Questioning Your Belief System

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to me this morning somewhere between 12:30 and 4:00 I'm not sure I stopped keeping time when I'm spending time and um I'm gonna talk to you about questioning your belief system there's a statement I want to begin with and I want you to take this and someone told me say pastor I come to church I come for the Word of God I don't come for psychology it's usually people who are so far deep and unarmed and things that don't work that don't want to hear about themselves as they hear about the Lord I'm gonna tell you this the things that you've been through in your life have left a residue in you and that residue could be a residue of faith sometimes it's a residue of damage other times it's a residue of distrust and the word residue means are a small portion remaining that you're measuring your life based on things that have happened to you and someone said pastor I just don't trust people let me talk to you about that I believe it's safe to discern when people are trustworthy and when they're not but but if you measure your relationships on this premise that once a person hurts you you could no longer trust them that means you'll never trust anyone because if you stay in relationship with people long enough they're going to hurt you because of the human condition they didn't do it if you want to find the source go back to Adam because people try to figure out who they are how many of you watch this I want you to take a look at this if you're honest in this room how many of you have ever unintentionally hurt someone put your hand up unintentionally everybody look around the room real quickly now I'm actually put your hand I'm I ask you a very very personal question I know you got to think about this don't respond immediately but I need a response how many of you have ever intentionally you knew what you're doing you meant to do it I wanted them to feel it you intentionally hurt someone put your hand and put your hand up everybody look around the room so it stands to reason that people hurt people and so you can't say I never trust anyone what you have to say is I guard my heart from expecting from people what they're not able to deliver to me people cannot make you happy say back to me what I just said they cannot that only the Lord can make me happy now so what I want to do I'm gonna take it from this real quickly and maybe we can get to a good part second Corinthians chapter 10 verse 3 it's a powerful Scripture Paul is talking to the church in Corinthians in in Corinth I may need some more of that ministry all right there there's anointing in that spray um 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 have somebody find it if you don't mind okay in case you wondering what it is it's called entertainments entertainers secret it restores your voice it miraculously I don't know it works are you a psychic witness chapter 10 verse 3 that's what it says it said for though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh I want to translate as we go since I'm really King James and I normally read New Living Translation it says Paul is telling that the church in Corinth he said though though we our warfare though I'm living in a human body and in the natural he said when we make war when we go to battle against the things of the enemy when we when people attack us or when spirit attack as he says we our fight is not a natural fight he said for though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh and he says in verse 4 for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal or not natural or not man-made he said but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of everybody said the word strongholds say that lasts a strong hose I want you to sense with me say I have strongholds that need to be torn down now I'm gonna define again for you what strong as are as we go forward this and in verse verse 4 he says verse 5 he says casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ what he just spoke of is your entire belief system he's speaking to believe us on a level that most of us in date today is math fact most churches don't talk about this we either have you shouting reading scripture quoting scripture or even doing some type of ministry whatever we don't talk to you about your soul so I wanted to find for you what a stronghold is because that's the first word that Paul mentioned a stronghold is an erroneous pattern of thinking that is lodged in your belief system that creates false narratives or false stories it would tell you lies so our strong goal is that your false belief that creates a false story that keeps you bound how the difference between just an erroneous thought and a strong whole is imma show you today how us of the false belief when it becomes a strong whole has arguments to defend itself in other words um the enemy does not have to defend the false belief you do it for yourself i'ma show you in scripture today how Jesus faced people like this all the time and God employed a method with people that I want to teach you how to employ with people yourself and also more importantly to employ with yourself what I find with believers is that we're quick to accept things about ourselves and say they're just as do i am but if you ever asked yourself why so this morning before i went back to bed a strong or unction came up for me to do a facebook post about forgiveness and i did this long facebook post my forgiveness and how sometimes you have you're faced with the challenge of forgiving people who are not sorry for what they did and that it's a process as a daily