Prayer of Petition – Part 3

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(Music) JERRY: Thank you. Thank
you for being here today. I appreciate it. Thank you for
watching. I appreciate you tuning in today. I just pray
that over the next few moments, you will receive revelation from
the word of God that will change your life forever. That’s what
the word is designed to do, change your life forever. It’s
the reason we bring these lessons to you each and every
week. We have discovered that God’s word works. It will work
for anybody that will dare believe it. Praise God. I’m
confident today that if you’ll mix your faith with what you’re
about to hear, then you’re going to get results that you desire,
praise God. We’re talking about the prayer of petition. We spent
two weeks talking about this so far. This is our third week.
We’re going to continue talking about it. I don’t know for how
long. I know it’s going to last more than a month on these
broadcasts so we’ll just keep teaching it until I feel like
we’re finished with it. That’s going to be to your great
advantage. I want to encourage you to make your plans to join
with us each and every week if you possibly can. Let’s open our
Bibles to 1 John chapter 5 once again. 1 John chapter 5 and
beginning in verse 14, the apostle John makes this
statement, “This is the confidence that we have in him
that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears
us.” You know, it seems that John had some very interesting
and powerful things to say about prayer. If you go back to the
gospel of John and if you begin in chapter, oh, let’s look at
chapter 15 I believe it is, John makes this statement, quoting
Jesus, verse 4, “Abide in me and I in you as the branch can not
bear fruit of itself except it abide in me in the vine. No more
can ye except you abide in me.” He goes on to say as he
continues this study in verse 7, “If you abide in me and my words
abide in you, then you will ask what you will and it shall be
done unto you.” The apostle John seems to have this very positive
attitude about prayer, about communication with God. Here
over in 1 John he talks about this confidence we have in him.
Here he says that “if we abide in Christ and Christ words abide
in us,” he’s quoting Jesus, “that we will ask whatever we
will and it shall be done unto us.” Notice this in verse 8,
“Herein is my Father glorified that you bear much fruit so
shall ye be my disciples.” Since he’s talking about prayer, you
could say what he’s implying is that God is glorified when we
bear fruit in prayer. Amen? When we get results, praise God.
Let’s go back to 1 John chapter 5 once again. “This is the
confidence that we have in him, that if we ask anything
according to his will, he hears us.” Now, right there it should
dawn on you so to speak that the key to having prayer that gets
results is knowing the will of God, if I ask anything according
to his will. That’s where a lot of Christians get hung up. They
don’t know the will of God. “Well, Brother Jerry, how could
I possibly know the will of God? Nobody knows God’s will.” Yes,
they do. That’s what this book is for. Once again, the Word of
God is the will of God. In fact, I think it’s interesting in some
Bibles, some of you may have a Bible in this audience that will
say this, in some Bibles, between the Old Testament and
the New Testament, the heading will say, “The will and
testament of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Now, wouldn’t that say
to you what I’m about to read here is going to be the will of
Jesus? When a person makes a will, it is designed for the
person that they’re leaving to that will to in mind. My point
is this is the will of our Father. Amen? If he says in this
book, “I will supply all your need according to my riches in
glory by Christ Jesus,” don’t I have the right to say it’s the
will of my Father that my every need is met? Why can I say that?
“It is written.” That’s what the Father said. He left it in his
will. Now, I think what’s interesting is this. Jesus is
the only person ever who wrote a will or left a will, died so the
will would be enforced, because the will is not effective until
the person who left it dies. Jesus left us a will. He died so
that it would be effective. Then he was raised from the dead to
see to it was carried out just the way he wrote it. Isn’t that
cool? Praise God. Amen. Nobody’s ever done that but Jesus. Praise
God. If we ask anything according to his will, he hears
us. Amen. Then verse 15, “And if we know that he hears us …”
Well, can I know that he hears me? Yes, if I pray his will.
Then whatever I ask, we know that we have the petitions that
we desired of him. That’s where the phrase comes from, the
prayer of petition, because he’s talking about petitions here.
Now, something that’s very important about the prayer of
petition is this. I’ve already stated it but I want to state it
again. The prayer of petition is based on the known will of God.
You can’t pray this particular kind of prayer without first
knowing the will of God. Amen. You would never say in the
prayer petition, “If it be thy will.” You just negated that
kind of prayer because the prayer petition requires you to
know the will of God upfront which means you’re going to have
to do some research. You’re going to go to this book, you’re
going to find out what God’s word says. Now, you say, “Well,
what if it’s a situation where I don’t know if I’m supposed to be
in California or Texas? Where am I going to find in there
California or Texas?” You’re not going to find specifically
California or Texas but you will find stories of people being
relocated in the Bible. That’s not uncommon. People being
relocated, shifting from one area to another. As you read
their stories, you may find some similarities. There might be
something in that story that will click on the inside of you.
