Nor Theist Nor Atheist But Agnostic

Posted By on June 12, 2019

hello and welcome today I'm going to speak about which type I don't know about that the question is am i a theist and atheist or an agnostic I believe the question is quite different and everyone have his own reasons but let's tackle it one at a time first of all about a theast a theist to believe in God of gods or whatever atheist believe in none at least have lack of belief an agnostic who don't know can't decide yet more likely I know it's different because being an atheist and being agnostic it's just a different beat an atheist or theist is a question about believing being agnostic is question about knowing they both cover different questions but you can't be both at a same time you can't be theist and agnostic at the same time and you can be an atheist and agnostic at the same time with some lack of certainty in both of them but let's get to the point to me I am certain that I'm agnostic like it's just different but I don't know whether there is a God or not I can't prove nor disprove in the matter so about believing I'm more leaning toward atheism father but I also believe in a God like I believe in a god maybe a one God or whatever but I still don't know I can for sure tell anybody like I believe I I know I don't know I can't prove my belief will prove my disbelief in a matter so both of them you can just if you are theist or an atheist I believe that you can't prove nor disprove any sides of the spectrum you can't they just have its own ways but you can't so I am more of agnostic I believe in one God but I don't believe in religion I believe that all religions are man-made just straight out of the box but I still that there is a God who created us but he just leave everything to be the way it is he just doesn't interfere with life he just leave everything the way it is maybe it's not what you look in a god like if you are believer you believe in a God that will help you answer prayers and stuff like that and he also loves you and care about its creation and whatever but to believe in a God who doesn't care about its creation that's maybe a very different approach but that's what I believe for my personal experience to have a God who cares it's just for me just inconsistent because for me sure God doesn't care that much like you on your own that slight facts of life if he is he's there he could guide you but you're still on your own you face hardships your face evil you face whatever on your own he just doesn't care that much and it's maybe to me it's a perfect analogy because in life the suffering property destruction all of that and of course evil God allow everything so how could you believe in a God that cares I'm not going to say I'm not saying consistent he doesn't care in so many ways right but in the other hand I can't disprove that he doesn't think this exists like I can just can't dis the way it is so I believe myself to be an agnostic may be an atheist agnostic but still the same agnostic but I believe in a God which doesn't care about much much of what its creation so I can't answer the question about believing I can answer the question about knowing I don't know but about believing I'm a theist in the word to religions it's just about religion not about God if all religions are inconsistent that doesn't mean or doesn't prove that there is no God just prove that maybe he doesn't care that much and that's all now see you later

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