Prayer For Healing Relationships | Prayer For Restoration Of Relationships

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welcome to the prayer for healing relationships and prayer for restoration of relationship this is simply a video I put together
were allowed to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice about prayer to heal a broken relationship all they ask you
to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly Father please continue to
meditate in this press yourself speaker daily or listen to this video over and
over again a lot of the Word of God concerning healing and restoring
relationships to reach deep into your spirit let us pray heavenly father we
gathered together your online income into agreement in the wonderful and
powerful name of Jesus where two or more gathered there you shall surely be
anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do the Bible says that if
there’s any unforgiveness that it should be dealt with before praying there for
release in the anger bad feelings resentment or any other wrong attitude
before you now we laid at your feet and we’re releasing forgive those who have
wronged us a lift those watching this video we come into agreement and lift up
any relationships that need healing and restoration in their life order it says
in Romans 55 that the love of God has been said about our hearts by the Holy
Spirit if you say that it is in there prayer for reconciliation of relationship then that settles it no matter what we
feel father you are loved and you are inside us therefore love is working in
the relationships of the listener that need healing and restoration we declare
that it is expressed in its fullness in their relationship we pray that they
will let all bitterness bad moods malice wrath indignation rage bad tempers
resentment brawling spy till will clamor contention slander abuse evil speaking
or blasphemous language be banished from the relationships that need healing and
restoration we break the power of these things in Jesus name we declare that
those listening and the people within the relationships that need healing and
restoration are becoming useful and helpful and kind to one another tender
hearted compassionate understanding loving hearted forgiving one another
readily and freely as you Lord through Jesus have forgiven them we find your
love around the prayer for healing relationships of those listening by your Holy Spirit help them
to carry themselves as he should in each relationship honorably and
properly in your site open their eyes to see the value of their relationships
show them what relationships to keep in which ones to let go of us help them to
live in harmony in one accord with other people we speak strength over them now
in Jesus name we declare that they are of the same mind and they are united in
spirit we declare that they are compassionate
kind tender humble and gentle to other people lord we ask that those listening
recognize your piece which you have given them in each relationship made
that piece which surpasses understanding guard their hearts and minds help those
listening to build their relationships on your word since they build the
relationships on the rock they will not be shaken when storms come we declared
that their routine 11 found it securely on love in Jesus name every day the
relationships of the listener that need healing and restoration are getting
stronger in Christ we declare those listening in their friends family and
acquaintances in der law and our patient and kind they’re never envious never
boil over with jealousy they’re not boastful or vainglorious and they do not
display themselves haughtily they’re not rude in Andaman early and they do not
act on becoming Lee they do not insist on their own rights or on their own way
they are not self-seeking or touch your fretful resentful they take no account
of the evil done to them and pay no attention to a suffered wrong prayer for restoration of relationship do not rejoice at injustice but they
rejoice when right in truth prevail they bear up under anything and everything
that comes in they are ever ready to believe the best of each other the listener their friends family and
acquaintances hopes her faithless under all circumstances in all the
relationships they endure everything without weakening their love never fails
they speak the truth in a lot of doing truly living truly in their
relationships they are in fallen in love and growing up in every way and in all
things they esteem and delight in one another forgiving one another readily in
freely as God in Christ has forgiven them they live by faith in every
relationship according to your word father their imitators of you and copier
example as well beloved children imitate their father again we declare that every
day the relationships of those listening grow stronger because they are founded
on Jesus they walk in love is steaming into lighting and one another as Jesus
love them and gave himself for them lord we thank you in advance that they
will be constantly renewed in the spirit of their minds having a fresh mental and
spiritual attitude the listener and those they are in relationship with will
put on the new nature Jesus gave them they are created in your image in true
righteousness and holiness we buy and every planet the enemy to disrupt the
relationships and call them exposed and useless in Jesus name we break any strongholds he’s placed in
their relationships in Jesus name we declared total restoration and complete
healing in all the listeners relationships now in Jesus name we
declare that they are united in total peace and harmony and happiness with
those they are in relationship with we declare that they are strengthened right
now in Jesus name to carry themselves properly and honorably as they shouldn’t
eat relationship thank you in advance for the answers
father in Jesus name we pray amen

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  1. Amen thanks Lord I wanna to be with Chean Wang if he's a good man I knew him from online please stopped him from flirting with other women

  2. Miscommunication and trust issues in my relationship in ny relationship. A woman had him distracted although he has blocked her I'm still hurt. Please pray for this relationship that we can rebuild love and trust and a solid foundation. I haven't been as active with God. I'm Muslim but i need God right now.

