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hey everybody it's me the amazing atheist and today we're going to be answering some questions for atheists from Karm which is the Christian apologetics and research ministry research this is questions asked by Matt slick who is the president and founder of the Christian apologetics and research ministry he says these questions are not meant to be showstoppers they are only for research purposes so that I might better understand atheism and its adherence some questions are similar to others while other questions are designed to elicit more thoughtful responses I'll be adding to the list periodically if you're an atheist and you'd like to respond please copy them to an email and send them to Carm stuff at whichever ones you want to respond to thank you and it's weird that you don't have an email address that's a you know at karma org you know you have your own website why are you using Yahoo's email whatever there's 31 of these questions I'm not going to send them to this guy I'm just going to answer them to you if you want to send it to them go ahead I'm going to link to the questions down below so you could follow along if you want or you can just listen to me and watch me or whatever you want to do number one how would you define atheism atheism is a lack of belief in a god or gods that's not just how I would define it that is in fact the definition number two do you act according to what you believe in quotation not quotation marks but parentheses says there is no God or in what you don't believe in and then in parentheses lack belief in God do I act according to what I believe or what I don't believe yeah both you know if I believe something is true of course I'm going to act in accordance with that if I don't believe something is true I'm not going to act in in ways that I would act if I believed it were true this kind of a confusing question though because you say do you acts according what you believe there is no God or what you don't believe in lack of belief in God that's kind of the same thing I mean there's a I guess a subtle distinction saying there is no God is like an emphatic there's no God we all know it bla bla bla lack of belief in God is more like I just don't believe there's no evidence so I don't believe it and you know that basically boils down to the same thing but I guess there is a distinction there but answer the question yeah I mean I act according to what I believe in what I don't believe but God is rarely a factor in how I act because I don't believe in God there's very little occasion for the non existence of God to factor into my behavior number three do you think it is inconsistent for someone who lacks belief in God to work against God's existence by attempting to show that God doesn't exist do I think it's inconsistent no I don't think it's inconsistent I think there's plenty of things that people believe in that are worth debunking homeopathic medicine for instance I don't think it works I think people who rely on it are a shewing established medical science that has proven its efficacy in favor of something that has not proven its efficacy and in my opinion and the opinion of modern science does not work I don't think there's anything inconsistent about opposing bad ideas no number four how sure are you that your atheism properly represents reality I mean atheism doesn't encompass all aspects of reality it's just atheism is only contingent upon your answer to the question of do you believe in God if you're an atheist your answer is no you know it's perfectly possible to be an atheist but then leave a bunch of other crazy woowoo type of shit like ghosts and you know reflexology and you know whatever else it's perfectly possible to be an atheist and still not be a skeptic I happen to be a skeptic as well and I believe that skepticism does represent reality how sure you that eith your atheism is correct um 99.99% sure how sure oh sorry number six how would you define what truth is I actually have a poem here this is written by Stephen Crane one of my favorite poets and the title of the poem is truth I believe truth said a traveler is a rock a mighty fortress often have I been to it even to its highest tower from whence the world looks black truth said a traveler is a breath a wind a shadow a phantom long have I pursued it but never have I touched the hem of its garment and I believed the second traveller for truth was to me a breath a wind a shadow of phantom and never had I touched the hem of its garment number seven why do you believe your atheism is a justifiable position to hold I believe that atheism is a justifiable position to hold because there is no evidence of the God that Christians believe in nor is there evidence of the God that Muslims believe in nor is there evidence of the many gods that Hindus believe in nor is there evidence of the many gods that are forgotten relics of history or confined to mere mythology but people once believed in Zeus every bit as fervently as Matt slick believes in Yahweh so yeah I think that my I think it is a justifiable position sure number eight are you a materialist or a physicalist or what I don't think there's any difference between being a materialist and being a physicalist I would never use those terms to describe myself but I guess yeah I probably fall under the worldview of materialism yes do you affirm or deny that atheism is a worldview why or why not I would deny that atheism is a worldview because it simply doesn't encompass enough to be a worldview it's it's like I said before it's just pertaining to the question of whether or not God exists or whether or not there's enough evidence to believe in God now that doesn't really make a worldview it just doesn't saying there is no God I mean you could believe anything about the world I mean there's so many different worldviews you can still have and be an atheist so saying that atheism itself is a worldview is in my opinion ridiculous 10 not all atheists are antagonistic to Christianity but for those of you who are why the antagonism I would say that the antagonism is simply a response to the ways in which Christianity tries to socially engineer our society to be more harmonious with Christian values many of which I find to be regressive reprehensible repugnant and other words that start with re except for reasonable not that one I think you know when I see Christians persecuting homosexuals I don't think that there's any valid objective good reason to persecute homosexuals I myself am bisexual so I feel antagonistic towards people who are telling me that my lifestyle is sinful and that I deserve to be eternally punished simply because I'm attracted to both genders and then things like abortion I don't think that there is anything wrong with a woman getting an abortion I don't think there's anything wrong with