process that you have to go to do this now won't you follow me with this and people came and responded on the polls and some people inbox me about it but the different people just defending what is there defending their right to be unforgiving although they admit that their unforgiveness is causing them great emotional pain why would you defend something that's killing you you know my mother loved my mother and and I'm she I think for four decades my mother was the closest person to me when I'm 25 years ago my mother and I were in a conversation and I said to her she was sad she always did whenever we got on the phone no matter what we talked about the conversations segue back to my father now said to her mom you do realize that you've been divorced 20 years and she said so it still hurts I said because you won't forgive this was 25 years ago and by the Spirit of God help I said to my mother I self concern for you because if you don't forgive it's gonna do damage to you the last lucid conversation I had with my mother while she was going in and out of remembering things the last new sitcom session I had with her before she left was this I said mom you did this to yourself in a flash of lucidity she says to me in tears I know I began to cry out to God help her unforgiveness is no joke but when it becomes a stronghold what happens is it creates this false narrative has the false narrative I have to write to the Unforgiven to be unforgiving in this situation I have the right to hold us against them they deserve you watch this and no matter what you say to them it's just it becomes a stronghold the word stronghold is a word that comes from they used to define castles or castles a stronghold that it was a king stronghold where he would bees back in his throne room but there were gods on the wall to protect him from anyone that would advance against him military bunkers where we were we go go and bunker ourselves in against I'm bombs and gunfire these military bunkers are called strongholds it's a protected place so that no one could come advanced against you it is something that when your thoughts your your your very trauma that you experience through years of experience are being protected by your own belief system from God's deliverance God can't deliver you because the false belief that you have is creating the fault narrative that's keeping you in pain is protected by you arguing against God as to why his hand should not touch what pains you so what I want to do and I wish I had to scream but we don't so y'all bear with me as much as you can I want to take you through this so so your belief system I told you I taught you is your worldview is the way you see the world is the lens through which you see the world it is shaped by we said four things real quickly number one your environment the environment that you raised and shaped your belief system number two all the repetitions information that you heard over and over again throughout your lifetime especially in the first eight years of your life shaped your belief system what you believe number three every voice of a significant other whether a parent or coach and friend it could be a rapper that you like or or act on television it could be whatever you consider to be significant to you has impacted and shape shape your belief system and number four your belief system shaped by experiences these powerful things call experiences shape your belief system but you must understand about your own life is that the Bible says that your fearfully and wonderfully made in verse four of this verse fibra the Paul says on the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and verse four oh but it might be to go out to the pull ups of strongholds and he said it's casting down imaginations imaginations but if you look at the word imaginations carefully the word images in there i'ma tell you why it's why image or the word image is a part of the imagination it's really imagination because we are created by God you and I created by God that every time you hear a word you process it through pictures if you stop long enough to think about it every time you hear a word regardless of what word it is you put a picture with it when is the right picture enough okay so I like to do these little illustrations to show you how powerful your mind is so imagine that you're leaving a concert now what I just said that everyone saw them seven leaving a different kind of concert depending what I you like if you have to Garth Brooks you just left the country concert if you if you enter what if you enter whatever rapper you just left the rap concert you if you enter gospel you got it alena concert when you walk out the door you find yourself on a red carpet and at the end the red carpet there's on a stretch limo how do you see that I need you to respond hum you see that okay at the end of the stress red carpet as a white stretch limo and then the windows are tinted and it comes out real slow looking at at you is is a poodle he's pink with blue polka dots you look at him like what in the world he pulls his glasses down and he smiled when he smile you see diamond grills how many of you see that now honey you know that that will never happen to you in this lifetime and it does happen the stuff that you popped that Molly that you took got you high here's that here's the reality that will never happen but an amazing that just through my words you saw it the way God designed you is whenever you hear word you see a picture so he said if I'm going to go after a Strongbow which is a false or erroneous pattern of thinking the false belief that's being protected by false