Prayer Meeting – September 3rd, 2019

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cannot thank you enough for being here
tonight and oh goodness I don’t know if you realize what we got ourselves into
tonight but I’m good you’re going to have to be patient with me all right
I had no idea and had really underestimated the impact that
mentioning tonight’s prayer meeting would have particularly as it relates to
our online church so you guys just do a wide-angle shot I want to if you just
bear with me I want to address our online church so Sunday’s Mideast or
Bible prophecy update video as of today before I left my office at the house to
come here had over 90,000 views and most of those were actually they counted
because people went back to the video and put in the comment section a prayer
request and there are I think about 500 of them and so I need for you as an
online church we need your help okay will you go to the Sunday September
1st Bible prophecy update video and scroll down those comments and will you
help us pray for those requests that are posted on that video of which there
there are many we do not have those prayer requests on our prayer list here
tonight we already ran out Gail is printing more
how many of you got a hard copy of our prayer list can you just hold them up
for a second okay okay let me try this again how many of you need one still and
keep them up oh goodness Gail that many okay she’s going to
okay here’s the deal there are six pages of prayer requests
many of which are from our online church and we’re going to print more copies
it’s going to take probably about 10-15 minutes which should be about enough
time because I want to share just a few things with you now we were on social
media asked if it were possible to livestream our prayer meeting and I had
to post on all of our platforms today that we’re not able yet to do livestream
we’re not quite there yet we would appreciate your prayer in fact in that
regard however to livestream an evening you know prayer service like this it’s
10:00 p.m. on the west coast it’s 1:00 a.m. on the East Coast and then we have
many other people that are in other parts of the world it’s 4 a.m. 5 a.m. 7
a.m. you know the next day and so forth so live-streaming isn’t really you know
the ideal however we are going to upload this video to our YouTube channel and at
least the portion of the prayer service where we’re able to I am going to take a
little bit of time and from here start the prayer meeting the corporate prayer
portion of our prayer meeting tonight by praying for some of the prayer
requests on just the first page that are just I mean heart-wrenching and so I
want to get to that but first and I have so much and I want can you
make sure your phones are turned off okay good the prayer request that we
have on this these sheets on these six pages are only the prayer requests that
were either sent in by our website or by email or that were written out on a
prayer card and put in the agape box but we do not have the prayers on here that
are on YouTube there were a couple on Twitter and a couple on Facebook as well
so again I’m asking the online church if you would go to our social media pages
especially YouTube because there’s literally hundreds of prayer requests on
the YouTube video from Sunday and please help us and pray you know we’re really
by most standards we would be considered a small church I mean in terms of the
local church here we’re actually a really small church and our staff is
also a very small staff so I guess what I’m saying is we can use all the help we
can get so again I’m so thankful to you that
you’re here tonight let me just kind of give you a quick rundown of how we’re
going to do this tonight I’ve been praying about this all day and inquiring
of the Lord I want to share just a few words about something the Lord really
ministered to me concerning prayer out of the Book of Daniel and then after
that I want to have Edward McCormick come up and just very briefly share with
us a powerful testimony of answered prayer by this church back in 2015 and
then pastor Mac my assistant pastor who’s not here tonight asked me to pray
and I’ll do that we also I want to take just a little bit of time
and pray for this hurricane Dorian which I know many of you have been following I
mean the Bahamas from what I understand two of the islands in the Bahamas are
gone I mean basically half of the houses and structures are just completely
decimated I mean I just you just try to get your mind around just the island of
Oahu would be you know the equivalent of at least on the windward side if just
half of the windward side were just you know completely wiped out that’s what’s
happened on in the Bahamas now it’s tracking for Florida and the
Carolinas and heading up the East Coast thankfully and I know there’s a lot of
people praying and we need to pray because I don’t know if you remember two
years ago I think it was 2017 when Hurricane Laine was I mean it was we
were done we were it was over it was game over and I mean it was the grace of
God and it was still it’s still to this day inexplicable as to what happened
they have no I mean oh they have their scientific you know explanations well
it’s what they call you know a wind shear you know dynamic you know kind of thing and
no God was merciful and I know that I know that yes praise the Lord right we
prayed and we asked God to just redirect that thing and He did imagine that God
answers prayer and that hurricane just did not hit and so I would like for us
tonight to pray that the same thing happens now it has been downgraded to a
category two but oh that’s kind of deceptive in a way because unique to
this storm and this has the experts baffled it just parked and stopped we
have an online member I don’t know if it’s on YouTube around here but
they asked us to pray they’re in Florida and they said the the anxiety level is
such that I mean we’re just sitting here and this thing isn’t moving and you know
we have to evacuate and I mean it was a category 5 and thank you Sharon
put your hand up if you want a prayer list and I think we’re still printing
more so anyway let’s pray that this ugly hurricane not only just weakens but is
redirected I mean not just North because it’s still going to hug the East Coast
let’s let’s pray and ask God to not only weaken it but redirect it further east
okay all right then after that I’ll open up the prayer meeting and pray for some
of these requests and then after that we’ll end the video we’ll upload the
video thank you for your patience with us and then we’ll just kind of go into
corporate prayer and some of you you know prefer to just pray you know to
yourself others of you that pray out loud we really appreciate that because
we can agree with you when you pray and so and then remind me somebody remind me
because I will forget to remember because I never remember and always
forget so I don’t remember that we wanted to turn off the AC because it
makes it easier to hear when people are praying so okay over the last couple of
weeks and I shared this on Sunday I think just for first service but I
didn’t mention its second service over the last couple weeks the Lord has
really been for lack of a better word intensely ministering to me just with a
almost a sanctified heaviness for lack of a better way of saying it this need
for prayer the clarion call to pray and He led me to
First Peter 4 I heard that on Sunday as well about how that the end of all
things is near that we’re to be alert awake watching sober-minded so that we
can pray that’s the one thing that we can do so the Lord had directed me to
Daniel this is a fascinating man a man of prayer and I would even venture to
say that he was without question the most powerful man on the planet at this
time when this is recorded in Daniel chapter 6 now you know the story so Daniel is a praying man he would pray
we’re told three times a day he’d have his windows open and he would pray
towards Jerusalem and he was just a man of Prayer and he was excellent in
everything that he did so much so that he was promoted and this King Darius had
taken a real liking to him and has promoted him as one of three governors
over all of these satraps and all of these people he was one of three that
had been promoted and exalted and even we’re told in the beginning of chapter
six of Daniel that King Darius was actually thinking about exalting him
over and above the entire kingdom because he was such a powerful man of
prayer well now as you might imagine this aroused the anger of the enemy who
is now going to do everything he can to get this man to stop praying I am of the
