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Posted By on November 14, 2019

Hi, I’m Joel Rosenberg founder and
chairman of the Joshua Fund and I have a prayer request for you coming up very
soon we’re hosting two conferences our annual conferences for all the
Palestinian pastors and ministry leaders and their lives in the Palestinian
territories and all the Israeli pastors and ministry leaders Jews and Arabs who
are able to attend and we do a conference each year to invest in them
to encourage them to teach the Word of God to worship to pray together to have
fellowship, there’s no politics it’s just focused on Jesus and that’s
coming up very soon we would love your prayers as God would do a great work and
refreshing and encouraging these dear Saints right in the Epicenter. Thanks so

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  1. Praying with you for this year’s conference for the Israeli and Palestinian pastors and their families.  For a time of renewal, refreshing and restoration in the powerful name of Jesus and for the glory of God among the nations.


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