  3. plz pray for me to restoration with my man… I have gone to death line walking everyday with out him… It's hourbale plz pray for me ….my man should come back

  4. Please Pray For Me And My Common Law Because She Is Pulling Away From Me And I'm Trying Really Hard To Pray Each Day To Have My Family Whole Again Because I Love Her And I Know That God Is Putting Us Through This To Make Us Better After The Out Come If Not I Guess I Gotta Accept This And Move On But I Can't Give Up On My Love Ones I Got To Have Faith Trust In My Father God And Lord Jesus😢🙏😊✊

  5. Please pray for a relationship of 3 years – we have hurt each other very badly. Much damage has been done. But I’m trusting the Lord will use this to heal and repair us for his purposes. Please pray for healing and restoration!

  6. I'm praying for restoration for my relationship. I love him so. It was love at first sight. I met him 5/3/19 at church and didn't see him for 3 weeks. When we did talk on phone we talked for 7 and a half hours. I fell in love that night. I pray we will reunite. God can do the impossible. Let his will be done. To God be the Glory!!!

  7. I agree and receive in Jesus Christ name for the body of Christ and for myself. I thank you in advance God. Praise the Lord and his name forever amen.

  8. I’m praying my rocky relationship is Healed 100%! Father I pray we appreciate each other and Love each other unconditionally!! I pray all his negativity ends now!! I Rebuke All Negativity from our relationship in
    In Jesus name amen!!

  9. Yes father god I come into in agreement…. Praise the lord father god in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth… Amen….

  10. The love of my life left me about a month ago me after his grandfather died. We were supposed to get married soon but he rambled on about how his grandma is now without his grandpa and how when his dad died his mom moved on. He said he no longer believes in relationships or marriage because one of us will die and someone will move on and be forgotten…He said the death and holding down a relationship it impacted his performance at work…. So he left me, and cut me off from all forms of contact. I have no form of contact with him right now as he blocked me. It’s an LDR relationship, I’m from NYC and he’s from England. He’s also in the British Royal Navy. So it was LDR,International,and Military. Sounds like a lot, but we were so strong willed and We were so happy. There was nothing wrong in our relationship. The split happened so abruptly. All I wanted to do was lend him a hand and light his way in darkness but he’s isolating himself…. And in the process… He said he didn’t feel the way I feel about him and wanted space to be alone. I understand we all grieve differently but I can’t understand why he had to abandon me…… All I did was support him and love him unconditionally…. Someone please pray for us. Our names are Andrea & Gerry.

  11. Amen and Amen in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, thank you so much Lord for your care and Love. All Glory to God ! Thank you for this prayer ! God bless you too Amen.

  12. I Agree and Believe and Recieve and Degree this Prayer over My Family and I and Friends and the Whole body of Christ.
    In Jesus Name
    Amen Amen

  13. Praise the Lord
    Pleas help me my dear Father
    Please heal my relationship with Nagendra
    I desire marriage with Nagendra
    In the name of Jesus Amen

  14. Praying for KND and my self for reconciliation. We fell out over something minor. I told her since she wasn't being a compassionate friend as I was to her I didn't think I could continue to talk to her. She's been through things (not more than I have), but you can see the hurt in her eyes. I pray her heart will soften and she won't take what her exes have done to her out on me. Amen

