 501 or 503 set whatever it's called nonprofit tax they're they're seen as a legitimate Church in the government size and and you know so yes there is a religion to feminism that that you know atheists organizations do support there is a you know and they do not did they do not try to counter you know the the teachings of feminism even though it has no scientific basis it is it is basically the same you know to teach gender identity to a child the same thing as to teach creationism to a child you know I using their own standards against them that is what they should be saying but it's not what they say what are your thoughts oh well basically again even if it isn't a religion it has every like in terms of like the extremist parts and like the fact that they want it's more of a cult basically their religious I wouldn't call it which is called yeah religions actually have actually have well this way if it's a religion then their God is materialism and like all in all sorts of very selfish superficial bullshit stuff well nothing like with religion there's like there's some meaning to it especially with looking beyond materialism whereas what these people these people are very materialistic right but I mean not every religion it means a belief in my god there are non theistic religions like Buddhism yoga etc that that are you know that aren't the you know deity focus and I I do think that you know feminism and atheism all not actually you know doing anything for anybody spiritually and it seems to be stunting people spiritually it still should be considered as non-theistic religion because of just how much fact is in both of those ideologies they just seem to be more beliefs that are not actually supported by any type of observable facts get a stir right and then they're also saying that is dangerous and misleading for public school teachers to peddle Barton's myth that a decline in religious 'ti is linked with a larger laundry list of alleged societal woes yes yes so I feel like I don't know if a group was to complain about oh no a school pedaling like stuff by like say Margaret singer a market singer the founder of Planned Parenthood or let's say like thank you for our day but you know one of the very popular feminists activists from a long ago and stuff despite the fact that they peddle statistics that could not that may not be true or being completely false and stuff you know somewhat I feel like if people got upset with that that these people would basically be screaming misogyny right and and these people are claiming that religion is already divisive divisive force in public schools with non religious students experienced in experiencing ostracization and even does hello they could be in politics school because you know I I feel like there's nothing more divisive than political groups right and but you know it's it's also it it's also they're they're trying to say that you know it's odd to ostracize ation and he you know even bullying for publicly identifying themselves is not nervous but how do they identify themselves as non-religious do they identify themselves like you know Richard Dawkins does yeah okay I don't say you're more likely to bully for identifying as a conservative or Trump supporter then you are probably identifying as atheist it doesn't matter where you live and stop you're going to get bullied more for like depending on like your political beliefs potentially compared to your religious right and they're saying that 38 percent of young Americans nones those born after 1999 you know all the districts current students are non-religious either identifying as atheist agnostic or otherwise not religious and you know that's of course not necessarily true you know the the only census data we has from 2010 you know 2020 is just around the corner but it's still like your way even if the date is not true and stuff I'm all surd yes oh I'm all surd that you know we're a nation of theorem of people so it probably does happen but I am almost certain that you're more likely to get bullied for not liking the right type of superheroes our comic books that stopped didn't get bullied because you're a fucking atheist you know part of my language but that is this is like that this is just ridiculous like their claims about bullying it's just basically it's like these people think that it's still like what nineteen seventy or something like that well I mean they're like in certain schools like there's West Virginia school where they claim that you know my girl was bullied because she didn't take part in in a in a Bible studies class okay and okay and boys get bullied for not basically going along with certain bike doctrines by girls I mean it's like you can find again you can literally find any like bullying for any reason in America and stuff because we're like a massive well it's not just America it's it's all over the place well I'm afraid to America just because this is we're talking about American politics yeah yeah I mean but with humans this is a common practice among humans to to to keep undesirable undesirable like things like you know children's children decide for themselves what is undesirable within within their peer group and what isn't what is what is desirable and what is not desirable that that children do that they don't need those people arises children do not really know right from wrong their moral compass has not fully develop like children are innocent but they aren't good basically children can commit Vera can commit very cruel and mean acts because they don't fully understand because their brains are still developing that's just how children are so being bullied in school is even if you're a teenager stuff your brain still has not been