making a cake for a gay wedding or any of those things I think that Christianity is irrational and when you have an irrational side dogs or barking in the background I don't know if you guys can hear it when you have a worldview that is irrational and you make irrational opinions and decisions based on it then the best way to criticize those irrational decisions is to attack their Jesus is to attack their yeah Jesus actually works number 11 if you were at one time a believer in a Christian God what caused you to deny his existence well this one simply doesn't apply to me I've never been a Christian except maybe I had some vague belief in God as a small child or something like that but that's long dead and it was never something that I held to once I reached the age of reason probably 9 or 10 years old and what caused me to stray from God then I just thought it was it was ridiculous it was silly I stopped believing in God for the same reason I stopped believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy it was just a fiction designed to control behavior or to make the world seem more magical than it really is number 12 do you believe the world would be better off without religion yes I do believe the world we better off without religion I would say that there are some ideologies out there that are not technically religions but they have that same sort of religious mindset religious dogma the idea that if you question us if you have an opinion that is contrary to our opinion then you're wrong and we don't to refute you in any way because you're just patently and obviously wrong I think that mentality of my ideas are so good that anyone who attacks them is automatically wrong and it doesn't matter what their perspective is it doesn't matter what ideas they present against it we're starting from the assumption that they're wrong and moving from there I think that's a very faulty way of looking at the world that's a very faulty way of approaching arguments but religion is not the only thing that does that but it's probably the most obvious offender number thirteen do you believe the world you'd better off without Christianity yes for the same reasons I just elucidated fourteen do you believe that faith in God or God's is a mental disorder if it is it's the most prevalent mental disorder in history I I do think that if we were a race of atheists and there were was just a small group of people who believed that there was a magical man controlling everything then it would be a mental disorder but obviously with the sheer prevalence of religion you have to believe that there's something there's some component in the human psyche that finds the idea of a god or gods to be appealing you can't really say it's a mental disorder when it's so status quo must God to be known through the scientific method that's question number 15 I don't know yeah I guess that he must be known through the scientific method or if not the scientific method at least through some sort of empirical data or some sort of highly reasoned airtight ironclad argument that no one can refute if you answered yes to the previous question how do you avoid a category mistake by requiring material evidence for an immaterial being well wouldn't you guys say that the Bible is material evidence for this immaterial being and where in the Bible to say God is immaterial seems to me that God is constantly interceding in human affairs in the Bible God speaks to people God appear before people God was said to have made Adam and Eve in His image you know so that leads us to believe that God has a humanoid form unless you believe that's more metaphorical maybe you do maybe you don't I don't know but there's there's nothing what-what I would ask what the evidence is that God is immaterial and by the way I like that word immaterial I do think God is immaterial in a sense the courtroom sense of the word immaterial he's in the sense that he's irrelevant yeah but you know God should be able to be measured according to what we see in the Bible because God does seem to have physical properties he does seem to intercede he does seem to have the power to meddle in human affairs in fact his power is said to be limitless and I noticed that creationists don't seem to have any trouble finding evidence for the you know existence of this immaterial God so I don't see how it's a category mistake when atheists require material evidence but it's not a category mistake when Christians provide what they think is material evidence number seventeen do we have any purpose as human beings your purpose is your own choice whatever you want your purpose to be that can be your purpose you can dedicate your life to anything that your value system dictates and your value system is completely subjective of course so yes we have a purpose but it's a completely subjective purpose and it could vary from individual to individual number eighteen if we do have a purpose can you as an atheist please explain how that purpose is determined I think I just did 19 where does morality come from it comes from us it comes from our ideas about morality it comes from society's ideas about morality and this is that typical well maybe I'll save this for question 20 which is are there moral absolutes my answer is no and I also think that even among Christians there's no moral absolutes there's different branches of Christianity there's different perspectives on what the Bible means even to those who do believe it there's diff perspectives on what God wants for us what God's rules are plenty of people have different interpretations of different parts of the Bible and different ways of establishing the hierarchy of God's rules I mean let's face it some of them are contradictory so people can kind of pick and choose and cherry-pick and that's what people do so I would say that there's no more objective morality among Christians than there is among atheists but there's just a stronger delusion of objective morality among Christians and other religious people if there are moral absolutes could you list a few of them well I don't think there are 22 do you believe there is such a thing as evil if so what is it once again it's subjective 23 if you believe that the God of the Old Testament is morally bad by what standard do you judge that he is bad by my own personal standard I would say that by my standard murdering people is bad killing firstborn children because you don't like something that the ruler of a country has done that is bad flooding the entire world killing everyone that's bad destroying cities because they don't meet your criteria of what you think goodness is is bad sending people to hell for all eternity because they refuse to believe something for which there is no evidence is bad I would say that you know to those there's things to me are bad now maybe you look at those things and you say