  15. I believe and agree in the mighty name of Jesus Amen I pray that God restores my relationship with Jose Provencio we both need a big Healing and may God lose all the negative mind manipulation games and evil doings in that the enemy may be using to keep us apart and keep us in arguing and disagreements with each other we pray this in Jesus name Amen Thank you

  16. I want my ex back i love him an miss him sooo much lord please send him.back asap im heartbroken withouthim please let him call me i miss our morning talks he jus dont know how my heart hurts for him

  17. I have been really shy about doing this…but been broken up with my lover of 5 years for a week now. We had a break for one month before…but just ended it last week…the storm is difficult.. to and I lose hope everyday and try to regain it every day. I helped her find God..and really think she's the one but there is so much hurt I don't know what to think anymore..I just miss her so much. I'm too shy to ask but please pray for me brothers and sisters for us to be together again. Amen

  18. Please pray for my relationship please please I love my boyfriend David so much. I’m Feeling so hopeless but I’ve been turning to your prayers and god. So I hope David can please come to his senses and get rid of an anger he still has in him and and realize that the love we have for each other is bigger and stronger than this issue we’ve occurred in our relationship. Please pray for David ( my boyfriend, we’re currently on a break ) and pray for me (Madeline) that we work everything out very soon and that we can be in a healthy happy relationship. 🙏🏼❤️

  19. My lord in the name of Jesus ..I pray to let me meet the girl I love her a lot ….I love her so much …I did of sins I hope she will forgive me as everybody forgive me …I miss her so much.

  20. This would truly be the miracle of all miracles in my family. I have been so weary and exhausted but here Iam God knocking, asking for this to happen quickly and suddenly in the beautiful name of Jesus Christ Amen. Thank you Jesus

  21. I love Jesus hes the greatest . I love himmmmmmmm . Jesus my heart . i love him so much i have no one else in my life at all. Lol . I'm his main nun . lol xoxox . i pray my relationship with Jesus strengthens to infinity and beyond . I always pray for my family and those i met walking my path with God but my life is god .

  22. Please pray for restoration for and with the man I love for God to do something between us way better I or him can ask or imagine, soon, Amen.

  23. I pray for me and my ex, Treva, to have our relationship restored. I love her dearly as she is so precious and special to me. I pray for us to be successful together. I guarantee to treat her like the queen that she is. In Jesus name, Amen!

  24. I ask anyone out there reading this please pray for me. My girlfriend and I broke up several months ago from a 4 year relationship. She loved me so much, more than any other girl I've met. At the time I didnt give her all the love back she deserved, I was so uncertain of everything. Now that she's gone I've realized how I could have done so many things better in the relationship and how much I really do love her. She's blocked me from everything and is seeing someone else. I reached out to her 2 weeks ago and she came over only tell me everything I didn't want to hear. That she is no longer in love with me and not to ever contact her again. This wasnt the girl I knew. The girl I knew had nothing but love for me and we spent every day together for the past 4 years. I have so many wonderful memories with this person. I feel at the moment all hope is lost. I know I need to let go and move forward, but I would give anything to restore this relationship. Whoever reads this please send a prayer for this relationship to be restored and renewed (Steven, Rebecca). Thank you everyone and God bless.

  25. Most high God Father I also pray for the healing and restoration for all these relationships of it is your will Lord, thank you in advance father we pray and believe that you will
    Heal our hearts and I also pray for harmony and healing to my broken relationship that it may be healed completely in Jesus Name Amen.

  26. Father I ask you to please restore Justin and I an help remove blocks in communication with each other Lord I pray you restore our relationship between us better than ever where we can move forward and be successful please in Jesus name I pray amen

  27. Daily effective prayer Please pray for me too
    Due to some misunderstanding and coz of my bad words I lost my relationship, it’s been more than 2 weeks and am unable to contact him , I love him a lot and he does too but I have no idea what is holding him back , he just blocked my number and on social media,I have no clue what to do and my life is messed up without him, it feels like everything has finished and no hope in living my life ,I have been praying but everyday feels more worse without him, I feel depressed and keeping hard for normal life, I miss him badly and cry out now and then , please pray so he could forgive me and we get back together in Jesus name , may Jesus restore my relationship as he did for others so my life could come back to normal in Jesus will Amen .

