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There’s nothing new about Haters. They’ve been around ever since the beginning. People were put down for whatever they believed
in and whatever their values were. I mean people with the lowest values have
haters. All the way to the best of people to have
walked this Earth. From Jesus to Muhammad peace be upon them
both. They were called mad men, crazy people They had haters too. He was called a a “Sahir” a “Majnoon”. Even to this day names are still being called,
books are being written and films are being produced. “He who thinks he is free from the criticism
of the people, is a mad man. For the lord of the worlds Himself has been criticised”. These are the words of the great scholar Imam
Shafii. And when He Himself and His own Messengers
have haters, then it’s only natural that His religion will have haters too. But why? Why is Islam criticised so much? Seriously, Why? … Is it because of the way we look? Even though our religion specifically teaches
that the colour of your skin, your eyes and hair doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Is it because we look like we’re all from
the same country? Mate, I’m from Bondi. Muslims are from Everywhere!
Anyone can be a muslim. Is it because of the way we dress? It’s pretty comfortable I must admit. Is it because of my beard? Is it because of my beard… ? All key men in history had beards! Look at
Ibrahim, I mean Abraham Lincoln !! Is it because of her hijab? But didn’t Mary the mother of Jesus wore a
hijab too.. Is it because of how we treat our women? Although the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said
the best of you in character is the best to his wife. And he Muhammad (pbuh) was the best
to his wife. Is it because there are so many of us? Well that’s possibly because our leader Muhammad
(pbuh) was THE MOST INFLUENTIAL in all of history.
The most influential in history. Is it because it looks like we’re trying
to convert everyone? If you had the most beautiful gift in the
world wouldn’t you want to share it with everyone. But even still, I couldn’t convert anyone
even if I tried. After all I have no power. Allah (swt) has all the power. This is why
Allah (swt) says “There is no compulsion in religion”. Is it because of the language we speak? (A sentence in Arabic “What’s wrong with Arabic”) But we speak English too. I mean this is English…
right. Is it because of the food we eat? Halal food is simply to make sure the animal
is treated with utmost mercy from the farm to the fork! Is it because of the drinks we drink… and
the drinks we don’t drink…? I prefer the sober life anyway. I would rather not blame it on the alcohol. Is it because we get upset when bad things
happen to us? Whether it be at home or around the world? Just because someone is overseas, doesn’t
mean he’s still not my brother or she’s still not my sister. Iff we don’t try and fix their
problem who will? Is it because we refuse to be silent when
Injustice prevails? Well this is because Islam is very clear about
injustice. Whenever you see one try to change it, and if you can’t then try with your
tongue, a word, and if you still can’t at least with your heart. Maybe it’s because we love him a bit too much
Muhammad (pbuh)? But we’re taught to love him more than our
own selves, more than our own mothers. And I don’t think it’s ever possible to love mother
too much. I’ve read his biography from multiple sources – and what can I say I love him.
The more.. The more you learn about him the more you love him. Wait… Maybe it is because of the way some
of us act? Yes… Maybe it is our fault. Maybe it’s because we made you believe that
Islam was sent to a bunch of perfect people. When in reality Islam was sent to “perfect”
the people. See, Islam is perfect. Muhammad (pbuh) was
perfect, but Muslims aren’t. So I invite you to His Way, to the way of
Jesus, Moses, Abraham the way of the God Almighty… Allah. Discover Islam for what it really is. Not
from what he says, she says, TV, radio, for what it really is, from the real sources. Less hating, more education. So start reading today, start reading today, start reading today, start reading today, Start reading today.

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  1. I'm not religious, but I will always respect anyone who is respectful of other people's beliefs, traditions, and way of life. Whoever you believe in, bless you all.

  2. Actually, it might be helpful to the opponents of Islam, not to be ignorant, & not to repeat the same old tired lies.

    It might be helpful to them to comment in an intelligent manner, & to distinguish between the evil things of a culture & a religion.

    It also might be helpful to the haters to mask the gratuitously-negative tone which indicates their real agenda.

    It's mind-boggling that these people reject God & doing good, & so risk an eternity in hell…explain to the believers, please.

  3. Yes, indeed, you're a genuine expert on facts, as evidenced by your explanation of the origin of spirituality.

    Why not write a book on the subject (however, between you and I, if you did, you might have to fight against its being put in the comedy section of bookstores.)

  4. What is more like a cancer virus is the evil of you followers of Satan.

    And that virus has infiltrated all cultures, especially that of the West.

    Islam means submitting to the one true God and doing good–and you haters hate the religion for these reasons. This is the crux of the matter.

    I'm coming to the conclusion that "ignorant" is a synonym for "evil." Don't you ignorant people realize that, when you lie (because you have no facts), that you're actually helping the cause of Islam?