It was like years ago and Jerriann still questions this.
Years ago, back in the early 70s, I was preaching out in
California and four very wealthy, I’m talking extremely
wealthy businessmen took me to lunch, wanted to know if they
could take me to lunch. I went to lunch with them. Now, this
was before the term Word of Faith Church existed. The Word
of Faith is kind of catching on but nobody is calling their
church Word of Faith Church so they’re just now coming on the
scene. These four men said to me, “Jerry, would you pray about
coming to Newport Beach, California? We will buy you
property. We will build you a building if you will be our
pastor. We will hand it over to you if you will come and be our
pastor and start a church out here.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?
But I didn’t know if that was the word of the God for my life.
I didn’t know if that’s where he wanted me. In the natural,
sounds good. Think about it. Newport Beach, Crowley. You
know, Newport Beach or Crowley, Texas? But the will of God was
important to me. It’s most important to me. I prayed and I
said, “Lord …” Here’s the only prayer that you can pray and use
the phrase “if it be thy will” and that is the prayer of
dedication, which means that you are willing to commit yourself
to God’s will when you don’t know what his will is. In other
words, it is appropriate to pray, “Lord, if it be thy will
for me to go to California and to do this, then I’m willing to
go and you just reveal to me what you want me to do.” That’s
the only kind of prayer in the Bible where it is appropriate to
use the phrase “if it be thy will.” If it be thy will for me
to stay in Texas, then reveal to me, show me, do whatever you
have to do where it becomes very evident that you want me to stay
in Texas. That’s the prayer of dedication. Once again,
it’s appropriate to pray “if it be Thy will.” So I
prayed, “Lord, if it’s your will for me to go to Newport
Beach and do this, I’m willing to go. If you want
me to stay in Texas, I’m willing to stay.” Over a period of a few
days, the Lord said this to me. “You can go if you want to, but
you will become their servant and not mine.” He said, “They
will try to control you with their wealth. Are you willing to
accept that? Do you want to be a servant to men, or do you want
to be a servant to me?” I said, “I want to be a servant to you.”
He said, “Then there’s your answer.” So Crowley, Texas was
the will of God. Hallelujah! And I love Crowley, Texas. Glory to
God. I just don’t have a beach out in front of the house, but I
love Crowley because that’s where God wants me to be. And I
get to go to Newport from time to time. Praise God. Amen. Once
again, I could not pray the prayer of petition with that
phrase in it, “if it be Thy will.” I could pray the prayer
of dedication and use that phrase, but if I’m going to pray
the prayer of petition, then I must know up front what the will
of God is. In order to know that, I gotta study this book.
So there’s preparation involved. In fact, over the years … and
I’m going to show you, probably on next week’s broadcast, I’m
going to bring out a little notebook that I started in 1969
with my first petitions to God when I first began to learn
this. I’m going to show you how I constructed that and talk to
you about how when Caroline and I were in need of
certain things, and it was impossible in the natural for us
to ever have them, that I would sit down and I’d go through the
Word, and I would construct a prayer. I had a little
typewriter that my mother bought me when I was in about the ninth
or tenth grade, and I was still using it, a little portable
typewriter. I would type out that petition based on what I
found in the Word of God, include in the petition what our
need was. I always included in that petition sowing a seed
toward the fulfillment of it, and I’d write what God’s word
says about sowing seed in that petition. When I got through
writing it, I typed it out, made a copy for my wife, made a copy
for me, and then we would come together and take that petition
and we would pray it just the way I wrote it out. Then we
would say, “Amen. In the name of Jesus, so be it.” I left two
lines underneath for her to sign, for me to sign, and I
dated it. We both carried one around with us, and every once
in a while, I’d pull it out and I’d say, “Father, I just want to
thank you that you heard me, and I want to thank you that I know
I have the petition I’ve desired of you.” And if the devil said
it’s never going to happen, I’d just take it out and say, “It is
written. I have in my hand what the word of God says about this,
so devil, go sell that trash to somebody else. I’m not listening
to it.” Amen. Not one prayer petition we’ve ever prayed has
failed to come to pass. Every one of them have come to pass.
You say, “I just don’t know if that would work for me.” Why
would you want to hang on to that when I have evidence that
it’s worked for me and thousands of others around the world?
Amen? Why not just let go of the past? Maybe you didn’t do it
correctly. Maybe there was something between the “amen” and
the “there it is” that interfered with your receiving.