  28. Dear Lord 👑 I pray 🙏🏼 for this with all relationships in my past and current. In Jesus Name I repent for how I have neglected to start right relationships or even thrown out opportunity, specially for one's I have caused discord intentionally. Heal my from the relationships that robbed me of what you intended me to be and I allowed to change me in Jesus name amen

  29. Lord I come now to ask you Father for the will power to except my in laws. Lord I experienced an uneasy situation with some of my in laws these last couple of days. Lord I'm trying to still come to grips of how situations get blown outta proportion when it comes to a sick love one. Father help me to forgive them for being like a bully of a family. I do care about my soon to be husband but Lord you have to help me except his brother and sisters who will claim that what they do is out of love but Lord it don't be. I'm trying to hung in the relationship for his but I don't know how much more I can do it. I care about him but what they do is sometimes too much. Father please have mercy on me for expressing my experience with this family but give me strength to be able not to give up on me and him because of them. Lord thank you that your mercy endures forever. I ask in JESUS NAME amen

  30. Prayers for Chelsea I ask you father I will love to have her back father I miss and love her so much i would do anything to have her back I know you said wait for her come back if I had to I will I just really want her back father she made me happy and I made her happy just please send her a vision to her and her mother that I love and care and miss her so much that my heart feels broken without her in my life I just miss her text me say good morning love you I just miss what I had lord so would you please do what you have to do to put us back together to love each other again these things I say father Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. Praying for a coworker..Emily..she is nice but ..i tend to 2nd guess thi gs and she has issues..pray she will still be open with me,as,will Sarah her mom my manager..despiter a fews minor miscommunications.and Em and ibget along most days Em dowst a always understand certain thongs….thankful for her

  32. I receive and stand in full agreement with this prayer in the mighty name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen

  33. Please pray for the restoration of my relationship with the woman I love. Thy kingdom the will be done on earth as is in heaven for me and her to be back together again. Thank you.

  34. Please pray for me to be with my family again last year was a bad year for me but now I'm trying to get on track pray for me my girlfriend and my children stay with me and only me for I love them with all my soul and I can not live without them.

  35. Holy Spirit I have been struggling with closure from a past relationship. Holy Spirit if it be God's will let this person come and explain to me what happened. What did I do to them to cause the closure I have been seeking for sometime now. I been apologized to them and forgave them but I just wanted to know why. If it be You Will Lord I ask and pray that you bring this request to past once and for all. I ask in Jesus Name amen

  36. I touch and agree. Father, you knew the right timing for this prayer video for me to see and for whom my relationship needs to be restored with and especially with A.M….. I believe thus forward that it is done. Remove any friendships used by the enemy that is causing division and confusion in my family. May the person or persons in "MY family" be restored do so as it is already written. Amen


  38. I'm praying so much right now..I've hurt him and on the path of losing him. He means so much to me, he made me feel happy, and worthy. I found the best in my self with him. I don't want to lose him, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. God please bring us back together. I'm sorry for all I've done and how I've failed you. Please give me a sign that we'll be together again..I'm so hurt and upset. I rest all my worries on you.. please please bring him back to me. I miss him, and I love him. I ask all this on you, in the name of the father, the son, and the holy Spirit.. Amen!

  39. Heal me Danny and his mom's relationship 🙏in the name of Jesus I agree and decree and declare this prayer amen thank you Jesus amen

  40. Please pray for my boyfriend and I.. I did a huge mistake by keeping in touch with my ex, went out with him,.. my boyfriend is breaking up with him. I love him so much, I want him back..

  41. Please pray for restoration of my relationship. My name is Francisco and her name is alexis. That God could touch her heart and her mind. Thank you

  42. Peace of God Thank Heavenly Father via Grace I agreed and believe received and declared all relationship girfriend and family and etc.. in Name Lord Jesus Christ / yeshua ha-masiach Hallelujah Amen Amen


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