Protestant Men – Padraig Mor

Posted By on May 31, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. Its comments like some on here that make me pray for a independent Scotland to get away from all this religious pish from hypocrites that don't even go to there churches. I know we have them but at least we'll get away from other countries bigots.

    The Protestants in the south are the ones who enforced the penal laws and planted Ireland in the first place. Saying they have nothing to do with England is a very stupid exaggeration. thats like saying African Americans have nothing to do with Africa. Where the feck do you think they came from? Eejit

  3. Provisional Sinn Féin are not even the real Sinn Féin organisation. Did they not break the rules of the Sinn Féin constitution in 1986 by recognising the Free State?

    Support Republican Sinn Féin for a free anti sectarian Ireland.

    Free State sellouts can't get freedom through Stormont and they cannot even pass a gaelic language act!


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