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Hello, all.
I welcome you all in today’s episode. In the last episode, I’d told you that Vishwamitra was telling the story
of Ram and Lakshman’s dynasty. In that story, he mentions about the kings
and their children. King Sumathi was the then king. It was dark.
They end up spending the night there. As the sage, Ram and Lakshman
were there King Sumathi came to know about it. He then shows up
and shares his problems with them. I’ll tell you what happened next. King Sumathi was happy to see them all. On seeing the charming princes he felt very comfortable. Then he tells the sage these princes look like legendary figures. They look like God to me. On seeing their body language,
it seems I’m seeing a majestic lion. They look as royal as a tiger. They have such beautiful eyes.
They look like brave Kshatriyas. They’re very charming and handsome. It seems like they are Gods
ascended on earth. How did they get here? Why are they here?
Please tell me everything about them. The sage says that they were
Ram and Lakshman from Ayodhya. Vishwamitra tells him all about
their intentions and goals. On hearing this,
the king was more than happy and then bows before the sage
and Ram and Lakshman. Ram and Lakshman spent the night
with their guru. They completed all their tasks
in the morning and left for Mithilanagar. I’ll tell you what happened next
in the upcoming episode. Until then, keep watching NayaTV.
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