Prayer For All Humanity HD

Posted By on October 6, 2019

Bless us all O Lord we pray for loved ones here and near and far away and everyone for whom we pray keep us safe each night and day the homeless who have no place to stay those who are suffering in any way the dying, those mourning or grieving and all who need God’s mercy keep us safe Heavenly Father when we are at home or travelling on our way or when we are vulnerable or in danger in any way most merciful Father, hear us as we pray for the souls in purgatory or who may be sent there someday Amen

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. God isn't there to help innocent people dying by the hands of evil. Where is GOD ? not a single person in this world can show me.

  2. lord on high, please hear our prayers. bless the world. heal the world. save everyone of us , WORLD PEACE♡ No Religions Difference♡ We are all the one

  3. We ALL need to start praying that the implementation of 5G does not happen!!! It is a lethal dose of radiation meant to sicken and eventually kill us as well as our pets and the entire environment. EVERYONE please do your research on this! If you see a "GWEN" tower being erected close to your home, then either MOVE or start planting as many trees as possible to diminish the signal. This is VERY SERIOUS!!!!!! Only God can stop this!


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