Pastor Wang Yi: Early Rain Covenant Church of Chengdu

Posted By on December 2, 2019

When there’s no pressure against us, we go out on the streets to preach when there’s pressure, we take to the streets all the same Amen A President, we say, he is a sinner. Now it’s a Party Secretary. We say, he is a sinner all the same Amen We believe that we have the responsibility to tell Xi Jinping that he is a sinner The government he leads has greatly offended God Because he has used force against the church of the Lord Jesus Christ If he does not repent, he must perish Amen We have to tell evil men like him that they still have a way out that there is only one way out That way is the cross of my Lord Jesus Christ to believe in Him, Jesus Christ who died and was resurrected for the sake of others We say it this way because we truly believe that it is beneficial for him Because we truly believe that for China’s political leaders and for every Chinese civil servant it is beneficial Because we do not want to see them descend to Hell or see them and their descendants incur the wrath of God We wait eagerly for them to correct their ways so we must call upon them to repent Amen God is not what you imagine He is not an illusory figure in a book Someone asked me, where is God? Being eternally banished to Hell Forever separated from you What a terrible scene that is! Oh, Lord! You bring great salvation to the souls of the Chinese Lord, you bring great salvation to the souls of the Chengdu people Lord, I cry out to you. I pray to you I pray to you If you are willing to be a person who recognizes God Or if you don’t know God start today We are on the 23rd floor of the Jiangxi Building

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  1. Praise God for what He is doing in China to stir the conscience of the people of China. God is showering His blessings to the people of Chengdu. Pray for the perseverance of the saints in China. Pray that their lives offered up as a fragrant offering to the Lord be multiplied many folds for the glory of God!


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