Power of prayer: An experiment (Part I) – w/ Richard Lawrence

Posted By on December 2, 2019

in my last post I told you about an
experience that I it had a university which set me on the road to dynamic prayer and the 12 blessings I now want to try an experiment with two willing cooperators Pete to my right Noémi on my left they’re both very experienced in
performing the 12 blessings and indeed leading the
12 blessings but they’ve never done this particular experiment before so I’m gonna show it we’re gonna
see as we film it whether this works what
effect it has and is something you might want to try
with somebody who is open minded and willing to do this yourself as an experiment and the idea
if this is as per my first post to help everyone to realize the reality above the power of prayer and the
reality of the Universal Life forces which flow throughout the cosmic
system I’m going to ask them now to conduct
this experiment which they’ve never done before although they both regularly practice prayer so Pete and Noém would you
please now raise your hands into the Prayer mudra just as you often do visualize the white
light flowing through you and practice prayer a make sure that
your right hand Noémi is opposite Pete’s left hand and pete’s right hand is opposite your
left hand but keep them apart from each other at the moment okay that’s absolutely
fine what I want to do is very very very slowly bring your palms closer to each other
either by stretching your arms out or moving a little bit toward each other
but not touching so take your time and do that
please and now really visualize the white
light pouring down through you out through the
arms out through the palms and direct it towards each other and now perform the sealing mudra and place the palms beside you thank you very much. It was quite
beautiful actually. The more I was getting into visualizing the white light to send the actually I was sending prayer towards you and more I was getting into it the more beautiful and more powerful it became it’s a wonderful wonderful thing
to do I’m really enjoyed it I wish if I could we could do it a bit
longer as well because the energy was building up and Just some real beauty to it is difficult to describe without somoene experiencing it very similar I’ll felt heat in my hands and then
it can spread out my fingers started tingling and
the closer we got the more the more tingling sensation sensation me in the
end of the fingers and i was trying to push it towards you well thank you Pete and Noémi who are both very experienced prayers
but they still felt tangibly the energy when they directed the energy
toward each other and this is only an experiment because
we really want to send the energy out to the world but as you heard there
it was a beautiful experience and you can see now what
energy you’re sending out so if there is someone else with an open mind
who you want to try this with please do so and please let us know your comments on this post we’re all
interested to find out people who are experiencing the power of dynamic prayer all of which
will lead us to be better practitioners of the 12 blessings

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  1. as I am alone here….I did this in front of a mirror…..and it was a lovely warm experience sending the Light to myself and out into the world…thank you for reminding me…peace be with you

  2. Prayer is a powerful tool that is given to the genuine believers by God. This we come to know not immediately but over a period of time. It can be done ( experiment) alone also. Whether the prayer is accepted or not can be understood sooner because of some unusual instances that happens during the day time, if not in a dream. If it is a positive kind of dream it will be accepted by God, but if is a negative kind of dream will be rejected. The result can be understood only by experience because it may vary from person to person. There is nothing new in this because Gideon did it openly during the day time with a messenger of God. And he got the result instantly. Thank you.


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