Previously on Life is Strange 2 – Episode 3-4

Posted By on August 16, 2019

The brothers had nowhere to stay again… so they decided to keep going South… They soon entered the old forest of the giants… where they met a pack of stray dogs who worked on a secret farm. The brothers joined them, and worked hard to stock up on gold for their future. They were happy to find others like them… and everybody loved the little wolf, who was growing up fast… His power was growing too… The little wolf was more and more confident, and independent. The big brother loved having a new pack to prowl around with… He felt free for the first time… Suddenly, the mean farmers who owned the land tried to hurt the brothers… The little cub transformed into a super wolf… and destroyed the farm… the crops… everything…

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  1. This is a choice agnostic cut of the recap. When you start Episode 4, you will see a recap personalized to your choices.

  2. I am not gonna watch this because i was planning to play through all the other 3 episodes too when the episode 4 releases to remind myself that way 😀 But after the release i can definitely watch this. Awesome game for sure!



  4. Sean doesn't sound like his old self. He sounds more stressed and older. I don't like it Sean what's gonna happen to you I don't want him to die and Daniel please be safe little wolf 😭😭😭

  5. I would like to be hyped, but the last 2 Episodes wasn't good in my opinion. LiS 2 had an unbelievable good first episode, with good characters, good story so far, good social critics. The main thing why I am dissapointed is: The game tolds you (especially at the beginning) that your choices will affect the behaviour of your brother. But in the end, Daniel is doin everything on his own. Teaching Daniel to be a good kid 2 Episodes long wasn't enough to stop him from going to steal the cash in Episode 3. No matter what you do, he will always act on his own. I don't know if it's just bad, or if Dontnod is doing that on purpose because of "oh look, Daniel is in his puberty. He is uncontrollable and stubborn and doesnt listen". But if it is the second… Why implement that "big brother" feature, where he learns the behavior from Sean?

    Oh and one more thing:
    I don't have anything against Games as multiple Episodes that get released with time… But 3-4 Months are way to long. LiS 1 was better in that point, as well as BtS
    Waiting 3-4 Months is not good, because everytime a new episode comes out, you have to get into the whole universe again, because the last time u interacted with the game was 3 months ago.

  6. I'm seriosly not ready for this game to be finished. I have a strong feeling that the ending is gonna be pretty tragic and painful..Daniel or Chris or maybe even both are gonna be hurt in the end..I just have a feeling and i feel like the ending is gonna be Sean picking two important choices if he's gonna sacrifice something and idk, but it's probably gonna be a wild ending. Can't wait. ❤️I hope u guys know how much we appreciate this game and we are so excited for what the future holds. Life Is Strange is my fav game ever and there are so many feels in this game and the both seasons just really hit home.

  7. Damn it, thought we might get a clue as to where we start, another week it is. Curious as to what the heck will be in the trailer too.

  8. I leave from UK to USA for a year 4 days before the episode comes out, so disappointed i won’t be able to play it myself but will be watching all the playthroughs!!

  9. im just waiting for the game to go on sale to get it and if it doesnt go on sale till the 22nd im just gonna drop the 50 dollars for it

  10. Hmm i tried to be patient and almost eps 4 but i still can't get the hype of lis2, nothing can compare to lis and bts. But i'm curious about the ending. So let's see

  11. Bye bye Time Skip Theory, nobody is gonna miss you!

    I wonder what's gonna happen to Finn and Cass… will they join Sean in his mission to find Daniel?
    Who took the money? Daniel did or Sean and his friends are gonna steal it and divide it?
    At what point will the police appear?
    Jacob took Daniel with him to Nevada?
    Is Karen a high priestess of some strange cult?
    I'm so hyped right now… I can't even breathe!

  12. Cass is a dog… and she's howling!
    Anders and Ingrid are foxes…
    Jacob is a Weasel (?) (I wonder what's that supposed to mean…)
    Hannah is a dog too…
    Penny is a giant dog who loves giant bones! (Oh yeah!)
    Did anyone notice that Finn, Sean and Daniel are wolves?
    Sean and Finn are my OTP!

  13. Destroyed the whole Farm? Did Daniel cause more havoc than what he did in Merle's office? I'm really trying to wonder how things are going to play out for me, I tried to ease Sean and Danial's relationship as best as I could in Episode 3 (at the cost of not getting a haircut) but I did not go through with the heist, Finn was a dumbass for not only trying something that reckless and dangerous, but he lied to me saying he wouldn't do it and took advantage of a child who trusted him, at the same time I had Danial use his powers because even though Finn should not have gone through with the heist, he didn't deserve to get shot. But now Danial has a bullet hole in his shoulder, he completely wrecked Merle's office (and the entire weed farm going by this recap), stole a bunch of cash while everyone else (except Big Joe, he wasn't involved) was knocked out, and Sean has now become Punished Diaz


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