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Is there a supernatural
dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there
life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. What would you do if you heard
from God, you’re a doctor, a dermatologist, highly
successful. You’ve been doing it for a
number of years. You have a good practice. You love what you’re doing. Your husband in the meantime is
a career man, but he can’t get a job in his career, so he’s
working for minimum wage. You have children. What would you do if God spoke
to you and said, quit your job, walk away from your practice and
be a stay-at-home mom. Wait a second now. My husband is not making enough
money. I can’t do this. Would you say yes to God? It’s easy to have what someone
else would say. But would say yes to God? This woman said yes, and God
took her to a new school, a school in which he taught her
how to pray, and get supernatural answers, and she
wants to now impart this to you. Sid Roth here with Dr. Jane
Glenchur. Jane, you’re provoking me to
jealousy again. I’m going to tell you why. As I understand it, Michael is
supposed to be the angel for the Jewish people, according to
Daniel. And unfortunately, he moves on
your prayers. Tell me about that friend that
called you and the angel Michael. Jane: Yes. A friend of mine called me one
afternoon. She had a desperate situation. She needed an answer within 15
minutes, but she wouldn’t tell me any of the specifics. So we prayed. I did not know how to pray for
her. So I said, Lord, how do I pray
for her? And I heard an inner quiet voice
say, “Ask me to send Michael,” meaning the archangel. Well I dismissed it at first
because I thought that wasn’t appropriate to pray that way. But I heard that voice again,
the Lord said, “Ask me to send Michael.” I knew this friend well enough
to say, “I’m about to pray something I have never prayed
before. It’s unusual, but I really feel
like God is telling me to say this.” So I said, “Lord, would you send
Michael and his angels to her house to resolve this situation
for her.” Then I saw a picture in my mind
of Michael and a host of angels behind him marching down her
street to her house. So we thanked the Lord, we ended
the prayer. But 20 minutes later, she calls
me back absolutely amazed because God had resolved her
situation within that 15 minutes. Sid: Do you know that what
you’re telling me now and the other things I know about you
would have never happened, never Jane, unless you said yes to
God. You see, God asked her something
very, very tough, tough, because she’s a dermatologist. She’s very successful. I don’t know about you
personally, but I know in my little town that I spent a
number of years in, that was the top profession financially. In addition to being successful
as a dermatologist, her husband is out of his career. He’s only taking a minimum wage
job. He can’t find a job and God says
to her, “I want you to quit being a dermatologist.” In addition to that, she has a
lawsuit having to do with her dermatology going on. What did you do with all this
chaos and God says, quit her job? Jane: Yes. When God put that burden on my
heart, it made absolutely no sense. Because I had said to my husband
before I got married, I will never stay home to raise a
family. And we had two children. My mother lived with us and
cared for them in our home. We were also planning to build
our dream house. As you said, my husband was not
employed in his profession. So if I quit, I would have lost,
we would have lost 90 percent of our income and all of our health
benefits. And on top of that with a
malpractice suit, I thought this is crazy. It’s the worst possible time for
God to ask me to quit. Sid: So what did you do? Jane: Well I wrestled with God
for three months, got a lot of prayer and wise counsel, and I
finally quit. And so God used that malpractice
suit to compel me to spend more time with him and to spend more
time reading the scriptures. And the scriptures are full of
wisdom, but they don’t tell you specifically which health
insurance to buy, which college your child should attend or
where to find shoes for your child’s narrow feet. And I wanted to make the best
decisions. I started to realize that my
wisdom is so limited as a human being and God’s wisdom is
unlimited. So I thought, I need his wisdom,
not my wisdom. And he began to show me how to
access his wisdom. Sid: Well actually, she had a
medical degree, but she was about ready to get a brand new
degree, an AOP. And of course, Jane, you know
what an AOP is. No you don’t know. I know you don’t because I just
made it up. An AOP is apprentice of prayer. She became an apprentice of
prayer. What does that mean? Jane: Well after I quit my job,
the next 16 years as a stay-at-home mom was what I call
my prayer apprenticeship with God. So God was drawing me closer to
him and I used what I learned during that time to learn how to
access his unlimited wisdom, and it totally changed the way I
prayed. Sid: Well I’ll tell you one
thing I know that changed the way she prayed. She had to get a stain remover. Tell me about that. Jane: Yes. I found an orange stain on my
green carpet and I was upset about it, didn’t know how to
take it out. It had been there for days. So I went to the store and I
said, “Lord, would you show me which stain remover would be the
best”, because they all sounded great. And then on the bottom shelf of
the store, so I knelt down and I put my hand on the first can. I said, “God, is this the best
stain remover?” And nothing happens. I didn’t know what I expected,
but nothing happened. I did the same thing the second
one and the third one. When I got to the fourth can, I
hear an outer audible voice say to me, “That is the best stain
remover.” And I felt like I was on God’s
candid camera because I was shocked and I thought, is that
an angel? It couldn’t be God because it
was a female voice. Then I heard it again, “That is
the best stain remover.” So I turned in the direction of
the voice and I saw these two elderly white-haired women
walking down the aisle. They never spoke to me directly,
but when they walked behind me, the same person said again,