that's great that's all just perfectly beautiful and righteous my question back to you would be why don't you feel the same way about Hitler you know he's a very very godlike person very Jenna Seidel about getting his own way and killing all those who oppose him I hate to break whatever that rule is of the Internet I forget it at the moment but the basic idea is that when you invoke Nazis you're automatically wrong but Godwin's law I believe 24 what would it take for you to believe in God evidence of God uh and I guess you already knew the answer to that because question 25 is what would constitute sufficient evidence for God's existence if you know all it would take is for God to behave the way he supposedly did when the old and new testaments were written God shows up and starts you know performing miracles that defy the rules of nature that defy everything we understand about what is and isn't possible if such a being were to exist I mean maybe it's God maybe it's just some sufficiently advanced being that is pretending to be God in order to dupe us but at least that would be evidence in favor of the god hypothesis as things stand I don't see any evidence in favor of the god hypothesis number26 mustace evidence be rationally based archeological testable in a lab etc or what I would say you know probably you're not going to find any archaeological evidence of God maybe you would testable in a lab I mean I don't know yeah I mean there would have to be some rational basis for the belief in God if there's not a rational basis then it's an irrational belief why would I want to believe something that's irrational so yeah I think that's a pretty good standard is it a rational belief I don't think it is number 27 do you think that society is run by Christian you think that a society that is run by Christians or atheists would be safer and why I think a society run by atheists would be safer because a theists are not able to justify any sort of moral position simply by invoking God and saying well you know I personally don't want to discriminate against gay people but the big guy upstairs said we should so we have to you know I like people who can make arguments for their worldview based on what we actually know instead of invoking some being that can't be proven that you know I've never experienced I've never seen any evidence of whatsoever yet so many Christians think that they can just say well God God is real because we said he's real and the Bible says he's real and this is what he wants from us so we better do it because if we don't then we're in defiance of God's perfect and an erring law do you believe in free will free will being the ability to make choices without coercion I don't know if I believe in free will or not the question doesn't particularly interest me I would say I lean towards kind of a soft yes 29 if you believe in free will do you see any problems with defending the idea that the physical brain which is limited and subject to neurochemical laws of the brain can still produce free will choices no I don't see any problem with that whatsoever I don't you know like most of the decisions people make are really not nail-biters you know you go to Subway and it's like what kind of sandwich do I want what am I in the mood for I want a meatball sub you know did you is that a freewill decision or is that just you know something in your body saying we want the meatballs you know that's that's the sustenance we require at this point or maybe you just really like the taste of the meatballs and you want to do that you know there's always factors it's not like you just make a choice in a void and it you know of course it doesn't surprise any problem saying that freewill can be generated by something that's limited everything is limited in some way maybe not the universe who knows if you affirm sorry number 30 if you affirm evolution and that the universe will continue to expand forever then do you think it's probable that given enough time brains would evolve to the point of exceeding mere physical limitations become free of the physical and temporal and thereby become a deity and not be restricted by space and time if not why not I really don't know it's an interesting idea I've seen that sort of thing explored on episodes of Star Trek and stuff like that but I mean I don't know if it's possible to transcend space and time I don't know of any example of someone or something doing that so I don't even know if it's possible I don't know if the laws of the universe even allow for this transcendence or what that transcendence would even look like or be like so it's it's really a difficult question to answer if you want to just ask the question of do I believe there might be beings in existence that are more powerful than human beings that perhaps have some sort of abilities beyond what we can even imagine yeah I think that's definitely possible I don't know if it's probable but it's possible 30 oh sorry that was 30 31 the final question if you answer the previous question in the infirmary you saying that it's probable that some sort of God exists it's possible that some sort of godlike being exists possible that some sort of godlike being exists but I don't know if it's probable or not the difference between a you know good saying God exists and a god-like being exists is that when we're talking about God we're talking about the Christian God we're talking about a God who specifically did the things that are laid out in the Bible we're talking about a God who created the universe who created two people named Adam and Eve and they had children named Cain and Abel and all that the whole fucking story from the Bible does that God exist no absolutely not there's no evidence for it there's a shit ton of evidence against it we know that the age of the earth is much greater than the Bible would lead us to believe we know that then you know the rain is not water from the firmament of heaven we know that the stars are not just lights in the sky we know that a God who spent six days on one planet you know did not just create the rest of the fucking universe like it was nothing that doesn't even make sense there's so many problems with it there's so many things about the stories that just defy our current understanding of the world the interesting thing is none of them really defied the understanding of the world that existed when those books were written they just defy what we understand about the world now and so I that's my question that's my answers to Matt Slick's 31 questions for atheists if you want to answer them yourself I've left a link down below to the Christian apologetics and research ministry and you guys can check that out if you enjoy this video give it a thumbs up if you're not subscribed to the amazing atheist Channel please subscribe and have a good one motherfuckers oh yes Oh fuckin yet

