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my confidence comes from knowing there is a force a Power greater than myself that I'm a part of and is also a part of me we're all interconnected we're all in this together you said questioning things why is it like this is God's it personal to old white beard I just fell really hard I don't want to be carrying that anymore to ask these questions is really the privilege of being human hope is the simple belief that things can change I don't know why I just know I have to be there it just has to be there I believe in the things that I see in touch and here the way I look at it God brought me into this world for a purpose the SEM has gone broke every human being in since evolved our purpose it's after you to believe hi youtubers I'm excited to give you an update about our own YouTube channel now you can find new videos every day they're the kind of videos it'll make you look at life differently they may even make you laugh a little bit who doesn't need a daily dose of that so here's just a taste of some of what you see subscribe to the old channel today and we'll see you on YouTube

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  1. Very excited & Amazed!!! No one has ever gone in depth into other people's beliefs & religion!!! Can't wait to see this!!!!


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