“That is the best stain remover.” So I bought it and the stain
came out easily, and that totally revolutionized my prayer
life. That was really the start of my
apprenticeship. Sid: And it taught you really
power prayer. What is power prayer? Jane: Well let me tell you first
what it’s not. It’s not a formula. It’s not saying special words to
get God’s favor, because I don’t want to treat God like a genie
in a bottle. It’s based on a deep intimate
relationship with God. Before I learned these
principles, I would just rattle off my laundry list of requests,
ask God for wisdom and then get up and solve all of my problems
using my human logic and reasoning. God was never directly in the
middle of my decision-making. If we don’t learn how he speaks,
we might miss that he’s speaking to us. So he can talk to us through
scripture, which is the most common way. But he can also talk to us by
giving us an image in our mind or an impression, or a dream. Sid: I tell you what. Hold that thought. Here’s what concerns me. Two-thirds of college-age
Christians leave the faith. Why? Because they’re dealing with
head knowledge rather than experiential knowledge. When we come back I want you to
teach, Jane, on how the children can do exactly what you’re
teaching the adults. Be right back. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: You know, I’m reminded of
the scripture, “This is eternal life that you might have
experiential knowledge with him.” That’s in the Wuest translation. Jane, how can we stop what’s
going on with these young kids that either go to college or
they’re that age. They’re raised as Christians,
but they never, they were much like you. They just had the head
knowledge. They believe because their
parents told them to believe. The minute they get to college
or they get among peers who make fun of them, they drop their
faith. How can we make a difference as
we raise them? Jane: Well I did have that same
experience because all of my knowledge about the Lord was
head knowledge. And I walked away from my faith
in college and recommitted my life to Christ right as I was
applying to medical school. And I have such a passion to
teach children and young adults to experience God’s presence, to
experience these personalized answers to prayer. Because once you experience
hearing God or see supernatural answers to your prayer, you
can’t deny that God exists and you start to see how much he
loves you, because he shows you how he cares about the smallest
details in your life, and then your faith builds. Sid: My favorite story about
your daughter is a birthday party and she got an unusual
gift, a sock. But it wasn’t just a sock. It was a sock that had been used
with a hole in it. Tell me about that. Jane: Yes. My daughter received a gift. It was a special pair of
multi-colored socks and she was so excited. It was from her best friend. When she opened the gift and she
tried them on at home, there was a hole in the sock. So she came to me absolutely
upset and very angry because she felt like the friend had played
a trick on her, was doing something mean. Well I said to her, you know,
let’s ask God what his truth is about this. So we sat and listened and God
was showing me that the child couldn’t afford to give her a
gift, but wanted to. And so this was the only thing
she could do was to give her a pair of her own socks. But I didn’t want to tell my
daughter that. I wanted her to hear that from
God herself, and God showed her that. And all of a sudden, her
countenance changed and her anger disappears, and she starts
to have compassion. She said, “Mom, God just showed
me that she really wanted to give me a present, but she
couldn’t afford it.” And then she felt sorry that she
had gotten mad, and she had compassion for this little girl. Sid: What a life lesson. But what about adults that never
had that good a training. They didn’t have an apprentice
of prayer, mother. How do we hear God? Jane: Well I teach people that
you need to be in a quiet place because you don’t want to be
thinking about distractions, your cell phone, your to-do
list, what you’re going to have for supper. You also need to learn how to
quiet your mind. Now many people are talking in
their head while they’re praying, and what they’re
usually doing is analyzing the problem and coming up with
solutions, not listening to God. Sid: So they’re doing a God
bypass and they don’t even realize it. Jane: That’s right. Sid: And they don’t even realize
it. Jane: That’s right. They don’t. And I used to do this myself
because in high school I was the queen of pros and cons list, and
I have a very linear, logical way of thinking. Sid: I see that.
Jane: Right. So. Sid: You know why I see it? Jane: Why?
Sid: So do I. Jane: Which is great for
medicine. Sid: Right. Jane: But it doesn’t work for
prayer because, again, you’re relying on your human logic and
reasoning, and that will filter out God’s best solution for you. So I had to learn to get rid of
the pros and cons list, because Romans 8:6 says that, “The mind
of the flesh is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit.” And that convicted me that I was
using my sense and reason to solve my problems. I really wasn’t listening for
God’s answer. And so then I began to quiet my
mind. I began to relax and focus on
hearing and expecting to hear an answer from him. Sid: Now that’s key, not just
hearing, but there’s a faith dimension. Did you catch it? Expecting, expectancy. I am going to hear from God. When we come back, Jane was
mentored by the Holy Spirit on power prayer, and I want her to
share one of the supernatural secrets. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: My passion is for you to
walk in Divine health 24/7. That’s why I handpicked my
favorite healing scriptures from many translations of the Bible,
personalized them for you and made them available in this free
e-book. I want you to meditate or pray
out loud these scriptures over your life daily and witness the
supernatural healing power of God’s kingdom come upon you. Download your free healing
scriptures e-book now. We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: So God put Jane in a
