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Posted By on September 19, 2019

Hello, all.
I welcome you all in this episode. In the last episode, I’d told you that Diti learnt that her children
were murdered. She was very depressed.
She went to her husband and says, I want to meditate
for a couple of years and then kill my children’s murderer. Please bless me. Her husband blesses her. May your wishes come true. I’ll tell you what happened next. Diti went to a forest, Kushalpa. It was an isolated place. She then starts meditating. Lord Indra shows up and serves her. He arranges for the holy water
and flowers frequently. In spite of being a Goddess she got impressed. Out of 1000 years of meditation,
only 10 years were remaining. She told Indra after the 10 years pass you can meet your brother. I order you to live with him. You must make sure that he never
hates or is jealous of anybody. You must be like own brothers and rule all the three worlds. I’ll tell you what happened next
in the upcoming episode. Until then, stay tuned to NayaTV. Please like, comment and share this video. Also, subscribe to the channel.
Thank you.

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