Possibility of Being Killed in Reynosa Mexico, Norman Oetker, Protestant Christian Missionary,

Posted By on August 21, 2019

Hi, this is Missionary Norman Oetker in Reynosa Mexico.
I thought today, I would make this video in regards to what’s been happening around
here. As you know the ministry that I’ve been working
with has been with the local churches here, Having a three-month program and having with classes in English and in Bible
lessons. Also been working in prison, for the past year
on Saturdays, for about six hours are so, with men and women. And I deal directly with cartel and zetas
people, that are locked up. And, also, introduced a ministries to the security
people that work there also. But the reason I’m making this video is about
the incident where the Missionary got killed. on that road in their truck. So I’ve been here in Reynosa and I live here also.
And so, I’m fully aware of the dangers and the very high way that those people got shot and
killed, I’ve been on that road several times. So, I guess what I want everyone to know is that I’m a
missionary and my places to be right here, at this time, I’ve have
really sought the Lord, about prayer as to what to do here. My family is dismayed that
I continue in Mexico, especially here in Reynosa. And the people in the US. side are really
uh… well they just can’t believe, they are shocked! That I go into Prison. (2000 men and about 100 women) But anyway, if I should lose my life here in
Mexico, I’m just want to make this video that I’m a missionary, and have been for thirty five plus years, I’ve been in really
dangerous situation, in Thailand, the Golden Triangle, have lived and worked there in
refugee camps, communist. So again, if I should, if i should die here, difficult to believe, because I believe, I have so
much more yet to do, that All of what God’s called me to do, is not been completed. I’m really trusting of person big miracles
in my family! and a lot of other things, so but, you know, “no one knows the mind of the Lord.” Especially I! So, I’m just making this, to let all know that, So, I’m doing exactly what I feel like I’m
supposed to do, and I really know the dangers. So, I just can’t tell you, I talk with
the border patrol and security people all the time. I know the danger. So, I just wanted to make this video, to let
everyone know, that I’m not forced or coercion.

Or anything like that, I freely choose
to be here. And I just want to continue, to share Jesus Christ
and the way of Salvation. In the hope, that all people, when actually
they do die. They will end up with Jesus in Heaven! And not in that ETERNAL FIRE. God Bless.

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