belief that Satan possessed demonically these men that we’re told about that go
to King Darius because they’re trying to figure out how can we get this guy in
trouble because see now Satan’s sole goal is to get Daniel to stop praying I
mean one man is so powerful that he’s having this impact on the entire kingdom
and he’s taking ground from the powers of darkness and he’s got Satan’s
attention so now Satan’s going to have his minions possess these men to go to King
Darius to get Darius to issue an irreversible edict that if anyone is
ever caught praying that they’re to be thrown into the Lions Den and they know
Daniels not going to stop so they get King Darius is oblivious to their scheme and
their plan it’s going to backfire in a big way at the end of the chapter oh I
tell you Hollywood is missing it with the movies I’m serious Daniel chapter 6
would be a blockbuster I mean it is such a powerful story and so this King Darius
who is just I mean I’m of the belief that he is in awe of Daniel’s God and he
even says as much so he gets he’s deceived he’s duped he’s tricked into
issuing this irreversible edict okay now we’ve got him so now they’re waiting for
him because they know they know even the times that Daniel’s going to pray
so they’re waiting and Daniel we’re told finds out that the decree has been
signed oh he’s been hearing about you know what these guys are scheming
and we’re told in verse 10 of Daniel 6 that when Daniel
learned that the decree had been published the decree that if anybody is
praying to any other God they’re to be throwing the lion’s den to their certain
death so Daniel hears about this he knows it’s
irreversible it cannot be reversed so what’s he going to do he decides to stop
praying no it doesn’t say that it does not say that it says now when Daniel
learned that the decree had been published he went home to his upstairs
room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem three times a day he got down
on his knees and prayed giving thanks to his God just as he had done before nice
try guys oh did you really think that you could stop this powerful man from
praying by getting the king deceiving the King into signing this decree well
you know what happens right so they they they catch him they go to King Darius
aha he’s praying he violated you know King you signed it here’s the signature
right here we’ve got to throw him in the lion’s den and we’re told that King
Darius was just grieved he was so upset when he realized what they had done so
it’s kind of interesting he doesn’t sleep the whole night
you know what King Darius this is King Darius you know what he does he fasts
the whole night you know who slept that night Daniel yeah he slept
you know Lions make great pillows when they don’t eat you and so it says so
they take him to King Darius they and he has to he has no choice he has to
throw and and we’re told that he had to seal the cover of the Lions Den he’s up
all night fasting praying begging God and then first thing in the morning the
king King Darius runs out to the Lions Den and he yells out Daniel Daniel
please tell me you’re alive Daniels like hey I’m right here the Lord shut the
mouths of the Lions and I wish I don’t want to take too much more time but
there’s one part in here where he oh it says the king was overjoyed this is
verse 23 Daniel 6 and gave orders to lift Daniel out of the den and when
Daniel was lifted from the dead no wound was found on him because he had trusted
in his God now what’s the king going to do now hey guys
come here these Lions they haven’t eaten all day and all night they’re really
hungry you’ll forgive the silliness with which I you know talk about the account
but it is really interesting because he not only has at his command the men who
had falsely accused Daniel they were brought in and thrown into the Lions Den
but so were their wives and children and look at this detail and before they
reached the floor of the dens the Lions overpowered and crushed all their bones
and then king Darris wrote to all the people nations and men of every language
throughout the land may you prosper greatly I issue a decree that in every
part of my kingdom people must fear and reverence the God of Daniel
I issue this decree for he is the living God and He endures forever wow
this isn’t a based on a true story it’s a true story this actually happened what’s
my point here’s my point there is such a thing as
prayer that rattles and shakes the gates of hell think about what the enemy had
to do and orchestrate to get one man to stop praying oh
Sharon’s back anybody else prayer list raise your hands keep them up Gale keep
them printing keep printing so keep them up and she’ll get them to you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 anybody else over here everybody have one 12 just a second Gale
how many how many more do you have okay good we’re going to need at least 10 15
more 15 more at least yeah make it 20 let’s make it 20 okay I heard one
commentator suggest that the enemy was so literally hell-bent to get Daniel to
stop praying because of how powerful of an impact he was having that he even
tried in Daniels promotion to get him so busy that he wouldn’t have time to pray
yet as busy as he was after being promoted to this high position as
governor and even being considered to be exalted to the highest position in the
kingdom he still had time and made time I don’t want to say he had time because
that’s the number one reason why we as Christians say we don’t pray I don’t
have time that’s not true we will make time for that which we
value and prioritize when it’s important to us we’ll make time for it
we have time we have time so I am of the belief that that was Satan’s first
attempt to get Daniel to stop praying when that didn’t work then he got these
guys to deceive King Darius to issue this decree and when that didn’t work I
think the devil gave up because when you read the rest of Daniel I mean of course
after this you have Shadrach Meshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace I mean
the things that happen because one man prayed the power of prayer you’ve heard
me say it before I’ll say it again the most powerful person that you know is
the person that prays do you realize the power that we have access to and yet we
do not avail ourselves of that which is the most powerful thing that God has
given us in our Christian lives and Satan knows it
he doesn’t want us to know it and that’s why it is by the way I wouldn’t I’m
not going to ask for a show of hands but I would venture to say that there’s
probably not a one of us here tonight present company included
that didn’t have several attempts by the enemy today this afternoon to keep us
from coming tonight about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I just said you know
and I do this and I hope you know think I’m you know needing to be
institutionalized I say that affectionately but I actually talked to
the enemy and about 3 o’clock this afternoon and I just basically said
are you done because that didn’t work either is that is that all you’ve got
just just get out of here just get out of here and by the way I prayed for you
today too I said I know what you’re doing to my
church that I love so much and the people that are
making plans to come to this prayer meeting tonight and I just want to let
you know there’s God’s got hungry lions still so you know just don’t even think
about it you’re a defeated foe and I’m going to
resist you and I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ and you are to flee
because I have more power than you you can do nothing and greater is He that is
in me than you are you are defeated and you have no right and do not exalt that
imagination do not put that lie in my mind you can’t do that I take that
thought captive into the obedience of Christ and I have been given the power
to demolish to destroy that stronghold that you are trying to exalt that
imagination that thought that spirit of fear that you’re trying to put in my
heart and in my mind you just get out of here okay it’s not going to work you’re a
defeated foe so bye-bye and he did so about 3:30 I just you know decided I was
going to stop fasting and celebrate so I ate and I’m in a really good mood
I’ve got a full tummy and a full heart so okay good we’ve got some more anybody else raise your
hand don’t be bashful if you want one need one there’s some up here in the front okay
one last thought this type of Hell shaking prayer if I could say it that
way it’s available to us I made this comment on Sunday and I
