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you know what it's like to be surrounded you know what it's like to to fix this problem right here only to turn this way and realize there's a problem right here then to take care of this one only to realize there's another one here and another one here anybody ever known what it felt like to be completely surrounded on all sides the children of Israel know how it feels and it makes sense that in their scenario that they would be afraid just like it makes sense that in your scenario with the difficulty you're facing right now in your marriage or in your health or in your finances in your own hearts in your parenting that with difficulties like the ones we saw on these screens with these four incredible Testaments to the Grace and the power of God that stood before us singing the praises of God despite all that it is that he has allowed them to go through in their life it makes sense that in scenarios like that my friend that you would be afraid so the command is not to that you will not feel fear it makes sense in our frailty in our humaneness that we will feel it the question is whether or not you will choose to wallow in the fear that you feel the question is whether or not you will make a decision to sit with it to make friends with it to pull out tea and crackers and have a party with it the decision that you and I have to make is will we gird our minds with the Word of God and in the power of God will we do war against the enemy's attempts to cripple us from moving forward and go in God don't let fear parent paralyze you my friend every time you feel the emotions of fear or insecurity or intimidation creeping up on you don't make friends with it take that as your cue to drop to your knees and to offer that fear up to God and then in the very next breath command the promises of God's Word over your life and your circumstances yo we don't live on a playground we're on a battlefield we got to go to war with this enemy that seeks to cripple our mind and to disarm us from what it is the power that we need to move forward in him the reason why you have no reason to be afraid my friend as God calls you to go here or do that or go through this particular thing in your life it's not because you're so capable it's not because you're so prepared it is because you have a daddy who loves you he has already gone behind the scenes he has already orchestrated and manipulated events and people and circumstances so that all he needs is a woman that's willing to say yes Lord and stand there at the plate of His grace and his glory in his calling on your life and to do what he's called you to do and if you and I will just do it we will realize we've been set up to hit a homerun every single time so if right now there is something crippling you the enemy is working overtime to cause you to be afraid in your life will you hear this message from the Holy Spirit today step up to the plate do not be afraid your God has got your back do not be afraid the next message that Moses had for the children of Israel and by the way do you notice in this passage that it's never really a debate whether or not they are going to cross over did you notice that he said this victory is a victory that he will accomplish for you today there's no question as to whether or not you will come to through victim victoriously my friend I don't know whether or not you've read the book but but in the end we win the victory has already been given to you your only goal my only goal now as you go through that thing in your life is just to claim to lay hold of what it is that has already been granted to you you are not fighting for victory you're fighting from a place of victory your stance is already victorious it changes the way you look at the challenge when you know the victor is already yours so he says to him he says be fearless and the second thing he says to them is be still some translations read stand by others say stand firm still others say stand still notice the two parts of this command the ending part and the stillness part neither of which are particularly simple for me the standing and the stillness actually I have a problem with both of these commands probably because if I had been there on the edge of the Red Sea and I'm watching the chariots and the bows and arrows and the soldiers that are approaching from behind and all around the sides when I am cornered like that in a scenario where I feel like there will never be any way of escape in this particular scenario that I'm in it just does not make sense to me that Moses would look at me as an Israelite in that particular predicament and say here's what you're gonna do I want you to just stand still Moses you mean you do see this wood right here you don't want me to get this wood and start carving out a raft and getting it together so that will have something to say along to get over this body of water no Moses you do see that we've got some swords here you don't want me to pick up the sword and get ready to fight no you do understand that I've got a bow and an arrow here you don't want me to pick up this bow and arrow and get ready to shoot it into the crowd Moses you mean you don't want me to take my earrings off and get some Vaseline on my knuckles and get ready to go no Moses says to them I do not want you to leave to your own understanding as to what you would think would be the best solution in this particular problem what I want you to do is to plant your feet firmly to stand and I want you to be still in faith and confidence and trust that the God that we serve the same God that delivered us out of Egypt is the same God who will carry us through the Red Sea he says stand that still sounds like a very passive command in the midst of very active circumstances but I want you to think about this for just one second when I come home from a long day of work when you do as well or running errands or whatever when I walk into the house after a long day the last thing I want to do is stand what I do is I take my shoes off and then I what do we do we find the most comfortable chair that we can and we collapse into it or lay flat on our bed and the reason is because although standing seems like a passive action it actually there's nothing passive about it sitting is passive laying is passive because then we're allowing something else to carry our weight but when you stand it requires a decision of your brain that transfers down to the muscles and the joints in your body it requires a resolve of your mind your actions your muscles your your frame to keep itself upright when you'd rather just relax into something else to carry your way standing is not passive at all it requires a decision a choice an action on your part a resolution on your part to plant your feet on something and not be moved you need to know that our culture the culture in which we live globally wants us to relax our standards wants us to no longer plant our feet firmly on the Word of God doesn't want us to make a resolution that we will not be moved to the left or the right that when we're going through something that seeks to challenge everything that we thought we knew to be true about our God and about his commands what we will not do is allow our feet to be moved away from the firm