stopped developing as a teenager in fact when you know when all those hormones said thanks to puberty you might even be more likely to be more aggressive more exclusionary more mean and stuff because again your moral compass is still in development stage so what these atheists are doing is basically they're using these very rare examples to basically create a witch-hunt or a boogeyman of some sorts to essentially scare people into supporting them yeah saying that religion is is divisive which you know it's not divisive it's you know atheism that's being divisive you know well yes well yes there are some you know little spats between you know Christian you know different groups of Christians and stuff like that yeah they they don't hate each other they don't try to kill each other they don't try to make each other illegal you know and they don't try to shut each other up in the public sphere I mean they I think that they should a little bit you know especially with the you know creationist type of ideologues but yeah I personally feel like as a priest I believe in free speech so I believe if people should be allowed to promote that stuff well people should I feel like people are smart enough to I feel like I'm kind of a believer that yeah good ideals will create more good ideas bad ideas will die off so I feel like you know what I feel like people are smarter I mean there are lots of dumb people sure and people are indoctrinated but I feel like people will still realize that you know that stuff is not going to take over and say oh we can't practice science anymore because of creationism I personally think that's a boogeyman created by atheists well it it kind of is but it kind of isn't at the same time I mean it it's you know there is you know this type of discussion like you know pros and cons you know again you for and against it is appropriate like you know the four the against shouldn't shut up the the four and the four shouldn't shut up the against you know they both have a right to speak they both have right right to yell at each other as long as it doesn't go to violence there shouldn't be any problem with that there shouldn't be any problem with this agreement there shouldn't be any problem that they a wrong Generale multi-generational discussion on these topics because these are things that you know are always going to be part of you know the human experience and yeah well I mean yeah yeah basically how I read this article I see they don't use the terminology and they don't use the terminology but this this article basically reads like these people believe in gaslighting if that's the correct terminology where it's like basically like leftists have this very bad habit of essentially using the term a gaslighting which means oh you may not be serious about supporting extremist views but because you're making jokes and referencing it they think oh you're basically indoctrinating and basically normalizing extremist ideas which to me is just retarded it's just dumb right for the audience um in case you don't know what gas lighting is gas lighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt and it targeted individual or in members of a targeted group making them push in their own memory perception and sanity using persistent denial misdirection contradiction and lying and attempts to destabilize the target and D legitimize the targets belief devar him yes atheist very much Dave very much that's right yes you did yeah did I use the terminology sorry terminology correctly as in gay does you know like um are you familiar if so some semicolon are or yars a little bit but yes you did use the terminology PewDiePie thing you know where people are mad at him because he promoted er because people think ers are not safe because he makes edgy j:o he um this guy who makes edgy edgy jokes that make fun of it right right no he's the one who makes videos like about cartoons you know like The Legend of Korra Steven universe almost like yet Nickelodeon cartoon network shows he makes a lot of his jokes that made su do you think he was like hey do you think everybody's nothing they don't even know issues like using the term gas like if I remember correctly is that that's the right term because like I can't remember if that's what they say but yeah that's like a terminology yet they seem to use to make it seem like oh you can't make these jokes because you're basically normalizing these beliefs right um that is absolutely what atheist organizations do because like I said they have the funding they you know they and each of these each of these little things here they have it to be at the end the Freedom From Religion Foundation is not national nonprofit organization with 32,000 members across the country and in every state including Alabama this was the Alabama oh I didn't get to this uh this one yet wait and and every single one they're there like they mentioned if they actually have them you know a significant member they'll say how many members they have but it's an organization that you know essentially is supported by 32,000 people they are the voice of 32,000 people but they claim to speak for all of atheism all of agnosticism and and all you know people who don't have a religious belief essentially yeah basically essentially what these people are doing is that they're using their their manipulated their being manipulative with language trying to make it seem like that they're neutral and that they're supporting anyone who is not religious and stuff when basically there we made up of a very small minority of the non-religious population so it's no different than all these activist groups that basically claim to speak for all these different minorities and stuff despite the