situation where she became an apprentice of prayer. She literally sat at his feet to
learn how to pray. Tell me one of the secrets of
power of prayer that God showed you. Jane: Yes. One of my favorites is called
tapping into God’s heart. Because when you ask God what is
on his heart first before presenting your concerns, you’re
really giving him free reign to speak about anything in your
life or the life of the person you’re praying for. Sid: If I’m understanding you
right, when you start every morning praying, is that the
prayer you pray? Say it again. Jane: Yes. I start.. Sid: Tell me how you
pray it. Jane: I simply, after I’ve
thanked God and praised him, I’ll say, “God, what is on your
heart today?” Sid: That is so different. It’s normally a laundry list. Jane: Yes. And I’ve heard amazing things by
doing that. So for instance, one time a
friend asked me over to her house to pray about a problem,
and I said, “I would like to honor God first and ask him
what’s on his heart.” When we did that, I was
surprised by what God said to me. He said to me very clearly,
“Your mother will not die this year.” Sid: Had she been sick? Jane: No. She was in her 80’s, but she was
very healthy. Sid: So that was a pizza dream. Jane: No. I heard it again twice, very,
very clearly. So I wrote it in my journal, not
realizing that several months later this would be extremely
important because three months later, my mother is stepping
from her house into her garage at 9 p.m. at night.
She falls. She sustains life-threatening
injuries. No one hears her cry for help. So she lays on the garage floor
for seven hours before someone, a neighbor, calls the police. So I get a phone call and
immediately I’m reminded, God told me she’s not going to die
this year, so I can stay calm. So I went to the hospital
emergency room where the emergency room doctor says to
me, “Her injuries are so severe, you would best call in your
family members because she may not make it.” And he pulled up the x-rays, and
I looked at those black and white facts, but they were no
match for God’s truth. And I said to him, “She’ll be
fine.” Sid: Wait a second, you’re a
doctor. Is this guy a little upset? Jane: He probably thought I was
crazy. Sid: Meshugah. We like that word. Jane: Right. Sid: It’s Hebrew for crazy. Jane: Not only that. But he says, “Her injuries are
so bad we have to ship her off to a level 1 trauma center.” So we go to the next hospital. Sid: But you’re convinced she’s
not going to die. Jane: Oh absolutely because God
told me she was not going to die. Sid: God is so fabulous. Before she’s even sick, before
she’s even injured you get the answer. I love it. Is that part of power prayer? Jane: Oh absolutely. Absolutely. And because I knew what was on
God’s heart that day it made the difference in making medical
decisions for my mom. Because she ran into multiple
complications as she recovered, and every time she did, I would
just declare Psalm 118:17, my mother will not die, she will
live to declare the Glory of God. And so all my decisions were
based on the fact that I knew she would recover. Sid: You shared a little earlier
about the way you used to pray and the way you pray now. Give me a real life example of
the way you pray now. Jane: Okay. One time I needed a Christmas
gift for a friend and I had no idea what to get her. Now before I would have probably
not even prayed about it, but if I had, I would have gotten, I
would have said, “God give me wisdom please about what to buy
her for a gift.” But then I would have gone from
store to store, to store looking for items, buying one or two,
bringing them home and then fretting about whether she would
like them or whether I spent too much money or not enough money. Sid: You sound typical. Are you relating to her? I think you are. Jane: But in reality, what I did
was I sat down and I prayed. I said, “Lord, I have no idea
what to get my friend. But I know you know. So would you show me what would
bless her.” And instantly I get this
impression, buy her a fleeced jacket. Well this was back when fleece
first came out and it only came in sleeveless vests. So I corrected God and I said,
“I’m sorry, but fleece doesn’t come in jackets. It only comes in vests. So what would she like?” And I hear again, a fleece
jacket. So I thought well maybe this is
a deception from the enemy. So using Matthew 18:18, “I bound
the enemy from speaking to me.” And I asked a third time, “God,
what would my friend like?” And of course, I hear fleece
jacket. So I thought, well how can I
confirm that this is God? My next question was, God, if
this is you, would you show me where I can find it. And I get a picture in my mind
of a store that’s in an area of town that I normally don’t shop
in. So I felt let’s test this out. And I drive there, look at all
the racks, and I said, “God, where is the fleece jacket?” I get to the clearance rack and
there is one periwinkle fleece jacket in exactly my friend’s
size at a great price. And so the beauty of power
praying is one trip to the right store to buy the right item, and
it saves time and money. My friend loved the present. It fit her perfectly. Sid: I happen to love that power
principle that she pointed out rather than my laundry list to
God. God, every morning pray, God,
what is on your heart? I want to be a God pleaser. And I have to tell you that you
are on his heart. He want you not to know about
him. He wants you to have
experiential knowledge of him. If you will tell God you’re
sorry for your mistakes, believe the blood of Jesus washes them
away as if they never happened, ask him for help to turn from
doing these wrong things and then say, Jesus, come inside of
me, become my Lord, become real to me, I want experiential
knowledge with you. You are on his heart. Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My guest went to India. God spoke to him and revealed to
him ancient secrets that make people ten times wiser, ten
times healthier, ten times closer to God, and he wants to
teach that to you now. Are you interested? Your gifts to this ministry will
help Sid air It’s Supernatural in Israel 28 times a week and
distribute his evangelistic book to the Jewish people worldwide. ♪♪

