P4 Prove the Bible itself is credible! Hashim Vs Christian Hyde Park Speakers Corner

human sacrifice and Jesus Christ but I said I said approved human sacrifice gave me a specific I said approved human sacrifice I'm repeating this a third time for you with mine I know you I know how we explained to me and I agree with you there are unapproved human sacrifice but then there are in Christianity at least not in Islam we don't believe in any human sacrifice for salvation in fact sacrificing an innocent human being is one of the biggest sins and this is something Allah will never approve your time so Jesus so the human is the sacrifice sorry Obon a good woman so Adam is a bigger miracle but he was a bigger miracle because he's born without a man and without a woman you're saying do you not believe in us in the Bible you mentioned are you telling me that I know my parents rich so he's born without a man and without a woman he was not born of woman I agree he was created Jesus Christ was Mary oh your God was one yes okay in what way see the son of God look I understand no no don't bring that to me especially discern your special reason so you should ask not me understand the language you said son of God am i right go to set up God for Adam is from John descent I want to myself when you say son of God look in English there are three ways at least how I understand God is so in English you understand when you say son of someone is either a biological son or a metaphoric son or an adapted son if you have one of the example other examples please let me know so in what sense was Jesus and Adam the Son of God also she was a biological was it adopted in what sense was Jesus Christ and Adam the Son of God because what the court son of God in the Bible do you agree watching that you can you can but his speciality son don't worry about that he's not an average Joe like us which you are that are you dictating the terms of the nobody you have a problem with that us can we get back to the question asked is is Jesus Christ when you say the son of God is it good or is he a human which one do you understand from this I know you keep saying son of God but I want you to narrow down your understanding when you use this phrase son of God is it good or is it mine which one is it or something else what does it mean he also referred to as a son of man yeah which man he one of the main reasons that can we cut the chase and this answer the question where does it mean to you when I quoted it without him he told me not to do it because sometimes you have to use your intellect and your logic Ryan your spiritual discern gift you have to please don't quote it exactly because you know when somebody ask you for definition of say mortal heroes aid means immortal you define it that's what a definition means so please please can you please define this son of God when you say literal son what is what do you understand what do you mean by little son literal yeah what do you understand by what does it mean you know as to what the Jews did what does it mean to you when Jesus said the Son of God which you have interpreted as the literal son so literal meaning what because when you when you ask me when you ask me or anybody here from what means biological son which means biological son that means not literal them because you don't even know what little means in this context your understanding mine your understanding what is it you know men's understanding is we know that for every human being because you always beat around the bush when you ask a simple question given were you doing is you unnecessarily are you know beginning I told you okay the clarification is this because the same way when he said forget about us the question is for you you get it let's stop that yesterday literal son little son yeah let's hear it from him an Orthodox Christian okay then what do you say you don't understand you don't believe it you have to the Bible is for humans in other words Jesus left you with the Bible with the Gospels but it is not expound on it at least