fact that they only make up a small fraction right and but it's it's the the small fractions because it's there's not enough people in these small fractions to actually say anything and people that do say say things are guess like you know um they they're they're made to they're made to like I've seen it on the Internet where if he is call another atheist the theists because they disagree with them you know the atheist like mistake each other for Christians all the time it's funny because you'll have you have a you'll have an atheist that says this point is correct well one there – when a discussion between a theist and atheist like a middle ground like a rational atheist a classical atheist you know is like well that that's a pretty valid argument and then you'll have these new atheists the extremists go you know you know what are you or or if if one of these you know more rational atheists challenging new atheists in any way you know they'll call them a theist like that's you know a derogatory term yeah that's true he said well I guess it's a base it's all purity tested and that's why I feel like I feel like when you have groups that have demand purity test then that group is doomed to fail that's why I would say it's like if you're gonna join a group you should not have purity test basically because otherwise that's just gonna end up with the group's breaking up and basically yeah yeah most definitely I mean that is that is something we see you know yeseo some people may disagree with this but I'm kind of of the belief that in today's world if you want to be successful you have to work with as many people who are the enemies of your enemies as possible which people may not like it but it is successful you know it might be kind of weaseling and stuff but you know I bet at this point I'm perfectly fine working with anti sjw atheists and stuff if it means like yo killing progressivism right um but it's will they actually work with this type of thing because some of these ant is anti yes JW atheists are so entrenched in their their their atheism and you know of course they have the blinders on that it's an ideology like feminists were like this before – feminist feminism was like you know if feminism is isn't an ideology feminism isn't a big multi-billion industry it's a grassroots organization you know that and that has no ideology even though it's being taught and ya see how I handle this I mean you know again this I guess this this might sound I don't know if it's not super crap or not so I would do it just kind of like how sjw's early on then it was like we have a common enemy so we're just gonna focus on that common enemy and then when they're destroyed we basically then Rubio break off and go back to arguing with each other which I know seems like very logically flawed and it's gonna screw up a lot they screw up things and stuff but at this point it's either that or allow these people to basically ruin everything why I think it's actually not logically flawed and a more amore encompasses the values of our culture of our nation that everybody should be yeah that's fine so that's fine it's not that I'm trying to you know the only thing the only type of social justice I want is the type where you know we are allowed to have discussion where we are allowed to have debate where we are allowed to argue with each other because it you know all these types of ways of communication is also ways of thinking and you know when and we're also thinking you know we're thinking out loud and then we're thinking out loud to other people and then they think out loud back to us and that that of course you know cascades a you know a huge amount of thought which then is processed and and you know me personally I kind of I personally just believe in justice I just personally think social justice as a whole always almost always devolve into cancer I just think that what we need is just actual justice that's it well I mean yeah well in the social dress there there's two types of social justice there is capitalist capital J those are the activist lobbyists that those are the far left extremists and the lowercase s lowercase J those are the things that are based off of the Jesuit priest during the American Civil War who wrote down a basically trees of how we should treat each other and that was based on the love thy neighbor uh teaching within the capitalist well Ness guess what's the difference between justice and social justice thing because I feel like there is a difference so social justice but originally was about how we treated each other like we treated the poor like the Bible said we should treat the poor because keep minded just what monk did you know invent social justice essentially so you know you we you know when we see somebody who's homeless and they're asking for a shirt and we have it you know plenty of shirts you know give them a shirt off her back type of type of thing that that's that's more like what social justice was that that you you you stood up for the people who were struggling in you know where you weren't type of thing yes so basically it's another another example of the Atheist curating ambassador dicing an idea created by Chris yes yes absolutely all right so our last story tonight is is again from the Freedom From Religion Foundation and it is talking it is a statement to retract religious statement to the Alabama Police Department I don't know the actual the actual you know demographics of the OP of the op City or whatever this OP Police Department um and Alabama does but I can most assuredly think that a1 likely its majority Christian majority Protestant Christian because you know it's Alabama and that's that there's not a stereotype that just seems