narrative he said I'm gonna go after that I have to cast that every picture that I've ever seen in my mind that the devil Trey if you forgive that person then you'll leave yourself exposed and they gonna get away with it that picture right there needs to be cast down cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God well you don't know how it made me feel that's a high thing I'm sorry pastor just 2 a.m. that's a high thing every proud arrogant thing that come out of your soul cast it down his recent he said bringing every thought captive into the obedience of Christ when I thinking I grab it I say that it's not right do you know what's what I found amazing a lady wrote me recently here's what she said she said pastor she said I'm no longer a member Enzi see I sure do miss your teaching my question was where are you well you know I don't know I don't what do I know she I just can't bring myself to come into the church why well you know how people are wait peace this conversation together she said to me you're teaching help my life it bless me I miss the church I can't come back why you not people are what what is not like the other no Sesame Street is you say one of these things what does what people how people are have to do with your spiritual growth but that is a strong hope that is that watches nothing as long as there's an argument to protect the bad negative behavior you listen it doesn't just work in one place the enemy would have you lying to yourself and setting up your lie in a shop called truth the sign on the door says truth any nothing about lies your entire life is built around this false belief this false system your worldview is off why because the strong rules in your life and so the way that Jesus helped people out of this was to do something that I had never seen an episode in scripture but I'd never seen people in life do it and so I said to myself art you'll have to do that show spent 37 chapters in conversation with for demonic friends actually three of them with demonic he became so frustrated that he started to say about God God doesn't know what he's doing yes I was a righteous man I want to audience with God the Bible says when God shows up to question job in job 38 job chapter 30 and drove chapter 39 listen to this God asked job 77 straight questions how many did I say when God saw that job's belief system was off God didn't tell him anything he asked him 77 straight questions that job could not answer 77 the question will war about cosmology that the questions were about oceanography the question was about or arm or astrology he asked him about oceans he asks about stars he asked about the foundation of the earth he asks about planets God want to know if since you know so much answer this question so I want to show you let me tell you why it's important that when I want this is what I want this church to do you're gonna self treat and every therapist and here just cringe when I said that but it's okay in order for you if a therapist will help you you got to start helping yourself here's what you're gonna start doing all these beliefs you have the fears matter fact false beliefs create fears we got it false belief creates offense false beliefs creates anger they create these narratives that tell you what I can I can't do this because or I should do this because I'm point to other people you got it I'm gonna show you something in the Bible it's a pattern where whenever God wanted to attack a stronghold in a person he would ask them a question in the crazy the one with all the answers when he wanted people to see that they were jacked up he asked him a question you know why you would do that he's a scientific psychological answer 95% of the decisions you make on a daily basis do not come from your head they come from your subconscious programming so this is a funny thing my wife and I are leaving the house every Saturday morning we have two routes well if we're not gonna be in Dothan we have to be either in Atlanta for communion city or Montgomery for safe harbor and there times I can tell she normally would drive when she's driving from a subconscious mind because when she drives my self conscious mind she will pass the turn from what we go on thinking she's going nother place this your kitchen seven said what am i doing we're going so so and it never bothers me because now I understand how to subconscious she's programmed she does it so much the subconscious mind said I got that and the subconscious mind 95% of the times will make a decision for you without you thinking you can do how many things you have you learn how to do your subconscious – taught you had to do so many things without thinking you're raising your children right now without thinking I'm telling how you know when dig when you get ready to celebrate a birthday or you going to the graduate he go the time pass so it didn't pass fast it's just that you spent most of the time not even thinking I just have an administrator when I started doing music again I was I had to switch my brain between music and ministry and whenever I would get ready to go on the stage when I when I was signed to Sony Music she would she put a note on on the picture she gave me a little actually had my list typed out for me and she put a sticky on it and the sticky would say stay in the moment and whenever I was see that I wonder what it's our ask was this me and she said you do so much that I need you to be thinking when you on that stage keep reminding yourself this is not ministry this is fun so she's an MEP this is that ministry this is fun she said cause when you're up there you act like you're missing for