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Hi I’m David Bell. Welcome along to episode 6 of 6 on the art
and craft of being a worship leader. The pastoral care of people at worship is
an often overlooked topic. Worship that heals and worship as pastoral care are important concepts for worship leaders
to consider. The whole experience of worship is more, of
course, than just these two concepts. But, unless a service is built upon these solid
foundations, however, it will fail to connect with those who are gathered
in expectation, who are filled with hope and with needs. It is a difficult area to explore, yet the worship leaders who work hard at the
pastoral needs of the worshipping congregation, all ages and stages, will do a power of good. So how to set about the task? It all starts out with worship leaders who
have learnt the art of listening. Someone who listens demonstrates a key pastoral
skill. Listen to what folk are saying before worship
begins. Will you need to address individual concerns
during the service? And also have you checked that he or she wants
needs mentioned in public prayer or notices? A second essential step in worship that heals
is to address the issues that confront society. Anxieties about the future are huge for many
people, including young people. A high proportion are worried. Many fret about the implications of climate
change and environmental degradation, about war and terror, about how to survive on limited personal incomes
and burgeoning personal debt. Personal freedoms and safety are always in
the news, but fewer and fewer find their voices count,
and isolation and loneliness are ever present realities. The worship leader who ignores real world
problems will soon find people vote with their feet. In this area of worship leading, more than
any other, training in practical theology is required. The four key questions of practical theology
are What’s going on? Why? What ought to be going on? My personal response? And in our case personal response as a
worship leader. Now to help us through as worship leaders
we need a resource. So there are an additional 5 videos running as a micro-mooc in
#kiwiconnexion What’s a micro-mooc? Well they are a kind of our kiwi connexion speciality. They are just short videos, usually 4 or 5
per month along with some very short readings and a chance for you to respond to the videos
in a forum. Make appropriate, reasoned responses and earn
a micro-mooc open badge, which you can display on your profile page
and into other social media. We have some difficult issues. You might ask, such as? Such as our response to peopel with depression and anxiety … and bad dreams. Our response to suicide and euthanasia and sexuality and sexual orientation. Worship leaders need the opportunity for discussion
and non-formal, and informal learning. All this can be done in the safety of our kiwiconnexion
online environment. Try it. You will like it. Subscribe now and then check out where to
find out more… below this video. It’s the next step on the way to being a worship
leader well-versed in its art and craft. Thanks for watching the series. A new series on unlocking the power of in your ministry context begins next week,
same time, same channel. Subscribe and see you next time.

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