to be but cuz consist the consistent demographic of majority Alabama is Protestant Christians that that's just what census data shows but anyway they said this past Sunday a young man was shot and killed in Kingston Monday night a mother was shot and killed in northern Covington County there have been five murders in Covington County in 2018 these murders have been done by our young people this is happening because we have turned away from God and embrace Satan we may not have we may we may have not meant to do so but we have it is time to ask for God's help to stop this it is time to be parents and raise our children not have them raise us it is time to fully support law enforcement and stand by the officers and deputies that are far too often having to walk into these dangerous situations and clean up the mess friends it is time to stand up and be responsible grown-up leaders in our community bottom line there are sheep there are wolves and their sheepdogs which group do you belong to that is that is the up Police Department's actual statement do you find anything wrong with this statement well basically it seems like it's it's kinda sure if this like this person action I mean do you think that this is actually the people who ran the police department that did it or do you think it was someone who had access to in Josiah to you know post about it in you know in like you know in a reaction to something tragic that happened that's why that's what I mean right more than likely the person who is in charge of the only cop that is in charge of the of the actual the actual social media is probably a cop that is a beat cop it probably it's probably not just one cop that is in charge of it either but it it's more than likely what happened was the this cop who you know saw this series of things within his County you know he was part you know he or she was part of you know seeing these these things cuz you know seeing a dead bodies is fairly traumatic and police officer to see it every day and you know it's it's like they're talking about you know these things happening in the county and they're not talking about getting rid of guns you know there's there's they're saying you know it's not because of guns it's because of your mentality essentially and you know um I don't actually see a problem with the police department actually saying this but of course Freedom From Religion does because Freedom From Religion thinks that this is you know illegal religious promotion on its Facebook page you know they're in there saying that uh then blames non-belief and Satanists for a rise in violent crime in the area Oh for one thing you know Satanism just Satanists do not worship Satan so that has nothing to do with Satanism if he didn't say Satan as he said Satan is but I've heard like the the being he's that yeah he was referring to see yeah and he he wasn't he he said we turned away from God to embrace Satan he didn't say anything about you know non-belief he didn't he didn't say you know um he was saying they're trying to say that he's saying that violent crime is caused by those choosing to turn away from God belief and it's not necessarily that it's people are turning away from the you know virtues from from the values within you know within believing in God because you know there are values that you have to that you have to actually you know believe in to believe in God they think you need to cry Satanism it's like yes sameness don't most Satanists don't believe in Satan the whole thing is basically them being aggressive atheist or you know they're basically just rebels who are basically real painting pictures of Pentacles and stuff to look edgy and stuff that's basically what's seen I mean heck the Church of Satan was basically a founded by Adam Levine basically created to make money it was a money-making scam right but Satanism itself exists long before Adam LaVey in Satanism is basically saying that's like the most popular thing people go to when they think of Satanism yeah but that those weren't those are LARPers though I mean that's not yeah you wanted to make money that was it it was money-making right and and it's it but it just shows that the FFRF is just using this you know to be like Satanist they worship Satan because they're called Satanists no they're called Satanists because they were the original edge towards trying to you know trigger the the Christians of the day because we are talking about you know post enlightenment or you know post enlightenment era secret society basically that taught that everybody who participated in its rituals and and practices would eventually become their own God yeah I mean basically I mean basically a lot like eel the seed like a lot of these Satanists are basically our so cruelly LARPers just I mean they're they're all trying to ball themselves after what Aleister Crowley day because that guy was like a narcissist who basically thought he can make himself some God through like sex and that I this even predates Aleister Crowley the actual well ideology of Satanism may be surprised how many people are influenced by him in the occult stuff no I'm I wouldn't be surprised because a lot of people are and it's that's shame because you know the people who are completely ignore or will you know defend Aleister Crowley when you tell the truth that everything now a scroll he actually wrote was not inspired to him but he stole it from another group you know and and you know they actually went after him through through legal means in the 1800s and there is this this big there's this big pork paddle it was where Elias Crowley was called the most evil man ever because of some of the things that he wrote yes but it a lot of it was stolen and he