Paloma Faith Is A Champion Troll | The Graham Norton Show | BBC America

Posted By on June 9, 2019

paloma faith this must have been before smartphones where you found a way of trolling someone do you know I'm talking about I yeah yeah it's kind of trolling so I liked it so I had a really horrible ex-boyfriend he was so nasty and I got my first record deal and I you like at the beginning you never know like Andrew you've expressed this stuff you never know how long it's gonna last because you might you know like you eat as much you can when they take you for dinner except yes so I got my record deal and they said so we've we've got three billboards for your album and you can choose one of the locations so I had this bill will put up at the end of this ex's street every day for months he had to like go there and be like [Applause] he saw he's definitely and if you didn't see it friends pointed it out to to miss an all-new episode of the Graham Norton Show Fridays at 11 get caught up at BBC America calm on demand and the BBC America app

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