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  1. Great Job Sista Fifi

    I would agree with Brother Azudi.

    Personally, I think both ways as go.

    The Fact that people in hospital can still have the opportunity to listen to the Words is Good.

    I do both and I am happy with it.

    Online services gave us the opportunity to listen a message over and over again. You get to pause, rewind and so on.

    The message is what we should be after!

    Dont get me wrong online service should be option #2 that’s if you really can’t make it to church.

    That was Hildy.

  2. I definitely see the need for online services. It’s great and obviously we must use every avenue including technology for the advancement of the gospel. However, this shouldn’t make us lazy. I believe we can utilize both (maybe 90% onsite/10% online or 95/5), but if you have the ABILITY to be in church onsite, GO! It’s important.

  3. Loved this conversation! I personally prefer online, but there are some meetings/services I'd prefer to be in person for lol! Attention is truly not based on where you are. You pay attention when you want wherever you are!


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