really mean it when I say this and I’m not I hope that you don’t think this is
hyperbole I want the powers of darkness I want the devil to know that
you know when we have a prayer meeting that he needs to get out of town he
needs to get off Island the entire island because I want him to call an
emergency meeting with all of his demons and say hey guys you got some bad news
they’re praying again so we’re done there’s nothing we can do and so we are
bound and we just have to flee we’re just going to have to go somewhere else
where they’re not praying think about that it’s been said okay this will be the last
last thought it’s been said that the one thing that Satan fears the most is when
a Christian prays I mean he doesn’t like it when we go to church when we
praise a worship when we’re in the word when we’re in fellowship he doesn’t like
that but he really does not like it in fact he hates it when a Christian
prays which is why he will do everything to keep a Christian from
praying and if a Christian is a prayer warrior don’t be surprised when he tries
to do what he did to Daniel to you in a different way because he will try to get
if you’re praying he’ll try to get you to stop if you’re not praying he’ll do
everything before you start that’s the way it is that’s how powerful prayer is
okay at this time I want to have Edward come up and share with you a miracle I
mean a bona fide miracle in 2015 when we as a church prayed for this brother who
we had never met who I had never met until Sunday morning
hi good evening I forty years ago lived down the street in Hauula
off a street called Poke Way and when we met each other we just said how’s it how’s
nobody okay alright well I was here in 2015 I was driving around the island
going all the way around making circles because I had just finished recording a
project and I wanted to listen to it and do do the road test and wasn’t feeling
good ended up in the hospital and I was ventilated intubated I had pneumonia in
both lungs I was septic and when I came to after
they they had let me be able to breathe after you know the ventilation I heard
the doctors saying that there’s nothing else we can do this is it he’s gone
he’s done well I could not see I could not speak I couldn’t move but I
could hear them saying this and when you hear something like that if you’re a
believer and and I have been a believer for the past thirty plus years it
kind of takes the wind out of your sails you think wow well it didn’t for me I
said God thank You for letting me hear that now I know how to pray differently
I enter your hands I commit my soul I just started praying God forgive me for
the things that I don’t even know that I did I know the things that I have done
but I don’t know these other things so if You can forgive me of those things I
was ready whenever the eyes closed that I was going to go home to be
with the Lord well He had a different plan and He brought me out of it my
wife was sitting by my bed she was weeping saying don’t give up because she
could tell by the look in my eyes I kept on saying to her over and over again I
didn’t tell you pastor on Sunday that I told I told my wife no this is
it I’m done it’s over I know it and I’m okay with it I’ve already
committed my soul into His hands I’m okay please be okay with it you know so
if she ever sees this recording she’ll remember it as I look into the camera I
love you and thank you for for continuing to pray well what she did was
she talked to some friends who come here and they brought it to pastor JD’s
attention and I don’t know exactly how it happened and maybe he can tell me
later how it happened during the service in another building yeah in our old building yeah
and you guys prayed well my wife had people praying for
me wherever I’ve gone and led worship whether it’s Ireland or Korea wherever
wherever I’ve been she had called she wanted people praying in the day and
in the night while we were sleeping here she wanted people over there praying
while they were awake she is not the type to settle for a little bit of
prayer she wants a lot of prayer and I’m very thankful for it so I just wanted to
come and I came on Sunday because I never thought I would get a chance to
meet your pastor I never thought I would get a chance to meet your worship leader
but just to say thank you for spending the time to pray because I know without
a shadow of a doubt that I’m standing here because of the power of prayer it
has nothing to do with me but God says the effective fervent prayer of a
righteous man availeth much and in His economy what much is I don’t know all I
know is I’m thankful for that much I’m very thankful for it so I just wanted to
say thank you for any of you that we’re there can you raise your hand if you
were there at that old building in 2015 were any of you there for those ones that
were there I just want to say thank you and for the ones that are here tonight
if you’re here tonight raise your hand some of you don’t know that you’re here
you have but but okay if you’re here tonight raise
your hand I want to thank you if you will continue to pray because I started
working on yet another project I’m looking at all the things that are going
on listening to the prophecy update on Sunday but we all know all the other
things that are going on and we know that the enemy is running scared
because he knows his time is drawing near
so he’s attacking at every level it’s like a blitz attack at every single
level and we know it well one of the things you don’t hear a lot of people
talking about is abortion you don’t hear them talking about there’s so many other
things going on and and I really covet the prayers I’m working on a project
pointing it towards the fact of this pain I haven’t yet met one
person who has gone through it who says oh I’m so much happier that I did
it I haven’t met one person but I have met people who say they feel so bad and
they can’t believe that God can forgive I even have one very close friend whose
father his father wanted the mother to abort I’m still doing good right I’m
at 4:30 yeah he said I could have five I have 30 seconds so please I’m asking for
I’m thankful for the prayer you gave and I’m thankful to be here it feels very
much like like home it feels like home to be here I love this island and I love
the feeling of being a part of something bigger than my own self and I always
felt that way when I lived here so thank you very much so here take your prayer list so the way it happened
was Amelia asked me Sunday morning will will you pray for Edward McCormick he’s at
Queen’s Hospital it doesn’t look good the doctors have said there’s nothing we
can do so you know how we’ll pray for somebody
before the service and we’ll upload it to the online video well we pray for you
that Sunday morning when you were at Queen’s and just ask God for a miracle
healing and so Sunday morning right before our prayer meeting we have a
prayer meeting by the way every Sunday morning at 7:45 for a half hour from
7:45 to 8:15 and so right before I was getting ready to start the prayer
meeting I see Edwards standing back there and I said hey brother good
morning are you here for our prayer meeting and he looks at me he says
absolutely so and then he comes up introduces himself to me tells me who he
is and tells me this story and I’m like man if you’re going to be here on Tuesday
night I really want you to share this with everybody I know that they will be
very encouraged again the power of prayer the power of prayer the power of
prayer all right I want to I’m going to actually read this first and then we
will begin I will begin to pray and start off the prayer meeting and then
this is from Mac my assistant pastor he says blessings pastor while
while I’m in no way making my prayer request to be the center of attention I
want to begin a continuous asking of the Lord for a few things first please pray
for my boss’s Steven Sampica heart condition he will eventually need a
heart transplant and I may not be able to travel for the Navy he needs prayer
and healing and I asked that the Saints would do so for him and his family
second we are approaching the end of my career in the Navy and the retirement
homes are filling up quickly Tanya and I requests prayer he’s not
tonight he’s traveling that the Lord will have for us before or open our
retirement from the Navy a suitable home as we desire to stay here in Hawaii
we trust that it will be so and want those prayers from all the saints to be
sent to the Lord finally our naval ranks are shrinking
and I do not want to be placed in a position where Uncle Sam requires more
