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Assalamu-Alaikum! Walaikum As-salam! Are you ready for today’s story? Yes Baba! I’m going to tell you the story of
Prophet Yusuf (as) today! Prophet Yusuf (as)? Yes my son The story of prophet Yusuf (as) is the most detailed and fascinating
stories in the Quran. Now listen carefully. The Dream of Prophet Yusuf (as) Prophet Yusuf (as) was the son of
Prophet Yaqub (as) and Rahel. He had a younger brother named
Benyamin from his mother. Yaqub (as) had twelve sons in total. Prophet Yaqub (as) loved Yusuf (as) and Benyamin more than
his other children. This made the other brothers
very angry. One night Yusuf (as) had a
wonderful dream! He saw eleven stars in the sky,
and the sun and the moon, they were all bowing
down before him! The young prophet was quite
amazed by this dream! He wondered why stars bowed
before him. He didn’t understand the meaning, so he went to his father,
and told him about his dream “Father, I saw eleven stars, the sun
and the moon in a dream!” He told his father. “I saw all of them bowing down to me!” Yaqub (as) was a prophet, and he understood the
meaning of his dream, and he was very happy! “Allah (swt) has blessed you Yusuf”
The old prophet told his son. This dream means that you will be
given knowledge and prophecy!” Yaqub (as) was a wise and old man, so he knew that his other sons would not be
happy to hear about Yusuf’s dream. So he warned him “My son, do not tell any of your
brothers about your dream. They will be jealous of you, and
they will become your enemies. “No father, I will not tell them”
replied his son. But the young and innocent boy went and told his brothers about the dream. When the brothers heard about this,
they got really angry. “Why does our father love Yusuf
more than us?” asked one of the brothers “Maybe its because he is so beautiful”
replied another brother “Our father has gone astray”
said another “Why don’t we kill Yusuf, and get rid
of him?” asked another brother “Where would we kill him?”
asked the other “We should send him away to a distant land”
said another brother Then one of the brother said “There is no need to kill him
to get rid of him. Look here, let us throw him into
a well beside the road. He will be picked up by the travelers,
and they will take him as a slave to a distant land. He will disappear from
our father’s eyes, and that will serve our
purpose as well. Then the ten brothers went
to their father, and requested him to send Yusuf(as)
along with them. But Yaqub (as) was very afraid
for Yusuf(as). He knew that the brothers were
jealous of him, and that they did not love him. He refused at first. “Yusuf is our dear little brother”
said one of them. We are the sons of the same father, so what are you afraid of?” “Please send him with us”
said another brother “We will watch over him” “I fear the wolf may take him while
you are playing” said Yaqub (as) “Never” replied a brother. “How can the wolf eat him
when we are there, we are strong and we can
save him father” After a lot of compulsion
from the brothers, the prophet gave them permission to take
Yusuf(as) along with them. The next day, the brothers took Yusuf (as)
with them to the forest. They were very excited as they
could finally get rid of him! They walked through the forest and
went directly to the well, as they had planned They leaned over the well on the
pretext of drinking water. It was then that one of the brothers put
his arms around Yusuf (as) and held him tightly. Startled by this unusual behaviour, Yusuf(as) struggled to free himself! Then all the brothers joined,
and held him so that he couldn’t move. Then one of them removed his shirt. Together they lifted Yusuf (as) and
threw him into the deep well!! Yusuf (as) cried for help, and he begged
his brothers to save him. But the brothers shook their heads and paid no heed to the pleas
of their brother. Yusuf (as) was all alone in the
deep dark well. He was very scared
and he wept. It was then that Allah(swt) told him “Do not be sad,
do not be afraid. Allah is with you. Something great is going to
happen to you . Your brothers will come before you and you
will remind them of what they did. Yusuf (as) was saved by the
shallow water. He then clung to a rock ledge,
and climbed on top of it. The brothers then got together and said “what shall we tell our father?” Then one of them said “We will tell him,
You were right father, a wolf did eat him!” “Yes” the brothers agreed. “We will tell our father that
the wolf ate him” The brothers then caught a
ram and killed it. Then they took Yusuf (as)’s shirt and
dipped it in the blood. “now our father will believe us”
they said. The brothers came weeping
to their father. “Father” they said “We went running races, and left
Yusuf with our bags. But by the time we returned,
a wolf ate our little brother!” “Yes father” said another
“Look at his shirt” But Yaqub (as) knew that
they were lying. He was a prophet and a
very wise man. He knew that when a wolf eats someone,
it rips his clothes. But the shirt of Yusuf (as) was whole, and it had been only dipped in blood. That’s how the prophet knew that the
story of the wolf was made up! “This is a story that you have made up”
he said to them. “I am a patient man and
I will wait for my son” Yaqub (as) couldn’t sleep that night
and kept thinking about his son. It was a terrible time for Yusuf (as),
in that deep well, out in the wilderness,
hidden in darkness. It was a difficult time for both the
father and the son. A group of people were travelling to
Egypt through that wilderness. They were thirsty and
looking for water. When they saw the well, they sent a man
to bring them some water. The man came to the well and
let down a bucket. Yusuf (as) was happy when he saw the
bucket coming down, and he grabbed hold of it. As the man began to haul, he felt the load was
unusually heavy! When he peeped into the well, he was shocked to see a young man
clinging to the rope! He held the rope tightly, and shouted to his friends “Better give me hand fellows, looks like I found real treasure
in the well!” His companions rushed to the well, to pull the stranger holding
onto the rope! The men were startled when they saw
the handsome youth, beaming with an angelic smile! They knew that they would get a handsome
price for this young man, and money was all that
mattered to them. They immediately chained Yusuf (as),
and took him to Egypt, far away from his home Masha Allah! That was such a great story!! I’m glad you liked it They took him to Egypt, but I will tell
you that story tomorrow! Alright! Now are you ready for
the questions? Yes, I am! Now tell me who was the mother of
Prophet Yusuf (as) His mother was Rahel! That’s correct. Can you tell me about the dream that
the Prophet saw? In his dream, the Prophet saw eleven stars
in the sky, and the sun and the moon, and they all bowed down before him! That’s wonderful! Now tell me how the brothers got rid
of the Prophet The brothers of Prophet Yusuf (as)
was jealous of him. One day, they lied to their father, and took the Prophet
along with them. They dumped him in a well,
after removing his clothes And what happened after that? They dipped his clothes in blood, and showed it to their father, telling him that the wolves ate him! Masha Allah!
That’s the right answer! Now, for the last question. Tell me how was the Prophet
saved from the well A group a travelers came to the well to
get water, and they found him! Excellent! That’s the
right answer! That’s all for today, I will tell you the
remaining story tomorrow! Good night my son! Good night Baba!

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