NEW EARLY Super Saiyan God Vegeta DLC ALL Moveset & Skills! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 9

all right what is up this is slow please and I'm here today some more Dragon Balls universe 2 DLC pack 9 content here in the channel we had the early dlc for the character so I'm gonna go ahead and pretty much separate all three of the characters into their own separate videos so stay tuned for this rest of the day whenever I actually showcase everything but I want to say a big massive shout out to my homie little green then they'll link him down below go check him out he's actually the one that helped me get all this situated so basically right now in the files you're able to access the DLC if you're on the PC version so I was able to get into it you know put everything in and everything looks great and as you can see we have my boy Super Saiyan God Vegeta to replace her cell so basically he has all the skills he's got his moveset and everything it's exactly how he should be in the actual DLC this isn't necessarily like a mod in a way that like would be like previous mods that I've covered on the channel this is the actual model and you know mousse it in the actual DLC and before anybody says anything yes I am supporting the actual DLC i buy both the DLC on the PC version and the ps4 version so I'm investing a lot of money into these characters and I'm always you know down to help support Bandai and their stuff so we have bursting err blazing attack raid blasts burst charge super Galaga and prominence flash and explosive wave so today for this first video I'm going to showcase the Super Saiyan God Vegeta and we'll do everything kind of in order from whenever they were revealed so like I said it is over perfect so he does have cells voice but it's all good it's not really that big of a deal we're gonna go ahead and fight Super Saiyan God Goku just to get a good comparison here so best stage I think tournament power arena so I'm gonna try and make this video as concise and straightforward as I can now one thing I am really noticing here is the fact that Vegeta's hair is a completely different color from Goku's now I think that has to do with the fact that wow that's looks amazing by the way while dude so yeah this is just like my first hand reaction to everything so one thing that is missing are actually a couple things that are missing or his voice files and his actual aura and everything as you can see he has no aura but if I'm you know going into the photo mode I'm just kind of observing the character overall he looks great I love the colors of it it's very smooth and beautiful like look at man like this is nice bro I really like this his hair color like I said compared to Goku's again like I said he does have you know silver ore and everything man Regina is so sure compared to Goku's hair color it has to do with I guess like the battle of gods movie same thing with like Resurrection at the movie you know the Super Saiyan blue hair and like Vegeta blue and everything they have a different color from Gogeta so this is all based off of the broadly movie in the barley movies colors which I do like a lot it's actually pretty good and man this looks fantastic from the model for the actual DLC quality model shots the DLC quality it looks great so moveset wise I'm gonna go ahead and do the wheat combos here it looks pretty much okay that's different that's definitely different okay so it does have a little bit of a mixture from like original I guess like Vegeta or whatever but there are customs cuz I like that effect that he's got going on there where he does a similar thing to I guess like Goku as a Super Saiyan for if I'm not mistaken where he does this one like it almost looks like a stamina break where he like hit some midair and kind of just like stops him if I can actually freeze frame on that real quick so yeah that right there it's a knee to the gut and you know hashtag you know it's clear cents easy that's a clue senses we had to knee to the gut and then he uses that and you can see that like nice red kind of color that kind of bursts off I can show it off one more time again this is the wheat combo you said that red I love that effect bro so moving on here I'm gonna go ahead and try out I guess the strong combo I like that the two-handed smash does oh this is cool okay I like what I'm seeing right now this looks great so it's a really quick combo but he does like man he just does some cool things so like this Vegeta is actually different in terms of his moveset like look at that it's got different camera angle changes and you know just like really really I guess satisfying hits so if I'm not mistaken you know like we got all that is that is pretty satisfying I like that so gonna go for the 5 hit combo if I can pull it off oh okay so he does a flash kick similar to trunks I like that dude I like that a lot bro that is awesome so we have another one that is like a weird like verse – kind of thing going on there so do that oh I love that flash kick and I love the landing that he does if I can actually show that I'm for more time here okay here here's that one okay so there's oh wow that's a big combo I think that one was supposed to be the five hit – triangle so the five-week hits – maybe that one time okay so yeah he does a nice little kick maybe if I turn off the CPU recovery it'll actually look a little bit better hopefully this looks awesome bro I'm really satisfied with how Vegeta turned out in this pack do you like this is really nice especially for God Vegeta you know I thought he was the one that wasn't going to get like a cool unique moveset or anything so kind of like frame by frame here if you can see it right here he should do a nice little I love this bro this looks really nice and you know look at that anger on his face bro this is this great dude I love this okay so let's go and try out the triangle square triangle combo okay so we go for that it's a two-handed smash I like that bro I like that a lot go for it go for it go for it oh and a nice – okay all right I think that was the full combo again if I miss anything I'm trying not to I'm trying to pull off all the commas that I can that are pretty much from the basic ones that you can actually do so go for that first – so that should be the full-on triangle square triangle again the 5 hit combo if you missed it he does that weird kick it's kind of hard to pull off sometimes because of cpu recovery and even with it on like I'm not sure why it's not actually activating