Maybe you let somebody else who tried it and it didn’t work for
them be influential in your faith. It works because it’s
God’s Word, and God’s Word, the Bible says, “The law of the Lord
is perfect.” That means it has no defects, it has no flaws. It
works when it’s put to work. Can you say amen? All right. Once
again, the prayer of petition requires research. It requires
preparation. It’s never a prayer you just pray off the top of
your head. I personally like to write it out. You’re not
required to, but one of the definitions of petition is a
written, formal request. So myself, I always write them out.
To me, when I write it out, that’s my point of contact to
release my faith, just like the little woman who said, “If I but
touch his clothes, I shall be made whole.” This is my point of
contact when I write it out. And I stand before God holding hands
with my wife, and we’re reading that out, and we agree to it,
and we sign our names to it, and we date it. And if we believe,
we receive when we pray according to Mark 11:24. As far
as I’m concerned, I’ve just touched the hem of Jesus’
garment. Amen. And I shall rejoice, not only now, but
afterwards when it manifests hallelujah, because I
know that He heard me and I know I have the petitions I’ve
desired of Him. Does that make sense to you? I think you ought
to give the Lord a good shout. Praise God. Amen. Now, God’s
Word is going to be His part of your prayer petition, so do your
homework. Research. Don’t just try to pray this prayer off the
top of your head. Do the research. Get my book. I help do
the research for you. There are sample petitions at the end of
each chapter that will help you. Praise God. We’ll talk
about that at the close of the broadcast. Once again, in this
session, I think it’s important before we close that we
recognize, because so many people have failed to do this,
that God is our source. Amen. God is our source for
everything. Amen. That’s the way we should look at Him. He is our
source. He is the one we’re praying to, so therefore, we’re
acknowledging that He is our source. The apostle Paul makes
this statement in 2 Corinthians 3:5. “Not that we are sufficient
of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God.” He
doesn’t have the limitations that we have, that natural man
has. He is totally unlimited. That’s why I’m looking to Him.
Our sufficiency is of Him, Paul said. From the very beginning of
the Bible, the very first chapter, the very first
sentence, “In the beginning, God.” That is acknowledging that
God’s the source. “In the beginning, God.” God is the
source. God is the origin. God is the reservoir. God is the
fountain from which all things flow. That’s why we make our
petitions to Him. That’s why we need to recognize Him as source
and quite capable of meeting every need in our life,
hallelujah. Amen? God already planned our life for us, and in
that plan He included the fulfillment of everything we
would need while we’re on this planet. Hallelujah. I think a
lot of people are going to get to Heaven and God’s going to
open a curtain, and there’s going to be a warehouse full of
stuff that belonged to you while you was on Earth, and He said,
“Why didn’t you ask for it?” No, maybe that won’t happen, because
that’d bring sadness, and there’s no sadness in Heaven.
But let’s not take a chance. Let’s just go ahead and go for
everything that God says we can have while we’re down here. I
don’t want to go up there and find that curtain. Amen. If
there is a curtain when I get there, I want Him to open it and
He says, “Empty. You got it all, boy. You learned how to acquire
it all.” Praise God. Amen. So God is our source. He’s already
planned out our lives, and He’s already planned to fulfill every
need we will have while we’re on this planet. When it seems there
is no hope, He is our hope. When it seems there is no way, He is
our way. Psalm 62:5 says, “My soul, wait thou only upon God,
for my expectation is from Him.” My expectation comes from
Him. I’ve had people asked me over the years,
“Brother Jerry, why are you so positive? How can you be so
positive? How can you be so up all the time? How can you be so
expectant?” Because my expectancy is from Him, and He
never fails. Hallelujah. He’s faithful. Praise God. I love the
Message translation for Psalm 62:5. It says, “God, the one and
only. I’ll wait as long as He says. Everything I hope for
comes from Him, so why not?” Amen. Since everything I hope
for comes from Him, why not wait for as long as it takes? Because
my expectations are from Him. Everything I hope for, He’s the
source. Look at somebody and tell them, “God’s my source.”
Amen. Philippians 4:19, once again, “My God shall supply.”
That makes Him the source. “My God shall supply all my need
according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” That’s telling
us that He’s not only our provider, but He is our source.
