Prophetic Word & Prayer: The God of Upgrades

Posted By on December 9, 2019

Good morning, I am Talking softly so I don’t wake up my little two-year-old daughter But I have a word this morning for you guys. Sorry if it’s a little bit dark in here and But as some people are hopping on I’m going to pray and And then I’ll hop into this word that God just gave me just now I’ve been up for a little while My husband has started leaving for work like 650 so I got up at 6 and made him breakfast and was in the word and I had had a dream during my fast that I felt like was Well, is it extremely clear exactly what God was getting across as dreams Sometimes you have to figure him out, but it seemed like he was telling me to do these morning lives. So so I’ll be getting on in the morning again and Although I’m not locking in to five days a week because I am getting my body in order. I’m just chatting a little bit why some people are hop on and get my body in order to get pregnant again and One of the things mentioned to you guys is I am fighting against fatigue which I’m doing really good I went to the gym again yesterday. I’m taking all these new supplements But my word for today is the god of upgrades. This was written in my Bible from a while back and But I’m gonna pray why some people are jumping on because it’s a short word so I don’t want to have to keep repeating it so if you’re just seeing me for the first time on YouTube, I’m Emily Rose Lewis and Founder of Emily Rose ministries and Kingdom living Academy here in Herndon, Virginia and I’m in full-time ministry I am a mother of the 23 year old a two year old and a wife of a wonderful husband named Dave I said good morning guys. Good morning. I love you guys I’m excited to release this word father. God, I pray that you would bring us exactly what it is in your heart Lord I believe this is a word to encourage your people to help your people To learn how to see from you the good and perfect gifts that come from heaven that come from a hand of a loving father Lord you said every good and perfect gift comes down from the god of heavenly lights and whom there are no shifting shadows You are constant. You are steady You are stable what you’ve done for me what you’ve done for the least of these What you have done by proving your word time and time again To your faithful Saints you will do by proving your word to whoever is faithful to you Whoever walks by your word will find it to be true You know, you might have tried got out you might have, you know, tried living a certain way But you know anybody who walks it out? For any length of time will tell you God’s Word works. It is true It is true every single time He doesn’t exist in time like we do so if you’ve only done something for a little while You might have to do it a little while longer and a little while longer because God’s timing is in our timing with things But you don’t want to be there scripture that says don’t be weary in well-doing because in due season You will reap if you don’t faint and give up oak. I know I waited I got saved when I was 24 I actually got saved when I was five But I’ve rededicated my life to the Lord at 24 got filled with the spirit and went hard after him ever since so that is going on 20 years at the beginning of 2020 that I’ve been walking with the Lord very seriously pursuing him and it was 16 years I’ve waited for a husband. It’s a long time. I didn’t wait perfectly the first eight years and But thus the second eight years I waited very Entitled purity. But anyway, so I’m gonna read the scripture what this prophetic word comes from, okay So if you guys are taking notes, I know many of you getting ready for work So I pray that you have a blessed and wonderful day that you have joy that you have peace that when you go into a room you shift the atmosphere don’t allow the Atmosphere to shift you Cover yourself another lot of Jesus before you go out into the world cover yourself before you get your kids up Cover yourself at the blood of Jesus wherever you are put up that shield of faith, which punches all the fiery darts of the enemy Understand and know that if you are sensitive to the spirit you are going to be sensitive through the things that are going on in people the demons that are around you the atmosphere and You’ve got to hide yourself in the secret place This is just a mossad because I still think some people are coming on before I do the quick prophetic word and it is fairly quick Hide yourself in a secret place pray God send angels to surround you Plead the blood of Jesus over your mind will and emotions settle yourself down in the name of Jesus Which the Bible says is a strong tower the righteous run into it and Arcite. You’ve got to put your faith up That is the shield. That is the shield. That’s the Would you call it the offensive weapon or defense? I’m not sure But it’s the one that keeps the enemy from being able to reach you with his arrows. So put your faith up there Okay, I’m gonna read the scripture here the god of upgrades Isaiah 60 Oh Jesus Ostara verse 16 you will drink the milk of Nations and be nursed at royal breasts God is the all breasty one. That’s one of his names He is the one when his children cry out he has provision that just begins to pour If you’ve been a breastfeeding mother and your children cry out your provision, it hurts you not to give to them Okay, so we need to get a hold of this aspect of God as the all breasty one Isaiah 60 16 you will drink the milk of Nations and be nursed at royal breasts Then you will know that I the LORD am your Savior your Redeemer the Mighty One of Jacob Okay, now really pay attention to these verses here Good morning. Good morning Instead of bronze I will bring you gold Instead of bronze I will bring you gold and silver in place of iron instead of wood I will bring you bronze and iron in place of stones. I will make peace Your governor and well being your