Part 02 - Making Keywords || Skuzzy Tech ||

hi guys cuz here in this video I will tell you how you can make your own keywords so let's get started first you need to install it to all its utils here I have included it now just install it granted administrative permissions and here it is close it now I'll tell you what to do first go to your web browser search for a keyword for example I'll search Fox 45 search let it load so here in the subset you'll get a lot of keywords you just click the button select all then copy to clipboard then move on to the second website dealing dope just paste your data select spaces click that arrow now here is your data again the Harrow so here is your data so all the spaces have been removed selected copy now just make a new x5 oh damn or if this made wrong file make a new text file name it anything like for example I will do my own keywords open it and paste your keywords now there are a lot of cleavers in this as you can see so save it close it and now we will use the X YouTube's right ich X utils then select the first option granted rights and here it is now let it be so a new file is there which cleaned and you can see the reduced file size again and select the last for option it was just randomize your keywords and now here it is finest I'll close all the windows in this now soda leaves leftover boy now delete the leftover files and here is your final five so here are your keywords in the next video I'll tell you how each account using slave each like share and subscribe to my channel