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  30. I've just started being a believer. I was athies for over 20 yrs, I really believed that there's no God because of the way my life was. My name is Amaury Villalobos jr, I had a very joyous life, as a little boy, I felt that I had a wonderful life,my Parents gave me so much attention , happiness, freedom to find myself, then when I was 10, my Father, Amaury Villalobos was arrested for a horrible crime,he was innocent of course, but he was taken out of my life for 31 years, I was so mad at God, I really believed that there's no God because of the way my life was. So I did atleast graduate high school, then I became a drug addict and a criminal, I did 17 years myself in prison, then when my Father was finally exonerated that is when my life started changing, right now I am living my life without a job, but I do have a brand new fully equipped car, financially, I am well of, and I feel like my Prayers for my Father to be exonerated, was answered, I am so Happy for THAT. But I am also scared, because I was athies for years, and I don't know how God did it, but he did, my Father Amaury Villalobos, was exonerated and received over 15 million dollars, I am A Believer now,and I still and will always live my life with the Power of Prayers.

  31. Praise the Lord. I thank God for bringing me here on your Channel. I am always looking forward to watch every Testimony. Thank you Jesus. I love you.

  32. Ive been praying for the same thing for over a year, for my ex girlfriend to come back to me, and ive had this nagging voice telling me "go back to her" for months but if i go back she could have me arrested and based off of what she said last we talked she probably would have me arrested (i have not committed any crime and it wouldnt be a crime but she can still press charges)

    How do i know if this is god? Or just the devil tricking me

  33. Believing and faith-filled prayers work. Pray according to God's Word with pure motives and you'll see amazing results. Answered prayer brings God glory and a whole lot of joy to the one who prayed. God bless Sid Roth and this program and the whole Body of Christ. Keep praying. Keep believing. God is faithful. God bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ!

  34. It’s just insane how intimate God is! It’s insane big time! There’s no other book that contains a God that’s so intimate!!!!

  35. It’s just insane how intimate God is! It’s insane big time! There’s no other book that contains a God that’s so intimate!!!!


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