PNX NEWS (Punks News) – AGNOSTIC FRONT at Rebellion Festival 2016

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what's up this is my Cal from agnostic front a washing PNX news and pray for the moon what is it brave enough to say that brick Lyman geez boy like a little likeyou let's all come yeah so Vinnie you're here how long have you been in the UK right now I got here about two three hours ago so you just fresh off the plane but you're ready to play tonight at rebellion I'm always ready to play the show it's always an awesome show here I have a lot I don't know I got a lot of friends here you know a lot of friends everywhere yeah yeah but a lot of my great friends a year you know what they say about England come for the food stay for the weather the weather is good here yeah I'm opening up a dental school around here – perfect yeah perfect they need that so what's happening with agnostic front these days well we're currently on tour I just this is about my fourth show on this – European tour well I got a whole lot to do we're coming back again in January which suicidal to do the a big tour we're going to Cuba you know so that's good for Roger that's the greatest story ever told exactly because now the Americans can get in yeah five six years old in the escape Cuba and now we're gonna go back the greatest story ever told it comes to New York five six years old can't speak English an immigrant you know and I mean a refugee you know came to you know and the aid comes to New York and who's he meet me now we're going to go back and conquer exactly and that's a brilliant thing and do you have a following in Cuba yeah we have a big following cosa Roger got a call Club down there because he's a car guy yeah it's going to be fun yeah be great yeah and I understand some changes have happened with your tattoo studio or am I mistaken no I still got it you were still tattooing a today I'm supposed to get my I'm waiting to get my head tattooed Oh what are you planning on getting you know caulk or tattoo of course what else did you get how do you think New York hardcore goes over here in the UK it's they really like it I mean you know it's a worldwide thing anyway definitely you know but it's a very special thing yeah you know we're one of the first hardcore bands to like beyond this type of festival you know and we did a lot of breaking through because we kind of fused pumpkin hardcore because we're the old-school too you know yes and you know it really took off a lot of the younger bands they liked that hardcore you know absolutely we get a lot of people telling me at least that they just love you guys because you fuse everything yeah and you're fresh and you're different right right you know we've got a lot of great friends like knuckled us in the back all the way back to the discharges in the business all those bands you know I could go on a name bands forever name droppings are you well I thank you very much can't wait to see you tonight okay hey I was going to have a lunch with the Queen oh yeah but you know what you told me what did she say that Bulls like be the king really thank you very much for everything thank you Vinnie hardcore lives oh it certainly does thank God for people like you and me this fucking phone ah hi I'm Vinny stigmas from New York City and you're watching PNX news agnostic front harcore lives

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