here let's get it see I pull off earlier you saw what I did but it's going try out to grab here oh look at that that's cool okay that's got to be the coolest thing of the others moves that bro I like that grab that is unique that is very unique so he hits him up in the air ok frame by frame and then grabs his foot dude wait what the fudge and then he picks him up he flies up picks him up and then he throws this mofo down to the ground like come on man chill chill Vegeta this dude is insane nutty bears look at that all right so I think that was basically everything I showcased I think people want to see probably stamina brakes as well so there's that it's a good nice slam and then the two-handed smash you know the basic stuff that we've seen plenty of times before just kind of messing around here trying to pull off some different combos but other than that there you have it there is the basic move set for Super Saiyan God Vegeta with this grab and everything and all stamina breaks let's go and try out the burst stinger whoa oh look at that yo okay hold up let me say that one more time so he does um a weird punch okay so he does this punch thing I don't know what that's all about I don't know why he's doing that home let me see it again let me um here let's do it again okay there it is oh that's nice alright so I wasn't able to pull it off there I like that a lot bro it's kind of like almost like a like a I mean it is definitely melee based but look at that oh my goodness and it kind of holy crap look at Goku dude oh that is that is brutal man and then he goes for a blast okay so it's literally what it says burst singer that makes sense alright blazing attack alright let's see this one what that sick one bro that's the sick one on hold up hold up hold up oh my goodness let me let me get back in here okay can I actually turn this okay I forgot no hide because of you no no there's no mods right now because I had to uninstall everything but basically like what you just saw there was uh oh my god that was phenomenal dude I am loving that here can I see that one more time here we go so we do it I'm not a fan of the camera angle why it does that I'm not sure if that's intentional or not or why it looks like that but here let me see if I can actually pull this off a little bit better here okay that was the worst angle to be in my band hold up let me reset this because whenever you get close to the boundary it kind of screws up okay so zooming out here get a bunch of freaking rocks so this is straight from the burly movie this is the attack that he uses oh I love this I love this a lot what a nice skill bro this is a sick skill you see that he charges it up and he does exactly what it does I mean in the movie I think it was like more like a flamethrower but you know there it is there is vegeta using the what was it called again blazing attack a very simplistic name but you know perfect for what actually does now what is this raid blast oh look at this that is the best one oh my god that is the best move bro you go for crazy flurry punches what the fudge what is that well like us do thinking oh my god how many combos is that 30 33 hit combo this son of a bitch does bro what is wrong with you oh my goodness that is awesome kinda reminds me of savage strike but much better it's like a consecutive savage I love that dude oh my goodness beautiful so he does have this move called burst charge I'm not sure if that makes it faster to charge up again we can't really see the aura unfortunately because of you know how it is I'll make sure to cover the DLC one actually does release um it's this display effects here we'll keep that on key I want to get down to normal here and just for a second we're gonna use this first finger or blazing attack or whatever okay so moving this up oh it's a pretty fast charge it's a pretty fast charge and then it hold on oh wait I think I get it hold on I think I get it hold on let me get this all the way down okay okay so for the first two key bars it charges up extremely fast oh I get it now okay that's pretty cool so I'm gonna waste this again I'm gonna show you guys what I mean by that so we're at the lowest key and then look at my bar he charges up to the second bar and then it gets slower and slower which I don't know why it's like that it goes from okay look at that so and then it does stop oh okay so it's basically exactly what it says burst charge you get a burst of key at the very start and then it dissipates after that so you can see it from the aura – it's like massive so that's cool all right let's go and try out okay so explosive wave even you've seen it before alright let's try out this prominence flash let me see this whoo look at this okay so that is the final flash move oh wow and it feels like a little bit longer I love that Pro I love that so yeah it's a final flash but we got like the fire burning bro look at that oh my god that is sick yeah that one is like literally a flame thrower so prominent flashes just final flash but more prominent I guess hohoho no it's just a fire blast it's literally fire blast from Pokemon the burst charge is very cool I don't know about the you know that little part at the very end of it where charges up slowly and then and you know eventually stopping I don't know about that but we got the super Galligan which is beautiful look at this garlic gun yes Kakarot so there you have it there's the full-on move set I try to keep this video as concise as possible I probably ended up being really long but I was just trying to learn everything and kind of mess with it a little bit different here yeah like I said if I didn't miss any combos I do apologize I feel like I did pull off everything that was important at the very least I think I got pretty much everything there so there we go oh there we go we got some combos here so there's my full walkthrough of it hopefully you guys did enjoy and if you guys did be sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channel if you're new here because I will be uploading more content on this DLC one after another we're gonna be trying out Ribery on next and then finishing off with Super Saiyan blue evolution Vegeta just to have everything bound there so be sure to you know bring that notification belt as well it would be much appreciated and until then my friends I shall see you guys in the next one have fun tomorrow when this actually does release and be sure to support the official release don't use it too cracked versions my friends alright peace