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Animals: Assalamu Alaikum. Yusuf: Walaikum Assalam. How are you children? Animals: Alhamdulillah, we are fine. We like to hear prophet stories from you. Yusuf: Ok, Mashallah. That’s very good. The stories of the prophet are important for
all Muslims. Last time we learned the first part of Prophet
Musa (pbuh)’s story. Inshallah, today we will learn about the second
part of Prophet Musa (pbuh)’s story. Are you ready for that? Animals: Yessssss. Yusuf: Ok, let start. Bismillah. Allah (swt) show many miracle to evil Pharaoh. Yet he kept torture the Bani Israel. It was clear that Pharaoh would never believe
in Allah (swt) and Musa (pbuh). Finally, Allah (swt) told prophet Musa (pbuh)
to leave Egypt secretly with his people at night. People of Bani Israel prepared themselves
to leave Egypt and follow Musa and Harun (pbut). They didn’t know where to go at the night
time but Allah (swt) guided them to the Gulf of Suez. Because he had a different plan. That event known as Exodus. Pharaoh got the news about children of Israel. So Pharaoh became very angry and sent his
people to different cities to gather solders to join with him. Pharaoh repeatedly told them,
“They are a small group of people. They have made us angry but we are ready to
defeat them.” They were ready to catch the children of Israel
but they waited until morning to bring them back to slavery. This way Allah (swt) removed them from all
of their assets, the beautiful houses and gardens. On the other side, the Bani Israel were waiting
at the shore of Gulf of Suez. Animal: How many Bani Israel Joined with Prophet
Musa (as)? Yusuf: It was a huge gathering. Some historian say, more than 20 thousand
Bani Israel joined with him but Allah (swt) knows best. When they heard Pharaoh and his army were
coming to catch them, they became scared. Some of them even lost their patience and
faith on prophet Musa (pbuh). They were willing to surrender themselves
to the Pharaoh. For children of Israel, that moment was a
test for their faith in Allah (swt). In front of them was the Gulf of Suez and
behind them were their enemy, the Pharaoh and his strong army. It was a death trap for them. Prophet Musa and Harun (pbut) did not know
what to do. They were waiting for Allah (swt)’s guidance. In that difficult moment, Allah (swt) ordered
prophet Musa (pbuh) to hit the Gulf water with his stick. Then one of biggest miracle happened in the
time of history. A strong wind blew, the sun became brighter
and the water parted. Gulf water stood like mountains to make a
dry path through the sea. Prophet Musa and Harun (pbut) guided the people
to cross the water. They were running to cross the water, when
they saw the Pharaoh and his army were coming from the back. Pharaoh and his army were amazed to see the
miracle. However, Pharaoh was still arrogant and wanted
to catch them. To encourage his army to told them,
Pharaoh: “Look! The sea has opened at my command so that I
may follow those rebels and arrest them!” They rushed across the divided water and when
they were midway, Allah (swt) ordered the sea to return to its original form. Pharaoh realized his mistake. When he saw there was no hope for his life. He declared,
Pharaoh: “I believe that there is no God except whom the Bani Israel believe, and I
am a Muslim.” But Allah (swt) did not accept his declaration. So the water closed over him and his entire
army and killed every one of them. The big waves threw his dead body to the western
Gulf shore. Allah (swt) saved Pharaoh’s dead body to give
lesson to all the people, including you and me. Animal: May Allah (swt) save us from Arrogant
and give knowledge for right path. Yusuf: Ameen. Allah (swt)’s Mercy and kindness saved the
children of Israel from the evil Pharaoh. But after being slaves for many years they
were spoiled and ungrateful. On their journey, they saw a group of people
doing idol worshipping. Bani Israel requested prophet Musa (pbuh),
Man: “O Musa, make a god for us like their gods.” So, they could worship that idol because they
left all of their idols back home in Egypt. Prophet Musa became sad for their request. He tried to convince them not to do idol worshipping
because only Allah (swt) is our creator and only God. We should only worship Allah (swt). He reminded them how Allah saved them from
the Pharaoh who killed their sons and let their daughters to live. They needed true guidance for their life. As Allah (swt)’s plan, they started their
long journey to the Mount Sinai. Another name is Tur Sinai. It’s also called Jabaal Musa or Gabal Musa. On the way, they needed water because the
land was very dry. So Allah (swt) commanded prophet Musa (pbuh)
to strike a rock with his stick. Suddenly twelve water fountains came out from
that rock. Each of the twelve different tribes of Bani
Israel got their own water. Ibn Abbas (R) said it was a special rock,
which they could carry from place to place. But Allah (swt) knows best. It was a very hot dry desert area for a walk. So Allah (swt) send clouds during the daytime