God to give you a word she says that are having fun with the gift he gave you and the stick he said stay in the moment the stick he said what that's why I need you to do I need you as God begins to excavate and change things in your life to be in the moment stop wait stop wasting this moment looking forward to that one when worship is going forward it's for you everybody says for me when God creates atmosphere it's for you when something happens when you cross paths a song it's for you God is trying to touch your life he's going after something on the inside of you I want to show you this quickly go on your bibles I just wished next week I promise I'm gonna do better when I get the screens but for now just take what you could get it okay now get this so I'm gonna give you a very worthy definition a prompt define every word a question is an interrogatory statement posed to another or to yourself in an effort to gain information or to gain under spot on the spot feedback on a particular topic the word in Roger Tori that's the word remember from school an interrogatory statement what does that mean interrupt the story what has how you remember it that what interrogatory comes from the word interrogate to law enforcement and interrogation is a way we go about finding the details of a situation to get less what is now a lawful confession some of the journey they're doing is not interrogatory but I digress so so an interactive service our question is what is now either God God began to interrogate Joe John was telling God all these things that he could have done he should have done it better and I didn't deserve this and I've served and God says to Joe where were you the first question got active job he said you know so much so God said where were you when I laid the foundation of the world it started there and it got deeper that's a simple one wasn't it he says you know so much tell me what makes Leviathan who he is what's the metric pressure of an alligator bite how deep of the oceans where's the foundation of the earth if you said I'm not talking about the 200 billion planets in one of my 200 billion galaxies I'm just talking about the won-yuan right now so your workload doesn't compare to my workload you know so much and when God was done you know job said God started with a questioning and him end of a question who is this the Darkin counsel with stupid questions and and job said it was me he said I thought I knew but I had no idea everybody I thought I knew but I had no idea so what I want to show you is where this pattern starts God's interrogatory statement but he starts questioning you you want to do something that you wanna do somethin real bad can't get above you ask yourself why do you want to do that I remember the Lord was dealing with me someone had done me wrong and I caught the person in the manipulation and when I caught them in the manipulation because they became angry at me and they decided to sever the connection with the church with the understanding that people would think I did them wrong there's a wicked ploy and when the whole thing shut down we lost 150 members and one day I was praying and God says what's this in your heart I said person didn't do me right and God says you and unforgiveness I said no I'm not I'm not unforgiveness I'm just hurt and God says you you're hurting cause you're unforgiveness and I'm going back and forth with God God says you're the only reason you hurt because you're under figured I said no they hurt me so and God says here's the thing he says here's my thing you never get free of this until you forgive me so he stops talking the next time God mentioned here's what God asks me he says why are you offended with this person he changes that his approach he says why are you offended my response to the Lord you saw it he did Gus's know I need you to articulate it and I said because they knew what they were doing and they did it anyway and when I got back to the root of it God says that's the problem the problem with you is you afraid of how it will make you look it's not what they did he said they didn't hurt you they hurt your pride watch this and if your pride wasn't there nothing would hurt listen to me if you could give it almighty a direct offering just turn up fol your dollar into a play and just fly it up to heaven you know and listen that thing got me free I start asking the right questions my focus shifted from the person to me see how this works now I want you to go in your Bible to Genesis chapter 3 so Adam and Eve have committed a sin and God now isn't is in the process of trying to get them get trying to get them back to balance questions force people to use the conscious mind and think in the moment that's why many when many of us when we offended um we need to ask ourselves questions we need to ask ourselves why am I doing this why am I like this by show of hands honestly how many of you have a difficult difficult time be honest forgiving put your hand up okay thank you it's much more than air do it again okay one more time that the third time everybody gonna respond yeah say yeah that's more yes if the first time it was this much there was this much the Saints needs encouragement to tell the truth in situations like this I don't mind encouraging you now I want to show you in Genesis chapter 3 when the Lord is dealing with this issue with Adam and Eve we know this we know it by heart but I want to show it to you okay the enemy has tricked them and look at verse 7 Genesis 3 verse 7 bar says the eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons right I'm reading King James and they heard the voice of