  5. Actually, the non-existence of a God can't be proven scientifically.

    On the other hand, every thing has its cause, and so the Universe had to (scientifically-speaking) have been created by a God.

    Ipse dixit logic.

  6. fuck all religion. religion has killed so many people
    there is nothing wrong with being spiritual
    religion is for people that cant think for them self's people that are scared and people that are only doing it cuz they think they will go to heaven nun of you know if those books u read are the real deal nun of u were there when the "original was made"
    stop being a follower and letting some "book" that was "written" many years ago control your lives you only live once


  8. mashallah.we need more videos like this.as a muslim we need to tell the truth to our muslim brothers and non muslims too.

    may allah accept all people worked to make this video

  9. religon didn't kill any people.not any religion preaching anyone to kill another life.//////

    only the people in those religon killl others.for the peoples mistake dnt blame religon

  10. @AlienFirefox Yep, racism is discrimination against one's race. How can one be racist towards religion you say? Well, I'm Asian. Like Oriental Asian, not South Asia and I am really fair skinned. When I go around wearing my hijab, no one jumps at me while another sister who has much darker skin than me, she gets jumped and questioned like she had murdered someone. So, technically yes, one can be racist towards religion. True story btw, had this experience not too long ago.

  11. Too all non muslims, I understand why you hate islam with no educations, when a muslim man do wrong, you report it as islam is bad, when a Christian man do wrong, we don't mention Christianity, unless your old testament said so lol, Islam teaches human rights and to obey god alone, why not read Quran from a book, not from internet which is controlled by non muslims, just read a book of Quran the you can ask about it

  12. The internet is not controlled by Muslims? Who 'controls' the internet then? Why is it always the fault of the non-muslim for not understanding and never the fault of Islamic doctrine for anything?

  13. "The blood of a Muslim, who confesses that Lâ ilâha ill-Allâh (there is no god but Allâh), cannot be shed except in three cases: 1. Life for life (in cases of intentional murders without right i.e., in Al-Qis̩âs̩ – Law of Equality in punishment); 2. A married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse; and 3. The one who turns renegade from Islâm (apostate) and leaves the group of Muslims. [9:17-O.B]" You are right, its from the Hadeeth. Good job no Muslims take that seriously, right?

  14. No, the Universe was created by the Flying Spagetti Monster. The non-existance of the Flying Spagetti Monster can't be proven scientifically. Everything has its cause, and so the Universe had to (scientifically speaking) have been created in a massive Universe factory, just outside this universe. It was invented by a Universe designer called Richard, but he has retired now, which is why there are no new Universes. My explaination is no more rediculous and idiotic that your 'god done it',

  15. @detcord1 when reading Quran from a book and internet, you realize the difference when the internet talks stupid and no proof, for example a book of Quran says not to kill innocent people, internet says kill innocent, a book is from 1400s that tells the truth, internet can be changed by non muslims and talk lies to make islam look bad, same as bukhari internet made by Ali Sina, this person is a lier too

  16. @guitar45rocks5 Thanks my brother. I am a former christian convert to Islam one year ago, I got really happy seeing your comment. May Almighty Allah bless you.

  17. i am muslim al hamdoullillah for this gift and i love Allah and mohamed saw and the sahabas and muslims and hope that everybody will one day taste in their heart what we taste as [email protected] I pray Allah to bless you and make you a muslim so you can feel what we feel .

  18. this is a very good and enlightening video…especially for those who think they hated us…one of the main reasons they hated us is because they dont understand or try to understand us..they could have come up to us and ask for answers, instead they choose to trust whatever the media throws to them..it is not their fault really…it is just the situation..

  19. Its a beutiful we want to see more vidéos Like this Its all about éducation بارك الله لكم وزادكم من علمه

  20. Within Islam there are fundamentals that will not change no matter what. Eg. God is One, Muhammad is His Final Messenger and the Quran is the pure unadulterated word of God. There are also many legal rulings which are final also. Eg. Prohibition of consumption of alcohol, swine, usury etc.

    There are however differences of opinions in regards to minor issues based on different understandings of Islamic Law.

    But despite this, unlike the bible, the fundamentals will never change.

  21. Do you mind if I ask why there are no women speaking in the video? I mean, since you were very careful to be inclusive (at least related to ethnicity and age) and even mentioned women in the video, it is quite awkward not having the point of view of women. It would help to get you message across, in my opinion.

  22. Silly people go away. This was beautifully done. And I agree, what's wrong with sharing a beautiful gift. I feel bad for those turning this gift down.

