Prayer Room in Wageningen University & Research | Tempat Sholat di Wageningen University & Research

Posted By on January 5, 2020

Hello! May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be with you. Welcome back to my Vlog! Now I am going to pray Ashr in the prayer room in Radix Building, Wageningen. Actually, we can pray everywhere here, for instance, in empty classrooms or near the emergency exit. However, the university has already provided some facilities such as common room or silent room in every building, just like in Radix or Leeuwenborch. And I am going to Radix at the moment. because we usually use the silent room there for shalat For duhr, ashr, maghrib, and sometimes also for isha. Let’s see how the silent room in Radix , Wageningen UR, looks like! Well, this is the Radix Building! If you want to enter this building, you should have WUR Card, or you can ask the receptionist. He has prayed already. We have to tap the card first. tut, tut. hehe. Opened! Almost buildings have silent or prayer room facilities, especially buildings with PhD workers There is no silent or prayer room facility in Forum Building. We can use empty classrooms or spaces near the stairs. Well, we are almost there! Here we are merge with the lactation room. Let’s open. There is also ablution (wudhu) facility. And then this is the prayer room. I think there is someone inside. This is the lactation room. This silent room, every 12.00-13.00, is used for power nap. So, everyone who has access to enter Radix building they can take a nap for a while here and relax in between the working hours. (saying greetings for Muslim) Wooaaah, this is it. Let’s try to turn on the light. Well, this is the silent room which always be used for power nap and also for praying (shalat). (mushala) hehe. It is quite large, isn’t it? Here there are some sajada and mukena for the muslimah And also prayer schedule which always be changed every month based on the schedule from Wageningen Mosque. You also can recite Al-Qur’an. Some are translated to English as well as Indonesian, because there are many Indonesians use this facility. I usually sleep over there. Hehe. If I don’t have any lecture. An hour or half an hour. That is the prayer room which can be used when you are in Wageningen University and Research. For the other praying facilities in another building such as Orion or Leeuwenborch, may be if I have time I will make vlogs out of them. So, always stay tuned in my channel. Do not forget to subscribe, like, and comment. what kind of vlog that I should make. Thank you for watching and see you in another video. May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be with you.

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  1. Bagaimana dengan tempat tinggal di sekitar wageningen kak? apakah disediakan atau kita yang harus cari sendiri?


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