claimed it was you know from you know another source other than him he claimed that it was all divinely inspired when you know it was very clearly stolen from another group oh yeah I mean the guy was a piece of shit I mean literally he's one of the early examples of a guy with mommy issues and stuff and his dad died so he basically didn't grow up with a positive male role model throughout here's more like teenage years so you know one third example of what happens when you don't have a positive male role model and year grew up of mom like you hate your mommy and stuff right and you know that there of course the FFRF they try and say that this inappropriate post sends a chilling message to non-christians and non-believers that they are presumed guilty guilty that's not true they're just they're just claiming that the reason why there's an increase of mergers is because people have you know forsaking the values of Christianity forsaking you know the sanctity of life the idea of the sanctity of life and you know our culture is going through you know some very major things that there's you know piled on by these ideologies and stuff like that yeah what's funny is that almost like most of the like you know the likes though again most of people who respond to the post either liked it loved it or were sad because you know the reality that people are getting right and you know 774 people 210 comments 699 shares and I guarantee you the majority of those 210 comments or fedora tippers who just you just you don't type the word God into the Facebook search and you know just trolls anybody who uses that because I really do think these people it's just on Facebook well you also have like that but you also have like the snowflake that runs the South Park God page if you're familiar with No okay you know okay well you know God's a character in South Park right yes okay so some snowflake like you know years ago decided to create a Facebook page that was based upon supposedly that God or at least uses that character as his profile pic and stuff and what's funny is this literally all of his posts when they're not like if when their political are basically all progressive so he basically is mixing his obviously progressive politics with like basically idea Oh like God supports all these things and like oh here's a new commandment that shall not be bigoted against like yeas and so it's really it was really snow flaky yeah that does sound priest no flaky oh yeah no he got real quick he started off just posting pictures of like animals that were spliced together in through Photoshop in saying oh what shall I name this creation today and stuff and then basically he began to get super polar I mean that's not really surprising considering that the the there are ideologies today that are pushing the personal is political you cannot separate the two and you know I think that's that's kind of a dangerous thing like absent you know we can't actually divorce our you know beliefs you know from our thoughts sometimes because there are beliefs or the bedrock of our thoughts but you know the values and the value system that were that we believe is true these people also want you to support the politics that they want use where I mean it's gotten so bad that they literally if you don't have the right politics they're going to try and take your job away and make sure at your home almost definitely it's happened several times not just with uh with the SJW types either the the you know there are you know youtubers like you don't go into if you're a religious person then you want to talk about God and you want to make money you don't do it on YouTube because more likely if you do that without the the sport of you know multiple people more likely you will be pushed off the internet and you'll be bullied off the internet and and in some way you know your channel will be taken down they'll find some way to do it you know especially when you say something that you know triggers them like what shock of God did a few years ago and he was basically run off the internet run off YouTube and then he came back with his you know Pro Christian motorcycle videos which are fairly entertaining in my opinion yeah I mean me basically like okay so this is one of the reasons why I believe that see people like to say oh the First Amendment doesn't include pride like you know private like companies and stuff but the reality is that when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution the Industrial Revolution had only recently just started basically like they didn't they didn't know that in the future most of Americans livelihood will be based upon private industry because back then most people were still like essentially self-employed like they were growing their own foods they were selling their stock and you know they were selling their own product to other people in markets and stuff community where you're working for a massive corporation so I feel like the like they should include the first minute right should extend to on private companies eighty two point if if they're put if like alright if your company actually is seen as the public square like Twitter and Facebook I would agree with that but just you know Microsoft for example of being able to to put in you know to put on uh some that spies on you and then they claim you know it is their First Amendment right very much definitely a corporation like my stuff will try something sneaky like that so I think it's kind of dangerous to give all the courses see but how I view it is is that here's our work is that if you're not gonna be a crime you're not committing an actual form of harassment and stuff then you basically should not be fired for basically being