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are you ready for a new SEO video you already have to this month where's the Philly marketing once man I mean wait a second I made a story on Instagram about what you guys want some of the responses were SEO so that's what I'm doing I'm doing the SEO video and if you want to see affiliate marketing is how to promote your Instagram page how to make money on YouTube Facebook ads or more Google ads video look-alike audience it's whatever you want you want some of that well let the Nick on the other side of the dimension tell you doc man you need to comment down below what topic you want otherwise how he knows okay so the topic of this video is SEO keywords how to find the right keywords for a your video be your website or see your website on video we already discussed the five SEO mistakes or five SEO bullets that you need to work on picking the right keywords on-page optimization content backlinks and load speed if you wanna check this video out link is always know it's not in the description it's over in the cards above me if I do forget to add it but you know I love you guys so there should be here if they aren't you know you should comment down below so I remember you guys don't expect dr. Nikki to know everything right and one thing you should know if I forget something there's always someone that knows it what my life yeah and also oh this is pretty hard this got here buddy if you want to know more about buddy please check the other videos around the channel one very interesting topic that we discussed in another video was how to outsource your SEO and then video was first when you type in how to outsource your SEO on YouTube imagine that that's so cool and it Oh thanks to me no it's all thanks to you guys and the positive engagement we got from it you guys liked it you to print it but if you searched right now and it did right before our chorus video the first part is taken it is taken we're number two on how to outsource your SEO I mean this video is over what am I going to teach you about Google SEO if I can't even get to number one when I've uploaded videos for the last week or so I was absent for one or two years now I'm back I'm making three videos a week it's a company some big guys cranking over me what am I gonna do if you're a crypto enthusiast you probably understood that reference okay so even ranking number two is really good well even if I'm raking in the first top ten results this is pretty good for for the results we're getting as a community as a beginning of our YouTube journey together so obviously I used some SEO tricks but you were the most important part and us ranking good so make sure you give this video a like and let's show the algorithm that a video day keeps the doctor away and once again this is no medical advice if you're actually sick contact of a real doctor and this is not financial advice do your own due diligence and while on the topic of the community I want to welcome the new a subscriber since the last video maybe they're even more at the time of doctor maybe they are 10 or 12 but you're all welcome I also I I keep refreshing YouTube to check how many subscribers I have every what actually should be every one hours but I do it every 15 minutes so if you're one of the new guys in the channel welcome man or girl I'm sorry if you haven't joined our community and want some free or ecommerce on my business digital marketing and everything else your heart desires now is the time to undo what's wrong to change the course of history by subscribing to our channel so make sure you click this subscribe button somewhere in this ain't no something description it's right above the description okay so the first two that we're going to discuss today s over suggest it's a tool that you need to have and it's free so you need to use it if you haven't already bookmark it use it right away okay pursue is ubersuggest what these two does and it's really good because it's free and a talk on alternative I spent over a hundred bucks for two like this and it helps you search keywords their volume which means how many people search for it the competition score can also now a new function is to analyze your competitors website okay let's say you're in the business of selling squirrels okay so you go on the book suggests and type in selling squirrels maybe that's too niche let's try just squirrels perfect squirrels can fly squirrel monkey on the third column you can see the search volume of each keyword which means how many times was this keyword search for on google followed by the fourth column which is CPC which is cost per click which means how much does this cost this keyword cost with your advertising on Google with this key word cost per click as a formal paid advertisement for example squirrel monkey keyword is 20 times cheaper then scores can fly for example squirrel monkey is 20 times cheaper than squirrels the fly so you wanna advertise your selling squirrel monkeys so they're just cheap now I'm just joking for some of you guys that like all sense of irony okay the information Nick I mean Nick how do I act on it well you see that squirrel monkey is a good keyword to compete for the competition rate is not too bad it's actually good and also the volume is really good it's over ten thousand so which means over ten thousand people or type in Google squirrel monkey per month how do you get value out of this knowledge well you go home fiber and have a link in description down below for it and what you do is you pay someone and I've had a video about it cobbler or outsource your SEO I already put them in the beginning of the video with and you pay someone to write two or three to three thousand at least words quality content don't go for a hundred words articles doesn't work as good anymore you're competing with other guys who have quality articles you want to bring some value so you need to hire someone pay him a little bit extra to do some good work and write an article for that which after that will bring you passive traffic every month especially if you have some good domain authority over 30 according to eight reps or yeah thirty according to moss as well should be good to rank on first page within a month or so after posting but remember go for quality over quantity when it comes to the content you produce on your blog you can also search your competitors by the way all these youtubers advertise expensive course and I know I keep saying that in every single video but that's what I hear in every single video I watch so the best course to take it's not buying different courses from different youtubers the best course you can take is free and it's analyzing your competitors maybe you've gotta pay for an audit from consulting company but analyzing your competitors gives you information that you can act on you can see different approaches that might be innovative that are completely outside of the box that you will not see in a dropshipping course when you're selling squirrels that you'll actually acquire and breed to sell this is a whole different business model you go around selling squirrels like you'll soon drop shipping guru that's not gonna work analyze your competitors and don't get me wrong I love animals I had two happy rabbits one of them was adopted and he was injured before I adopted him and after helping him with my wife for two years now another family adopted him so how do you analyze your competitors for free you super suggest any type in the domain of your competitor when you do that you can see some good keywords that you can also write blog posts on or include in the product description make the description or snippet of your links okay what about YouTube how do I do a good job SEO when it comes to YouTube well this will be a topic I will discuss in a maximum of 48 hours from this video so make sure you are subscribed to this channel and I'm open to all tips you guys can give me so please comment in the comment section down below what I can improve in the video maybe it's the lighting maybe the sound maybe you want less jump cuts maybe you want more jump cuts maybe subtitles I outsource by the way to someone on Fiverr to do it I'm wrong actually solve some of the numbers on them were wrong on the video for Google AdWords because the main thing I want to do on this channel is give free tips and I want us to grow as a community to gather information compile it and output the best stupid tricks that you can apply instantly for your online business if you want to be featured in one of the next videos make sure you comment something that you've learned from this video and I'll give you a shout out here and expansion first 24 to 48 hours after uploading I try to answer all the questions that come up by you on the comment section or in the comment section so make sure you ask whatever you want to know business really and I'll try to answer it in the comment section down below this is no financial advice but it's just my two cents on the subject you're asking so the og guys that subscribed a few years ago when I was doing gaming videos already know the trail and we gotta teach the new guys that came in to the channel meet in the next one a video a day keeps the doctor away this is no many goodbyes

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  1. Wow I never thought of all the possibilities YouTubers have for turning their content into revenue. That's really cool

  2. I donโ€™t ever expect to make any money on here, Iโ€™m just trying to learn as much as possible about what Iโ€™m getting into here.

  3. Thank you for a well spoken, not filled with over exaggerated gestures and very informative video. Great job!


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