time we request prayer that doors are clearly open and shut so our decisions
are nearly made for us to follow no need to add the prayer list I would just like
the church to pray regarding these requests I thank you in advance and look
forward to seeing you all on Sunday Lord willing okay so with that will you join
with me I’m gonna pray I’ll start it off I will pray for pastor Mac and I’ll pray
for hurricane Dorian I’m going to pray for about five or six of these prayer
requests on the first page and then we’ll end the video they’ll upload the
video I will step down and we’ll just have our corporate prayer we’ll still
have the better part of a half hour and I really encourage you to if you don’t
want to pray out loud that’s fine please pray and God hears the and
harkens to the voice of our cry the cry of our heart but I just would ask that
please pray we have and we even I even had to have Gale kind of condense
these we have a lot of work tonight okay so let’s get right to it okay loving Heavenly Father thank You so much Lord thank You that You do hearken unto
the voice of our cry and what we want to do tonight Lord is cry out to You we
want to petition Your throne we want to rattle the gates of Hell we want we want
to access that power that You gave us vis a vis prayer so much so that when
this prayer meeting ends tonight and we all go our separate ways that there will
just be this unmistakable sense that we have had an impact that our prayers have
been effectual and have moved Your mighty hand on behalf of those that
we’re going to pray for tonight and Lord You know every need You know every heart
You know every cry of every heart and Lord tonight we want to ask You to do
miracles because as I’m looking at these prayer requests there are people on this
prayer list that need a miracle and unless You do a miracle in their
lives in their families in their marriages with their kids then it’s hopeless and so Lord we’re
coming to You we’re posturing ourselves before You humbly by faith with
sincerity and we’re going to ask You because You told us to ask and You told
us that if we ask anything according to Your will that we can have that which we
ask for Lord thank You that You answer all our
prayers the way we ourselves would answer our own prayers if we knew what
You knew I pray Lord that that will be an encouragement for somebody tonight
especially for those that are really going through a difficult time and maybe
it’s been going on for a long time Lord would you just settle our hearts and
remind us that You are going to answer the prayer in Your time in Your way and
for Your glory and it will always be perfect the answer will always be
perfect it will be the same exact answer to the prayer that we would have wanted
if we knew what You knew and You know the end from the beginning so Lord we
pray that we would rest in that Lord I want to pray for pastor Mac for his boss
Stephen and his heart condition Lord I pray that he would be able to find a
match for a heart transplant that the heart transplant will be successful Lord
he needs a healing and we want to ask You for a healing I also want to ask for
Pastor Mac as his Navy career comes to an end Lord would You please keep that
perfect home for him even though they are filling up quickly
Lord You know the desire of his heart You know the desire of our hearts that
they stay here in Hawaii so Lord we’re just going to ask You to do that and
Lord as far as the amount of time that is required in his position before he
finally retires Lord You’re the God of time and so we just ask that You would
shut the doors open doors make it clear so clear that a fool could not err
thereof and Lord keep him for us and us for him and thank You for him Lord
thank You for the blessing that he’s been to me personally Lord thank You that
this hurricane has been downgraded to a category two from a category five Lord I
pray that it does not in any way lend itself to a complacency or a change of
attitude or a change of heart or a change of mind concerning the
preparations or even the need for evacuations Lord we’re going to pray and we
ask that not only would this hurricane which is supposed to hit sometime
tomorrow Lord would You not only weaken it before tomorrow morning but would You
also just as only You can will You redirect it by Your mighty hand
East not even really north and then just have it dissipate and just turn into a storm
Lord please for those in the Bahamas the devastation in the Bahamas Lord please
would You be merciful for those that have been impacted we know that the loss
of life at the last count was about seven people that’s seven people Lord I
pray for those families of those seven people those loved ones Lord I pray for
those that have lost everything and for those who are lost that have lost
everything that You would use this to bring them to You
to a saving knowledge of You Jesus Lord I want to pray for Laurie online member
she’s asking us to pray for the salvation for her children Tony and
Aaron she’s also asking for prayer from deliverance from the lbgtq lifestyle for
Ashley and also she’s asking for prayer for the
salvation of her boss bill Patricia is asking for prayer for her daughter Amy
who is pregnant with their first child she got an abnormal pap smear for HPV
and possible cancer and she’s only nine weeks into the pregnancy Lord again
we’re asking You for a miracle to do something in the realm of the
supernatural as only You can to bring salvation to bring deliverance to bring
healing this online member this is heartbreaking
Charmaine from Switzerland 25 years together the husband leaves the marriage
commits adultery Lord would You bring conviction to this man return this man
to his wife be merciful to this man she’s asking for restoration and healing
of the marriage and then she’s also asking for prayer for their 18 year old
daughter who’s walked away from the Lord and is addicted to drugs and has two
girls that she’s asking for Your covering over her two girls which would be her
two grandchildren Lord this is heart-wrenching please Lord
this family this marriage these kids this daughter they need a miracle
and we’re asking You for that Lord Cindy another online members asking for prayer
for his son Noah he’s 21 years old walked away from the Lord and she cites
gender issues God please you’re a merciful God you hear prayer you answer
prayer you love Noah more than even his mom loves her will you please
do whatever it takes to bring him back to You this is for a girl that’s 14 years old
is from Alisha an online member the girl’s name is Rebecca and she’s cutting
herself and she’s asking us to pray that God will reveal himself to her Lord will
You do that will You also heal her in which You save her and would You protect
her from Satan and his demons and the influence that the Satanic realm and the
demonic realm is having on her and whatever it is that is causing her to
cut herself Lord she needs a miracle would You do that this was especially
heartbreaking it’s from Violet online member she’s asking for prayer for her
son Nate who is schizophrenic in the State Hospital he’s 29 years old and
she’s asking for prayer he has nowhere to go if they release him she says he
believes in Jesus but his faith has deteriorated because of his mental state
and he gets angry and agitated and there are a lack of services where they live
Lord You can heal the mind the brain You can deliver him and Lord if that’s not
Your will then Lord would You please provide for this man would you encourage
this mother who’s asking for prayer for her adult son this is a actually a
prayer request that was on Twitter and I wanted to get it on our prayer list and
she is asking for prayer online member because she’s blind in her left eye and
now has blurry vision in her right eye and she’s asking us to pray for a
healing again a miracle Lord I was thinking this
last week about how many times in the Gospels You healed the blind some of
whom were blind from birth so Lord You’re the same God yesterday today and
forever so Lord I’m going to ask You for this and everybody here in this prayer
meeting tonight is in agreement with me when I do we’re going to ask You for a
miraculous healing but we’re going to take it a step further and also ask that we
would receive a praise report a follow-up of what you did so that we
can rejoice together in the miracles that You did because tonight we as a
body of believers prayed just because we prayed thank You Lord in Jesus’ name Amen
again let’s go ahead and end the video thank you so much online Church we
appreciate your patience with us and your prayers along with us so