open about your political beliefs oh absolutely you should not um you know it boyd at the same time it's it's you know that corporations will will take these thing you know like personhood for example they use personhood to their to their benefit now it was to the benefit of you know something that you know we would both agree in in one case but there's other cases that we may or may not know about that happens that the mainstream media doesn't tell us like a lot of things that are on the mainstream you know media more unlikely if it's on the mainstream media it's not important the important things are happening you know without the the public actually knowing that that you know what's going on like with the Freedom From Religion Foundation and does multiple different lawsuits every year yeah but one thing I notice about all these articles funny enough is that is that they're very light things and stuff and you would think that they're they're they're like the FFF RF are basically acting like oh this is gonna lead to people getting shot or arrest and it's like it's not like this police department when I start arresting people for not being Christian something like that they just made a fuckin post it's like it's like this this this this organization is boat is so thin-skinned that all these very minor instances demand basically watchdog II and stuff right and you know and especially with that Ohio menorah thing where they you know they speak about all and all these posts that you know this is this is promoting one particular religion but like when the Ohio you know ohayo – police department decides to do a Christian or a Chanukah thing you know and and you know helping supporting a group that we are led to believe a lot of a lot more people hate them and then actually do you know and and with within the whole the whole framework of the leftist narrative that you know white white supremacist and Nazis and all right are around every corner like in you know they're there multiple people like Dylann roof and like the the guy who shot up Pittsburgh the the synagogue of Pittsburgh there are multiple people Brown that all over the place in America and then and then the atheist group is like you know yeah that this protected religious minority here and we keep on saying that you know all religious minorities should be looked at it not just Christians but when they actually do it you get mad because they're actually you know they're actually helping support a religion they're they're not just taking part but they're you know keeping them safe basically well Freedom From Religion is is all about they essentially they're treated like okay if you allow any of these slight incidents happen it to them it's like throwing like a match in a field of gasoline and stuff like they think basically allowing these incidents to ever happen is basically going to destroy all their freedoms or something like that they're they're basically obsessed and scared they're like a bunch of scared shoulders essentially right and they they like to make their their their their idea of the Constitution being secular which it was but it does not mean it's not the type of same type of secular that modern-day secularism is because modern-day secularism is this is exclusion of religion that's what you know secularism is to a seculars to a humanist to an atheist but as you know secular as far as founding fathers plant that was including both non-religious and religious so it's it's the you know guess or you know Constitution is secular but not the same type of secular that the guys are claiming the secular yeah cuz you know the federal government can violate as many constitutional rights as it wants but you know these guys you know basically school teachers you know sharing a religious videos evil you know coaches you know committing doing mass prayer and stuff with their with their uh with her to athletes yo they're the and like you know basically a police department in Alabama basically making a religious space post and stuff you know that's a real evil right there let's forget about the federal government all its crimes and stuff yeah let's let's forget about that and you know let's say that these did you know a police officer who is obviously distressed about you know the way his the county in which he lives and is going which is it is probably singing a lot more about the crime oh I was just gonna say I love always say they're made up of free thinkers in as well as have agnostic oh yeah I just have high doubts about that claim about gnostic so I don't think in Gnostics kono would be that we're dick well there'd be agnostic atheist because there's there's the new thing within atheism that's saying that you know atheism is what you believe agnosticism is about what you know so you know a gnostic which you know that they're using gnostic improperly because the word gnostic doesn't mean what they say it means which is you know knowing like a gnostic you know theists they'll call us because we believe in God and do agree you know we believe in God and we think that you know God is real and that that God talks to to humans through you know prophecy and visions and whatnot you know that they'll say that they'll say bad things about that but you know when it comes to their own you know religious beliefs they ignore that they have them well yeah if you go by a definition looking at the definition of an agnostic on the merriam-webster dictionary oh the official dictionary and it's like you know there's no reference to that you have to be against the concept of religious society it's just someone who believes that yo ultra-reality such as God is unknown and probably unknowable that's basically it right and you