ruler Okay, I’ll stop there He’s upgrading no matter where you are That’s awesome. Nancy said she read this last night no matter where you are. God is a God of upgrade Let me read this again. And then I’m gonna dig in a minute. You will drink the milk of Nations and be nursed at royal Breasts just pause and think about this for a minute We are God’s children the Sheep of his pasture there is nothing that we need that he cannot meet and it is God as I gotta upgrade so wherever you are you got to walk this out and it’s incremental a Little bit at a time a little bit of a time a little bit at a time. He will upgrade your life he will upgrade you spiritually into next levels of glory next levels of wisdom next levels of power as You allow him to develop your virtue He will upgrade you and then natural with favor favor becomes an upgraded thing a little bit at a time as you learn to walk in the level favor that you have a little blessing that you’ve had your gratitude is Key, your faith is key that the keys that unlock the door to these upgrades I’m releasing them to you if you are full of fear if you are grumbling and complaining and if you Have doubt and unbelief Repent from your sin because those things are sin I’m just gonna tell you guys if you are a complainer if you were a grumbler if you Grumble against God if you grumble against your spouse if you grumble against your kids if you just grumble and complain at your job It’s a sin that needs to be repented of and I’m telling you this because I want this word to work for you. Okay? So grumbling and complaining if you’re full of doubt and unbelief and fear repent you know, what do you do with your unbelief of fear You don’t just sit around thinking about your childhood and how this happened and you know, go to therapy non-stop You might have to think about that stuff and work through that soul stuff, certainly But fear and unbelief our sin and the way that we deal with sin is repent That means we recognize that our fear and our unbelief as sin nailed Jesus To the cross and he had to suffer criminal’s death because of our fear and our unbelief And our grumbling and complaining there’s sin I Wouldn’t even planning on saying all this but I want people to get free so they can walk into this upgrade I mean if you’re getting off because of this you’re missing it you’re missing out on the the sweetness of this word Then you will know that I the LORD am your Savior and Redeemer the Mighty One of Jacob Instead of bronze I will bring you gold. So if you’re in the bronze phase God’s can get ready for some gold bronze is a mix you have some golden and some iron I think and Silver in the place of iron instead of wood I will bring you bronze and iron in the place of stones Will make peace your governor and well being your ruler how many more people want well-being to be their ruler How God even jumped this on me this morning? I didn’t even know I was gonna get on here My floor squeaks whenever we take a shower and this more time like that is so Loud, it’s gonna wake the baby and I came downstairs and there was like like this spot on the Ceiling that I noticed months ago, and I said has this always been here We’ve only lived in this house a little about a year and a half and I’m like I don’t remember seeing it when we bought the house and then I look and there is Clearly new wet spots on our kitchen Wall some of where showers above that and I’m hearing my husband creaking creaking creaking in the shower now and This is not kudos to myself This is how the Lord said you got to share this because I’ve gotten to this place in God when stuff like this happens We’re in a financial squeeze right now we just donate it every day, and I’m like I Wake up saying it’s something good. It’s gonna happen today God’s got good things for me And I also put in heaven orders as I have desires that come up as I have needs that come up I I pray about them if it’s something that is just a desire of my heart I place it before the Lord and I say I’m putting in my heaven order I say it Lord. I put in my heaven order and event this house has really really old or I mean the bathrooms are from the 80s or whenever when a house was made they’re yellow and just really why and So I had actually walked into a bathroom Store where they redo bathrooms and stuff last year when we first moved here Looked at the different designs talk to him about how much it cost and then put my heaven order it And I haven’t thought anything about it I thought you know yours down the road we’ll do that We got there’s things we got to do first. I was not the top of my list but now our Bathtub is clearly ruining our ceiling and do you know like there was no fear no dread No, what are we gonna do? It was like Bing Bing Bing. I knew God was saying we’re gonna have to redo that bathroom. I don’t have the money to read you Right now, I don’t know that And I don’t care that I don’t have it because I know like we’re gonna not be able to take a shower in that Bathroom and the guest bathroom the shower head is broken And so I’m like I gotta get that showerhead fixed in the guest bathroom Otherwise, we’ll just be taking baths, which I’m fine with but my husband wouldn’t want to do it. And so You know, I had called around about getting the showerhead fixed for the guest bathroom Like this could be actually that The spout won’t pull up so they have to change out the thing and he’s like he might have to saw it off it could cost Oh five six hundred dollars maybe even upwards he said he doesn’t he’d have to look at it and I’m like I didn’t do it and Long story short I’m sitting there make a breakfast and my faith rose up that I’m gonna have I had total faith that I’ve got to redo this bathroom I don’t know how We’re gonna do redo this bathroom when we’re not showering out of that again until we redo it now Some people will be like, well, I’m just gonna have you know I’m like, I’m