R.E.M. – Losing My Religion Lyrics

Posted By on May 26, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. За една грешка не се останува сам.
    Останува се на воз. 🚂🇲🇰

  2. My honest thoughts on religion and God.

    Religion is so backward and stupid. People who follow religion are brainwashed and indoctrinated where they can no longer think critically and logically for themselves.

    They are so foolish because they worship a "God" yet have no concrete evidence that conclusively substantiates he even exists. They only have anecdotal stories and scriptures from a man-made bible and this is the foundation of their entire belief system. How anyone can blindly follow something without critically thinking about it before they believe is just the stupidest thing ever. I think religious people are some of the most weak-minded and gullible individuals to ever walk the earth. Anything written in a man-made bible they will believe without question. If the man-made bible said, "Jesus had an orgasm and died from it." They would believe it. They would say, "Well he was just super horny."

    God does not know what is happening, you know why? He simply does not exist and never has existed or ever will exist, except in the man-made bible along with man-made stories about this fictional "God". Religious people need to breakout of their fantasy bubble and get back to reality immediately. Life is too short to believe in a fairy tale God.

  3. I loose my relgion about 2000 when realised humanity kills this planet.And started using hevy drugs.I losed my belief to tomorrow.

  4. Este tema es supuestamente el que la mama de mis hija ce indentifica y haci fue me dejo tirado en la carcel despues de mucho tiempo acabo de salir y es verdad era una mala.ja.


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