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. Be so happy to help pray for the wonderful prayer requests. May the Lord hear our cries as we intercede on behalf of others. Blessingsโฃ๏ธ

  2. TO ALL WHO ARE HURTING AND DESPERATE โ€“ Please read – this is for you.

    It has been said, โ€œThat the darkest hour is just before dawnโ€. When you have lost all hope, and all you see is darkness, remember, never let your life be defined by
    desperation and hopelessness, grasp this one moment in time, reach out to Jesus, He does His best work in dark places. Let the light of Christ shine
    within you. The very fact that you exist is Godโ€™s testimony of His love for you. Never give up, your finest day is yet to come, Receive Christ now, He is
    the caretaker of your soul. The Gospel message was created for you. The simplicity of the Gospel, – Here it isย ย A=Admit you are a sinner (REPENT)ย ย 
    B=Believe Jesus is Lordย ย  C=Call upon His name.ย  This is your Blessed Hope, your only hope. At least give Jesus a chance. The devil wants to destroy
    you, Jesus wants to rescue and restore you. Jesus is calling your name, please come home to me, I am your Father waiting with open arms to receive you.ย  Read:ย 
    Isaiah 41:10, always remember that your Prayersโ€™ Matter to God, He honors them. My prayer today for each one of you who reads these words, is that
    God would remove from you all feelings of despair and hopelessnessโ€™, and restore you in the arms of Christ Jesus. R.E.M Song Lyricsโ€™ โ€œEvery Body Hurtsโ€, is so true, but, you are never alone however, Christ is always, and I do mean always, by your side. AMEN.

    โ€œItโ€™s only when you put your trust in Christ and respond to His invitation that you understand what life really meansโ€ (Ravi Zacharias)

    REPLY: to me, if you would like me to pray for you, about anything.

    Isaiah 41:10 – Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    Listen to this song โ€œevery body hurtsโ€

  3. One of the only preachers that has not fallen away from the truth of the pretrib rapture promise of Christ.
    Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.
    Revelation 3:10

  4. JD, I'm so glad that you mentioned praise reports–they ARE important. I sense the Lord would have me do that now. Sometime before May 20 I left a comment about how bad my marriage was–for 42 years. JD had just talked about how Joseph had to wait 17 years to come into his destiny. I commented that that was nothing compared to my 42 years. The last 19 of those years, my husband was given over to alcoholism. Nevertheless, I kept praying. And I never left him.

