Paul Washer Prayer: 10 Keys to Powerful, Effective and Answered Prayers (How To Pray)

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How do you learn how to pray? How do you learn how to pray? Read the Scriptures, read the commands of
Scripture, read the will of God in Scripture, read who is God in Scripture and read the
prayers of Scripture; read them, meditate on them, study them not so that you can repeat
them verbatim but so that you cultivate or develop the mind of Christ and you begin to
think like God thinks, you begin to speak as Christ spoke, that it just takes over. You are renewing your mind, you’re developing
the same way of thinking and isn’t that what it’s all about? Not some sort of robotic and unhealthy parroting
of anything. Just saturating our lives in the word of God
so that we begin to think as He thinks, to speak as He speaks, that our will be conformed
to His, that we are thinking the same thoughts and saying the same things. Listen, I believe that God is absolutely sovereign
over absolutely everything and He decreed it before the very foundation of the earth,
and that has gotten me in more problems that belief in any other thing but I know it is
scriptural, and yet it’s the same time I know I have not because I asked not and I cannot
explain it and I have not been called to explain it along with so many other great doctrines
of Scripture. Rather than spend my few years on this planet
trying to supposedly reconcile everything in my mind, I would just be obedient to the
simple truths. To hold on to a sovereign God, apart from
which there is no hope for man, universe or the full orb of creation I will hold on to
that and it is my security and my strength and the only means I have of knowing that
prayer can be answered. And yet in this great mystery that goes so
far beyond my mind, I am told I have not because I asked not. I am told to do before my God what this widow
did before this terribly unjust man. Jacob, he wrestled with God. I will not let you go until you bless me. There is some way that God gets delight out
of that kind of faith. There is some way in which God is joyful in
wrestling with His people; if actually a man or a woman or a child who actually believes
this stuff enough to ask and ask and ask and ask and ask and ask. Now for you young men here, let me just teach
you something that will help you. I hear so many young men today saying, “well
I don’t have a really specific time in which I pray, I’m more you know throughout my day
I just kind of practice the presence of God, but I don’t really have that secret place
I go to. Let me tell you something young man there
is no way you can learn to practice the presence of God if you do not spend much time in secret
prayer. The power to practice the presence of God,
the power to live a life of prayer to always be speaking with the father, that is born
out of secret time with the Lord, segments of time with the Lord in prayer. It says here very clearly, “news about Him
was spreading everywhere, large crowds gathering to hear Him to be healed, there were valid
needs, but Jesus Himself , He would slip away and he would pray.’ Now I want to make much of this word “slip”
but the whole idea is this: I want to share with you something I think will be helpful. Most people want to go from 0 to 60 and if
they can’t do that then they don’t do anything. You will hear a message like what I’m preaching
tonight and you will go, well I need to pray an hour, I need to pray two hours or I need
to be more careful in the night watch when I can’t sleep, and get up and seek the Lord
and all these things. But it may be beyond you right now. Maybe you don’t pray that much except over
your dinner or a few other things, then I don’t expect you to go out tonight and keep
a night watch until early morning or day break. But one thing that I have learned because
it is my personality also either to do it all the way or don’t do it at all is SLIP
AWAY! SLIP AWAY! Maybe five minutes here, five minutes there,
10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. You are coming between classes, you’ve got
10 minutes to spare, SLIP AWAY! You are working in the office and there’s
a little bit of down time, SLIP AWAY! Meals being prepared at home and you have
got home 10 minutes too early, there’s still time, SLIP AWAY! SLIP AWAY! Learn that communication with the Lord is
ongoing. When a client walks into your office and he’s
headed for your door, you can see the shadow of them on the other side of the glass, SLIP
AWAY even if it’s 15 seconds. Lord, You know, You are wise. SLIP AWAY! SLIP AWAY! Spend time with Him. Slip away. Take those little moments that are lost. It´s said that some people do not order their
day at all; other people who are bit more successful will divide their work hours into
morning and after lunch. People who are really on the ball will divide
their time in one hour segments and then we find this out; the top executives in the world,
they divide their hour in five minutes intervals. So if they finish a meeting in 55 minutes
that is scheduled for an hour, they’ve got something else to do in those five minutes. And by the end of the day they’ve recuperated
three hours or more that most people have just lost, SLIP AWAY! Make a note say, “I waste this time anyway,
so what I’m going to do when I have this time. I’m either going to meditate on Scripture
with being conscious of the Lord while I’m meditating on the Scriptures or I’m going
to pray to Him. I’m just going to SLIP AWAY!” You would be surprised how much that will
add up in your life. There is prayer with my boots on and there
is prayer with my boots off and if I do not keep, personally for me, if I do not keep
those two things separate I’m in a lot of trouble. First of all, you say what is this prayer
with my boots on? When I’m going to go to work, I’m going to
go feed cattle or whatever, I am going to put my boots on, that’s what I’m referring
to. You’re going to go cut woods, split lumber
you are going to put your boots on. There is prayer that is work and to learn