belief and confidence and trust that we have in the promises of our great God it takes resolution in the culture in which we live y'all to plant your feet and stand firm high school student you gotta stand firm University student you gotta stand firm wife mother single woman in order to do and be who it is that God has called you to be you are gonna have to plant our feet solidly on the truths of God's Word and believe that everything he said is true and applies to our lives that it's not just a book written with historical facts that's good for history that it is a book that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit of God and that applies to us today plant your feet on it my friend and stand stand firm Ephesians six puts it this way having done everything to stand stand firm therefore in other words you just keep on standing I know that it might be a little bit tiring a little bit exhausting you might feel pushed to the left or the right you might even want to take a step forward or backward or go out in your own power or your own strength come up with your own solution for this incident or this issue just plant your feet trust God and stand he really does have your back and if God is for you who could be against you there was a young woman that um interned with it with us at our ministry just for the summer she was with us for about three months she was from a smaller town in the states called Baton Rouge Louisiana she was from Baton Rouge Louisiana and she moved to Dallas Fort Worth which is a much larger metropolitan area than back Baton Rouge she moved there for just the summer so that she could intern with us Matt Katey hadn't done a lot of traveling but when she did travel her main airport was the Baton Rouge Airport smaller town it's just kind of a smaller Airport well the dallas-fort Worth International Airport is a monster Airport so the very first time she traveled with us out of debt a dallas-fort Worth Airport she was just kind of like cuz it's huge when you go out of dallas-fort Worth Airport in order to catch your flight the very first thing you have to even know is which terminal you need to go to to even find your plane we have five different terminals terminal a terminal B terminal C D or E so you have to know which terminal that you're going to first and then you have to know not only which terminal you're going to but which gate you're going to go to when you get to that terminal most of the terminals have up to 36 gates between 30 and 36 gates well that would be enough except that some of those gates have a Part A and A Part B so you might be going to terminal II gate 32 a on this particular time this is the first time we were all traveling together most of the time my entire family travels with me we all travel together all five of us were together and Kate was traveling with us I believe we were going to Los Angeles from Dallas Fort Worth and so we got to terminal D we pulled our car up to terminal D we knew that that's where our flight was going to be leaving from and we got all our bags out of the car got ourselves out of the car we walked into the airport checked our bags and then we got in line for security my family and I happen to be shuffled to one line Katie was in another line but we were both going through all of us were going through the line of security and so we commenced to all basically take off all of our clothes so that we could get through security so that we could board this plane in my line our line went so much faster than Katie's I don't know what the holdup was but there just was one holdup after another and she couldn't get through and so all five of us had gotten through security and were on the other side of security and Katie was still back there waiting to come through and so we just kind of waited a second wave to her she lifted up her shoulders unsure of what was going on my husband sent her a text and said we will meet you at day 22 a now when you come through security that particular gate was literally right to the left we could see the gate from where we were standing she checked her message we saw that she got the message she waved back to us thumbs up I will meet you at gate 22a so we went in we sat down at the gate after a few moments they started boarding for the flight and so I decided to go ahead and get the kids on get their bags in the overhead compartment get them all buckled in and ready to go and so we were sitting there on the plane we're still waiting for Katie and now we're getting a little bit nervous because katie is still not there and really half half of the plane is already full and so people keep lining onto the plane we keep looking for Katie we do not see her and we finally hear the airline calling her name over the loudspeaker now you know you late when they start calling your name over the loudspeaker so they're calling her name over the loudspeaker and we're really nervous now because everybody is on the plane they're about to call the door of the jet bridge she still has not gotten on the flight and we really think at this point that she is going to miss the flight we have tried to call she has an answer and we have texted she has not responded we don't know what is going on and literally moments before they're about to close the door of the airplane katie comes racing down the little small narrow aisle of the plane she races down she is sweating bullets her hair is plastered to the side of her face she races down the aisle plops into her chair takes a deep breath and wipes her face and buckles up and she looks up just in time to find all five of us looking at her like this with that Katie what in the world happened security was just right there and our gate was just right here what in the world happened she said well I saw on my text that Jerry sent me that it said gate 22a but I just assumed that he meant a 22 so I got on the airport train that takes you to all the different terminals in the entire airport I went from D all the way over to a on the other side of the airport went down to gate 22a viously I realized that was the wrong gate so I had to get back on the train go all the way around back to here so that I could hopefully make the flight she was like I didn't even think that I was gonna make it my husband looked back at her like this and then he said something to her that I will never forget he said okay D if you would have just believed that exactly what I wrote is exactly could have saved you so much time and so much energy so much sweat so much frustration if you would have just believed that exactly what I wrote is exactly what I meant I wonder how much sweat and how many sleepless nights and how much frustration and how much worry and concern and anxiety would be saved us the daughters of God if we would just believe that our father wrote exactly what he wanted us to plant our feet and stand on do not lean to your own understanding in all your ways just acknowledge him he will make straight your path even when it does not make sense even when it doesn't seem rational that this would be the way to come to any sort of resolution in that particular problem that you're facing Lord you don't want me to do this this just seems like a better option to me Lord no no plant your feet on what I said and stand still

