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Posted By on October 17, 2019

welcome to the prayer for divine mercy
this is simply a video I put together I’d like to pray for anyone within the
sound of my voice I ask you to do is to agree with me about prayers for mercy as we seek our Heavenly
Father together please continue to meditate on the spur for yourself
speaker Dave your list of this video over and over again and allow the Word
of God concerning divine mercy to reach deep into your spirit let us pray
heavenly father we gather together here online in coming to agreement on the
wonderful and powerful name of Jesus return more gathered there you surely
beyond anything we agree upon is touching it will surely do the Bible
says that if there’s any unforgiveness that should be dealt with before praying
therefore we release the anger bad feelings resentment or any other wrong
attitude before you now divine mercy miracle prayer we laid out your feet and we release and forgive those
who have wronged us I looked at those watching this video we come into
agreement a little divine mercy for them Lord you are abundant in mercy you love
the listener so much that you sent your son out of mercy for them as a result it
was you and your undeserved favor towards them that they were redeemed and
set free divine mercy opening prayer therefore we pray for mercy for the
listener right now in Jesus name more so that they would understand more
fully the love you have for them help the listener to understand the term
mercies are new every morning for them and they cannot do anything that would
ever outweigh them Jesus is more than enough for the listener their your child
and you love them abundantly help them to put on the new
nature they have in Christ which was created in righteousness and true
holiness as you’ve been merciful to the listener help them to make allowances
for others mistakes help those listening to the spirit to manifest mercy to those
around them father we renounce self-righteousness
and pride in the life of the listener that would cause them to earn your mercy
or despise others who make mistakes the listeners right his sister right
standing with you is a gift from you through Jesus and your abundant mercy it
is not earned through South effort even if the listener doesn’t feel worthy
through Jesus work on the cross your mercy belongs to them every single day
no matter what they’ve done we thank you in advance for your abundant love and
mercy manifesting in the life of the listener as they renew their mind to
what they have and who they are what they can be in Christ in Jesus name or
we thank you for this now and believe you receive it in Jesus name we pray amen

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  1. You are an amazing person. Your prayers are direct, spoken with words that have so much power behind them. I am a New Age person with Christian roots. Your prayers have power. I feel it. I BELIEVE in them!!! I can tell by your knowledge of casting aside negative energy before stepping forth in a prayer that is delivered with a KNOWING of your own personal worth in the eyes of God. How you know he will support every prayer when spoken with confidence of His Love for you no matter what you have done. Yesterday afternoon, I cried out to God wondering why I was not manifesting cash flow in my direction…I cried out to understand why I felt so worthless. To make a long story short, the answer has been presented to me. Through no fault of his own, I think my husband was causing me to feel ashamed and unworthy ever since 2014 when I lost a really good paying job. Of course, I accepted the projection of his lack of faith that God has our back. I wish I could find a prayer from you to help him open his eyes to faith and compassion and empathy, plus financial prosperity so it can relieve us of mental stress over money and my blood pressure can come down. It's here. Maybe in two or three combined, I will reach God with my request!! Thank you so much for having established this channel. It was divinely orchestrated that I discovered you exactly when I did.

  2. Dear God, please help me receive my blessings and life in peace. Amen. I decree and declare this prayer for God's mercy. I am grateful in Jesus' name. Amen.

  3. I agree with this prayer in the mighty and precious name of my King and Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸ» In Jesus name. Amen. πŸ™‚

  4. Full agreement to pray for God's mercy. I pray for myself, brother and sisters, and my blood family members for miracles to happen.

  5. Yes, heavenly Father, I come in agreement with this prayer for your mercy upon in Yeshua/Jesus Christ of Nazareth, thank you Father HALLELUYAH

  6. Praying daily for God's mercy to triumph over judgement for my husband. In the natural he's facing life in prison. In the spirit I see him coming home. His faith is waivering.

  7. Dear God please help me to give an enormous amount of mercy and forgiveness to all of those that hurt me. Holy spirit, please help me not to absolutely hate them or keep constantly mulling over their faults, bad words and actions and spite towards myself. Thank very much in the name of Jesus Amen!

  8. I Agree and Believe and Recieve and Degree this Prayer over My Family and Friends and I……..
    In Jesus Name
    Amen Amen

  9. I agree and believe, decree and declare, announce and proclaim I shall receive this prayer immediately and effectively in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Father in Heaven amen amen hallelujah!

  10. Heavenly Father which is in Heaven. I come now asking for Your mercy Lord for I can't I won't make it without it. Please Lord endow me today if Your mercy. In Jesus Name amen

  11. Amen. In the wonderful and Precious Powerful name of Jesus Christ Amen. For all , my 2 sons, daughter in law, 5 grandsons, siblings, family, friends, USA, the 🌎 World. All in the comments. For Daniel this great man of God all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  12. Lord please for me for you promised blessed are they which show mercy and mercy shall be return back onto them. But Father when Lord will my son and his wife get it together. Father please have mercy on me now Father. I ask in Jesus Name amen

  13. Thank you Heavenly Father for your everyday Mercies!!! Forgive me for falling short of your Glory and living in the evil nature of self. Renew in a right Spirit in me and grant me the Grace to pursue Righteous. In 100percent agreement with this prayer in Jesus mighty name Amen!!!


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