this is very very helpful because a lot of people tell me, “you know I just don’t have
the gift of intercession because it’s hard” and I go, yes it’s hard. It’s work. You are going to get on your knees, you are
going to pray, you are going to fight the kingdom of satan, you are going to lift me
up to God, you are going to wrestle with deity, yes it’s hard. There are nations without the gospel, it’s
not going to come down because you just send somebody over there with a new mission program,
those walls come down through prayer. It’s hard, it’s horrible, it is work, it will
exhaust and personally I really don’t like to do it that much. It’s hard, it’s wrestling. Now if that’s all your prayer life is, you’re
going to be in trouble after a while. Then there is prayer with my boots off, what’s
that? It’s me just sitting there, communing with
God, speaking to God, God speaking to me. I love to take walks just to be alone with
Him, walk out in the woods, just walk, talk to Him. Get a cup of coffee, get up in early in the
morning when no one has gotten up out of bed, to sit there with God and talk to Him, watch
snow and talk to Him… I mean just talk to Him about everything,
commune with Him, fellowship with Him so that eventually this communion breaks out of the
boundaries of a specific time and what happens is you are practicing the presence of God. And He becomes in your mind, you become conscious
of God more than any person that you can see with your own eyes. 6
We also ought to recognize that when we pray we are in a sense talking to a friend ,that
language can be used, we are talking to a father that language can be used, but we are
talking to the Lord of glory and when I see this meaningless repetition, I’m reminded
of Ecclesiastes and a few other places where it warns me I need to be very careful when
I come into the presence of God. Now there’s a way of looking at that, first
of all let me give you an idea. Let’s imagine a child they may come home from
school one day and they come up to their father who is very inconsistent and they say, look
father what I drew in the second grade and the father looks at it and says that’s wonderful
and gives Him a hug but the father’s unstable. The next day the father is having a horrible
day, so the child comes up and says, look father what I drew and he slaps Him across
the room. That child has a fear of his father but that’s
not a correct or biblical fear and that’s not the kind of fear we’re talking about with
the Lord, we’re talking about a deep enduring reverence founded upon what you know about
Him, so that when we come into His presence, it’s not that we have to necessarily go in
to 16th-century language, but when we come into His presence ,you know the man who’s
praying knows he’s praying to someone, who is that someone who is different than everyone
else. Young men listen to me I’ve heard this in
your generation and I’m sick of it I don’t hear it anymore; you come up to the pulpit
and go, oh God we just want to come to you. It is like this nonchalant attitude with regard
to God that tells me you do not spend much time on your knees or either you do not spend
much time in Scripture. You enter into His presence with great care,
not because there’s something wrong in His character but because of whom He is. Just the possibility of you being able to
use His name is the greatest of all privilege. Remember this; remember when Jesus would do
certain miracles and the demons would not recognize and say he’s the holy one of God
and what would he say, shut up. It was not just because he didn’t want to
make Himself known in that way to the world, they had no right to use that name, no right
to speak that way, not to Him. So when we come before Him, be very careful
of your language. 7
He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray. In every encounter, in every circumstance,
in every obstacle, in every opportunity, what do I mean by that? A great door of opportunity opens up to witness,
don’t go in there without prayer. Yes the door opened, but prayer prepares you
as a laborer, do you understand me? This is very very important. It’s not just the obstacles that ought to
result in prayer, it is the opportunities that ought to result in prayer. You see someone coming toward you and they
look as though they’re troubled and that they’re going to petition counsel from you, what should
you do? The first thing you should do, before you
open up your mouth to them you should open up your heart to God and petition ‘Lord whatever
this person is dealing with is beyond me and they don’t need my little silly clichés or
human wisdom, they need to hear a word from God, from your Scripture help me, help me!’ 8
First of all look at verse seven and when you’re praying do not use meaningless repetition
that the gentiles do but they suppose that they will be heard for their many words. So do not be like them for your father knows
what you need before you ask Him. All praying is based upon our knowledge of
who God is, do you see that? The gentiles were those who did not know God. Every thought that they had about God was
wrong and mostly the thoughts about God were centered on this, God is like. So then when we look even in Greek mythology,
what do we see? We see basically these Gods are nothing more
than men with a lot of power and so everything that the carnal mind would think about God
would turn the carnal mind to wrong praying, to wrong praying and so if you are going to
be a man of God and a man of prayer you must first of all know God and there’s only one
way to know God and that is by being based, founded, renewed, clarified, cultivated by
God’s word. I meet many people with almost no sense of
Scripture and with almost no sense of whom God truly is according to the Scriptures,
who are given to hours and hours of prayer. I know many different people groups throughout
the world especially in Asia that their lives, the lives of the simplest believer in that
fellowship may be backed by an hour or two of prayer every day and yet their knowledge
