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Hey everyone
Welcome back to Tender Mercies. Today I’m here to share a prophetic dream with all of
you. I actually get quite a lot of dreams but I usually forget them or I forget to write
them. And recently I saw a tweet from Nia-cerise
that you should write your dreams because that’s what God has commanded us. And that’s
one of the words in Bible in which he says we should write it.
So, that when something happens then we can connect the dots. So yesterday I had this dream which stood
out to me and I actually cannot forget about it. So here it is, We were telling our aunt about the lake and
how beautiful it is but she doesn’t know it. We were telling her about a lake which we
saw. The actual beautiful lake-I’ve already seen it in a dream before. (but actually it
was river) In that dreams we were calling it a lake. Me and another cousin of mine, we were telling
her about it. So when she didn’t know about it (the river) we tell her that it is near
our another aunt’s house and she has a big white room with brown and red furniture I
guess and when you open the door to the balcony you see a lake in front of you. And this was first, I’m going to tell you
the older dream which I got. I got to remember in this dream and I didn’t remember it then: At first the lake is normal blue coloured.
When I go downstairs, I see from where the river (or lake) is coming and then I see a
lot of people there filled with joy. When I go where they are, I see this beautiful
beautiful beautiful river flowing beside me as I’m walking. The water is crystal clear
and there’s a rainbow there. And I think I touched the water too because
it was so clean. There’s no way to describe the happiness I felt when I got there. A lot
of people were there too. Then I asked my father that I wanna go inside
the lake. He said we can’t go from here let’s walk up to there walk up a little distance,
people are already bathing there. And when we move forward, the whole scenery changes.
It’s not the beautiful lake anymore. It’s the normal riverside where the water is very
very unclean and people are bathing. And then I give up my choice of bathing im it and the
dream finished. And then this is the current dream which I
saw yesterday : When me and my cousin finish telling our Aunt about how beautiful the lake
is, we actually take her there. And then I see, that it’s not the same lake
anymore. The size has been reduced, the rainbow and beautiful red bricks around it are gone.
It’s just kind of a square shaped pool. The water was still crystal blue but not like
before. We kind of give our Aunt the reason that it’s not the season or something like
that. Then the whole family sits in a square around
the lake and we start to enjoy of what’s left. We ask my mom to come but she doesn’t. Because
she says it’s her fast. I remember vaguely that we were blaming another
family member for feeding it in my mom’s head that she cannot come here if she’s fasting.
The comes back (to us) but the whole thing is so different than the one I experienced
before. It was not the same joy anymore and even though I was with my family, I did not
feel it. I couldn’t feel it, the same joy that I felt when I saw that rainbow and the
beautiful river and the crystal clear water flowing beside me. So there are three interpretations that I’m
getting in my heart about this dream. Three feelings, it’s more like three feelings.
Three things that it could mean. First one: We exploited it. We ruined the
actual beautiful living water. And are still enjoying after completely destroying it. Second: The river denotes my life. The second
interpretation is more like a personal one. The river denotes my life. First it was all
good but right now it’s not my season so it seems like it is not beautiful anymore. But
the water is still clean and blue. The third one. This is the most important
one and this is what it actually means. I think, this is the main message that God wanted
to send to me or wanted to speak to me. The river denotes all of us Christians. First
we were flourishing and God was happy. The rainbow is a sign of his covenant with us.
But then we got lead astray and lost all the essence. We are not what we used to be. And
if that rainbow here denotes God and his love then now it’s not present, we don’t have it
(his presence in the church). Even the size has decreased and we have turned
selfish. And I feel that me and my family still enjoying means that we are not noticing
the situation. We are continuing the selfish acts and not even caring to look at the matter
like… How does it happen? What happened to the beautiful living water? RISE ABOVE THE SELFISHNESS CHURCH. This river
needs our care, we need to nurture it and bring back the Holy presence of God in it.
Bring back the rainbow around it, let it flow endlessly. This is what I’m feeling like… This feeling
is standing out the most. You need to understand that the church is not the same anymore. Many
of us have turned away from God and we already know that how many false prophets are coming
out these days. So we need to understand. We need to leave
this selfishness behind and pray and build this church again. And make it beautiful,
make it Holy like it once was. It’s like an awakening call and we need to
do it. We young generation need to do it because God is awakening us to do ‘something’.
This is what it means to me. And also, if any of you can interpret what
it means then please let me know.

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