to protect them from the sun. After finishing all of their supplies, when
they needed food, Allah (swt) sent a special food for them called Manna and Salwa. The Manna was a type of grain. It was very white and very sweet. Before sunrise, it was spread throughout the
land. The children of Israel were only allowed to
collect as much as they could eat just for one day. They could not save for next day, so Allah
(swt) sent this special food at every morning. And Salwa was a small kind of bird, like Quail. They could catch those birds easily and eat
them however way they liked it. Animal: So, could they cook those birds? Yusuf: Yes, they could. Musa (pbuh) told them to eat the blessed food,
be thankful, and worship the one and only God Allah (swt). The children of Israel were a very lucky nation. Allah (swt) gave them such special gifts that
he did not give to any other nation. After a long journey, finally they arrived
on the east side of Mount Sinai. Allah (swt) told Musa (pbuh) to go to the
same place where he talked with Allah (swt) for the first time. At that place, he had to stay and fast for
30 days. Before he left, he requested his brother prophet
Harun (pbuh) to guide those Bani Israel. After thirty days of fasting and praying,
Allah (swt) added ten more days to continue his prayer and fasting. Total he spent 40 days for fasting and praying,
then he requested Allah (swt) that he wanted to see him. Allah (swt) inform prophet Musa (pbuh) that
he did not have the ability to see him. Then Allah (swt) told him to see some of the
nearest mountains. When Allah (swt) showed a very tiny light
of him to the mountains, the mountains were destroyed and turned into dust. Prophet Musa (pbuh) became senseless. Animal: So, that dust used as surmah or Kohl
for our eyes? Yusuf: No, that dust is not surmah. The sources of Surmah or Kohl is some kind
of black ithmid stone. Surmah or kohl is the oldest eye cosmetic. Even ancient Egyptian used this kind of eye
cosmetic. As you know using, surmah or kohl is Sunnah
of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Now let’s come to the story. After some time when he got his sense back,
he prayed and asked forgiveness from Allah (swt). He reminded prophet Musa (pbuh) that he was
kind enough to choose him as a prophet and he gave him very special gift, which was talking
with Allah (swt) directly. Allah (swt) told him to be grateful for whatever
he got. Then he gave prophet Musa (pbuh) some written
instructions on stone to guide his people. It was part of the holy book Torah, the famous
Ten Commandments. On the other side, during his 40 days of absence
very bad things happened to his people. They decided not to carry their stolen gold
any more, which they had steal from Egyptians before they left Egypt. So everybody put their stolen gold in one
place to burn. With them, they had an evil man named Samiri. He was good idol maker. With that gold, he made a beautiful and special
golden cow. During his work, he did some magical actions
to impress the people. There was a hole in that golden cow. So when the wind passing through, it produced
a sound. Samiri convinced the children of Israel that,
the golden cow was a living god and that god was making sounds. Some people forgot Allah (swt) and his prophet
Musa (pbuh). They instantly accepted the golden cow as
their god. Prophet Harun (pbuh) tried to convince them
not to worship that golden cow. At that point, all the people were divided
into three groups. One group had faith in Allah (swt) and his
prophets. Another group accepted the golden cow as their
god. And there was another group who were confused. Prophet Harun (pbuh) tried his best to bring
everyone in right path. Some of the ignorant people even threaten
to kill him. After 30 days, when prophet Musa did not comeback
from the mountain, people were asking prophet Harun (pbuh) about his brother. They even stated to think that might be Prophet
Musa (pbuh) died in the Mountain. So golden cow was their only hope. Animal: They decided to worship a cow idol
as their God! Animal2: When the Ten Commandments revealed? Yusuf: It was the same time when he was in
Mount Sinai for forty days and got the written holy stone plates. Animal: In the Quran, is there any verse close
to Ten Commandments? Yusuf: Some scholars says that surah Al Anam
verse 151 and 152 include the Ten Commandments of the Torah or the Old Testament. Now let’s come to the story. After getting the Ten Commandments, when prophet
Musa (pbuh) was ready to come to his people, Allah (swt) informed him about the golden
cow and his people. When he heard they rejected Allah (swt) and
accepted a golden cow as their god, he became very sad and angry. He immediately came to his people. With anger he threw down Allah (swt)’s written
tablets. He saw his brother prophet Harun (pbuh), he
lost his temper, hold his hair and beard, and started to drag him to the crowd. Prophet Harun (pbuh) said he tried his best
to unite them together and waited for prophet Musa to bring a new guide for them. When he realized it was not his brother fault,