the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife did what they hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden now watch this now everybody look at me what we learn from Scripture is that God is omnipotent he has all power God is omnipresent he's everywhere at the same time he's admission or Albanese science which means he knows everything how in the world do you hide yourself from someone that is everywhere and from someone that knows come on here so it's like a parent play hide-and-go-seek with a kid and the kid is hiding behind a curtain that you can see through the kid the parent wants to play along the kid figure he's doing something okay say I won know where Johnny is he's looking right at him I wonder if he's in this room this what God did look at the next verse the Bible says that God the bite was worse than my own 9 and the Lord God called to Adam and said what buddy does the first thing God said everybody together what'd he say he said where are tower where are you now if you think that God didn't know where Adam was you know you hear the thing I just said this question was not for God's knowledge whenever God asks you a question it's because he already knows the answer make an orifice one of the greatest most profound things Bishop Lake Holcombe said to me when he fathered me in the Gospels this he said the questions of God have more delivering power than the answers of men the questions of God have more power to save than the answers of men in other words when God asks you a question what he's going after is something that you will otherwise protect with an argument God never ask a question unless he sees a stronghold when God sees a stronghold but he sees that there's a belief in there that's being this being governed or protected by some strong argument imagination starts and reasonings God does not approach it with a statement and that's one thing we do wrong when we minister to unsaved people we come tell the view wrong so you ask some simple questions okay let me ask you question if you were born like that then why is your equipment not the way you said watch this because what they've done is come come up with these new terms you saw if you were so college for sociology right now there's some new terms you got to learn you know so what we do we attack people God never attacks what he does he moves us out of this subconscious thinking into a right now in the moment thinking he asked Adam he says where are doubt and and he said Adam said I heard their voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself what's this in that just a one question God got Adam to admit the truth look what he said look look at this the whole truth comes out he's he says he says I'm the more I heard your voice in the garden was that true help me out was that true I'm a true sir I was afraid was that true he says I was naked is that true he said I hid myself was that true from one question that God already knew the answer to God get him to admit four things and here's the thing you will know the truth and the truth is what's gonna bring you out of hiding and take the aprons off everybody say the truth how do we get the person to truth not by attacking them people will build walls when you attack them you build walls when people attack you and you build walls when you attack yourself what's this inverse what look at verse 11 and God said who told you you were naked I mean you know how many questions that God asked him now there's a second one God said who told you you were naked has thou eaten of the tree third question where ever I commanded you not to eat thereof so God acts two questions I noticed the first the first approach the first approach is God asking one question give him a chance to answer when he responds with four things God asked him two questions before he could answer one see that now look at this what where I stop okay and the man said the woman whom thou gavest to be with me she gave me the tree and I did eat watch this now watch this so God a God asked Adam who taught you a Nicky did you eat of the tree two questions Adam said I was good when you created me by myself but you saw fit to give me this woman and the woman you gave me when I was good she messed me up what does that do it reveals to God to think number one Adam is blaming me for situation he's also blaming Eve God who did not take it personally God says to him in the next verse the Lord said to the woman he turns from Adam he says okay I will come back to you he trusted a woman has me says to her he says what how many questions is there so far all together how many questions do you ask it's four we're at thou who told you and you're naked did you eat of the tree they touch the woman ask her what is this thing you have done and the end or what were mine and the woman said I am I am but verse I need my screams okay and the woman said the serpent beguiled me and I did eat question did a serpent beguiled her yes he tricked her did she eat notice God acts four questions for questions and found out the whole truth of the matter I want to share this with you it did not change the situation immediately but now at least we're dealing from a position of truth I want to point out something about the character of his questions none of the questions were intended to harm them none of the questions made him feel like if the answer this truthfully there being trouble the question was not what did you do to me God's like what happened to you most of the time when we asked the question it's all about us but in this situation God want to say I need you to see what's happening with you here's the truth cuz I already