praying that we don’t have to redo the sheetrock and it doesn’t cost a bunch of extra money But the faith just drop didn’t I was cooking my husband breakfast faith like total solid faith And that’s how we received from the Lord is barfy. I’ve got to read you that bathroom We’re gonna redo it and it’s gonna happen soon. And then I almost like immediately thought I’ve got work to do in the other bathroom to knock her in it It’s not this kind of work where they’re in to pour out of shower But I’m like, I think I’ll believe for both bathrooms to be redone And this is because I’ve read these verses and because I’ve walked with God for 20 years The reason why people don’t end up having the face for these kind of things and when bad stuff happens They immediately start complaining go I said Things good, we’re gonna happen and immediately. There’s downturn I get all like this is the UM You know the response of a faithless person an unbelieving person when bad things happen And I pray for my marriage to get better and he’s just gotten worse you know when that kind of stuff happens that is when you Allow your character to be developed even greater And you say you know how prayed God’s faithful My husband’s getting worse, which means God’s dealing with them. Yes he might be resisting God daily with oh my God is dealing with him and it’s just a matter of time and I’m gonna keep my faith up, but I’m going to keep my house up hope up and I’m gonna talk about the scriptures in my heart About God bringing justice, and I’m gonna continue to love him well And I’m gonna speak well of him to other people and I’m gonna build him up and I’m gonna continue to sow seeds of unconditional love and grace towards him and my goodness the harvest that is coming back to me is Intense. I’m walking in this I’m not just making up this example Yeah Like I’m telling you it works faith works faith works Unbelief doesn’t work grumbling doesn’t work faith Positive faith filled thoughts and it’s not just like a new-agey thing. It’s a my God Says in his words, you will drink the milk of Nations and be nursed at royal breasts. I’m a daughter of the king I’m a daughter of the king my kitchen Ceiling is gonna fall through my bathroom. I placed I hold on I went in and actually put in my bathroom order it’s coming It’s coming. I don’t know and here’s the other thing. You don’t have to know you put your faith out there Then you spend time as presents ask him for strategy. If he doesn’t tell you anything, you don’t have to strain yourself You know Trying to rip things from heaven slang claims. I’m playing my mind my mind plain. You just make the claim You just put it out there. You speak it. My bathroom is coming You don’t get new bathrooms, you know, like this is coming people strain themselves Trying to to prophesy over situations. That’s not God like I could say I Know how my bathroom is gonna come and then I make an idea in my head and then strain myself trying to wrestle something Out of the natural realm that isn’t how it’s gonna come at all, you know, and so you gotta be careful It’s not necessary to strain yourself Flowing in the spirit. Yes, you stand. Yes, you pray. Yes you claim But you don’t have to strain yourself. You know what I’m saying? Like faith doesn’t have to pop veins out of their head trying to wrestle something from somebody God is a good God think about him as it’s all breasts d1 because that’s one of his name’s you know My baby doesn’t have to scream and punch it my breasts to nurse. She looks like it. Just just do it trust that it’s coming So that’s all I got to say if he caught this later go back and listen to it I think I’ve kept it short enough that you should be able to do that and Now the next time something bad happens when you’ve been praying and standing in faith get a different heart attitude don’t complain stand in faith And trust that God’s gonna do it all have a testimony for you guys. I don’t know if you remember back in June Um, God gave us a new roof right after had said I had prophesied somebody’s gonna knock on your door with blessing from the Lord And they knocked on my door and said I think I’d get you a new roof and I was like go for it and try I got my my red roof on I got my red roof on in my house doesn’t match it at all I did it by faith cuz like Mouse isn’t the same color that I need for the red roof And I said, I know it will do we’ll paint the shutters And so I was trying to build up the faith to even get the rooh because it cost several thousand dollars from us and I remember Walking in the neighborhood and like the time was run I only had six months and I saw a guy painting shutters. And so I went and got his phone number Because I want to end up painting the house, but I thought you know what if I can even paint the shutters I’ll go ahead and get my red roof So we’re gonna shut errs painting for like 150 bucks the color that will make our roof a little bit more matchy and then we’ll paint the house whenever God How’s that half and it’ll be fine with the shutters? But anyway, I’m talking about my purse like here. I love you guys. Oh my goodness Well, I’m praying for I’m praying for everybody on here and you guys send your prayer requests to me through email and I’ll Tag that to our prayer team you guys are being blessed by this ministry. Please consider partnering with us we have rent here and Operating expenses we do outreach for the homeless Going Africa, so there’s a lot of good things that are going on that Require the support of those that are being blessed by this ministry so I have I Love you guys. I’m a great steward of what what God puts in my hands and and if you If you put on there, this is for Africa or this is for the homeless outreach. It’s designated for that otherwise, you know people who partner with us that’s for our operating expenses and Rent and bills and everything for the ministry. Love you guys. See you later