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  1. Perfect timing!!!! Confirmation of all the scriptures I've been reading and hearing this week.

    I am in relief tears!!! 🙏😢 Thank you!!!!! 💕

  2. 😏😁🙂😊 that jerk andplayer wasn't good for me.
    Feel free from bullshit of past.
    Feel good about myself confident esstem brave self help self discipline self challenges self happiness self mature and respect receiving their own life and be happy without toxic men online. 👍
    I get a change of finding out of my lifestyle and do things like I want and fearless.
    Yes jesus christ I will follow you not afraid either way I'm fearless and I let go of everyone online that doesn't treat me right.

  3. Ohw hallelujah 😭😢😭😢😭who is really like this God …creator of heaven and earth just today I was thinking things are not moving in my life ,thinking when how and will it ever happen but then God 😭 thank you I am laying it all to God and speaking his word apon it

  4. This is such an encouraging message. Lord enable me to standstill and rely on God and not on anything else. Enable me to make a resolution to be still and have confidence in God.
    May our dear Lord Jesus bless you mightily dear pastor Priscilla to be a blessing to many.
    Yes if God is for us who can be against us Amen

  5. I.m Korean your sermon is very exciting and moving.
    Faith is moving forward beyond any condition.
    Thank you for your dediation and effort.

  6. My God I can testify to this but to God be the glory I am above all my struggles and I am above all my pain, Amen.

  7. Woman of God you're such a blessing in my Life thank God for Woman who can stand Up for Christ . God bless you

  8. Just subscribed, thanks for sharing this video. I now have more positive and inspirational things to add to my watch list☺️

  9. Amen wonderful message. Lord Jesus help me to stand still and believe in what your word says. Amen🙏🙏🙏

  10. I will stand and be still and see your hand moving over every area of my life and bringing all the promises that you said will persevere in my life.and my enemies will be scattered and will be my footstool..amen

  11. Yes..amen thank you father in the mighty name of jesus..yes I will not be afraid father cause I know..that I know that you got my back and that you are fighting this battle for me and I will get the victory and you have all the glory



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