Puja Sharma’s misconceptions about Islam gone following Dr Zakir Naik’s lectures [Urdu /Hindi]

Posted By on October 13, 2019

My name is Puja Sharma and I am
a clinical data co-ordinator Today I got opportunity
to say to thank you I have been following you
since one and half years the misconception regarding Islam and
Muslims that I have perhaps are gone now you mentioned some
verses from the Quran there is a common thing written in Gita, Quran,
Bible or other holy scriptures from my thinking that Do your duities Don’t tell a lie, don’t kill anyone unjustly one guy told that religion
causes so much riots and choas But I don’t for that reason even
I agree with you Dr Zakir Naik because I read a little bit much and as
far as I know therere is no wiritten in Islam that we say that most of the
terrorist are muslims. it’s not true Islam tells that if you kill an
innocent you are not a muslim anymore Islam doesn’t tell to kill anybody
for being Hindu or Muslim I would like to thank you, Dr Zakir Naik. I had
many confusions and most of them are cleared off thank you JazakAllah (may God bless you)
the sister told she has been following my lectures for one and half years.
Alhamdulillah, now she believes that Islam is a true religion Islam doesn’t spread hatred and
doesn’t allow to kill innocents in sha Allah I will pray for you sister,
Please read the translation of the Quran in sha Allah it will draw you
closure to your Rabb (Maker or God) in sha Allah I pray to Allah to
give you guidance I request volunteers to give her a copy of the Quran with
translation in Hindi or English in whichever language she wants I pray for you. Please read the translation of the holy Quran
and you will get more guidance in sha Allah. JazakAllah thank you

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  1. This man soon in jail because of Congress he became like this he use to give huge donations to Cong now everything came in public domain he gives money to non Muslims to attend his meetings so that he could make fun of other religions now Allah is giving justice like bin laden gone he will also gone from the world

  2. SEE BIBLE =EZEKIEL 5:5=Thus saith the Lord GOD; This is Jerusalem: I have set
    it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her.

  3. Thank you for sharing this video with us in here, I wish if you will be able to put translation in English for us who does not speek the Urdu language

  4. Islam is a religion of tolerance that encourages us to respect other religions and calls for the oneness of God and non-abuse of non-Muslims and respect for the customs and traditions of other religions. Respect for the rights of non-Muslims and non-harm to non-Muslims and faith in heavenly religions as Judaism and Christianity

  5. जाकिर नायक का बना हुआ भाषण

  6. 1.why hindus and christian are not terrorist no2. all the people askiing questing are surrounded by muslim people repeated why always they tell negative about other religion not islam as we can see all terrorist or criminal people belong to them first tell them and them them and convert others hindus plz remember shivaji maharaj is our last paigambar.(living god) shame on you plz dont convert born hindu,christian live as god gave you

  7. Apni bat ko pehle socho ki ye shi he nhi he tum rasta bhul gai ho ye kamina batka rha he koi khuda nhi he sare jahan me om om om om om om hi he is sansar me

  8. Yes ..one day king bhoj went to mecca.. in dream lord shiva said that u leave from mecca today only bcoz demon tripurasur has taken birth in the form of muhhamed prophet ..and starting one hellish religion to destroy humanity..who will cut thier penis,big beard,merciless and kill animals..
    Bhavishya puran ..pratisarg part 3 text 5 to 27. U can read.
    But this fool naik has mould this text ..to mislead ..fool people and taking everyone hell..
    So beware this islam is demons..
    Not religion.. NO roots only nonsense.. no heart when kill innocent animals
    This rascal naik mould vedic scripture to people and become famous..
    Chant hare krishna and be happy

  9. All Hindu And Christian Will Go To Jahannum If They Not Bealive Allah And Allah's Rasul Mohammed (S.A.W)

  10. Dr, zakir I love you ,I belong to Pakistan , you are a gift for all the people in the world Allah keep you save and healthy ,Aameen.

  11. actually peaple who are unaware about the tenets of Saharan dharma which we call hindu dharma are gullible for such misleading propaganda…there nothing superior than Sanatan dharma…zakir baba do not know what is it…he is a ignorant person.

  12. In this universe not even sing person to define Veda this veda even much older then Quran plz search on Google some line of veda to translate in English it must be wrong. as Hindu I want to justify that in Hindu we have caste system their for bramin. only define Veda own family .

  13. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣👌


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