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  1. help me in prayers please.
    I helped a guy some money ad he was in need. He said he would pay back. It's almost one and half years. I'm suffering and I'm blank.
    can I go the court? Is it ok in the sight if God? I'm helpless and I'm unable to fulfill my needs.
    please help me with prayers.

  2. No kidding, God show me my future wife 11 years ago and I’m still waiting to do my assignment as a spiritual teacher and my wife. I will be 100 in 47 years. Would someone pray for this guy (me ) . Thank you.

  3. We need to redo our shower we've been using the guest bathroom too. We just bought this house in August. We bought this house by faith and we had faith and favor for the sale of our house that we sold.

  4. You are one of the most scripturally accurate prophetic voices I have come across, including the "big names" lol (whatever that means). I feel like I always leave these kinds of comments for you haha, but I pray that they get to your heart. I know you don't know me personally, but there is a depth to you that really feeds my spirit. I don't receive this kind of layered depth very often. Your relationship with God and your knowledge of His word deep in your heart is tangible to me. I listen to your videos multiple times and trust you. I pray that people will see and understand this more about you, and not just take for granted the things that you share. You have a depth that the body of Christ desperately needs. I pray for radical increase for you and your family, so that you see signs and wonders and that all of your wildest dreams are surpassed for His glory, amen.

    Thank you,

  5. I needed to here this and now, TY. Concerning the leaky shower, make a small window where water is leaking, follow the water leak and find source. Take a picture and post on channel, God will provide plumber. Fixing holes in drywall is not a big deal. Easy fixes🙏🏻

  6. Wow, we have so many repairs and 4 kids with a financial squeeze going on. Just so happens we had a leak in our bathroom too and the floors are ruined. I've been praying for a year for funds to redo our bathroom. LOL thanks Lord for the exact words I needed today through Emily Rose Lewis! Thanks for being obedient Emily!

  7. Emily-Rose Lewis did you know YouTube is shutting accounts down December 10, 2019. All those who do not have a thousand and more followers will have their YouTube accounts shut down. If your account is shut down are you planning another account to open at another web sight?


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