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Hello, all.
I welcome you all in today’s episode. In the last episode, I’d told you that Diti learnt about everything. When Lord Indra was supposed
to justify his crime Diti said, this is something
that nobody can change. Because I made a mistake,
which is why you did this. I’ll use these 7 points
for the benefit of the world. My seven children
will always be everywhere. I’ll tell you what happened next. Diti and Lord Indra
left for paradise. Sage Vishwamitra was telling this story. He tells Ram and Lakshman that this is the place where
Indra was treated. This is where it was. In you dynasty, King Ikshwako
and his wife have a baby. His name is Vishala.
He’s the creator of this area, Hemachandra. His son was Suchandra.
His grandson was Durmashwa. Sayam Jaya’s son was Sahdeva. Sahadeva’s son was Kushashwa. Somadutt was Kushashwa’s son. Somadutt was known as Kakuthsa
later on. His son, Sumati, is now
the king. The sage was telling them
about the family tree. It was dark.
The sage then gives them an advice. He says, it’s dark.
Let’s spend the night here. And leave in the morning for Mithilapatna
after completing our tasks. King Sumati learnt about them
through his messenger. Then he shows up
and welcomes them. He seeks their blessings. He feels that
he was lucky that they were in his land. Then the king invites them
to his palace. He makes all the arrangements. On seeing them, the king
was pleased. I’ll tell you what happened next
in the upcoming episode. Until then, keep watching NayaTV.
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