Prayer Is a Two-Way Street | A Teaching Moment with Bayless Conley

Posted By on December 9, 2019

Prayer is a two-way street. It’s not just us reading off a prayer list
to our celestial Santa Claus. The most important part of prayer is listening
to what He wants to say to us. Psalm 37:4. It says, Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart. That doesn’t just mean be happy in God, and
you’ll get whatever you want. Delight yourself also in the Lord. The phrase delight yourself is a translation
of the Hebrew word that literally means to become soft or pliable, become soft or pliable
before the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. The idea is when I assume this posture of
yieldedness that God, I’m not asking for anything right now. I just, I’m here. Shape me, mold me. Is there anything You want to say to me? And when we assume that yielded posture of
suppleness before God, it says He’ll give us the desires of our heart. I don’t think that means that God gives you
whatever you want. I think it means that God gives you desires
and that He will then guide you through those desires. I get before God; I’m quiet. Whatever you want, God, suddenly I have a
desire. God gives us the desire, so He can give us
the desire. He guides us then through those impressions,
through those desires that He puts in our hearts. And I just think if you ask some simple questions
at this point where you’re yielding, and you’re just quiet and listening, just ask some simple
questions like, “Lord, is there anything in my life that You would like me to change?” Be quiet and listen. You’ll probably get an answer pretty quick,
probably have an impression pretty quick. Or, Lord, what’s the next step I need to take
in my walk with You? What’s the next step I need to take in our
relationship? The Lord might say; you just might have this
funny impression, read the book of Hosea. Spend more time praising Me. Get up early in the morning and have some
quiet time. I don’t know what He might say, but I think
God does have next steps for us to take. I think there are things that He wants us
to change and shift, but we tend to never get there because we don’t take the time to
listen. It’s important that we yield. Hello friend, I hope that the broadcast today
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