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when he is not working he loves to hike with his kids and drink rap Gareth this way welcome it's Ryan Park [Applause] so I never imagined that I would become known as the drag queen guy so this story starts three weeks ago like three actual weeks ago so this just happened so I was sitting in my office at home and I was drinking coffee and I was on Facebook and I was kind of dreaming and imagining that the summer would be this like relaxing kind of summer and I have planned this series throughout the entire summer for worship that would be really easy and I could kind of last minute do parts of it and take some time off and as I'm sitting sipping my coffee I see on Facebook that the local library has planned a drag queen story out the drag queen story hour is the idea that drag queens read age-appropriate stories to children about how wonderful it is to be different and loved no matter what and as I was sort of moving on to my second sip of coffee an alert came up that said warning dryclean story time under attack by a Southern Poverty Law Center known hate group that was now calling the library and the City Hall to scream and employees to get rid of the drag queen story our and so I went downstairs and I started to put on my shoes because the library's two blocks from my house and as I was putting on my shoes I got a notification on Facebook that dry-cleans story time had cancelled by the mayor and I'm paraphrasing but he said keep that out of my town so I walk yes so I walked over to the library and what my intention was is I was sure I was going to be the only pastor that was walking into the library to sort of console people and just be present while they're being screamed at and I walked in the front door the library and I walked to the desk and there was one librarian behind the desk and she was on the phone and so I stood there and I waited you know as you do when someone's on the phone and I heard her say yes I know I'm sorry yep yes yes and she pulled the phone away from her here and she did that I heard the man on the line screaming at her and she slowly and awkwardly sort of hung up the phone and she looked me in the eye and she said I don't know what to say and then she kind of regained herself a bit and she said how can I help you today and I said I play a room rental application because in that moment I decided that I wasn't gonna allow the children of my community to receive the message that they are not welcome here and I wasn't gonna let there receive that message and so I was going back to know that she she reached down and pulled out the paper form and handed it to me and I began to fill it out and she started typing on her computer and she said well would you like to do this event and I told her and she was like what we do have been opening that day and then she said to me and what will the name of the event of me and I said oh well my church is gonna host a drag queen storytime [Applause] and so she looks at me and she goes it's a it's polite to laugh but it's not funny kind of laugh and she goes Hut no seriously and I said no seriously so over the course of the next two weeks things changed it kind of went viral in 48 hours we've got 46 thousand views on our Facebook account local media picks it up national media picked it up the Christian Broadcasting Network called me an apostate [Applause] it got scary fast it got scary fast you guys I got really really really scared because the death threat started and they were descriptive and they were terrifying and over the course of those two weeks I got daily 8 a.m. phone calls from lieutenant Muller which mother seemed funny but I got from lieutenant Muller and in 8 a.m. and every morning he would say good morning pastor how are you and I would say I'm well how are you and he would say fine have you received any new credible death threats today and and often I had and later over the course of the two weeks at some point I asked that question that I I knew that I didn't want to ask but I asked him and I said when he said to me have you received any new credible death threats I said well have you received any credible death threats and he said you don't want to know so it got really scary and then this happened the day before the events the drag queen that we had background checks and that we had interviewed texted me and said so sorry have to work can't come so we pivoted and decided to call it the SAR live in Leander the lander family pride event and story time and we had readers from archers lined up I'm a project ready to go parents of queer kids ready to do the stories so the morning of the event I pissed off my wife because I'm a jerk sometimes but I'm well-intentioned and in the morning I said to her I need you to not come to this event because we have three kids and if I die they'll get over it but if you die then we've changed their entire lives and she looked me in the eye and she said how dare you put that with me and she was right she said I have stood with you this entire time and you're telling me not to go I go so then I called my mom and I said hey mom if I die will you move will you move into my home and raise my children and I mustered like every piece of like faith calm that I could find to have this like calm conversation with my mom and my mom in an uncharacteristic way uncharacteristically calm way say yeah I'd love to do that [Applause] right right before we left to go to Lee and her family Pride Festival and story time I got a call from lieutenant Muller who said pastor do not park your car in the parking lot I can't secure it and I can't keep you safe I need you to be dropped off outside of the library I said okay I can make that happen and he said I once tell you I am afraid for you and I said okay so my next-door neighbor and my best friend is a red pickup truck driving Trump supporter and so he and my wife and his gun got in his car and it was sort of perfect because nobody expects the progressive pass you could drive up in a red beat-up pickup truck and the police stopped traffic and I and my wife got out of the car and the police in a huddle ran us through 200 Nazis and Christians and loaded ar-15 carrying protestors who were screaming Bible verses at us and then we ran through 200 clear drag queen pride flags singing counter-protest rats we walked through metal detectors and went into the room and over the course of the next 45 minutes I mobilized my church to greet people and be happy and we got people into the room through the sounds of metal detectors going off as people kept trying to carry weapons into the room I think mostly well intentioned in the sense of defending themselves and I was asked questions and I don't know how to answer the police were looking to me for direction that I couldn't give and the event happened and in the midst of it kids were giggling and laughing and parents were crying with tears of joy and the whole time I stood ready for people to stand up and start protesting in the room the police and I had discussed what would happen I would have to signal to them in a visible way for them to remove someone from the room which I didn't want to do and the the event ended and I heard behind me this voice that said sir sir sir and I turned and I said what and it was this little girl in a tiny wheel and an hour earlier I and several other people had carried her up the stairs of the library because the protesters had blockaded the ran into the rail and she said sir sir and I said what and she said do you like my hair and I said sure and she said I got it cut just for this and it was the first time in two weeks I took a breath it was the first time in two weeks I inhaled and I said it looks lovely and she said well I wish it was short like yours and I touched my hair and I said I think that would be lovely and she said thank you sir and it was the first time in two weeks I look at my eyes and I looked around and there were a hundred and thirty children and their parents in that room laughing and hugging and finding a place to be themselves for the first time in the history of that community it was pointed [Applause] you

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this story. It is just one more example of how love always wins out. Good triomphs over evil every time. We lgbt people need to keep fighting for our rights. Happy pride everyone, and Praise God for everything he’s done for gay rights!


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