of God is so wrong. What you need to understand is what I was
telling the group this morning, is that Christianity is much more than doctrine but it’s not less
than doctrine, but it’s more than doctrine. It is a relationship with God and that relationship
is cultivated not only in the clear study of God’s word but that relationship is cultivated
down on our knees in prayer. Your prayer life must be based upon a biblical
understanding of theology proper, who is God! What are the works of God, how does God work
you must know that, your prayer life must be based upon it, but you must have a prayer
life, you must have a prayer life and it must be a biblical prayer life founded upon the
knowledge of God. Are you familiar with this phrase, ‘wrestling
with God.’ I remember one time I had a new believers
manual that we have used in Latin America. I remember I was very young when I first wrote
it and I was going up into the mountains and I would always take them with me to hand them
out and I give them to pastors and they go through them and that’s why we would train
pastors. And this young guy wasn’t a pastor, he was
kind of a new believer. As soon as I got there he said, ‘I want a
manual’. Just chasing me everywhere, everywhere I went
every day. I get up in the morning wake up, get up out
of bed, that he would be, ‘I want a manual’ and I would tell Him, son you can’t have a
manual, I only have a certain amount and I have given them to the pastors and I have
one left in case a pastor comes, but I want it. At the lunch I want the manual, at supper
I want it. Finally, take it , please just take it, leave
me alone! Let me ask you a question, does this describe
anything in your life? Are you familiar with this phrase, ‘wrestling
with God?’ To rest in the sovereign decrees is absolute
beautiful but the same men who wrote those poems and those hymns about resting in God’s
sovereignty were also men who wrestled with God. Wrestled with God! Do you wrestle with God? Years ago when I was in Peru and I was pastoring
a church there that I had planted and for somehow a lot of different people from different
charismatic churches and stuff started coming and they would learn new things, they would
learn teaching, they would learn the error and all this different thing and it was really
beautiful. People getting converted and all sorts of
things, but one very sincere man who was very charismatic when he first came to our church
but he loved the Lord, he had been genuinely converted, all he needed was a good solid
teaching. Do you know what he said to me, one day after
a year and a half sitting under my teaching? he said brother Paul “I bless God that I
have learned so much from the pulpit and I bless God there’s so much more solidity in
my life. I’ve learned to rest in the sovereignty of
God, but also something sad” and I said what brother? He said, it seems like this kind of faith
just writes off everything to the sovereignty of God but when I was wrong theologically,
if someone told me they were sick, I went and prayed for Him, if someone told me they
were in financial crisis, I would fight, I would pray all night, we would fast, we do
all kinds of things and he said brother Paul we saw victory after victory, after victory. Here I have just learned to become passive
is that what I’m supposed to do? You talk about a awake call! There is a sense and I want to be very careful
here, but there is a sense in which a man of God and please again, I’m just saying this
because I want to try to get something across to you and we see this in Scripture, we see
this in Luther, we see this in so many men, that men of God are kind of wild, they are
kind of crazy. They will wrestle with God, they will! I mean there are times when there’s like,
‘Lord you brought me here, you said you would help me in prayer, you said that you would
help me in this sermon. I got up and I fell flat on my face. What was the problem? Lord I’m not going to stay here, we need to
work this out because I have got to preach tomorrow and I really… If someone would come into my hotel room,
they would bring the police. Lord you said, you said go into the entire
world, we’re trying to get in this one place in India but the door is always closed. Lord you’re the only one that can open it. You know that what you open, they can’t close
it. You close it, they can´t open it; Lord I’m
going to stay here. I can’t stand the fact that door remains closed. It shouldn’t be closed because you said the
whole world, that’s part of the world, you need… I guess sometimes we’re just too refined aren’t
we? He says give me no rest; give me no peace,
watch man on the walls. Brothers there is a tenacity, there is a boldness
in praying, I want to be not out of my mind, eccentric, but I don’t want to die not having
believed the promises and wrestling for them. There is so much more, so much more that can
be done. Now lasting here, not only at all times we
ought to pray but not lose heart. Now why is this important? Well I can begin a marathon that’s why it’s
important, I can, I can begin a 20 what is it, 24, 26 mile race! I can begin a marathon, my only problem is
I can’t finish one and that’s pretty much every… that’s one of the greatest hindrances
to prayer. Everyone, the gun goes off, you shoot out
the blocks, pretty soon you look around and who’s there? Who continues running, who continues asking,
who perseveres? Again let me go back to say this, there is
a holy boldness in which you are believing God for promises He’s made, you are not presuming
upon God for promises He has not made, but you are believing Him for promises He has
made and you are not going to give up. You are going to continue on in prayer. I was reading a Martyn Lloyd Jones and he
was talking about so many people want a deeper walk with God and they will start off, you
know and he said so many times he heard things like, ‘well I’m just, I can’t go on.’ Why? Well I prayed for six weeks. Really? well you know I gave it my best but it didn’t
happen. It’s those who go on, go on, go on, you see!

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