he requested forgiveness from his brother and Allah (swt). Then he asked Samiri about the golden cow. Samiri tried to convince that, he used a special
dust to make that cow holy. Animal: What kind of special dust did he use? Yusuf: Some scholar say that the dust came
from prophet Musa’s feet. Other says, it was from the horse feet of
Jibrail (as). And some scholars believe it was just a lie
to convince prophet Musa (pbuh). But Allah (swt) knows best. Hearing his lame excuse, prophet Musa cursed
him. From that day, no one could come near to him
and touch him. He always shouted to the people until his
death, Man: “Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” Prophet Musa (pbuh) broke and burned the golden
cow into pieces. Then threw them into the river. When he calmed himself down, he picked up
the written tablets because there was a guideline for Bani Israel. Worshiping any idol is a horrible crime. To get the pardon from Allah (swt) for their
crime, he chose 70 leaders from Bani Israel and took them to Mount Sinai. They requested Prophet Musa (pbuh) to hear
Allah (swt)’s voice. Allah accepted their request. A big cloud came and covered them. When Allah (swt) talked prophet Musa (pbuh),
they heard Allah (swt)’s voice. When the cloud removed some of them demanded
to see Allah (swt). Otherwise, they would not believe in him. Their ignorant demand made Allah (swt) very
angry. Suddenly a thunder came and electricity from
that thunder killed them instantly. Prophet Musa (pbuh) was helpless. He did not know what to do. He requested Allah (swt) not to kill them
because they were good people among Bani Israel. If he returned to his people like that, no
one would believe him. Allah (swt) accepted his request. All 70 elite people got their life back. All asked forgiveness from Allah (swt) for
their sins. Allah (swt) revealed a very hard law for the
Bani Israel. Prophet Musa came to his people and told them
to kill each other. To get Allah (swt)’s pardon everyone had to
follow his order. That was a horrible moment for Bani Israel. They started to kill their own people, fathers
killed their sons, sons killed their fathers, and brothers killed their brothers. Animal: Why did Allah (swt) give such an order? Yusuf: Because they were very ungrateful. Every single moment they were rejecting Allah
(swt) and his prophets. They crossed the limit by accepting the golden
cow as their God when they were still receiving Allah (swt)’s blessed food Mann and Salwa,
miracle water in that dry land and shelter by the cloud. When prophet Musa and Harun (pbut) saw that
horrible moment, they raised their hand to Allah (swt) to forgive the Bani Israel; otherwise,
the nation of Bani Israel would be destroyed. Allah (swt) accepted their prayer. To stop the killing, suddenly everything became
dark. Prophet Musa (pbuh) announced good news to
his people, Allah (swt)’s forgave everyone’s sins. Altogether 70 thousand Many people were killed
in that incident. After that, Prophet Musa and Haroun (pbuh)
started their journey to north for their Promised Land, Palestine. On the journey, Prophet Musa (pbuh) tried
to teach them Allah (swt)’s law which he got at Mount Sinai. But they were very lazy to follow the laws. They felt the laws were very hard to follow. Finally, they rejected the law. Man: “We hear you but we cannot obey you.” One more time they made Allah (swt) very upset. He lifted one mountain over them to kill all. They became very afraid. Immediately everybody prostrated to Allah
(swt) and asked pardon. When all promised to obey the laws, Allah
(swt) saved them. After one year of journey from Egypt, they
reached the area of Pharan. In one place Prophet Musa (pbuh) chose 12
leaders from 12 tribes of the Bani Israel and send them to Palestine to get information
about that place. Animal: How the Boni Israel had 12 tribes? Yusuf: Prophet Israel or Yaqub (pbuh) had
12 sons. Later each son had his own tribes. 12 leaders started their journey to Palestine. They saw the people of Palestine were very
strong and big. Ten leaders became scared but two leaders
were very brave. One brave leader name was prophet Yusha (pbuh). His English name was Joshua. When the people of Bani Israel heard the news
about strong Palestinians, they refused to go there and fight with them. Prophet Musa told them it was their gifted
land by Allah (swt). So it would be very easy for them to win. Two of the brave leaders also tried to convince
them to attack the Palestinians. But the Bani Israel were coward. They refuse to fight with Palestine. They even told prophet Musa (pbuh),
Man: “If the enemy doesn’t leave the town we will not go there. You and your Lord fight with them, and we
will be sitting right here.” That made prophet Musa (pbuh) very angry. He cursed his people for their disobedience. So Allah (swt) punished them by not giving
them their promised land for forty years. They could not find the way to Palestine. Animal: They missed their opportunity. Yusuf: Yes, Allah (swt) gave them many opportunities