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  1. I respect atheism. Just not when it actively persécutés people for believing in a God or gods. Same thing with religion. People who are religious should not hate people for being an atheist

  2. I was not expecting such polite answers. This actually cheered me up, more often than not (on the internet) athiests are extremely hostile towards Christianity, and these questions asked. Very refreshing.

  3. Please answer my question because I honestly do not know the answer: other than small fanatics/very small churches run by pastors who have gone way astray from the basic tenant the Golden Rule, what are/is the location where Christians are persecuting non-Christians? I’ll go there to punch them all in the mouth. Know that disagreement with certain behavior, like gay sex, is not persecution, unless the so called Christian wackado gets verbally or physically aggressive.

  4. ‘God is rarely a factor in how I act’ – the dude that wakes up every morning and assigns purpose to his life.

    If you really want to be consistent with what you believe, you have to admit that you’re delusional; because without an objective purpose to all of this, that is what you are.

    You don’t get to steal from God.

    The Amazing Atheist 😂😂 fuckin joke 😂👌

  5. So um quick question how to I break to my religious non open to suggestions hard headed parents that I am an athiest. I have an argument ready as to why but when it comes to family everything hurts twice as much and can go twice as bad. Any ideas.

  6. I liked your answers….now here is a question for the slick guy asking them….

    How does anything we've discussed prove that the christian god is the right one if there is one at all?

  7. Wow….both sides were nice and polite…did i accidently go to a diffrent channel today XD? Like the change as well

  8. Do you act according to what you believe or don’t believe. A black and white fallacy, for a start. It’s also an incorrect statement. You can only act according to what you believe. Eg, I believe that all life is worthy of my empathy and respect, and I act in accordance with that. However, if I believed the opposite, that no life is worthy of my empathy or respect, I’d still act in accordance to what I believe. You can’t act on a non belief. This is why theists are considered dumb, because they just don’t understand the base principle of the phrase ‘beliefs inform actions and actions have consequences’… this is why a scientist doesn’t define a law or theory until there’s supporting evidence to bolster that hypothesis… you go with the facts, and if you ain’t got facts, you don’t just assume that you know.

  9. Atheism doesn't freaking try to represent reality. It just means not believing in God. Atheism can't be correct so kirk is wrong here. Atheism doesn't make any claims so it cannot be correct. It just means not believing in God.

  10. I am a Christian. God is real. I do however respect your beliefs. I also admire your respectful demeanor while sharing your views

  11. The reason religion exists for several K of years is the mental flaw that men like to do bad things and have someone else to take the blame, and religion gives them that…

  12. Average christian: "How can you not believe in Jesus Christ??"
    Me: Do you believe in Allah?
    Him: "OFC not"
    Me: Then you see, we are not so different :)))

    As an atheist, I find this shuts them up every time. Ofc if asked from a different religion, just adjust your Q :)))

  13. I am an atheist.. and am embarrassed FOR this guy. Jesus dude.. pun..

    Suggestion list:
    Cut your hair

    Wash your clothes before you broadcast yourself over the internet

    STOP wiggling when you do

    Record from a lower angle to emphasize the chin and minimize the forehead (also light from behind)

    Don't sound so WHINY


    That's all that i can't think of.
    It's 9:13 Good night

  14. Adherents? That implies that atheists follow a set of rules or some kind of dogma. Most atheists would happily follow God if and only if there was discernible, rock solid proof that God existed.

  15. I feel lucky to have a group of friends who know I’m an atheist and their Christian and we respect each others beliefs and don’t fight about religion

  16. I believe in ghost only because I've had experience with them i was raised Christian i believe in science so I'm always questioning everything

  17. As far as the question about aggression from Christians… I would say that I was forced to go to church when I was young and and the culture and society that I live in now if I pronounce my atheism out loud I'm scorned and looked sadly upon.

  18. Question 2 is one of the most retarded questions I've ever heard from a theist. Let's make them the same question so hopefully they can realise how dumb it is: "according to your belief or lack of belief in leprechauns, do you ACT according to what you believe (there are no leprechauns) or to what you don't believe in (lack of belief in leprechauns) ?"


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