    My comment was taken off the site, and I do understand why. But about a week later he fell down the stairs head-first on his back. They took him to the hospital in a neck brace. HE HASN'T HAD A DRINK OF ANY KIND SINCE MAY 20!!!! Even though there is a beer of my daughter's sitting in the fridge. She witnessed the incident, which is a good thing because her faith has increased, she has seen firsthand the power of prayer, and she can let go of her bitterness towards him. He was unhurt by the way, just bruised. It could have been so much worse.

    I hope this helps someone out there who is struggling, waiting for God to answer. HE WILL!!!!

  5. I have been praying daily and most all day for God to control the Hurricane and be with the people that will all be praying for your protection and to guide them. All the World can see the power of God .Maybe this suffering is God trying to wake all up tat our lives are in HIS hands and to trust in HIM. HE is the only HOPE for all the world.

  6. Practising the Presence of God.
    Brother Lawrence.
    The Practice of the Presence of God

    Help us, O Lord, to be the salt in the earth.

  7. Is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed Go free and that you break every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out when you see the naked that you cover him. And not hide yourself from your own flesh? Isaiah 58:6-7

  8. Thank you, pastor, for sharing the prayer service with us! I wonder if you would be able to have a place on your website that we could go to see the prayer list that you hand out each week for your congregation to use while praying. It would help to pray in agreement with you. In the meantime, I will do as you ask and head back to Sundayโ€™s video and look for the prayer requests. Thank you for suggesting we do that, as I usually do not read all the comments.

  9. I would like to join your church Pastor JD. I have joined y'all online from Texas for a while now. I love y'all! Can you email me the prayer list, so I can print a hard copy as well? [email protected]
    Is there anyone making a list of the online brothers and sisters prayer list? Is so, PLEASE email me it as well. Love to all, your sister in Christ, Evieโคโคโค๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  10. Please pray for someone I know. His initials are RH. He has two discs that have lost their fluid between them (in his lower back). This needs Godโ€™s supernatural healing. He is a young adult, and itโ€™s very painful . Thank you JDFarag, his followers and flock.โ™ฅ๏ธโœจ

  11. Please pray for Joe. He is 88 and got in a car accident that broke his back. Please pray for him, such a good man. Thank you, thank You!!!

  12. My prayers are with you all, but most importantly, Jesus is our great Intercessor & His prayers are for you as well!!

    Matthew 12:15(b) โ€œโ€ฆ And great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them all.โ€

  13. Thank you for including us in your prayer meeting! A true blessing to pray with yโ€™all! Would love to be included weekly!! Praying in Texas

  14. The Lord has called me…in my suffering He has put me ware He wants me…I am not afraid…but see so much suffering…The Lord is great and I have seen
    His work…and yes this world is ending soon…I gave my soul to Jesus and got baptized…I'm waiting till He comes for us…the devil has his evil following each of us waiting to laugh at our Father…keep praying and be strong

  15. I am part of this prayer meeting. Thankyou so much for live streaming Pastor Farag. I watch you faithfully. My tithe will be given to you this paycheck. God Bless your Faithfulness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  16. Just sharing – I'd read a comment regarding the prophecy updates. I really look forward to them. I read someone's comment that he got his wife to watch, but was very disappointed that you're not including current headlines. (see sept. 1st comments). I have to say I agree. It's been on my mind as well. Those are important for validation. I appreciate you and your hard work. Thanks for reading this.

  17. you are faithful JD, I so enjoy tuning in to everything you publish online. Wish you were my Pastor. Your emotional passion sometimes brings me to tears as I feel the same way so much of the time. Never apologize for your passion. God bless this prayer service and I will do as you say and go back to the Sunday Prophecy on the 1st and see if I can go ahead and pray for some of those.

  18. Thank you Pastor J D for including us in the prayer meeting.
    We are so Greatful to be part thereof.
    Please include us from South Africa also to your prayers, we need urgent intersession for our country as well.
    Hermann Gerard

  19. Please pray that God will bring a car to our family. My husband has to walk to work sometimes in 100 degree heat. Heโ€™s been walking 12-14 miles a day and has totaled over 550 miles since our old car broke down. I know God owns everything and has access to cars for us. I pray He makes the perfect one available for us very soon. We have no money right now, but the church said theyโ€™ll help. So far, there hasnโ€™t been one available. Please pray God makes it happen soon so I can take care of my family. I need to work and a car would open so many more job opportunities. In Jesus name I pray.

  20. Everybody understand about pray we do it again I know God he powerful in this world he can stop helecane no powerful more than God

  21. I absolutely WILL pray for every prayer request sent and those that were just on peoples hearts. This is so amazingly awesome! To God be all the glory for your obedience. I will see to it that I get at least five more people join me and I will ask those five to get five and so on. I'm so excited about this prayer chain. Lord please go before us and touch the hearts of those we ask to help pray for all the requests. Let this prayer chain reach millions, in Jesus name, Amen! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

  22. would you agree with us in prayer for a young woman in her late twenties who has just found cancer is widespread in her body she is choosing to trust God for a miracle her name is Jillian thank you Church

  23. I don't think God is happy with keep kids like prisioners in walmart camps.
    And with abortion law
    And gay marriage
    I don't think God is happy with the liders of this country.
    Nobody can desagree with that. If we say i follow Crist we better think about.
    And im not going to say sorry if i offend people.

  24. i asked for prayer for my daughter's dog who was unconscious after being kicked in the head by a horse. They are not believers, and the death of this dog would have been devastating for the family under the circumstances. This morning I read on Facebook that the dog had made a "miraculous recovery" so I am praising God for the healing of that little dog, and will continue praying for the salvation of the family. Thankyou heavenly Father .

