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Hi I’m David Bell. Welcome to episode 7 of 10 Page Pizazz Plus Video with a kiwiconnexion
ePortfolio Tutorial One factor controls the degree of Wow! for
your page. It’s what you put onto it. In other words, the content that you create. We know that the problem for a lot of people
today is how to climb the social media mountain. Especially for church leaders, lay and clergy. So how do we do it? Go to a page you have already created. Click to Edit the page Find the External Blocks on the left side
of the screen. And click it open. There we can see RSS feed, external media like YouTube videos, external content like google apps, which is stored on your drive, and last but by no means least your open badges. This time it’s videos we want to put under
the spotlight. Store your videos on Google drive or upload
them to YouTube. Then all you have to do is bring over the
link code from Google drive or the embed code from YouTube. Let’s do both. Demo has a copy of #The Many Mysteries of
Bonnie the Cat kiwiconnexion It’s stored on his Google drive. So he goes to drive locates and copies the shareable link. Back here in #kiwiconnexion he opens the External
blocks>google apps He drags and drops it to the left hand parallel
column and the familiar dialogue box opens up. Add a title…My favourite cat video for Sunday
School Paste in the code and maybe make it 420 pixels deep. The width is automatically determined by the
width of the column so a little trial and error might be necessary to make it look just right on your page. Save and you can see it’s there. But before we share and display the page let’s add a video from YouTube. So happens Demo knows about Halvard’s Lund’s cover version of The Silence of God by Andrew
Paterson. He has seen it over in Creative Spaces. So let’s go there. And click into You Tube to find the embed
code under share Copy that and then back to Demo’s page. Position where you want the External video block
to go The dialogue box opens A title…perhaps Worship video from Halvard…past
the code and save. We are almost there. Let’s share this page with kiwiconnexion and
the wider public. I like the look of this. Share the link with whomsoever. Next episode we will look at putting some
more RSS and some more images onto this page, and using micro-moocs to add more features
to your page. Meantime, subscribe to the YouTube channel, down below, the little purple button. And here’s the two minute challenge: create a page and embed a movie from YouTube. See you next week same time, same channel, and thanks very much for watching.

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  1. hi David thanks again for a wonderful experience. you are a fantastic asset to the church and any body seeking inspiration and the meaning of life.


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