A little exercise I learned a long, long time ago that helped
me become “God is my source” minded. Whenever I see a
scripture that’s got God in it or He or Him, I will read that
verse as it’s written, but then I will say out loud every time
I see God, He, or Him, I will say out loud, “The
Source.” What it does, it causes you to become God’s my source
minded. For instance, Philippians 4:19, “But my God,”
the Source, “Shall supply all my need according to His riches in
glory through Christ Jesus,” Amen. Notice what I’m doing. I’m
acknowledging him as my source but I own purpose just so that I
will become God is my source minded. When I see his name in
the scripture, I’m going to say out loud, “The Source.” You say
this with me, But my God- Shall supply all my need according to
his riches in glory by Christ Jesus, Amen. Let us come unto
the throne of grace- The Source, my Source, yeah, make it
personal. Let us come unto the throne of God, the Source. To
find help from the source, Amen. Every scripture, if you’ll just
do that, do that as an exercise. I dare you to do it for at least
a week. Every time you see God in the verse, He or Him, which
is a reference to God, read it but then out loud say, “The
Source,” and see what happens on the inside of you. Amen. It’s
going to create an expectancy like you’ve never experienced
before. Now, I don’t always know what people will do but thank
God I can know what God will do. Amen? I’ve had people promise to
do things for this ministry for 45 years, many of whom followed
through, many of whom I never heard from them again. I’ve said
jokingly, but really not a joke, if everybody who’s ever promised
to do something financially for this ministry kept their word
and did it, I would not have to receive another offering until
about mid millennium but not everybody has followed through.
But not one time has God failed to follow through. Now, I will
say this, God has not always showed up when I thought he
should but he did show up. Amen? He did show up. I mean there
have been times when it looked like, “God, are you ever going
to show up?” But I’ve learned not to voice that. I don’t say
things like that because I know that if I prayed according to
his will, he heard me and I know that I have the petitions that
I’ve desired of him. Now it’s just a matter of walking this
out by faith. Regardless of how long it takes, I am not giving
up. Quit is not an option to Jerry Savelle. Amen. I don’t
live my life that way. Amen. It’s just a matter of me
persevering, remaining patient, determining that I’m going to
outlast the Devil. That’s what perseverance is, outlasting the
Devil and I know I will have the petitions I have desired of him.
Another thing I do between the Amen and the, there it is, I
read scriptures that talk about the faithfulness of God. For
instance, Psalm 89:34, God says, “My covenant will I not break
nor alter the thing that has gone from my lips.” See, that’s
inspiring to me. That’s motivating to me, that I’m
basing this prayer on what God said, what God promised and now
I have this from him, “I will not break my covenant nor will I
alter what has come from my lips.” See, that’s motivating.
That’s energizing to your faith. Isn’t it wonderful knowing? I
mean, if people said, “Jerry Savelle, I’m going to put
$100,000 in your ministry and I will not alter what has come
from my lips,” that’d be wonderful wouldn’t it? But I
can’t always depend on what comes from people’s lips but I
can always depend on what comes from God’s lips because he said,
“I won’t change it. I won’t alter it. I will not break this
covenant.” Hallelujah! That’s motivating. That’s inspiring.
That’s energizing. Then I have this promise from Isaiah chapter
40 and verse 8, “The grass withers, the flower fades, but
the word of our God shall stand forever.” Hallelujah. Amen. “The
Word of our God shall stand forever.” Then Psalm 46, verses
1-3, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in
trouble. Therefore we will not fear even though the earth be
removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the
sea, though the waters roar and be troubled, though the
mountains shake with it’s swelling.” What that’s just
simply saying, no matter what’s going on around me, I can always
depend on the word of God. I don’t care if the whole planet
is shaking to pieces and the whole world is falling apart.
This I know, God’s word will never change. Hallelujah! He
will never break his covenant with me, Amen? Now that’s
important in the prayer petition. That’s where all that
confidence comes from. Are you learning something today? Are
you learning something today? I believe you are, praise God.
Once again, I am so blessed and honored to be able to bring
these truths to you and I believe they’re helping you and
they’re going to continue to bring more and more truth to you
so you can develop a very powerful, a very positive, a
very accurate prayer life. Watch this announcement. I’ll be
back in just a moment. ANNOUNCER: Prayer. Prayer is a
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Prayer of Petition curriculum is a powerful resource containing
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effectively today. JERRY: Praise the
Lord and I trust you’re being blessed by these
lessons and inspired, and I hope it’s teaching you how
to develop an accurate prayer life. I’m telling you,
once you get this material down on the inside of
you, your prayer life will never be the same. Let me encourage
you to order the curriculum, Prayer of Petition. It includes
my book. It also includes the Prayer Petition study guide.
It’s got the lessons broken down, asking questions so that
we know that you’ve got the material deep down on the inside
of you. Then the CDs along with the DVDs. If you get this
material, the entire curriculum, and study it for at least 30
days, I know that your prayer life will change drastically.
Let me encourage you to place your order right away. Also,
partners we want you to know we love you very
much. Thank you for your support. We’ll see
you again next week. ANNOUNCER: Next week:
JERRY: The prayer of thanksgiving and praise, it’s
where you’re thanking God for who He is. You’re thanking God
for what He’s done. You’re thank God for what you believe He’s
about to do. I personally believe that thanks, the prayer
of thanksgiving and praise is one of the
greatest expressions of faith. Amen. God appreciates an
attitude of gratitude.

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