Prayer For Family | Powerful Prayers For Family Blessing, Restoration, Protection

Posted By on December 8, 2019

welcome to the prayer for family
this is simply a video I put together I’d like to pay for anyone within the
sound of my voice about prayer for family peace all I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek our Heavenly
Father together please get in to meditate on the spur for yourself speaker daily or listen to this video
over and over again about prayer for family health another word of God concerning your family to reach deep
into your spirit let us pray for my father gathered together your online and
coming to agreement to the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus where two or more
gathered there you shall surely be in anything we agree upon is touching you
will surely do the Bible says that if there’s any unforgiveness that it should
be dealt with before praying therefore we release any anger bad feelings
resentment or any other wrong attitude before you now prayer for family and friends related your feet are releasing forgive
those who have wronged us I lift up those watching this video we come into
agreement and lift up their family we declare that as for the listener and
their house they shall serve the Lord we ask that you grab the listener their
family wisdom revelation and understanding regarding having a godly
family we declare that their family their home their life is built by
understanding and it is established on a sound good foundation in Christ Jesus we
declare that the listeners home is prayer for family unity filled with abundance and good things
that the atmosphere in their home has your piece in every corner we declare
that their home and family is strong we declared that their home and family has
their foundation built on Jesus it is founded on the rock we declare
prosperity and abundance upon the listeners family we declare that Jesus
is Lord over their household we bind every demonic force that is blinding any
family member to the truth of the gospel and commanded those blindfold be removed short family prayers we ask that Labor’s come across the path
of every family member to witness Jesus to them we claim every member of their
family in Jesus name for your glory we asked the love of God flow forth from
within every member of the listeners family that every hardest touched by
your unfailing love your peace and protection we place the listeners family
in your hands we entrust every member to you now in Jesus name again we declare
that as for the listener and their house prayer for family and they shall serve the Lord in Jesus
name Amen

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