for a beautiful life. But always they brought bad luck on themselves
by rejecting Allah (swt)’s order. They were wandering from place to place (Map). Their hard life started for a long forty years. Animal: So, Allah (swt) stopped sending the
food Manna and Salwa? Yusuf: No, Allah (swt) is very kind and merciful. He did not stop sending the miracle food for
them. But after some time they requested prophet
Musa (pbuh) to arrange different kinds of food, like they were used to in Egypt. Prophet Musa (pbuh) was surprise and sad to
hear that. Then he told them to go to any town to get
that kind of food. Some scholars say, they started to live in
place of Eilat or Eila next to the north side of Aqaba Golf. Around that time, there was a pious man. He was very poor and honest. He always depended on Allah (swt). During the time of his death, he requested
Allah (swt) to take care his wife, his only son, his home and a baby cow. Surprisingly, he asked his wife:
Man: Take out baby cow to the forest and leave it there. Because I do not trust my people. They are selfish and greedy. After few years when the boy had grown up,
his mother told him: Women: Your father has left you a baby cow
in the trust of Allah (swt). It must have grown into a cow by now. The son was surprised and asked:
Son: Where is it? She advised him to be like his father. Trust in Allah (swt) then go to look for it. With a rope, he went to the forest and prostrated
to Allah (swt). When he raised his head, he saw a beautiful
yellow cow was coming towards him. He was very happy and took the cow with him. No one could come near it except the young
man and his mom. He used to sell wood for his living. During that time, a wealthy man died who did
not have any children, only a bad nephew. To get his uncle’s property quickly he killed
his uncle. Then dropped his dead body in front of someone’s
door and tried to blame for his uncle death. Two group blamed each other and was ready
to fight. Finally, they decided to go to prophet Musa
(pbuh) to solve the problem. Musa (pbuh) told Allah (swt)’s order to sacrifice
a cow then touched that dead body with a piece of meat of that cow. The dead man would get back in life and tell
the killer name. Everyone laughed when they heard this. Animal: Why did Allah (swt) chose a cow to
solve the problem? Yusuf: To test them, because in their heart
they still believed that cow was a god. So Allah (swt) knew it would not be easy for
them to kill a cow to solve their problem. In that point if they just sacrificed any
cow, problem would be solved easily. But they made that complicated. So Allah (swt) made it even more complicated
for them. They tried to ask prophet Musa (pbuh) too
much questions about the type of cow they should slaughter. They said,
Man: Ask your lord to tell us clearly about the cow. Prophet Musa (pbuh) told them it would be
not too old nor too young. That answer could not satisfy them. Man: Ask your lord to tell us about the color
of that cow. Prophet Musa (pbuh) told them it had to be
pleasant and bright yellow cow. They even make it more complicated. Man: Call your lord to make clear about the
cow. Because all cows look same to us. Allah (swt) told them such a cow that it was
hard to find. That cow never used in any kind of farming
but it was very healthy and fault free cow. Finally, they found that matched only with
the cow of that orphan boy. They wanted to buy that cow. But the boy and his mom did not want to sell
their cow. Finally, they agreed and asked for the same
weight of gold as the cow was. Boni Israel did not have any choice. So they bought that cow but their heart did
not allow them to sacrifice that beautiful yellow cow. Finally, they followed Allah (swt)’s order. The dead man waked up and told his killer
name. Prophet Musa (pbuh) ordered the crowd to kill
that killer. Animal_1: From now on, I will not asked too
much question to complicate the situation. Yusuf: Mashallah. That is the lesson from this story. Animal 2: If my parents say somethings to
do, I will do right away. I will not asked any question to my parents. Inshallah. Inshallah, I will tell you another very good
story. Some scholars say, the location of that story
was in the town of Eilat or Eila, which was next to north side of Aqaba Golf shore. Allah (swt) chose Friday for their worship
day but children of Israel chose Saturday for their day of worship. Worship day mean their holy day. At that day, they were not allowed to do any
kind of work even hunting or fishing from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. It was called Sabbath. To test their heart, Allah (swt) used to send
lots and lots of fishes to the shore on Saturday. The fishes played on the shore openly. But other days, fishes did not come to the
shore. So it was very hard to catch fish for them. After sometimes, one of the Bani Israel figured
out an evil plan to catch that fish. On Friday, he dug a hole in the shore. He put some tree branches in it and cover
some part of the hole with a net. It was a trap for the fish. On Saturday, some of the fish fell into the
