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Hello, all.
I welcome you all in today’s episode. In the last episode I’d told you that King Baghiratha and Maheshwara were meditating. Maheshwara had kept Ganga in his control. He had released her to earth. As Ganga was flowing she destroyed the meditation area
of sage Jugnoo. On seeing that, the sage got furious
and takes her as a convict. I’ll tell you what happened next. When Baghiratha learnt about it he told the sage about his noble thoughts. On hearing that, the sage felt sad and released Ganga. Since then, Ganga is also known
as Janavi. Ganga followed Baghiratha. She flowed on his great grandfather’s remains. They got rid of all their sins
and went to paradise. Everybody praised him for his accomplishment. Even Lord Brahma praised him. He said this. You are a very brave king. As you brought Ganga to earth she will be called Baghirathi, here on. You helped your ancestors
get rid of all their sins and now you can go back to Ayodhya. Baghirathi took a shower,
offered everybody the holy water and went back to his kingdom. While reciting this story, Vishwamitra says the one who prays to Ganga
with complete honesty will win anything. I’ll tell you what happened next
in the upcoming episode. Until then, keep watching NayaTV. Please like, comment and share this video.
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