know I already see your feet sticking i from behind the curtain I knew you were here when I walked in the room that's why I walk in the room where's Johnny cuz I saw you I came walking I said my voice in the garden of the cool in the day cuz I saw what you had done I felt it everything shifted when you did it here's the thing when I'm next week by the grace of God I'm gonna take off all the way through scripture I'm gonna show you all these questions if you think this is a coincidence and I just showed you all through scripture when when or I'm sorry when Moses stood before the burning bush God says him take off your shoes you took off his shoes here's what God says to him God is trying to get him to accept this purpose God says what is that you have in your and how many you know the almighty is not blind how many know he can see a little bit here's the thing what's that you have in your hand he said a rod Ezra gusset cast it down he threw it down Gus is not washes now pick it up by the tail Moses being a shepherd knows you don't pick up a snake by the tail but God was trying to show something if you take the tail I take the head what's this Moses thought about it he picked it up and it became a rod again it all began with a question why would God ask the question because God was trying to get Moses to accept his purpose I started this church no question I was a car back seat of a Cadillac small spring and a prophet said to me the Lord called you the pastor I said yes and the person said are you gonna do it I said no and has what the question was what will become of the Lord sheep I never thought about that said God has other people and she said what if God called you and he told you he wants you to take every sheep he give you dreams if you don't do it was gonna happen to the sheep I said I never thought of that and she said you need to excuse me I need my voice ok remind today's what comes out – so what God does with you what are you doing with you now is IMAX a simple question so someone hurt you you're grieving in a situation that you cannot seem to recover from here's my question to you why is it so hard to let this go don't talk about the other person I'm gonna change the question why is it so hard for you to let it go what's the root of this what are you working with what's the lie that's cycling in your belief system what's the false story that's another question suppose the people that the devil is trying to get you to hate are the people that God has called to help your deliverance suppose your pastor doesn't hate you suppose your church is good for you suppose your friends aren't talking about you suppose they just didn't show up because they had other stuff going on what would you do if you were in this situation isn't that question have you ever done that to people see the questions we ask someone say message I'm just disappointed you weren't there for me have you ever asked I wonder what else pastor got going on my kids didn't call me for Mother's Day are they wrestling with something are you asking the right questions so I want to leave you with this don't do this again next week I have a screen in a voice there couple scriptures that come to mind one is the story of Sarah the Bible says that she is in the tenth God comes to visit Abraham and God says to her to Abraham at this time next year your wife will have a child you know she did she laughed and when she started to laugh the Lord heard her and here's what the Lord acts Abraham he said why is Sarah laugh and Abraham just sat there frozen and Sarah said I didn't laugh and the Lord looked past Abram said but you did the access question is it anything too hard for God he said the appointed time next year you're gonna have a son when he brews 11 and verse 11 and 12 documents this story is what the Bible says the Bible says my faith Sarah received strength to conceive because she judged God faithful that promised in that moment when she laughed instead of God condemning her he's asked a simple question that's what he asked her why did you laugh you know what it did to her they made her think why did I laugh and she said you know what because I'm too old God says is there anything too hard for the Lord in that moment that question was like and she said to herself if anybody could do it if anybody could do it if anybody can do it and Hebrews 11 says she received strength in that moment to conceive because she judged him faithful I'm gonna tell you something I believe that if you don't allow the Lord to question these narratives than you you're gonna waste your life you're gonna waste your life worrying about people who moved on you're gonna waste your life hurting in places that God want to heal you he became a voice just listen to my expression God is calling you to question yourself why are you still single what is thinking that nobody wants you why are you offended again why why are you taking him back to court why why are you gonna put in that resignation again you've done this before if you're growing then what are you doing and why are you gonna sit in church again and hear invitation and not respond ask yourself if I keep doing this what is out don't wanna be questions everybody some questions say it again question I need about five more seconds of my voice to say this Jesus always asks questions that's the man do you believe I could do this man said yes yes another man do you want to be made whole he's asking you do you want to change what's your answer maybe the best I'm tired miss cycle I wanna have some people pray for you if you have courage courage

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