know I mean you know even theists will say that God is unknowable you know and and here's another definition one who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism what is true atheism yeah I mean that's just weird cuz I mean again there were some people basically says hey I just don't believe in the God like you know I have a friend online he's an atheist and stuff but he's nasty it's just because he doesn't believe in God because he's one of the you know he wants to see it to believe in stuff but he oh he also is very conservative and stuff like he is and he even recognizes that Christianity is an important aspect of American culture and wants to see Christian culture flourish and stuff he just wants to be left alone towards you know his own thing well have you ever thought of trying to convince him that he's actually a non-believer and not nay theist like eighty is a lack of belief in God so I think he's using like these traditional definition of money well that's not really a traditional that's that's a common parlance definition that these activist organizations created in 1960s you classically don't follow that definition really no they don't but they did they are using it for their own game but you know atheism basically is you know the the disbelief or you know the disbelief in God the the aunt the answering no – is it does God exist to that question that that's you know atheism is classically and and historically known for say for you know always being being answering no to the question is God does God exist I mean black pigeon speaks as an agnostic and stuff and he firmly is in support of Christian culture well yeah and you know there's there's it's like but these these activist organizations are trying to say that agnosticism isn't a belief it isn't you know you can be agnostic and be atheist at the same time you know even though that they're kind of two conflicting ideologies because you know one ideology claims that there is absolutely no evidence and abstinence of evidence means absence of existence and you know agnosticism is like I don't know and I don't think we can know like an agnostic is essentially taking up the the the true physician of true skepticism which is you know human beings cannot know everything essentially I mean there's more to it but it's it's you know it can be distilled into that one sense he I'm pretty sure that F sorry FFRF would basically consider Blackmon speaks that completely toxic person stuff they would denounce it within art well yeah because he did call them all right and you know keep in mind that the co-president and co-founder of far F is feminist you know whoa you know she she is a women's rights advocate which means feminist I mean it's feminism has taken over women's rights the the concept of women's rights if women were to get together and to you know speak about rights and and you know denounced him as I'm like if anti femoris women was to come together and do women's rights on their own they would be denounced utterly by feminism and called those groups not real root loans rights because feminism wants to control women's rights just like a theism atheism wants to control all non belief you know all of non belief and people who aren't religious and most these people they don't care about you know what's going on you know they don't vote you know in in in even the easiest places you know because there's atheists that are like I don't care what these activist organizations dude they don't speak with my voice but they technically do that they're using you know your voice they're saying that we you know speak for all of the non-believers in a community you know even if a non-believer kind of agrees with you know more of a krishna aspect of things you know it's it's those people don't actually have a voice to these atheist organizations only only what they say is important it's the same thing with the LGBTQ same thing with any type of activist organization corporate activism does the same kind of activity so it's not you know it's just he's organized activist organism is just corrupt and you know it they originated from unions and we saw how how much damage unions have done yeah that is true well like so I mean basically how I view it this is all basically stems from Marxism I think hey I think it's all it's all basically originates from Karl Marx and Marxism basically it's all just some branch and some boonie you know interpretation of what Karl Marx I just do with my goal class warfare stuff yeah I'm do you have it was a I don't thought or do you have any any other funnel thought yeah my Fiat is I think Freedom From Religion From Religion Foundation is basically yo V a highly paranoid highly extreme very agenda and by a space driven organization I mean heck I tried looking up if they were talking about China and funny enough is there's absolutely nothing on about the what's going on China right they they don't they don't care about what's what's going on in China they're not going to denounce it um or or or and encourage it but behind closed doors more than likely they encourage it oh that was your your final thought yeah that was just one fellow thighs I just personally yeah I think basically f FF RF is either extremely paranoid or they're basically trying to use like the they like to use the First Amendment a lot to basically defend that they're anti right um and that's what these activist organizations you know do they they will they will attack they'll say you know the Constitution is on our side the Constitution is secular and but of course they didn't define a secular as being an exclusion of religion which is not the case with the Constitution you know the founding fathers you know all wrote this