  23. Ogith, I find your questions very common, honest, and understandable. Growing up, these questions have crossed the minds of most intelligent people who do naturally think about the bigger picture. Personally, I have two options to choose from. Option 1: To believe that the big bang theory was totally spontaneous and independent. To believe there is no connection in the universe, as a human species we are here without a real purpose, death is the end of it all and there is no accountability..

  24. Or option 2: To believe that an Omnipotent Supreme deity has guided the big bang theory, this great brilliant mathematical Deity is capable of doing all things. there is a deep connection to the universe, we have a strong sense of purpose in this life, this Exalted deity is all-hearing all-seeing, and he records every minuscule and minute action through time, and one day after we all die he will resurrect us and call us to account for our lifes.. Would option 1 be a smart investment?

  25. I understand your point, clearly I do have a bias because I am already a believer. However I consider myself to have logic and reason to believe, not blind-faith. I have much to say but this isn't fast enough nor does it allow me to include as many characters as needed. I think we can have a seriously productive dialouge..

  26. What if number 2 were to be absolutely true? I think number 1 is a dishonest and cowardice way to evade what can be the world's greatest truth.

  27. As humans, we are naturally flawed and weak to personal inclination. Sometimes, we may have desires that are actually harmful to us physically, mentally, and emotionally and may have a harmful affect on those around us. If we need so many public laws and regulations for us to go about our day and our daily endeavors.. what about internally? what about when one is in his own household? what about spirituality. Are you external factors more important than the internal? We need some moral guideline

  28. The other thing not being taken into account is that people couldn't care less about one following a particular religion but are critical of the treatment of minorities vs. the dominant religion in a specific country. For example, in Muslim majority countries, me being an apostate would have me jailed and even killed- it's not a minority view that I should be punished for a victimless crime, it's the MAJORITY of Muslims who want to see this happen.

  29. "…people are fighting for freedom and democracy."
    They're fighting for authoritarian theocracy.
    "I don't know a country where Hijab is enforced…"
    Legally or…? Hijabs can be enforced in many ways, there doesn't necessarily have to be a legal/written law so that you can point out on paper- but sure, such countries do exist that have it written (Saudi), some have unwritten cultural "laws" i.e. Iran, Bangladesh.

  30. The name Muhammad is not mentioned explicitly in the Bible. He was born centuries after the Bible was completed. However, Muslims believe that he was mentioned indirectly in the Bible as the next and final prophet. According to the Bible God said to Moses: "I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him." (The Holy Bible, New International Version, Deuteronomy chapter 18, verse 18).

  31. it was mentioned but wasnt clear because bibles have been defrauded. search about Bible Found in Turkey-Jesus Predicts Muhammad

  32. why do Christians always have to come on the islamic videos and preach Christianity? muslims dont watch your videos. because we already have had the truth revealed to us by allah S.W.T 🙂 it makes me wonder though if they are watching these videos they must have some doubts of christianity? p.s i like cats they are cute as ay

  33. cause you believe in a false prophet and Christians love their brothers and sisters. and they wanna show you the truth thats all we dont have hate in our heart.

  34. Jesus is a true muslim
    Jesus is a prophet
    Jesus has a mother named Maryem
    Jesus has NO father
    Jesus is a human
    Jesus is NOT god
    Jesus said I'm indeed a servant of god (Allah).
    Truth Hurts

  35. Islam is the way of life, islam means peace, submission to god, islam is perfect, women wear hijab because Jesus mother also wears hijab too, Allah said women must cover themselves from head to foot except face and hands, women are not to be forced from their husband, non muslims should learn islam before talking

  36. Islam is best religion ! I can feel the Peace and happiness in my heart when I worship Allah and when I command Good and forbid Evil

  37. ''A white man has no superiority over a black man nor a black man has no superiority over a white man except by piety and good action'' Prophet Muhammad

  38. Because God chose for him to rise up.
    Moses rose up to Heaven and returned, so too did Muhammad.
    Jesus was a Prophet obviously he is not going to commit crimes.
    Yes, he abstained from sex, but he ate, slept and went to the bathroom?
    Jesus was the way to the truth, as he was calling to God.
    Jesus performed miracles by the will of God, just like all Prophets.
    Adam was better – he had no mother AND no father. Is he God?
    Allah does what He wills. None of these make Jesus God. THINK & PONDER 🙂 Islam

  39. Trust me there arnt more bad muslims then good. Come to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Emirates, etc. see how we each other. Dont judge based on what the media shows you, please. Sure you will see a lot of bad apples falling from the tree, but I assure you as a majority we shouldnt be regarded as"bad" the media is nothing but misleading.

  40. then why jesus according to the bible when he on the cross said My God, my God, why have you forsaken me ? was he talking to him self

  41. I am wiame from morroco and i made a project "our ediolgy about islam " and your videos guys really help and made me find lot of answers


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