  25. Your energy and passion for the Lord is amazing. Thank you for all the teaching…. may your prayer request meeting go from strength to strength!!! In Jesus mighty name it will be!!

  26. Father God,

    I THANK YOU for the POWER, and the PRIVILEGE, of PRAYER, and in particular, the corporate PRAYERS of this Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, that is being SHARED here on YouTube, with the Online Church… connected with Brother JD Farag, and his wonderful congregation in Hawaii.


    THANK YOU Jesus, for the large numbers of spiritual siblings, that fellowship together in spirit, and in TRUTH, right here online, each week!

    That is enough to EXCITE my spirit, as I think of how MAD we must make the devil, to KNOW that we have HEARD and ANSWERED, the CALL to PRAY.

    Awesome God.


    And THANK YOU Brother JD, for your HEART, and SPIRIT, that SO understands the Prophetic Word, and that you SHARE it with ALL, who will HEAR and HEED. We LOVE you, and APPRECIATE you, and I personally PRAY DAILY ~ for you, and for your family, and your Ministry.


    Precious Holy Spirit, these PRAYER requests, are SO many in number, and HEAVY in content, that we as a FEW people, could NOT even remotely, get our head around the GREAT NEED of Your people.

    But God!

    You KNOW every single one of these precious people.

    Your Word says that You KNOW every single HAIR on their HEAD!

    So we would be kidding ourselves …

    IF we considered for ONE moment, that …

    You DO NOT KNOW ~ of EVERY single ONE of these PRAYER REQUESTS!


    And SO Father God, I entrust these precious PRAYER REQUESTS, en-mass, to the Holy Spirit, to DELIVER to the Throne of Grace, on ALL of our behalf. We could NOT even begin to unravel this "ball of yarn"… but just like Daniel, was successful to PRAY and RECEIVE, we too, are HOLDING these PRAYERS UP before Your THRONE, via our Sweet Holy Spirit, who will make PERFECT SENSE, of our sometimes 'nonsense", or so it seems, when we are SO overwhelmed with grief, and NEEDS, of various descriptions.


    We offer to our Holy Spirit, this LONG LIST of PRAYER REQUESTS, in BELIEVING FAITH, and we WAIT in anticipation, as we watch these ANSWERS arrive, and PRAISE REPORTS arrive, as EVIDENCE ~ that You have HEARD and ANSWERED our PRAYERS of BELIEVING FAITH.


    And we will be vigilant to give You ALL of the PRAISE and THANKSGIVING, and GLORY and HONOUR, for Your GOODNESS and GRACE to US ~ You BLOOD-BOUGHT kids!




    COME QUICKLY Lord Jesus!

    We LONG to GO HOME!

    Amen and Amen!


    (Blessings! Leila. Australia.)

  27. I prayed for Dorian to weaken and go out into the Atlantic. To please spare Florida. Governor DeSantos did a tremendous job preparing FL.

  28. Just a note of encouragement. I've been watching you, Pastor J.D. for about 4 years now. I found you by accident when I just typed in "prophecy" on YouTube and by the grace of God, I found you and have been watching you weekly for almost 4 years. I've been a Christian for 30 years this year (Sept, 1989) and watching you on a weekly basis has changed my life. I love my church that I have attended almost my entire life, but I love your undiluted Gospel message! Maranatha.

  29. Small church with a big heart for Christ and his prophecies, that's why we love being part of your online church Brother J.D. sounds like you have an overwhelming but good problem on your hands me and my family will help out by finding some of those here who need prayer and may the lord in his merciful heart allow you all the help you need.

  30. After the September 1 prophecy update, I wanted to leave my cabin in Canada and fly to Hawaii to be at the prayer meeting. Even more urgent was my desire to pray. My wife and I just watched this video of the Tuesday night prayer meeting and my heart leap for joy. It is Thursday September 5 am but God is not constrained by time or space and He hears all the saints crying out to him in unison. And God is moved deeply.

  31. We must keep the online prayer meeting going throughout the week as we need prayer each and every day and evening , against the constant barrage of warfare coming at us in these last days.
    Blessings and Prayers to the Farag church family .

  32. Please pray for my son he is was diagnosed with schizophrenia i call it demon possesion and for my daughter she is very afraid of many things i need many payers please.

  33. The lukewarm church here has no prayer meeting. Iโ€™m thankful I can join this prayer meeting. Iโ€™m in!!Praise Jesus.

  34. I have a prayer request. I had a lot of trauma growing up and the doctors instead of really helping me work through it they just put me on antidepressants which in my opinion then talking me through it wouldโ€™ve been much more helpful. At any rate Iโ€™m trying to wean off of these antidepressants after 17 years and itโ€™s very difficult. These things are highly addicting. So please pray for me and for all the other people out there trying to get off of these antidepressants. Pray that we would be able to get off of them and that our brains and nervous systems would be healed.

  35. Thank you so much for opening up your prayer meeting to your online church. A lot of us don't have a home church that prays with such faith and such power. I prayed along with you in agreement from BC Canada.

  36. Thank you Pastor for making a way for us who are not in Hawaii to receive the blessing of prayers for healing from your congregation. I agree with all who were prayed for. Many of those needs are in my family as well so I lift them up to the Lord. One thing I would add is healing for families and their loved ones going through Child Cancer. Adult cancer is bad but seeing a child go through it is unbearable to me. Please lift them up in prayer for miraculous healings. Also, praying for those caught up in human trafficking and all its ugly tentacles…..that they be set free from their bondage and their souls healed. In the Mighty name of Jesus, Yeshua HaMashiach we pray. We wait with hope in our hearts and patience to see Our Saviour coming in the clouds for His children. Maranatha! Amen.

  37. Thank you so much for your heartfelt prayers. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the online church.
    Strength and Godโ€™s blessings on you Pastor JD and your congregation.
    Grace and mercy on all those who call out in the name of the Lord. May God bless you all. God answers the prayers of the faithful and we trust and know that all will be well.
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™ once again and God bless you richly. Greetings and love from Switzerland ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ we are desperately in need of prayer here.