you know some something to to the extent that the Constitution will only work if the people are religious essentially you know and and and there's there's a it seems like they're right because you have the decay and and you know a moral decay in our cultural values values that that had you know have stood up for 200 years that are being destroyed by extremists you know people are saying that these things you know the you thinking that all humans are created equal that we all have the the abilities to you know rise up again you know above what what we were dealt in life you know as long as we work hard and and whatnot and we can all you know just despite of our of our ways of thinking we can all come together and you know push for that get that society of freedom and liberty which doesn't always look you know clean and and and you know fresh you know you it doesn't always look polite either you know they just get you know political discussion but you you'll get it gets heated and and you know discussion about anything that people hold really dear you know gets heated so you know it's it's good to take a step back because these groups like these activist groups are trying to you know make people enraged make people outraged and stuff you know I'm not trying to that because that's way of control I don't really want to manipulate anybody or control anybody and I don't think that people should get angry but people should know that this is what you know these atheist organizations are doing in the name of all of atheism you know the and it is very disconcerning that a religion can proselytized you know in all areas of you know society and you know not but you know the actual things that are seen as religions can't you know and I I do assert that you know atheism is a non-theistic religion it's gotten to the point that it's not you know it's moved beyond philosophy it's move beyond ideology it has become the set of beliefs you know and the core belief is that there is no God you know that the non belief and God is is you know turns out to be a lie cuz it's like I have non belief so I can I can be persuaded but you know nothing will persuade these people because they've already made up their mind and that's fine that that's absolutely fine they you know I have no problem with them being part of society it's just you know we should all act towards each other a certain way and until until you know somebody can make up something you know better I think that you know judeo-christian values or you know both cornerstone of our society and you know a very good set to go by you know and there are some values that that may not be completely kept that can battle the same values that are there yes sure they are basically you know they're they're just cultural Marxist and stuff they want to basically rebrand American society in their twisted reality great and they want it they want to you know their religion to be the dominant religion which is you know no religion and you know it and as we see the atheists are kind of against every religion you know they're against people you know you know public service eight agents to to do community outreach and and and become parts of the community by participating and you know something that they holds you know kind of sacred because Chanukah is not really a you know it's not really a venerated holiday like young before but it's still you know a pretty important holiday and it is a holiday that during a season that multiple different faiths share and I I wouldn't have anything against you know cops if you know being part of a pagan you know the pagans you'll festival I would you know have any problems with cops being in uniform and you know being part of some kind of mass or something well I think major events cops should be part of in hurt anyway and at least seemingly taking part because that's part of their job they're part of their job is to be there and make sure that people that want to endanger others you know don't actually endanger others that that's their job I mean boy is is that it's always the end they they just made a post-assad you know if if they arrest someone because of their faith did obviously that's a problem stuff but making a social media post and people in this foreign ization getting butthurt about it it's just laughable it's just so since kids oh yeah oh yeah but um I would say give us a like and subscribe but I don't think any of those things do anything both subscribing does but you know light you know liking and so not really it's something that we do that that we that we use that we can use personally that other people can use but it doesn't really do thing with the YouTube algorithm I don't think you know I'd you because if that was the case then every you know really every video that PewDiePie has that has over you know a hundred likes four million likes would you know be featured and they're not featured anymore and I don't think the bill does anything because on my other accounts I don't get notifications for you know our our red pill religion streams so you know make sure you go to our website wwlp.com that you know if you want to make sure absolutely that you never miss show you won't see it live if you just wait for that but you know you will you will see it eventually if if you know you don't come to the channel all the YouTube channel often at least you can go to the website and look up if there is an actual video don't don't trust the Google algorithm to actually give you notifications our patreon links are below subscribe star all that if you want to support us financially please do support us spiritually as well you know and god bless everybody you

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