trap. On Sunday, he collected fishes from that trap. To follow him day-by-day more people started
to use that kind of trap for the fish. When good people asked them, why were they
breaking Sabbath or Saturday law? They reply to them,
Man: “We don’t catch fish on Saturday, on Sunday we catch fish.” All people divided in three groups. One was good group; they did not catch fish. They also told others not to catch fish because
their evil act might bring punishment to Bani Israel. Another group was an evil group they openly
broke the law. And the 3rd group was, they did not catch
fish but did not told others not to break Allah (swt)’s law. Prophet Musa (pbuh) warned them about Allah
(swt)’s punishment. One day, he told good people to get out from
the town, stay outside of the town wall, and close the town gates. Next day when good people woke up, they did
not hear any noise from inside the town. They climb the wall and surprised to see the
bad people’s condition. Because everyone became a monkey with a tail. It was a horrible moment for everyone. Some scholars say, they became monkeys for
three days then everyone died after that. But Allah (swt) knows best. Animal: Astaqfirullah, I will not use any
trick to follow Allah (swt)’s law. Animal: Most of the Children of Bani Israel
did not follow prophet Musa (as) order! Yusuf: Yes, they always gave him a hard time. They even spread a scandal about prophet Musa
(pbuh). He always used to dress long clothing to cover
his full body. People never saw him without his clothes. So some of the evil men spread that prophet
Musa (pbuh) had very bad skin disease. They even spread rumors about his private
parts. So Allah (swt) made a plan. One-day prophet Musa (pbuh) was taking bath
behind a rock. He put all his clothes on top of the rock. After finished his bath, he tried to take
his clothes but the miracle happened. The rock started to run with his clothes! He started to run to get his clothes back. Finally, the rock took him into a crowd area,
where many Bani Israel saw him in that condition. They saw him as a perfect man. Then he quickly took his clothes and hit that
rock with his stick. In this way, Allah (swt) saved him from the
evil rumors. Animal: Did he have any kids? Yusuf: From the Quran and hadith, we cannot
confirm about his children. Some historian say prophet musa had two sons
but Allah (swt) knows the best. When their 40 years were almost finished,
most of the Bani Israel, who came from Egypt, died. Their children became grown up. Finally, Allah (swt) gave permission to start
their journey to their promise land. At that time, Prophet Musa and Harun (pbut)
became very old. After many years of preaching to the people,
prophet Harun (pbuh) died at the age of 119 in that journey near Mount Hor before reach
to the promise land, Palestine. Some scholars believe that he was buried on
the top of the Mount Hor but Allah (swt) knows best. After losing his brother, Prophet Musa (pbuh)
took his people and took full control of the Moab Area. Then the merciful Allah (swt) gave them a
chance to forgive their sins. He ordered prophet Musa (pbuh) to enter with
his people to a beautiful city. Some scholars say, that city might be Shittim,
which was on the eastern site of the Jordan, opposite to Jericho. Allah (swt) told them to go to that city and
enjoy different kinds of food from there. When they entered the city, they should lower
their heads, ask forgiveness from Allah (swt), and say ‘Hittatun, Hittatun’. They also had to be very kind, gentle and
grateful to their lord, Allah (swt). Do you know what Bani Israel did? Animal: What? Did they make a mistake again? Yusuf: Yes, they did as usual. Bani Israel again made a mistake. They entered the city with pride and did not
lower their heads. They did not say Hittatun, Hittatun. They changed the word to ‘Habbatun, Habbatun. They were not kind and gentle at all. This time Allah (swt) punished them with disease
that was like a plague. Almost 14 thousand people died for that punishment. Around two years after Harun (pbuh) died,
Allah (swt) sent the Angel of Death to Prophet Musa (pbuh) to take his life. When Prophet Musa (pbuh) saw the Angel of
Death, he slapped him on the eye. The Angel returned to his Lord and said that
prophet Musa (pbuh) did not want to die. As a respect, Allah (swt) offered him to put
his hand on the back of an Ox and for every hair that would come into his hand, Allah
(swt) would grant him that many years of life for him. Prophet Musa said, what would happen after
that? Allah (swt) replied he had to die after that. He did not want to extend his life. Welcome the death to him, and request Allah
(swt) to take his life close to the promise Land. The merciful Allah accepted his last request. He died at the age of 123 years, close to
the holy land at Mount Nebo. His grave is below a red sand hill close to
Palestine. This is the end of our great prophet Musa
(pbuh) story. Inshallah, next time we will enjoy another
beautiful story of the prophets.

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