  38. Praise God! I am so on this! You have no idea how much this means to me. I have been trying so hard to find a way to people and to help the Kingdom of God but nobody ever responded to my offers to help. I have written to many people asking if I can volunteer my services from home because I am very ill and can't get around much. But what I can do is pray. I am going blind and running out of time. So I have been praying and praying asking for some way that God can use me before I die. Thank you for giving me a purpose. I will pray for every single prayer request posted. If I go blind before I get through them all then I will have someone read them to me so keep them coming. God bless you all. God bless you Pastor Farag and blessings to you and your entire church. We love you so much.

  39. Please pray for Darla who was in a car accident on Aug. 31. She has severe injuries that she is not recovering from. In this same accident, her mother was killed and her daughter and granddaughter were also injured.

  40. Dear heavenly father Put Your Loving arms around everybody in need . Lead, guide and protect all in Jesus precious name amen. Prayers for all from Houston Texas. Thank you Lord for this church and its pastor bless them all.

  41. I live on the Northern coast of South Carolina. While the forecasters were calling for the storm to take a turn to the Northeast, it kept heading due North right at us. At the last possible minute (any later would have meant a direct hit on us) it veered to the East and spared us all of the hurricane force winds – the center of circulation passed us 50 miles out to sea. The weather guys said hurricane force winds extended out 60 miles from the center. The storm is still passing but thus far we've only seen tropical storm force gusts, no sustained winds.

    God is amazing!

  42. Years ago my husband's hip seemed to give out on him out of nowhere and for 7 years he has believed God would heal him. He walks with a cane but it has not been healed. Now he's finally decided to look into possible hip replacement but he is still trusting God for a miracle. He has been unshakable in his faith, but now this future surgery has cast doubts and he is truly discouraged. Please pray for him. Thank you.

  43. Amen we as the online will also need to go back and claim as many as possible! Lord help is not miss a person in need of prayer! I know we need him to get to them all. All Glory to God and praises to his mighty name! ๐Ÿ™โ™ฅ๏ธ

  44. Great job Brother J.D. my husband and I look forward to your prophecy updates every week, we will keep you in our prayer's , we can tell you are a true man of God and soon we will meet you in Heaven. God bless and keep you in his care, a sister in Jesus Chris

  45. Dear pastor could you please pray for my daughter Jennifer satan has a helper that has tortured for the last 10 years she has been a mess lost her apt because this evil person has alot of power threw the police he got their child which he has tortured him also he lies cheats steal s etc my daughter is homeless now she has been raped in abandoning hotel god knows it all my prayers are not strong enough this man and I are in a spiritual battle when I say to him go away Lucifer no one wants you he drops his head and leaves Jen and marcus are asking for God to get them out of this mess let them be together and finally be safe and happy satan is trying to eliminate them please pray thank you God bless you

  46. PLEASE please pray hard for Colorado. The city of Denver and Fort Collins just passed a law where women can now be topless in public.
    I CAN believe that we've come to this point, and it's only going to get worse. Lord Jesus, come soon Father.

  47. Pray for all the Hurricane Dorian victims. This was devastating to the people on the islands. They have nothing left on the islands.

  48. Thank you for uploading this service. Although I'm not in the actual prayer service, I'd like to partake at this late hour. If God be willing, my prayers will still be heard & answered… It's NEVER to late to pray. Thank you for this opportunity to pray with my brothers & sisters in Christ. Come Lord Jesus Come, MARANATHA!๐ŸŒน…

  49. Please keep us in Atlantic Canada in prayer as we are currently being hit by Dorian (now a Cat 1/2 storm). This is not normal for us, as our cooler waters tends to discourage hurricanes this far up (lots of snow though!). Right now there are hundreds of thousands without power, rains are considerable and on some shorelines they are calling for 40ft waves (we have many small fishing communities). Thank-you, online church.

  50. Thank you so much Pastor JD, It is awesome being a part of your prayer group. God Bless you, your family and ministry; and all brothers and sisters in Messiah; Yeshua!

  51. Ok, I need prayer. My son and I have been struggling for a couple of years with severe financial hardship (40% pay cut). We are drowning in medical bills, I have so many illnesses I cannot list them all, progressing avascular necrosis, hip replacements, sjogren's syndrome, 5 herniated lumbar discs, to name a few. The chronic pain has become so much worse lately. I need His help daily. I still work full time, I have to in order to keep a place to live and medical insurance.

    Thank you Pastor JD and family! I have been praying for the requests on here as well. I can pray and have been doing so! Amen, we go home soon!!

  52. I was blessed and experienced a healing while listening to Derek Prince pray over his audience for healing. Now Derek Prince died in 2006 or 2007. His prayer was still effective. Don't worry about live streaming, God makes a plan!

  53. Pastor JD I'm sending this prayer request on behalf of my family The Jenkins,Gill and Dorset families.Our dearly beloved Sister, mother and friend Patricia Ann Jenkins lost her courageous battle against ovarian cancer on August 7th 2019.We had a memorial service for her on August 23rd 2019 and needless to say it was both a very painful remembrance but also a very joyous one as well.It was because of her that it brought together generatiions beyond generatiions of all our families together in tears, joy and laughter.So please Pastor JD keep us in your thoughts and prayers.GOD BLESS AND AMEN! โค

  54. Pastor JD, can you please make this list available so my prayer group can be praying too?

    Also, please pray in agreement with me and my prayer group, that my son Joshua, who once walked close with Jesus, would return to his first true Love, Jesus.

    Thank you, my online church family!

  55. I am so happy to be back on line. I was down for about three months. OBoy do I miss your ministrie!! Prayer Meeting!! I was over joyed. Thank God God is so patience,loving,


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